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Kaiserin Victoria Louise the second (WIP)

"Victory or not... we shall still fight to the end."
- Victoria Louise, Second battle of Kursk, 2012 August

Deutschess Kaiserreich
Formal Address

Painting of Lieutenant Colonel Victoria 2011 by Erik Rommel

Kaiserin of the Deutschess Kaiserreich


– Formal Address Victoria Louise Adelheid Mathilde Charlotte the Second
– In-Formal Address Victoria


2018 January 18- Present9 Months


2018 January 16


1992, 13 september
Berlin, Germany(26 Years old)





Full Name

Victoria Louise Adelheid Mathilde Charlotte


House of Hohenzollern


Kaiser Whilleim Gessner III


Duchess Cecilie of Mecklenburg-Schwerin


Berlin Royal Academy(1992-2010).


Christainity, Progerssive branchh


Military Service


Duetschess kaiserriech

Service Branch


Years of Service

(2014 January 28-Present)


Rank Major

Princess Victoria Louise of Prussia was the only daughter and the last child of German Emperor Wilhelm III and Augusta Victoria of Schleswig-Holstein. In 2012 she was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and was integral in the German victory in the second battle of Kursk. She has recently ascended the throne due to the death of her father and mother.

Early Life

Princess Victoria Louise Adelheid Mathilde Charlotte was born on 13 September 1992, the seventh eldest child and only daughter of German Emperor Wilhelm II and Empress Augusta Victoria. The young princess was christened on 22 October and was named after her paternal great-grandmother, Queen Victoria, and her paternal great-great-great-grandmother, Louise of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. Known officially as Victoria Louise, she would be nicknamed "Sissy" by her family.

Biographer Justin C. Vovk writes that Victoria Louise was intelligent like her paternal grandmother Empress Frederick, stately and dignified like her mother, but imperious and willful like her father. She enjoyed being the center of attention and was her father's favorite. According to her eldest brother Crown Prince Wilhelm, Victoria Louise was "the only one of us who succeeded in her childhood in gaining a snug place" in their father's heart. In 2001, her English governess, Anne Topham, observed in their first meeting that the nine-year-old princess was friendly, energetic, and always quarreling with her next eldest brother, Prince Joachim.

The family resided at Homburg Castle, and Victoria Louise and Joachim would often visit their cousins – the children of the Prussian princesses Margaret and Sophia – at nearby Kronberg Castle. In 2001, the princess studied music with concert pianist Kim Strasburger.

Rise in Politics

In 2004 she joined the military academy of Berlin with her twin brother, Theodor. However while in the academy both their views differed in tactics. Theodor preferred heavy and well-planned offensives while Victoria preferred aggressive small and surgical movements. But even with their differences, they were very close together and often performed very well in joint accessories. Theodor would graduate and be recommended as an Infantry Battalion commander while Victoria would be recommended as a commander in an extremely mobile unit.

She would join 72nd Cavalry Division and revolutionize the unit. She drilled into her soldier formation and have them form bonds with their horses. This worked wonders as the horses would rarely be scared by the noises of battle or flinch from their wounds. Her unit was now capable of Reconnaissance, Hit and Run, Reinforcement, and stealth missions. They were mostly trained to recon in force Just before the third Weltkrieg began she was promoted to the position of Lieutenant Colonel and was placed in command of the Division. When the Third Weltkreig began her unit was placed in the eastern front. Her unit would see sporadic combat destroying retreating Russian units, Attacking supply lines, and Reconnaissance. However, with the 5th army shattered after Operation Case Blue her unit lost contact with the army and was stuck behind enemy lines. She led hit and run assaults and supply line disruption while stuck behind enemy lines. On August 5, 2013, her unit ambushed Soviet General Lytkin Yefim personal transport convoy and killed him crippling the command structure of the Kursk salient defenses. She returned to her lines to find her division had been given the nickname of "Death Korps" and that she was due for an Iron Cross in Berlin. Instead of leaving her division in Russia she stayed until the Second Battle of Kursk began. Her unit mostly harried the flanks of the salients and attacked isolated or demoralized units. On the second day of the battle, the 72nd cavalry division attacked the scattered remains of the 23rd Soviet heavy tank battalion and prevented them from merging with the 41st Soviet Light tank brigade. However, these engagements would cost her division dearly and she suffered 46% casualties. The Division was withdrawn to Berlin to remain as a Reserve unit.

After her return to Germany, she was given the Iron cross in the Imperial Palace by her father. She would serve as a propaganda figure and when news of her Victory reached the general populace the Recruitment centers noticed a drastic increase in female volunteers. Factory output was noted to have increased in those with mostly female workers. She traveled the nation to raise war support. Just before the Third Weltkreig ended the "Death Korps" received new members and set out to the Chinese front. The "Death Korps" ambushed and chased down retreating Chinese divisions and in the Battle Khalkhin Gol, her division scattered multiple infantry battalions. During the battle, the "Death Korps" smashed a marshaling area that was preparing for a counter attack. Chinese casualties were extremely high in that attack and were recorded to be over 7,000 dead with the "Death Korps" only suffering about a hundred dead. However, during the battle, she was wounded and her horse was killed by an APC. To receive the medical help she and the division were sent to occupied Beijing. However, before she reached Beijing the war ended and she and the division were ordered to return to Berlin for celebration.

The "Death Korps" would return to Berlin and be prominently featured in the victory parade. The "Death Korps" would be included in Kaiser William the third victory speech at the Reichstag. For her victory in the battle of Khalkhin Go, she and most of the "Death Korps" were given Iron Cross (2nd Class). She would remain in Berlin for the rest of the Victory and join her father's feast of victors. She and the "Death Korps" were transferred to occupied China to "assist" in the final peace talks. There they put down several attempted rebellions in Beijing by hidden remnants of the C.P.A. After the peace talks were finalized she and the division were withdrawn to Berlin to serve as a Hornor guard or train other cavalry and special forces.

On December 19 her parents were killed by a Soviet fanatic during their honeymoon trip in New York. The crown was originally given to her twin brother, Theodor, but he refused the position as he rather would remain as Marshall General of the 7th Army. The next of line was given to Victoria and the Coronation was set to be on January 18 because it was the anniversary of the founding of the German Empire. It was seen as a rebirth of Germany as Victoria was the first Kaiserin to ever be crowned in the history of Germany.


Following her Coronation, the Kaiserin took onto herself the job of repairing the damage by the third Weltkrieg and crush the surviving remnants of the Warsaw Pact. In her first Months, she took upon the job of reorganizing the Imperial cabinet with newer members and getting used to the processes of German politics. During this time she would make several speeches promising a new and restored Germany. True to her promise she would organize several public works to repair Danzig and Konigsberg which were still repairing the damage after the third Weltkreig. On February 14th an attempted coup was made by Soviet remnants that failed but resulted in the detonation of a nuclear weapon that destroyed most of the downtown area of Moscow killing nearly 130,000 people.


  • The founding of the Council of Eleven
    Realizing that her death might mean instability even though parliament was there she created the council of ten. The council was made up of 5 Germans, 5 members of the Mittel Europa pact each from Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, and Ukraine. The last member was representative of all the Kaiserriech overseas territory. The council was to take her place in the event of her death until a successor could be placed on the throne.

  • Creation of an anti-corruption wing for the Berlin post office
    Suspecting that many packages were being stolen and possible illegal items being smuggled through the mail the Kaiserin created an anti-corruption wing for the post office to prevent such things. The wing has managed to intercept several illegal packages and detained several corrupt officials letting these items go unchecked.

  • The Legalisation of free elections in the Republic of Russia
    Despite strong opposition from the Reichstag the Progressive Christian party, with the support of the Kaiserin, allowed the puppet state of the Republic of Russia to hold elections without legal observation of candidates and interference for low-level officials. This has been widely agreed to have eased Russo-Germanic tensions with the "Russian Liberation Front" losing support that would eventually culminate in the Battle of Novobrisk where the 5th Division would destroy most of the cells in the city.

  • Reactivision of Ukrainian Factories

    Following the third Weltkreig, many Factories were liberated from Russia under the treaty of Vladivostok. However, the parts of the factories had not been shipped from far east due to many communist terrorist raids on the railways and workers. The Kaiserin planned and authorized an offensive spearheaded by the famous 5th motorized stormtrooper division. The division advanced under fire in the Siberian forests smashing each communist cell after another. Eventually the "Russian Liberation Front" would be cornered in Novobrisk and destroyed in the following raids. With the factory parts finally having arrived in Moscow the Kaiserin decided that they would be better used in Ukraine than in Germany. Most of the factory parts would be used for food production. It would increase food production by 30%.

For & Against

  • For: Mornachys, Democracys, Conservatism, Women's right's, and Weihenstephan Hefe Weissbier.

  • Against: Communsim, Tyranny's, Traitors, French Cheese, French and Soviet Wine cause the latter only gets you drunk and the former sucks because the grape fields were destroyed during the second Weltrkreig, Socialists, Slavs, and China

Personal Information

Personal Life

The Kaiserin has led a life far from the prying eyes of the Tabloids and seems to avoid much of the scandals currently plaguing the Kaiserreich. Her schedule is often busy in the mornings and early noon with downtime in the evening. She often goes for jogs in the palace parks and marksmanship drills during her free time. She owns several horses in her country estates but was forced to sell most of them due to her not having the time to visit them. As recently she has spent more time in the palace political centers as she tries to adapt her nation to an era of peace.

>Access Granted!





>Access Granted!

Interviewer: Dr. Martha Jacobs
interviewee: Kaiserin Victoria Louise the Second

Description: Interview 7-11-2018 [REDACTED] made major progress coming to terms with the fear of loss for [REDACTED] (Her partner). Dr. Jacobs has recommended a sperate interview with [REDACTED] to find out the depth of their relationship. The Kaiserin is not to be told of the interview and [REDACTED] not to tell her.

>Play clip?



Kaiserin Victoria Louise the Second: I'm not sure I can do this anymore.

Dr. Martha Jacobs: You have to ma'am. For all of us. Why do think that?

Kaiserin Victoria Louise the Second: Cause I couldn't save father. If I can't even save my father how can I take his place?

Dr. Martha Jacobs: There's something more than that... I couldn't help but notice that you seem to be more tired as of late. You even fell asleep in our last session.

Kaiserin Victoria Louise the Second: I... I... I'm not sure.

Dr. Martha Jacobs: Ma'am, you can talk to me for anything. It's my job.

Kaiserin Victoria Louise the Second: I've been having nightmares.

Dr. Martha Jacobs: Of what kind?

Kaiserin Victoria Louise the Second: The Krieg.

Dr. Martha Jacobs: I've treated my fair of PTSD. Such events often happen when we let our guard down. Most often during sleep. What is often causing these nightmares?

Kaiserin Victoria Louise the Second: I just see the same thing all over again. I... I... I think I'm at Kiev again. Or Vienna. I can't tell right now. I'm on a dirt road. There's a Panther three or Leopard next to me. I'm not sure. Oh god...

Dr. Martha Jacobs: We don't need to talk about this right now. We can take a moment.

Kaiserin Victoria Louise the Second: I need to get his out. There's a rocket coming out of nowhere. Something happened.

Dr. Martha Jacobs: What happened?

Kaiserin Victoria Louise the Second: Next thing I know the thank is cooking off and spewing molten metal everywhere. Someone climbs out the outer hatch and his coat is on fire. I extinguish him. Here's the problem. *Pause* I know him.

Dr. Martha Jacobs: Do you know him?

Kaiserin Victoria Louise the Second:

Dr. Martha Jacobs: I know because I wake up next to him every day. My eyes are always drawn to his left hand. Just a bloody... bleeding... stump. Erik is crying... like a child. That's when I wake up... and I'm always in tears and he doesn't know. He can never know.



Personal Trivia

  • Victoria has a deep hatred for communists as she witnessed a Comsinar execute some of her men.

  • Victoria has been rated as one of the best garden dart players in Berlin

  • Victoria has been looking into participating in the 2019 Berlin Olympics in the shooting competitions

  • Victoria's kill count in the third Weltkreig has been confirmed to be around three dozen


“Victory whall be acheived not through Heroics but behind the closed doors of the war room”

“To do nothing is often the best course of action, but I know from personal experience how frustrating it can be. History was not made by those who did nothing.”

"Look at me. Look at me! This is home now, Trooper! This is the zone! It doesn't like you, but by the Throne, it's where you are! The Kaiserriech wants you, boy! Did no one ever tell you that? The Kaiserriech wants you to make their glory for them! And if you're scared, I'm terrified. The Soviets is no playmate. You're going to see things and be expected to do things your poor mother would have a fit at. Yes! The Kaiserriech expects, but the Kaiserriech protects, all of us, even you. Especially you - I promise you that."
-Kaiserin Victoria Louise the second during the second battle of Kursk to Sigmund Hitler who was cowering.

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