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Opinions on Licht Koningin Holly Aurora Lilac Starlight (Mark I, is done!)

Taken from various forums and opinions, this is a semi-OOC entry about the opinions that was made by other countries (or their leaders) Licht Koningin Holly. It will be updated as I go along. Positive or negative, I'll put it up here. If you can't find yours yet, just wait a while. I might overlook some, so... sorry about that in advance! I'll try to include all.

I might edit your original post to fix grammar, but that's it. Alphabetical order of nations is established.

I have to censor the naughty bits, because NS doesn't allow it on Factbook.

Special thanks to Escocaria for the inspiration, and Gaozu for the new format of separating the leaders! It's so much cleaner!

If there are " " quotes, I will change them into single quotes (' ').

The Nation.

The Leader.

The Opinion (Oldest to Newest).

1 orinia 1

Victoria Winston

• She's quite friendly. I would love to sit down and have a spot of tea with her.

Abyss raiders

The Regina

• Stultus. Quite a naive fool. She thinks she can hide in her garden and ignore the outside world. How... foolish.

Adad civilization

Nutesh of Adad

• She disproved atheism because there is no way pure chance and mother nature can create something this sweet... not in a creepy way. Uhg, I propose... a theory. There are gods, the main one is a guy called max barry... never mind, my opinion is positive.

Afrikaaners ryk

Pieter van der Blekkenhorst

• I can't tell if the garden she's speaking of is the one she lives in or the one that's on her crotch. Anywhom, neutral.

• I love how poetic she makes herself. Mainly because she had been living under a great peace; it's only a mere garden.


His Divinity, Archcenarion Jonιs P. Thnitos, Right Hand of Elune

• Very esoteric, and from what I can read, she's powerful. Regarding political views, information is insufficient.

• Again, I've stated this before; information insufficient, though they are powerful, no doubt.

Alternate Universe Northern Ateria

Autarch Nunnally vi Britannia

• Another friend of Clarissa I see? Well she doesn’t seem to pose that big of a problem...

• She is a mysterious being, given that I classify her as an ‘unknown entity’ because my men could not take a proper picture of her face...


Tyranny of Apathy

• And you are now a nigh-omnipotent being. I honestly very much despise you. [after switching bodies with Holly]


Hauptarbeiter Klara S. Schindler

• She is certainly a very... cheery person. I can’t say I disapprove, she has no reason to not be cheery. To each her own, as one says.

Armed multidimensional warfare

Sir Arvin Watson

• I remember reading about this seemingly paranormal being inside the comfort of my home. She remains a mystery to many investigators, even the most experienced, around the world but I know her very well. Do not ask me why but some time in the future I will answer.

Armed multidimensional warfare

Xycron AKA the guy whose credit card is used to cover ACOG's defence budget

• I am a hundred percent sure that I love her personality. It gives character to her as leader of her magical world of- BREEZY! GIVE ME BACK MY CREDIT CARD!!!


Magister Adam J. Richards

• Ah, hello happy, mad people!


Chancellor Zara Bazhaeva

• It just breaks my heart that this dear woman must be so paranoid and fearful of outsiders! She's an absolute darling, she doesn't deserve that. It's only a shame I could never give her a hug!

• She's just so pretty! It would be wonderful if she trusted me enough to invite me to her home... I'd love to see it someday. I wonder what her problem is with technology, though. Like, would she be bothered by Khadizhat's robotic hand?


Liliya Vakara, Lady Protector of the Athralian Confederation

• She is a truly perplexing, but nonetheless fascinating, individual. Some of her abilities seem remarkably similar to the psionic abilities that we Athralians have recently discovered... I wonder if there is any connection there?

• Wait what? How tall did you just say she was? Ten milliatrecendotrigintillion metres?! And the humans think we Athralians are a tall species...


Lucky Wells

• As with everyone who is close with Valentine, positive.

• Positive on Holly. People who have anything to do with Valentijin are always the most pleasant people.


President Kaja Υismaa

• She seems nice, and I love her love for nature too, though she does also seem very mistrustful of people, though knowing what some people are like, I can understand that, but still, not all people are so keen on destruction, I for one am certainly not.

• Ah, I believe I have met her at least once before, she is a very lovely person!


Our Queen Regnant Eva Jensen

• How magnificent! You must be an angel of some sort! Please tell me you are. It is like you are being from a another world and I have never been on another world except for Earth. Do not worry my dear. I will also make sure everyone knows that your forest is a holy site. Any transgressors from my nation shall be punished if they bring any sort of harm to you. You have my word!


LinkPresident Maarija Ryginsdohter

• He [She] seems an alright fellow.

Bengal and Assam

Bengal2rism campaign mascot Kizuna Ai

• That's a really large name. I should make a video on DekoDeko about her.....

Bengal and Assam

His Majesty King Adit Ryan

• That's a really large name. So she's a sentinent being made of energy huh, well we have robots which look like humans with sentinent-AI running around these days, can't have anyone to blame…

• I'm positive towards her. She accepts everyone for who they are and advices them on who they could be...

• I'm positive towards her, but that's a really long name...

• Where is this garden? Hey taxi driver, how much is the fare??? // 120000 Burmese Kyat.... // (Stares.....)

• I have respect for her. But it's hard for me to remember her entire name....

Bengal and Assam

Prime Minister Haruhi Suzumiya

• That's a really large name. I would like to meet her someday, and also hope that we can be friends....

• Wow! A real alien. I would like to see her with my own two eyes....


Emperor Janius XIV Chrysostom

• Never seen anything like you before, tell me about yourself, I'm very interested.

• Hey, is it alright if a few of my scientists stay behind to research this place?.. And also you, of course, if you don't mind?


Salaah el-Hammad

• Is God a...woman? Heresy!


The Leader

• The nicest living person, if you could call her a person, I've ever met. Blamo.


President Blitstorm V. Felsnar

• They seem nice.


Countess Ambrosia Von Carstein

• You're a strange being. I feel like I've met you in a dream before but I guess I was tripping on some potent mushrooms. Anyways, I won't bother you and I hope you realize I'm no enemy! Vampire's honor! Besides, I love nature! Hell, nature over here in Bloodshade either wants to kill us or nurtures creatures that want to kill us and yet, I still don't mind.


Yseltna Dunya

• Her name is way too long, she's dangerous ...stop making fun of me, every human blush when they see people like ... you !


Big Brother Lelouch vi Britannia

• She appears to be a very attractive entity from the images shown to me but my spies were unable to take a proper photo of her face up I had them executed.



• It's okay, nobody here is crazy. We're all here together as friends. And in the name of such friendship, and our bountiful future, I declare a feast shall be thrown!


PM Vera Yudina

• I've never seen a being like her before, but with beauty like that I can only imagine she was created by the Goddess herself. I am sure there is much that she and I would disagree on, but I don't take any issue with her personally. I don't think she wishes harm.


Emperor Carolus Von Vacano

• A kind, caring, and compassionate person who does all she conceivably can to assist those around her.


LinkJennύ Anadottir, Director of Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade

• He [She] seems quite good himself.


Her Imperial Majesty, Queen-Empress Umiko Kitiara Hirohito

• She is amazing and it’s amazing to learn that now humans these days can grow even bigger! ...wait she is not a human?

Democratic lykna

Prime Minister Gina Horroway

• I want these abilities too!

• Not the worst person to be locked in a room with.

• Since she can read my minds, she knows what I think about her. ( :D )

Destad republic

President Roy Mustang

• What a weirdo…

Deutsches osterreichisch-ungarische

Her Imperial Majesty, Holy German Empress Bernadine I

• She is certainly mystical and magical and, above all else, the most friendliest leader I have ever met in my life to which I approve.


Stanislas Baratheum [?]

• Her name is a mouthful.

• I like talking with her. She's a wonderful soul who sees the best in other people.

Eastern iran

Major General Behzad Mahlouji

• She seems alright. As long as she remains neutral on us, we will remain neutral on her.

• Like I have previously stated, I have no problem with her.

Eschaton directive

The Eschaton Directive

• Subject is of another unknown species, believed to be non-biological in nature. Preliminary analysis suggests that they are unlike anything previously encountered, This phenomena requires additional analysis so that more concrete data can be acquired.


İmparatoriηe Annette II onurlu Profeta

• I see no reason to care for her nor do I see any reason for her to care about me.

• She gives me headaches...I mean no offence but her presence literally gives me headaches.


First Citizen Venka

• Holly is one of the few around here who truly seems good-hearted and peaceful. She's really a pleasure to have around.

Evil lord bane


• Wish he'd come for a visit... so we could execute him.

• This is the type of commie scum we like to see die in Carmageddon.


Tchanskler Vēls-Nφ, Mārie Lauma Kross

• Ugghh. Whatever this thing is, I despise it.

Fox shogunate

Ikari Kojuro, Chairman of Eastern Fox Society

• Well, I perhaps could send her some good sweets. I mean, although she doesn't come out so often, she's a tad nice, tbh. It's not like, that I seek a friend, but I just wanted to do something, for which I would not get sh*t on.

Fox shogunate

Kawatami, Commander of Republican Guard

• Well, she is nice, perhaps too much isolationist with the world around her, but hey- there are periods, when I drink sake in my room, and don't want anyone else to be around, even my friend Okada.

• Well, she is ok, but how can home be larger in inside, if outside it looks small... Well, maybe it is some kind of magic? But wait- does magic exist? Because magic has never existed in our world, and our advancement was purely determined by science.

Fox shogunate

Oshima Shinobu, Prefect of Tokyo

• I am not a fan of expansionism, but isolationism isn't good too. It makes a country vulnerable in the long run. But the realm, that you rule, seems to be rather like a big room, than a country. In this case, it is ok to be isolationist. Pojitibu. (Positive)

• She is a wonderful creature. Sadly, that she is so isolationist, but I can understand- world outside is quite hostile. Sometimes I just want to go away from the whole world, especially some pricks over there- both in my, and other countries.

Fox shogunate

Tagawa Naohiro, The Leader of Organization of the Rising Sun

• As long as we mind our own ways, we are ok, I presume.

Free american empire-

Father America

• Negative. Her world is like a bubble, which isn't destroyed just because others don't do that.

• She's funny- isolationism is never the answer. Even if you will try to isolate yourself, someone will always kick the door out, and you will have to deal with consequences.

• I can be neutral on her at best. But most likely opinion will be negative anyway.

Free Arabian Nation

Dassm Einuss

• A Shapeshifter huh? Well... it seems decent enough. I just hope she doesn't turn malicious with her ability.


Chief of Staff Dihederal

• Meh. Could be worse.

Freies konigreich preussen

Kφnig Wilhelm of Prussia

• A majestic creature she is. Though I hope she would be more 'accepting' of us foreigners.

French socialism

Head Administrator of the French Socialist State, Reichard Burnett Paton

• Impossible. There is no way that some mystic entity is capable of domineering leadership over some fantastical realm which is Her “perfect little world”. Even if I was given the choice of believing in the supernatural or not, I’d choose the latter for the rest of my life.

• Ah yes, this one. Regardless of what that Alaskan vampire said, I am smart enough to think for myself and what I perceive it to be. She is either born out of a little child’s wildest imaginations or she is an actual living breathing lifeform, and to make my opinion simple: I do not trust her.

Galaxy land

• Your flag looks like one of my favorite characters. [Fixed phrasing]


His Imperial Majesty, Kaiser Dietz von Ferdisburg

• I refuse to believe and put my personal trust in leaders who are supernatural apparitions, presumably servants of the Devil, like Frau Starlight. It is nothing personal really.

Great britain and irish northern ireland

King George VII

• An interesting leader who is always trying to find the best in leadership and has done a fantastic job leading their people.

Greater alash orda

Khan (President) Hasan Fayziyev

• Well, she is nice indeed, but her dimension is too cold, ugh.

Greater alash orda

Khan Tahir Abzalov

• Neutral…

• Neutral-positive, as long as our interaction is only through this multiverse time warp.

Greater Confederate States

Confederate President Robert C. Johnston

• This seems like a goddess the gypsies would pray to. Disgusting.

Greater nationalist finland

Chancellor Vihtori Kosola

• She is certainly interesting. Our military could definitely benefit from her abilities... Anyway, my opinion on her is neutral for now.

Greater totalstaat

Official Statement of the Totalstaat League

• This entity is unlike any we have encountered, but displays no threatening behaviour, and seems rather amicable and unlikely to cause any problems for us.


Arotex Ruhiiv Xesiniik Ibranum, High Doge of Haja-Mishu

• She's a wonderful member of the League-of-People-Taller-Than-Me. I wish her good health and continued happiness.

• She is a wondrous spirit of azure light.

• She's somewhat like a god, though I wonder if she's much of a swimmer.

Hammer Britannia

Emperor Dandi

• I like her. My opinion is positive.

Hathian prime

The Supreme Leader Markus Auron-Sirus

• Their leader is odd, and against our views. Therefore, the Garden belongs to Hathian Prime!

• Neutral, for now. Our opinion has changed on this little garden. We take them much more seriously now.


Drievi Rechardo Ergilles

• What a long title. Not as LONG AS MINE!

Higher japan

AI Empress Akichi Hachirou

• With her relations, positive.

• She's an enigma, but with her relations i won't bother her for secrets.

• I'm fine with her.

Higher japan

Bringer of Freedom and Destruction, Entity of Hope

• An interesting being, one that we should keep tabs on if we have the need to obviously.

Higher japan

Rouge Empress Akichi Hachirou, AKA Entity 0

• Her, i must take her for the machine!

• Her, i must assimilate her into the machine.

• Perhaps, she is the one that can free-Kukuku, i must simply take this garden, and everything she has for my own use!


Imperatrix Akatsuki von Alterz

• While she isn't human, Holly is a remarkably pleasant individual worthy of compassion and respect. One could think of her to be as tranquil as the paradise over which she resides.

• Perhaps a little paranoid, but in regards to humanity this is not irrational at all. It is natural to want to protect one’s home, and for her newfound openness to people I find great respect for her.

• Holly always been the more reclusive type, but nonetheless she has a good heart and a capacity to recognize goodness in the few places where humanity is willing to show it. One can hope that she won’t have to cordon herself off from the rest of the world forever, but I understand that may very well be asking too much...


Imperial Princess Kyria von Alterz

• She’s a very enigmatic figure, perhaps moreso than any of the other oddities I’ve come across in looking through the Imperial Archives and the Foundation records, but she is more pleasant than anything else.

• I’m...Well, quite flattered by how highly she speaks of me. It must mean I’m doing something right. As for what I think of her, I don’t think my perception of her as a lovely and gentle soul will every really change...I pray to God it doesn’t.


Leader Umbaku Lagundoscientos the Second

• Your [You're] pretty big! Hey! Marquis! You good up there?!


Alexhandler Khalon Hyrell

• A being made out of energy, hmm reminds me a bit of my true form.

• Oh, this one again…

Imperial glovania

Arkeus Regensia Benedictus Michelakis

• Whatever it is, I am fearful of it. And she might have the same view towards us.

Imperial glovania

Imperator Franciscus of the Glovenians

• Something about her that just intrigues me. A seemingly majestic being incapable of understanding the outsiders' intention which could lead to distrust between the both of us.

• Don't mind him, Lilac. He was always this pissed off…

• It has been a long time since I've met err, Starlight, and I must say that I cannot bear to be unable to meet her.

• While I am rather fond of Lilac personally; I am simply indifferent towards her cheerful-kind when it comes to matter of politics. I'll take more notice of her once I am able to get a grasp of her views.

Imperial united states empire

Emperor Cody I

• From what ive read they seem like a fantastic leader with a strong personality.

Imperial united states empire

His Imperial Majesty Thomas II of the United States

• I would certainly love to get to know them better they seem like a fantastic leader.

Imperial Zitravia

Grand Duchess Natalya Pavlova Kozava

• She has a certain degree of enigma to herself, which is even slightly intimidating in my opinion. However, the way she speaks only ensures to me that she is pleasant and... even shy... not unlike myself.

• Ms. Starlight remains one of the most charming individual I have met to date... and indeed one of the tallest as well.


Kenji Zarathrustra McCamey

• She is fascinating, a scientific anomaly I don't know how she exists.


Yasae Uvalarom, Director of the State

• What a peculiar yet lovely creature. Awfully long name, though…

• She puts her home first, and in this we are not so different.

Kaine futendra

Ukdren Gho'ragdresh

• I would very much like to sit down and speak with her. She seems pleasant enough.

• I would very much like to sit down with you, and discuss matters between our nations. Do you like rum, by any chance?

• You like archery? 'Tis a noble pastime. You should come over to visit sometime, we could go bow hunting together.


Deputy Minister-President Blair Sokolov

• Hmm. I don't have any problems with her as long as she's content being confined there.

• I don't know much else I could say about her other than the fact that she looks straight from a fiction book. I suppose I approve of her, regardless of politics.


Minister-President Sayoko Yamashita

• Ah, she's such a majestic and tender creature! Innocent, sweet, and pure from any kinds of wickedness. And I would gladly accept the offer if they existed in our world.

• Truly a gentle creature and I do hope that she views us as being trustworthy inside her realm.

• I am very fond of Lilac! She's a kind and gentle soul and such. But she just intrigues me even more!

• She is a pleasant creature to talk to! Really. Quite an achievement to befriend a supernatural being at first sight.


National Chief Marquis Darrell

• You tellin' me that this is some shape-shiftin', paranoid creature? Man, I gotta need to lay off the grass for a while.


Crown Princess Lucy the 2nd

• Neutral.


Queen Tove Gormsdσttir

• Nice, but a bit slow and a bit cold.

• A good spirit, she should guide others to follow her lead.

Knuth federation


• A shapeshifting being of pure energy and fluctuating height? I'm glad she is a good... Uh, what should I refer your species as? Never mind, my opinion is positive.


Karter, King of the Kynelanders

• Uh, well, I’m neutral on Frifrou Starlight. I am admittedly perplexed by her species and existence, but she seems reasonable and capable.

Las Palmeras

(Interim) PM, Montserrat Zorilla

• Oh yeah...the giant and angelic energy EBE which is always sunshine and rainbows. Eh, she's okay…

Las Palmeras

Her Excellency Grand Duchess of Las Palmeras, Marianela I

• ...I need to consult some scientists about this…

Legionary romania-

Ionus Donceanu, Chairman of Legionary Council

• Soare would have liked you... However, fate decided to play a bad joke, hehe…

Lethen empire

His Majesty, King Luka von Alterz IV

• I can relate to her isolationism, certainly, and she's not given me any reason to dislike her. Though, I will never stop questioning the length of her name...not even the Habsburgs have names that long.


President Silas Flemming

• Distrustful of outsiders, actually anyone - carefully gets closer to a limited number of nations. Like me - Lillorainian neutrality, that is. Hφrt sich gut an.

Low bloods

Oni, King of Corpses

• I like them, but I feel if I were to touch them my finger would be gone.

• We get along pretty well I'd say.

• They are a pleasant sight. I have a [very] positive look on them.

• She's fine in my book any day.

• She has a [good] heart with even greater intention.

• She's so cold, but has a personality that is so warm.

• I like her, she is vary [very] kind to us.

• They are literally pretty chill, and I respect her quite some bit. She doesn't abuse her power, physical or political, which is a plus. Also, I do like the cold, so it's always nice when she's around.

• They are definently an interesting soul, I fear not of their cold, nor do I let it put any negative [view] of them.

• She can be dangerous up close but rather pleasant if in the summer to be around. They show a kindness that I hope both she and her people share.

• She's great, though saying her full name is torture on my tongue.

• We haven't interacted in awhile, it's good to seem them around every now and then.

• Positive, as always!

• She is a good friend of [course].

• Why does it feel like it's been awhile, since we last spoke. Either way she is a friendly face.

• She's a good friend. I try not to mind her coldness as much, it gives me reason to wear layers.

Low bloods

Strauss, King of Low Bloods

• This creature seems easy to corrupt.


His Royal Majesty, King Alistaire I

• I have my doubts on supernatural beings as leaders too even if they claim to be good souled.

Mardito maduro

El glorioso Presidente de la Repϊblica Trimardita, Hugo Nicolαs Maduro Chαvez

• Verga, ella es tan alta que me asusta. (Damn, she's so tall that she scares me).

• Guay is dis woman so col end tol? (Why is this woman so cold and tall?)

Martian alliance

Director Mike Equitas

• What? I must be hallucinating. This seems too vivid to be a dream…

Martian technocratic state of zitravgrad

Dr. Pyotr Feodorovich Miroslavsky

• She sounds very nice... :)

• I would like to know more about her... but I will respect the fact that she likes to be alone. But as far as I know, she is quite an amiable person.

Militarist republic of earth

Marwin- the Military President of Militarist Republic of Earth

• She's okay. That's what I have to say.

• Her shape shifting is worrying for me, tbh. But I guess, that as a person, she's ok.

Militarist republic of earth

Thomas Hansen, Chairman of the Mars

• Meh, as long as she supports revolution, or at least reforms, I am ok with her. After all, Mars is the RED planet.

Mukuro Clan

Mukuro Sadako

• You're quite beautiful; an enchanting figure to behold with mine own two eyes.

Mukuro Clan

Mukuro Sawari

• And I thought the land we controlled was quite small…


President Oliver Hong Cho-kheng



The Director Shlan'ak Phur’an

• I mean, she rules a micronation, but, let's not criticize her too much or she'll snap and kill us, alright?

Nationales deutsches reich

Reichskanzler Konstantin von Essen

• A enchanting and mystifying figure. Although I wish she would be more open to anybody else.

-nationalist america-

Chancellor Leon Alexander

• This so called Garden sounds interesting... I should visit the leader and see this Garden myself so we can discuss some politics.

-nationalist america-

Chancellor Richard Wilson

• They look like a good person as long as they don't do anything to betray my trust.


The Guardian

• This s**t again. [Grabs extradimensional broom]

Neu libertalia

Governor Edward Dorian

• Hey, classical liberalism is always better than siding with the tankies. or god forbid it, theocracy. I guess they're cool with us.

New nolkavia

Archduchess Audrina si Nolkavia

• Queen Starlight is a mysterious leader but that would not stop me from attempting to befriend her.

New nolkavia

Her Majesty, Queen Audrina I

• It's nice to see a friendly face every now and then from this wonderful realm! Haha...I don't feel well…

New Wolvers

President Mark Romagnoli

• Whoa, what a big girl. Literally.

• Madam, only respect to you.

• And how could I ever forget one of my friends, Stralend en Wonderbaarlijk Licht Koningin Holly Aurora Symantha Vreugde Lavender Astrid Lilac Marlie Nova Radiant Starlight? They have been an amazing person to talk with, and have been in their place multiple times, too.

• Oh hi, Mrs. Holly, I can say you are a good person to talk about, and I remember the day I went to the garden as well. Very nice place and the people there are amazing. Chapeau.

• Heh, I am very friendly torwards Stralend en Wonderbaarlijk Licht Koningin Holly Aurora Symantha Vreugde Lavender Astrid Lilac Marlie Nova Radiant Starlight. If she wants, she can some here in my nation one day.


Milena Shklovsky

• As long as she stays out of our conflict with Ussiar, then we won't have a problem with her, nor do we want one with a giant of many power such as herself.

Nueva philippines

Lakan, Marc Cuerpo

• What a majestic person or thing... is she a person?


His Supreme Majesty, Emperor Rethovus Samnimus Ermecorroge of Ordocravia

• Something is very very off with her and I really hope that Im not the only one noticing this... In all honesty she creeps me out.


Olga Savolainen

• Holly is beautiful--both in her appearance and in her wonderful good-heartedness. I have nothing but positive feelings toward her.

Orion posthuman republic

President Sarah Alexander

• She seems quite decent by all accounts, although I must say that I am rather confused as to how a cryogenic god-energy-being came to be running a country. I mean, not that I have a problem with it or anything, just wondering.

Pax Cybertronian

Supreme Emperor Megatron

• So, she has aligned herself with General Valentijn and the rest of those pacifists? Pacifism is weakness; nations should seek to conquer and destroy everyone else. With the power she bequeaths, she should be conquering the other dimensions, not isolating herself within her own little bubble!

Pax pilartica

Chief Director Oliver Wight

• This is like one of those eldritch abominations. Just, you know, benevolent -for the most part-, so I suppose, I'm neutral but leaning towards positive where they are concerned.


Secretary Aleksio Pelazget

• Her country is the most beautiful land I have ever seen. Personally, I think Stralend en Wonderba... she's done a great job creating peace and unity for her people and the world. I can see us being great partners in the future.

Penguin confederacy


• Your world, and substance, from which you consist, is just a bit warmer than Antarctica in its coldest winters. Hmm, interesting indeed. I usually wear my lab coat, but I think, that I would need something warmer in your world.

• Positive on her, of course. She should be more open to the outside world, but meh- Antarctica isn't the most welcoming place either.


President Mohammad Amir Khatami

• A mysterious figure but I have positive views about her. Positive.


Chief Lawbringer Astrid Hoag

• I dislike fascists. That is all.


Lynkεpe Grov, Chief Director of the Confederal Alliance

• Well, apart from being extremely tall and extremely cheerful -a gentle giant, if you will- there's not much I can opine about them.

• By Talos, it must be horrible, being the lone roamer of a universe. I can't personally see myself becoming a Hermit like that. Still, I wish her good luck and a great life.

Populist mexico

Director Martin Cazalla

• Do you plant tomatoes? I could use a few tomatoes.

• Well..Did I ever tell you of my grandparents? Back in their day gardening was done my hand and tools instead of machinery. They would have loved meeting you for sure. As for me I am quite curious about your origins.

Provisional governments

Governor Wyatt Saunders

• Starlight truly piques my interest in the supernatural and mythological fantasies in the world. She is kind and certainly sparks questions about her existence I cannot lie and she has a mouthful of a name like the monarchs of the past.


King Yoshio I Rellinaiche

Russian empire-

Immortal Tsar

• Let's just say, that isolationism is not answer. Only way, how you can prove yourself on world stage, is to show, how strong can you bite. Negative.

• Well, neutral is the most positive opinion, that I can give.

S i t k a

Marty Anndrasdan

• Why do people keep saying this stuff about her face? I can see it just fine and -

• She's nice. She reminds me of the spirit that lives in the forest near the capitol.

• The garden looks like a nice place to rest, if she ever let me visit.

• Well, a ghost is just what I am. It isn't an insult or anything, I... wait. She can't see me? Or hear me?

• She's always awesome.

• [Flying around] Why... can't... she... see me!

• I think that alternate dimension of hers would be fun to explore!

S i t k a

President Larisa Anndrasdan

• She seems nice. I'm glad people are helping her keep her home safe.

• My opinion on her is positive. I'd gladly help defend her forest home if it ever became necessary.

• She is a very nice and peaceful lady, and I would gladly help defend her realm if it ever became necessary.

• It would appear not. But she knows you are kind, and are a loving spirit. My opinion on her is positive. That forest of her makes me think about the legends of what lies to the east...

• Thinking about people like her and the beautiful land she lives in make the world a little better.

• Holly is an agreeable soul. She will always be welcome here.

• I have no qualms with her. I'd offer her help defending her home if it ever became necessary.

• My, she's taller than the Pillars of Creation! Good thing her home has lots of room. I like her, as always.

Satan hate bears



Satan hate bears

General Colonel Major Lord Fearless Leader, Master of the Proletariat, Bringer of Peace, Lord of all Gummi Bears, King of all the Universe, and Detroit specifically

• Computer, why is this person so huge? Do you think they were sent by the Anarcho-Capitalists Party?! I knew those traitors were up to no good! I should have melted them in liquid gelatin when I had the chance… Computer, why is this person so huge?

• You produce... lots of power. Anyone ever tell you you would make good power source?

• You would make a good power source. And I would be happy to import trees from your garden.

• You have almost as many names as I have titles. I don't like that... I should give myself more titles.

• Computer? Which plug am I supposed to hook up to them, again?

Sewer states of grubbo

Godly Emperor Grubbo McSlime

• Meh. I've seen bigger!


Her Imperial Highness, Tsarina Aliana Maeris von Richthofen-Habsburg-Romanov I

• Confusing… Positive?

• What a lovely woman. Positive, due to her happy-go-lucky attitude.


His Imperial Radiance, Tsar Miroslav von Alterz IV

• She's a fine person, but she's wrong on thing. Anthros, any sapient animal, are filth. They're evolutionary mutants, and do not deserve rights.


Autarch Franz Graztnak

• Pitiful. No strong leaders to guide them? Not even someone strong leading a military? Nothing. They are weak. Undisciplined and confused with the way a government should work. Truly bewildering.

◘ Right. You again. Though you do do not use it. You merely stand back and observe instead of trying to help the world, hm? That is why Sicaris must take this world. For if it is taken, the people will finally be freed from Marxist beliefs and failed systems, and will unite as one powerful people, stronger together than they would ever be apart.

Skah shana

Queen Saahira el-Shahi

• Such a disgrace isn't it? Negative!


El Presidente Stan Dixon

• This fine leader can be my good partner that's for sure.

• Nice lady, but a bit cold, if ya' ask me.And her garden is awesome.

• Sure, she's awesome lady with an awesome garden, but if I hug her, she's gonna gimme a cold shoulder. Literally. And a cold body too.


Vice President Casey James

• A venerable paragon of Refreshment itself.

• Living goddess of Refreshment!

• A living, revered goddess of Refreshment!


Emperor of Soleanna, Lawrence II

• Is this some sick joke?

• At least he [John Relay of Wentera] sees the oddness of that behemoth of a bore.

• You're the reason Solaris wanted to devour time & space…

• I pay homage to Solaris, that with its divinity to erase your existence....

• I grow ever so tiresome of this filth...


Premier Zhi

• I'd be happy being a friend of Queen Holly's, she seems extremely wholesome and kindhearted!

• Queen Holly is always positive with me. If there's anything we can ever do to support her, we'd be willing.

Spanish falangist state

Saϊl Laguna, Caudillo of Spanish Falangist State (In 2189)

• I am not going to show in your realm again... But promise me to not show in Spain too, because we are very territorial creatures.


Aiko Suzuki, Ennio's secretary (AKA De facto Second Lady)

• Starlight-sama is a pretty interesting person!, and although I can't see her face, I am sure she is smiling most of the time!, positive!

• [Bursting in] Uh-uh-uh!, my turn!, try to look like me!

• Awwww!, she looks so nice and kawaii!, I'd love to meet her!

• Starlight-sama is quite a good person, that I am sure of, but if I could only hug her to show my gratitude for her approach towards us... Well, I guess that a well-intentioned arigato will do it until I can find a cold resistant body.


Angie Francesca Scaletta, Sing's daughter

• I don't see why, she seems like an interesting and nice person to know, with some quite enigmatic beginnings, and to top it all off, she's associated with Valentijn!, why you wouldn't be positive on her?


Ennio Barbaro, the 14th Vice-President of Stanier

• So she can change forms?, I see a lot of power on that stuff.

• Is she OK?

• Well, if I went out on a cold winter on Empire Bay only wearing a shirt and some suit pants I guess I would have no problems visiting her, also, I think Aiko would enjoy seeing her, but I'll have to warn her about the hugging.

• Hey, she's nice an' friendly to us, the least we can do is the same in return, and I'm glad that she's like this with us.

• [Handing Aiko a folder] How 'bout you don't?, that folder has the reasons why you shouldn't.

• Ahhh... I guess Holly's alright, she's nice to us and I guess I should do the same in return.


Sing Antonio Scaletta, the 14th president of Stanier

• She's a strange being that seems to care about the environment, neutral-semi-leaning-positive.

• Well, she's a... Strange thing with a great care for the environment, also a technophobe, but at least is really sociable, my opinion is neutral-leaning-negative.

• [after swapping bodies] S***, I can't get outta here, F***ing s***, there's just trees in this goddamn place!

• I think we might not get along, there's many differences that can't be overlooked.

• I'm still skeptic on what the Queen Holly is, but since she cares about the environment I'll have a neutral-leaning-positive opinion on her.

• She's um... Quite enigmatic.

• [Sobered up and moving his hand up and down] You see this? that's how Aurora's height fluctuates.

• As much as I would like to say I'm positivo, I'm actually neutro.

• Sometimes I wonder why she is so isolationist, then io ricordo that her ecosystem is really fragile, and it must be conserved, not to mention the ton of people that get lost...

• Ah... I remember that once I made a parody of 'When the saints go marching in' called 'When the light speaks' on my high school years, it was pretty bad, but I never thought that a being made of light could speak, and here she is, proving me wrong as always.

• Holly never ceases to amaze me, especially with that shape-shifting stuff.

• Despite the fact that some people describe me as 'Criminal scum' and that I have indeed made some bad deeds, her and the rest of Val's gang manage to see past that, and therefore, I'm glad for it.

• You can do che cosa?!, remind me to keep you away from my house's pool, and the river that runs along Tahoma.

• Don't let her physical coldness fool ya, Holly's a person with a warm personality and a golden heart... She actually doesn't have a heart but y'all get what I mean.

State of mordor

Sauron, Leader of Mordor

• She is so cold, and her universe is too. Meanwhile, Mordor is damn dark, and hot at some places. Anyways, not positive.

Strength and order

HYDRA Command

• We cannot fathom why it possesses such a long name... regardless, it should be destroyed. Hail HYDRA.

• This is not a leader of a country, and therefor we do not care. Hail HYDRA.

• We can safely asses she is not a threat. Hail HYDRA.

• Her isolationist nature prevents us from caring about her. Obviously not a threat, though perhaps worth study. Hail HYDRA.


Ugo Shvelsvili

• Well... she might be wary of my sarcasm but I will have to say that she is definitely a lovely woman, and cool enough to turn my coffee into iced latte without ice.


Vera Mukhraneli

• One more iced latte joke and I will knock you [Ugo] out.


Rani Sakura Haruno

• She seems too nice to be honest. I think we can get along very well.

The Albali Republic

President Astela Jouko Valbe

• [after swapping bodies] Wooooah. It's like, I'm real but I'm not. This is awesome! Whomever got my body was kinda downgraded…

• I'm not really sure about her... I mean, she seems harmless enough but I've heard of what harmless animals do if they feel threatened. Not that I'm calling her an animal, it's just that.. you know, she seems paranoid and stuff…

• She's warm for such a cold person! I'm sure someone's already said something like that, but oh well. I like her a lot, is the point.

• You know, it's only just dawned on me that Holly wasn't always like this... I seem to remember her being a bit more isolated. It's a welcome change anyhow!

• She's very pleasant to me! While her shapeshifting is strange, it's nothing dangerous. Well, it is, but I trust her.

The ausar confederation

Chancellor Astara Bellesa nar Mirnich

• She's very pleasant! It's a shame I don't know her personally, because I'd definitely love to!

The bikini bottomite empire

Supreme Leader SpongeBob SquarePants

• Wait, so Holly can shapeshift? Well, she's definitely an interesting subject, then. I need to remind myself to try to experiment on her one day to find out why she transforms and how to weaponize it for the Empire. My opinion on Holly as a whole is neutral.

The city-state of palmont

Lt. Nathan Cross, Police Chief of the Palmont PD

• I wonder what is this... Thing... Woman... Whatever, what I do know is, that she isn't going to have any problems regarding law and order in her place, considering she's the only person living on it.

• [Grabs his tac nightstick] Now she freaks me out.

• As long as she doesn't do any of that shapeshifting stuff in front of me, we'll be fine.

The deutsche demokratische republik

Minister of State Security Erich Schmidt

• Never heard of them before, yet I believe no one has heard of me either... Hmm. I'm neutral I suppose.

The empire of angband


• Her and her ken are just like that infernal imp Tom Bombadil and his gilded wench Goldberry. They seem to be joy incarnate and appear untouchable. All this positivity is giving me indigestion.

The european federation-

Consul of the EuroFed Caleb Reynes

• I'm sure he disapproves of my ideology as much as I disapprove of his.

The free islands of independence

Herman Von-Kitchener

• I don't feel I know enough about her to form a complete opinion, but I'm leaning slightly negative.

The Great-German Empire

Manfred, Count of Blume, High Marshal of the Reich

• You will forgive the good Director, he has had very unpleasant encounters with the Foxes recently. As for you... Aren't you an interesting being. How does it feel to be made of light?

The hook islands

President Jennifer L. Harper

• Well... she seems nice enough, but I can't say I trust her. So long as she doesn't hurt anybody, we'll be fine.

• I wouldn't trust anybody with the power to freeze the entire world, but I'm confident that she has no intention of doing so. I hope.

The iberian anarchist federation

Sebastiαn Juderνas

• Her gardening skills are impressive. I am sure we could use such a talented one in our nation.

-the imperial federation-

Chancellor Victor Blackwood

• Paranoid? Such leaders should be thrown to the madhouse and replaced with more qualified ones, opinion negative.

The liamese empire

Emperor Roger Childers

• Damn, your [you're] tall.

The litan imperium

Imperator Darius Aurelian

• Personally I believe Streland is an abomination [and] should be studied by scientists. I would prefer that she refrain from stepping foot on my nation or touching me or any of my staff.

• I'll be honest most of my hostility is due to paranoia and a lack of understanding foreign cultures.

• I don't trust her, no one can be that kind and peaceful.

• She really just keeps to herself in that weird little dimension of hers, and it also seems she is the only one who lives there. I'm neutral so long as she doesn't go stomping around my nation and freezing people.

• Holly is still the unsettling blue giant she's always been, I'm neutral towards her but very uncomfortable around her. She makes me feel happy and good on the inside when I'm around her, not to mention cold.

The litan imperium

Secretary of State / Viceroy Helen Odeleus

• Oh she seems quite nice, Im not sure why the Imperator doesnt trust her. She's good in my book and doesn't seem agressive at all.

• She seems quite kind and pleasant, I'm not sure why Darius Is so wary of her.

The outpost of the 95th rifles company

Governor Brunhild Groί Junge

• The Queen strikes me as an interesting and mysterious leader… a leader that I’ve never met before…

The ozark frontier

Major Levi Iscariot

• Some one who is not Part of my Nation? Burn them.

The Rapture Republic

Chancellor Hellion Vonstein

• Holly and her associates are close friends with the family, especially on my wife’s side. My opinion is positive with glee to see them again. Lively as ever.

• Positive, likewise.

• Positive.

• Very Positivo! What else is there to say?

• Positivo.

• My opinion is as usual positive.

• Positive. It'll never change. I will inform them of the preparations to visit my utopian society -- very soon.

• Positivo.

• Same as before.

• I have never meant a kindhearted and compassionate soul such as Stratland, I am always surprised her express positivity, in a world of negatives.

• Ah, my angel. Protecting the world from insanity. Positivo!

The Rapture Republic

Chancellor Thomas Hall

• Neutral.

The remnant axis

Neopolitan, protege to Roman Torchwick

• [But as soon as she sees Holly, she backs on away, and uses her semblance to disappear!]

The sea kingdom

Jiiya, who speaks for Her Majesty, Princess Uomi

• Nature-friendly, friendly to strangers, nature-loving...Princess Uomi approves of her rule. Including myself.

The South Falls

Deputy Prime Minister Victoria Michiko Satsuki

• I really think she'll die someday. I want to be the one to do it.

The South Falls

Prime Minister August M. Johnson

• A Forest Guardian. While I would normally be skeptical, I'd like to just sit there in the forest and be comforted by her presence.

• I really like this guardian, and we should all strive to be as peaceful as her.

• I believe that this is a marker of peace, who we all need to be as close to in peaceful alignment as possible.

• I think she's honestly alright, being the only one there. Normal for her, less chaotic, so peaceful.

• Wow. She got taller. Anyway, her proclivity for peace makes me commend her.

The swahili on the swahili coast

Sultan Al-Hassan ibn Dawud X

• Queen Holly Aurora Symantha Vreugde Nova Starlight seems like an interesting and deeply caring person. My opinion on her is positive.

The United Nations Of Europa

Chancellor Linda Schulte

• You're sooo tall! Wait a minute, you wouldn't seem to know Valentijn would you?

• Ooh Stralend I love seeing you. It's so nice to be able to spend time with you!

• Oh well hello Stralend, it's been a while wouldn't you agree. Tell me, when are you going to visit. I'm sure you'd love it!

• There's been an increase of leaders that have odd tendencies. Seeing her is a refreshment from them. Hopefully, she can visit our nation sometime soon!

• [Stares at her clone] Oh my...this is amazi-how did you do tha-we must show the people of Europa! Please come they'd love it!

-the vaktovian empire-

The Autarch, Lord Ferrok Vonstein, Supreme Leader of the Vaktovian Empire

• This is quite the specimen, though being on good terms is not apparently possible, shame. The good doctor would have loved to converse with her. Opinion neutral.

The vampire hunters

Captain Morgan Jacksons

• [Bowing] Lady of the High Gardens, we pay our respects to thee.

The wombats

[Wombat loyalist, not their Leader]

• Their leader is small. compared to our glorious eminence.

The Zravvisk

Chief Valstrath Dragua

• An interesting creature that astounds even us. I wouldn't mind talking to her and finding out more her and her home. But I'll never touch her, we hate the cold.

Tondo federation

Premier Aliyah Pangilinan

• She is pretty damn tall, and her name is absolutely long too. She is a pretty respectable leader, for me.


Dandi the Savior

• I don't know what... she? is, but I like her.

Unionist ohio

President John McConnor

• This hardly counts as a nation.

United alternate states of america

President Steven Chadwick McQueen

• Quite the cheerful leader who’s nation seems do be doing very week balancing the needs of the people and the ability to maintain a strong economy.

United alternate states of america

President Timberlake

• For the time we remain indifferent, she seems like a great leader, however we feel our governments would disagree on many policies.

United american commomwealth

Jim Carver

• She's great, my opinion on her is positive.

• Every time I see her, she gets taller. Is she planning some Godzilla world domination plan? Anyways, my opinion is positive.


Elena Lindemann of Ostrea

• She seems quite shy and afraid of humans. I'm not sure what she is, but I hope we can find peace.

• She seems like a fairy tale creature to me. That's not to say she isn't a sweetheart though.


Francis Duverger of Clogro

• This is a witch beyond any kind I've ever encountered. Time to pay for your crimes..


Lewis Fisher of the Global Insurrection

• This freezing capability is most interesting. I don't think our scientists will be able to extract this power without killing the beast, but perhaps if we kidnapped an Ostrean scientist?

Van Hool Islands

Prime Minister Ariella Aitken

• Um, well. An interesting person(?) to say the least. I guess she's alright all things considered.

• What the f**k is with all these overly cheerful giants with really long, usually Dutch or Burmese, names. Either way, they seem like a good, being?


King Gustaf Philip XVI

• She is made out of energy? Quite interesting.... anyway, my opinion on her is positive.


Dr. Nikoletta Breznay

• She is beautiful, gentle, sweet... nothing but wonderful qualities, honestly. Of course I consider her a comrade.

• The world would be a better place if more leaders were gentle and peaceful like Holly.


Chancellor Dr. Johanna Vetzger

• Starlight isn't a person I'd want to underestimate, I'll be ordering the Internal Intelligence to keep an eye on her.


President Slamet Suryadi Sumadi of the Southern District on behalf of Chairwoman Song Liyuan

• I am absolutely intrigued by all the power one being can possess. As for my personal feelings towards her, I give her my warmest of appreciation for such a benevolent creature, I hope we can maintain a level of respect on behalf of both our parties.


Multiversal Emperor / Uniter John Relay

• She seems interesting.

• This lifeform is not made of the average matter. Very interesting. Hmm.

• It seems this lifeform has its own universe, which has unique attributes to it. Hmm.

• She seems a little too cheery at times and it creeps me out, reminds me of the things the Supreme Leader of Deltera would do.


Jaden B. Walsh / Jeremy Goldfielder, President of Wookaked

• He. [?]


President Ma Jingyuan

• She is nice, but a bit too isolationist. Although, I wouldn't want someone to annoy me in my lair either. Or while I am taking a walk in Qinghai mountains.


Vice President Biming Bo

• I am skeptical against isolationism for countries, as it leaves them disadvantaged against foreign threats. But for one human, it might work, maybe. Anyways, neutral.

Zipangese Star Empire

Shogun Mitsurugi Meiya

• ....They're not directly a concern to me. ...But they also to a slight degree are.

• Well.... They're... Certainly interesting.


Black Providence

• Oh, you... I'm not flattered, not even one bit. *sitting in a chair and reading*


Dr. Pyotr Fyodorovich Miroslavsky

• Now I know why I haven't seen Ms. Holly lately... She is starting small. *ba dum tss*


Feodora Alexievna Miroslavskaya, First Lady

• She is so mysterious... and I wish to know more about her, as much as she is willing to tell.

• I have no complaint about this lovely, peaceful lady like her. She is very interesting both personally and scientifically, but I will not interrupt her little garden.

• Of course... only if things could be as quiet around here.


Kazimir Ivanovich Miroslavsky

• Why, she is quite lovely and peaceful despite all the enigma surrounding her. Quite a relaxing sight.

• Well, peaceful and good-natured. She is a pleasant person indeed.

• She is pleasant to meet and talk to. Perhaps we may visit her, if she allows it. Her garden seems like a fascinating place.

• Tranquility in the sea of troubles and worries... It is delightful to meet her.

• A lovely lady as far as we all know... but this coldness surrounding her is so different from what I faced in Tbilosia...

• If anything... Miss Holly... I challenge you to shapeshift into that thing over there. [Pointing to some sketchy shadow octopus, Black Providence, sitting in a chair and reading.]

• And she agrees. I didn't expect that, actually. I wonder how she thinks of the weather here. It might be cold, but no colder than her energy.

• We haven't seen each other in a while, again... since I took a break from the forum opinion conferences. It is refreshing to meet good friends such as Ms. Holly after a while of hiatus.

• It seems to me that she is actually quite lonely... perhaps we should find her some company. [Holding a cat]

[1]: His Glorious Excellency, Galerius Illustris Augustus Severus Lupus Cornibus Maximinius Julianus Magnus Purpurus Celsus Lucius Attius Mancinus III, by the will of the gods, Holy Emperor of Caligolus of the Most Honorable and Distinguished House Illustris, King and Consul of Gurstom, of Echahar, of Chuegulania, of the Free State of Lobolen, of Bunovania, of Akandi, of Ashenfall, of the Free State of Karngestran, of Denema, of Ghostring, of Upper and Lower Haddenhelm, of Tobalenhi, of the Holy and Imperial Soveriegn Free State of Greater and Lesser Trendarenhalspen, Archconsul of Caligolus, Overlord of the Northern Spire, Soveriegn Ruler of the Greater Imperial Territories, Magister of the Free City of Cebelin, Magister of the Honorable Order of the Golden Eye, Magister of the Exalted and Regal Order of the House of Kings, Magister of the Distinguished Order of the House of Majesty, Conqueror of all the Land, Sea, and Sky, Master of The Ten Thousand Winds, Lord-Regent of all the Elements and Spirits, Protector of the World, the celebrated ruler of the land, who is crowned and rules by the glory of the Imperial gods, whose eye may see ten million things, and whose very decree forces the Sun to rise and set in acknowledgement of his divinely ordained rule. I have to put it here, because the leader's name screwed up the table size.