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Tianshi (WIP)


Full name: Unknown
Also known as: Tianshi, Cheonsa,
Angel, Boss, Karma, Maung
Title(s): Heavenly Emperor of Amenria,
Patriarch of the Ramadhan Family
Occupation: Criminal (formerly),
Businessman (formerly), Superhero,
\Heavenly Emperor of Amenria

Nationality: Unknown (formerly), Amenrian
Affiliation: HALO, Empire of Amenria, Ramadhan Family,
Caliphate of Earth
Alignment: Chaotic good, (formerly) chaotic neutral (formerly),
neutral evil (formerly), lawful good

Status: Alive
Species: Human (formerly), Celestial
Date of birth: 21 September
Gender: Male
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 53 kg
Blood type: B
Qi colour(s): Red (natural), black,
white (from celestial form)

Father: Unnamed father
Mother: Unnamed mother
Spouse(s): Park Jin Ae, Somi
Children: Hyesoo, Jeonsa
Other: Members of House Ambo Enre,
Members if the Ramadhan Family

Likes: Animals, children, arts and culture, cheese sticks
Dislikes: Pollution, evil
Hobby: Playing videogames, listening to music,
spending time with family and pets

Portrayed by: LinkJung Taekwoon

Tianshi (天使 Tiānshǐ) is the leader of the Empire of Amenria. In his youth, he was shunned by most of the people in his environment, including his peers, neighbours, and even some of his teachers due to him having a minor mental disorder, which he no longer had by his third year in college. This gave him lots of grief and loneliness, eventually leading to him believing that his mind was being invaded by a malevolent entity, which turned out to be one of his Shadow Selves in reality. In high school, he discovered that he was a pyromancer and thus began his career in crime fighting as the tiger-themed superhero Maung. Later in life, he became an antihero under the guise of Karma. In World War III, he was the leader of the Pan-Asian Alliance, bringing it to victory in the conflict by killing the last Son of Sin, the Son of Pride.


Due to his longevity, Tianshi looks like an East Asian man in his twenties, despite being older. He is slim and tall, and is often seen wearing his military uniform, which is black in colour and has several honours, including a star-shaped one worn around the neck.

Prior to his Ascension, Tianshi had darker skin and a shorter build. He often wears dark-coloured shirts and trousers. In college, he is often seen with a necklace and a ring on his right ring finger, as a sign that he was "married to Death", though he moves it to his left in class to ease him in writing.

As Maung, he wears a black hoodie with his emblem on the back and on the left side of his chest and orange lines near the zipper, black cargo pants, black boots and black combat gloves. He covers his identity with a tiger mask.

As the first incarnation of Karma, he wears a white cat mask with "X" marked on the forehead. He wears similar pants, boots, and gloves as his Maung costume. His jacket had a picture of the Wheel of Fortune on the back side. On the front side, it has the words "公道" (Gong do: justice) and "复仇" (Fchu: vengeance).


As a teenager, Tianshi was rebellious, mischievous, and eccentric, when he's not being angry and violent. He liked to pull pranks, cause trouble and generally give headaches the society and authority who despise him so much, both as an act of rebellion and as a (mostly harmless) revenge. He was the classic chaotic good hero, who rejects the superficial values of society, but would save them if they were attacked by evil entities. However, despite his trouble making tendency, he is actually a caring, understanding and romantic person. He always put those he cares about, like his friends, family and loved ones ahead of himself. He was already rather religious and altruistic in his youth, often going to the mosque and participating in volunteer events. He also gives to charity occasionally. He is protective and likes to help the innocent, which is why he became a superhero after discovering his powers in 2014. He enjoys having a sense of humour, though most don't appreciate his jokes, because they're usually inappropriate in some way or another.

In college, Tianshi is more true to himself. He no longer hides his feelings, nor his sensitivity. This, along with his short stature compared to the average Chinese, carefree attitude, and childlike face, makes people think he's younger than he actually is. Due to the lack of spiritual guidance, however, his psychosis gets worse and would enter "Psychosis Mode" when given enough trigger. When he does, he becomes a cruel and sadistic man with a more twisted version of his sense of humour and erratic behaviour, switching from angry and vengeful to calm and tactful with little to no warning. After the Hong Kong Incident, however, his mental condition seemingly improved and his mental instability began to disappear.

As an (older) adult, Tianshi is a lot calmer and more polite, although he still remains eccentric. He still enjoys pulling pranks once in a while, but doesn't do so as often as he did when he was younger. He is a family man, prioritizing his wives and children most, if not all of the time. He also saw error in his ways and realized that autocracy is inherently benevolent, as it is the only way to protect the people from evil ideologies, heresy and other social ills. He did maintain a certain degree of his aggressiveness to those so sinful he couldn't stand, such as politicians who deceive.

Throughout his life, Tianshi has shown to be a merciful person, even when he was neutral and when he was evil. In the former, he helped some homeless men he passed by stay warm by lighting them a bonfire. In the latter, he doesn't actively try to kill any enemy he faces, even going so far as to forbid his men to kill, stressing that Camille (and later, Crystal) is the only one who deserves to die by his hand, though this may be a sign of his twisted sense of loyalty at the time. He also tends to show kindness towards children and animals despite his temporary denunciation of God.



Tianshi was born on 21 September in a small coastal town in Southeast Asia as the only child of a poor family. His days were either spent playing at the beach or reading encyclopedia on various subjects, usually animals. He often goes to a cliff overlooking the beach with his mother to watch the sun set in the horizon, far beyond the sparkling sea.

Teenage Life

Tianshi described most of his teenage life as "being jeered for being different and giving them the finger in return". He spent his high school years in Bandung, Indonesia, and his family wasn't as poor as before. Sometime during his first two years there, he was constantly bullied, resulting in him developing a bad boy attitude and being the host of the entities within his mind. Despite being rough around the edges, he is still the same understanding and kindhearted person he has always been. To those who share his pain, or are simply tolerant enough of his antics, he acts like an older brother, comforting, protecting, and advising them.

By his fourth year in Bandung, Tianshi discovered that he is a metahuman with pyrokinetic powers. Not long after that, his best friend, the would-be leader of Ascion also discovers his powers, and the two started fighting crime as the tiger-themed firebender Maung and the falcon-themed aeromancer Manux respectively. They found more members and eventually became Urban Jungle, an animal-based team of superheroes.

It is around this time that he began taking an interest in politics, often mocking Western politicians and right-wing ideologies with his rude jokes. When he is serious, though, he expresses a passion for equality and a united Asia under the rule of the good. Disappointed by the dishonesty and the malevolence of many politicians in that era, he thought that only the strong and virtuous deserve to rule, giving birth to an early version of Amenria's ideology.


After finishing high school, Cheonsa continued his studies in Changchun, a city in Jilin, northern China. There, he was treated very well, making his desire to create a united Asia even stronger. He had many more friends than before and was involved in various activities with his fellow students, despite his low level of Chinese at the time.

It was during the last months of his first year of college that his life started to go back downhill. In an organizational event, he met Camille, the would-be matriarch of the Miao Coven, who was secretly fellow antihero at the time, who, with a combination of her beauty, cunning, and his insecurity and loneliness, mananged to trick him into being little more than a slave while keeping her relationship with her boyfriend.

One Friday in the following year, Tianshi asked God to confirm whether or not she was made for him, hardly able to take the pain anymore. The next day, he woke up with the sudden realization that he has always been a hopeless suitor for her, and that she will never accept him, no matter what he does to impress her. The lack of spiritual guidance he had compared to his high school years, along with the presence of the entity he though of as "The Beast" led him to misinterpret this revelation as a sign that he was created specifically to do bad and that fighting his "supposed" nature as an evil being was pointless, since he thought he couldn't be the kind and loving husband and parent he always wanted to be.

And thus, his faith began to waver, as his personal life goal changed from being the best husband and father he could be to simply exacting revenge on Camille. By then he had discovered her secret identity and fights her everytime they cross paths as their costumed identities, though they arranged their campus to be neutral ground, where they will never fight.

His change in purpose led to a change of personality, where he became more cynical and depressed. When he became neutral, he took the guise of Karma, an antihero/antivillain who carries out a revenge business. In a sense, his work is similar to an assassin's, with the exception that he doesn't kill, barring several exceptions.

This was, of course, a slippery slope. He gradually embraced what he believed to be "his monstrous nature", harming others not out of necessity, but out of pleasure. Karma was no longer an instrument of justice and revenge, but an agent of chaos, who encourages people to be the worst, "true" versions of themselves.

Life as a Villain

Over time,

Return to Good

On 2019,


In WWIII, Tianshi was killed by the Devil with the latter's signature skill, King of Hell's Merciless Annihilation. His body was destroyed, but God saved his spirit by temporarily moving it to another dimension as a reward for his service so far and because he was the last hope for good. Cheonsa was given a choice by God to die peacefully or come back to save the world. He chose the latter. With that, God sent him back to Earth with a whole new body, one with Celestial Form. With his return, God also took away some of his desire and ability to sin. This makes him unable to commit minor sins, such as theft and lying. God also seemingly made most of the world forget his real name, though this has still yet to be proven. He is also unable to use swear words.


Powers and Abilities


  • Tiger of Bandung

    A Powerset Tianshi was born with, which he awakened to in 2014, making his debut as the superhero Maung. Allows Cheonsa to create flames from his body. Though initially limited to melee attacks, training allowed him to use his flames for ranged attacks.


    • Fire Punch: Tianshi's first signature technique. The user engulfs his hands in flames before charging at the opponent and punching them.

    • Flame Stomp: The user stomps their foot at the ground, releasing a wave of fire and dealing damage to surrounding enemies.

    • Flame Tiger: The user creates a tiger made out of flames that can either act independently or on command. Has a very short lifespan, usually not lasting more than several seconds before burning out.

      Ultimate Techniques:

      • Flaming Tiger Uppercut: Cheonsa opens with Flame Stomp, disorienting the enemy. He then punches them skywards, charging their fist with red Qi, releasing a Flame Tiger that deals devastating damage.

  • Wings of Yin and Yang

    The Wings of Yin and Yang (??? Wings of Dark-Bright) is a Powerset that comes with Cheonsa's Celestial body. When activated, gives the user a pair of feathered wings, one black and one white.


    • Yin Mode: Cheonsa manifests only the Yin side of his Powerset, making both of his wings black. This allows him to conserve Qi at the cost of being able to use only techniques that require black Qi.

      • Planeswalk: Realm of Ghosts: The user travels to the Realm of Ghosts.

      • Hands of Darkness: The user creates hands made of darkness.

      • Phasing: The user transports their body, either completely or partially, to the Realm of Ghosts for a very short duration, making them seem intangible.

    • Yang Mode: The user manifests only the Yang side of his Powerset, making both of his wings white. This allows him to conserve Qi at the cost of being able to use only techniques that require white Qi.

      • Smite: The user summons a blast of light at his immediate location, causing an explosion that damages enemies in a radius of [number] metres.

      • Chains of Light: The user creates chains made of light to restrain the target(s).

    • Feather Clone: The user projects their Qi into a group of doves and crows, making them come together and form a clone identical to the user. When the clone is defeated, the birds forming it can regroup and form another clone, creating the image of teleportation. Besides recreating a new clone, the birds can also be used to attack or to confuse the opponent.

    • Feather Storm: The user confines themselves and their opponent(s) to a limited space by sending crows and doves to fly around them at great speeds, forming a tornado around the combatants.

    • Flying Punch: The user flies forward, launching themselves fist-first towards the opponent.

    • Grey Knives: The user produces any number of knives made of light and darkness and proceeds to throw them at the opponent(s) or otherwise telekinetically send them flying towards the target.

    Ultimate Techniques:

    • Sword of Damocles: Cheonsa creates a giant sword made of light and darkness in midair, right above the target, then drops it at them.

    • Sword of Damocles: Rain Cheonsa creates giant swords made of light and darkness in midair, then subsequently drops them, damaging all targets within a large radius of [number] metres.