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Guanyu "Abra" Abramovich y Florante Jr.

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Guanyu "Abra" Abramovich y Florante Jr.


Supremo (OF-2) of the Pasigueño Partisan

In office:
MARCH 5, 1984 - JANUARY 2, 1992

Preceded by: Allan Sergei Pollisco Sr.
OCTOBER 13, 1975 - MARCH 5, 1984

Minister of the Ministry of Defense

In office:
DECEMBER 31, 2002 - SEPTEMBER 1, 2005

Preceded by: Martha Siharath
AUGUST 1, 1994 - DECEMBER 31, 2002

Federal Commissary of the State Development and Planning Commission

In office:
SEPTEMBER 1, 2005 - DECEMBER 25, 2007

Preceded by: Lâm Chiêu Phong
JULY 9, 1996 - SEPTEMBER 1, 2005

Undersecretary of the Pan-Asiatic Ministry of Foreign Affairs

In office:
DECEMBER 31, 2007 - MARCH 5, 2012

Preceded by: Song Huan
JUNE 8, 2000 - DECEMBER 31, 2007

Member of the Federal Congress of Soviets
(Metropolitan Neo-Manila District 1)

In office:
NOVEMBER 10, 2012 - NOVEMBER 14, 2017

Preceded by: Joseph Estrada
JULY 9, 1998 - NOVEMBER 10, 2012

Secretary-General of the Pan-Asiatic States
(&) Chairman of the Asian Communist Party
(&) Chairman of the Asian Military Command

In office:

Preceded by: Anna Sakenev
NOVEMBER 10, 2011 - NOVEMBER 14, 2017

Personal Details


January 31, 1963 (age 57)
Pasig City, NCR; Former Second Republic of the Philippines


Asian (Russo-Filipino, Bisaya)


5'7 (2018)

Political Party:

Asian Communist Party (ACP)


Katrina Nishikino-Abramovich (age 58)


Natasha Amelie Abramovich (age 21)
Guanyu "Yuan" Abramovich III (age 13)


Lourdes of Pasig City (Elementary)
Santo Kostka School (High School)
Lomonosov Moscow State University (College)


Christian Socialist

MBTI Classification:



Comrade Abra, Callsign 'Koba', The Father of Modern Asia, Generalissimo


"A man that does not fear God will have his judgement later on in the afterlife. A man that does not fear the people will meet Him himself today."

Guanyu F. Abramovich Jr., better known by his revolutionary Pen-Name "Comrade Abra", is a veteran, author, economist, Chairman of the Asian Communist Party (ACP), and the acting Secretary-General of the Pan-Asiatic States. He rose to the premiership on November 14, 2017; through his anti-corruption and "trickle-down diplomacy" agenda, winning by a close margin. Like many Asian politicians, his claim-to-fame has been his controversial participation in both the Third Pacific War (as a child-soldier) and the bloody 1995 Cultural Revolution, which was reflected in his primary campaign motto: "Safeguarding Democracy".

Frequently described as a populist and a nationalist, Comrade Abra's political success has been sustained on one hand by his progressive economic policy, on the other, his agressive foregin policy. Annual reports by the State Development and Planning Commission (SDPC) report that the nation's nominal GDP has risen from $26.88 trillion to $28.23 trillion between 2017 and 2019 thanks to additional trade surplus and debt payback alone. At the same time, however, the Secretary-General has spearheaded the initiation of multiple "people's wars" (such as the Israeli-Asiatic War lasting from 2017-2018) and interventions (such as the Cromwell Island Rebellion in 2019) during his first two years of governance, and has encouraged larger military build-up by supporting domestic initiatives (such as State-President Kazuo Shii's "Strengthen Our Seas" agenda).

The March 25 Uprising (2019), which the World Assembly Human Rights Council (WAHRC) estimates to have involved anywhere between 180-250 deaths of radical Melanesian nationalists, has recently put the Secretary-General's continued military build-up in the limelight, described by the Neo-Manila Post as "one of the most atrocious protests against the continued build-up of miltiary bases in frontier states". The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) reports at least 19 cases against the Pan-Asiatic States Armed Forces (PASAF) have been filed regarding military violation of civillian and/or ancestral territories, 2 of which almost led to the Secretary-General's impeachment in 2018. However, official surveys indicate that it has been this militarization that bodes well with a majority of Asians, especially mainland Chinese and Tagalogs, 89.09% of whom believe that Comrade Abra's reign (as of January 2019) has "generally improved and advanced the living conditions of the citizens of the Pan-Asiatic States". Restricting the aforementioned polls to members of the Asian Communist Party (ACP) alone, however, approval ratings plummet to only 34.98%.

Comrade Abra's policies have popularized the revitalization of Conservative Socialism amongst Pan-Asiatic officials. Proclaiming that "Orthodox Marxism has vandalized the aims of the Communist Revolution", much controversy has sprouted from his political career due to his opposition to Trotskyism, "commendation" of German Strasserite advocacies, and support of the National Igarashi Eugenics program. Detractors criticize his lack of moral compass in wartime, or as one of his electoral rivals, Congresswoman Mo Go-Eun, a self-described "Libertarian Socialist", puts it, "[Guanyu Abramovich Jr.] is brutally authoritarian, a backflip to tyranny".

The Secretary-General is also the author of The Governance of Asia (Part I: 2014, Part II: 2018), and his policies, which have urged a "new campaign" for dekulakization, support for education subsidization, and nationalization of the economy; are commonly referred to as Guanyu Abramovich Thought.

Early Life

Guanyu was raised into a marginalized family in Pasig City, in the former state of the Philippines. Conditions of living in a war-torn city under the constant paranoia of nuclear annihilation was a struggle that young Guanyu lived through. He was the only child of Guanyu Abramovich Sr., an immigrant Sino-Russian coal mine manager during the time; and Teresa Florante, a housewife Filipina. From his infancy to the age of 11, he lived in the crammed suburbs of Barangay Don Juan.

During the political turmoil following the Second World War, Guanyu, dismayed by the death of his colleagues, countrymen, and own father at the hands of Fascist death-squads; began taking a keen interest in politics and writing during this time, accomplishing his first privately publicated pamphlets at the age of 14; criticizing the regime. By the age of 15 (allegedly by lying about his age) he had already enlisted to join the National Democratic Front; much to the dismay of his widowed mother.

He was quick to become highly ideological of Communism in the Philippines. By age 21, he was promoted to lead a guerilla task force organized by Communist Forces, called the Pasigueño Partisan, after their Commanding Officer was shot by a reconnaissance battalion. His achievements of valour during the War would later fuel his political agendas.

Rise in the Asian Communist Party

Guanyu was provided scholarship by the Soviet administration to finish his education in the prestigious Lomonosov Moscow State University. He would earn degrees in Law, Marxist Economics, and Political Science; returning to Neo-Manila as a lawyer in 2000.

Comrade Abra briefly returned to the Philippines to participate in The 1995 Cultural Revolution, when the then Secretary-General Sison, called for revolutionary action against the reactionists he claimed had infiltrated the ranks of government. Originally returning under the pretext of aiding the summary trials being carried-out in the cities, he soon answered the call-to-arms itself. From members of various Red Guard organizations and ex-military partisan groups (such as his old unit), he organized his own personal Red Guard, operating across Neo-Manila. Coordinating with Beijing officials, his leadership would lead to the controversial assassination of (then) Federal Congressman Avran Dilla Sr., an unpopular personality in part due to his leanings toward Market Socialism and his suspected involvement with a coup-d'etat plot against Secretary-General Sison, when members of his Red Guard stormed his mansion, and burnt it to the ground. The contacts he made during this undertaking would be invaluable to his political career later on.

When questioned about the assassination five years later, Comrade Abra would respond that he had no regrets about it; and that the Abadilla Family "deserved" the tragedy he had given them, consistently referring to the late Congressman as a traitor and a revisionist. Congressman Rolando Abadilla III of the Vigan 2nd District remains to be an avid advocate against Guanyu and his policies, still upset over the carefree assassination of his father.

It was also in the year 1995 that Guanyu would meet his now lawfully-wedded wife, Katrina Nishikino-Abramovich, his photographer, the daughter of Arianna and Juanito Nishikino, Korean Nationalists who had worked in the Japanese Provisional Government two decades ago. Scarce is revealed about the premarital affairs of Katrina and Guanyu, but it is widely speculated and accepted (to some degree even admitted) that their daily interactions in order to coordinate the success of the Cultural Revolution brought their relationship into fruition.

Comrade Abra's successes in both military and paramilitary service did not bode well with his political rivals, but has consistently been a factor in his electoral career since his first taste of elected political authority in 2002, when he was appointed Minister of Defense under the Third Administration by Supreme Commissary Maeng Jung. Jung and Guanyu had both fought in the Liberation of Neo-Manila; Jung under the People's Liberation Army and Guanyu under the National Democratic Front. Jung was also a close friend of Juanito Nishikino, Guanyu's father-in-law, as they had both been part of the more privileged literate, outspoken upper-class in Japanese-occupied Korea. It is for this reason that the desicion to appoint Guanyu as Minister of Defense was likely either a meritocratic choice or a quid pro quo.

Comrade Abra's role as Minister of Defense led to the Federation's first army modernization program. Under Comrade Abra's urging, and with Supreme Commissary Maeng Jung's support, WW2-era weapons were dismantled, discarded, or put into storage in order to accomodate more streamline and localized arms manufacturing industries.

Comrade Abra served his first elected position in September of 2005, as the Federal Commissary of the State Development and Planning Commission (SDPC), essentially as the primary fiscal adviser to the Supreme Comissary. When Supreme Commissary Maeng Jung lost the 2007 executive elections, the newly-elected Supreme Commissary, Xia Wuhan, a hardline internationalist socialist, used all his political influence to remove Guanyu from his position mostly in favor of a junior economist he thought to be more politically-aligned with his contractionary fiscal agenda. By December of 2007, a slim majority vote had already decided that Guanyu be relieved of his position as Federal Commissary of the SDPC.

Comrade Abra was briefly re-assigned to be the Undersecretary of the Pan-Asiatic Ministry of Foreign Affairs (PAMFA) from late 2007 to mid-March 2012.

In November of 2012, Comrade Abra was elected Congressional Representative of Neo-Manila's First District (Capital District), to the Federal Congress of Soviets. His service in the legislature, which lasted until November 2016, tested his leadership abilities and publicized both his military and political exploits across the Pan-Asiatic States. He personally led the authorship and subsequent victories of legislation such as the Institutionalizing Strategy for Rural Development and Reform Act of 2012, Higher Education Reform Act of 2013, the Expanded Igarashi Population Directive of 2015, and the Magna Carta for Veterans' Welfare Act of 2016.

In early 2017, he announced his desire to run for the position of Secretary-General; and eventually won by a 12.35% margin in November of that year.

Comrade Abra is now concerned with the strengthening of the Pan-Asiatic States' alliances with other culturally like-minded states through the foundation of The Srivijayan Consortium thereby continuing the "Orientalist Revolution", which he co-founded alongside Faatrik bin Samporna of Samporna, as well as ensuring the smooth transition of the nation's initiation into politically like-minded groups such as the Environmental Conservation Organization (ECO), the International Socialist Congress/International Socialist Volunteer Corps (ISC/ISVC), and the Socialist Union of Nations Economic Bloc (SUN Economic Bloc). The Secretary-General believes that these international organizations will become avenues for the Pan-Asiatic States to partake in the world market for the benefit of its people's state of living.

Comrade Abra's current "trickle-down diplomacy" agenda, on the other hand, is focused on the reformation of "oppressive" and "Occidental puppet-states" through the promotion of democratic institutions abroad. Combined with a more prominent role in the World Assembly, the Secretary-General hopes that controlled military force can ensure greater peace and stability in the theatre of powers. Examples of this methodology, according to him, have included the 2017 intervention in Israel, both a diplomatic and military victory insofar as its approval by the World Assembly Security Council (WASC) eventually led to the Pan-Asiatic States and the Soviet Union creating a buffer independent Palestinian State designed to challenge U.S presence in the Middle East, as well as, notably under his leadership, the Pan-Asiatic States' participation in the the anti-imperialist defense of Skyhooked.

Comrade Abra's administration has also expressed interest in maintaining international peace and fighting radical terrorism. Under his leadership thus far, the Pan-Asiatic States has taken a leading role against the Lumad Liberation Front (LLF) in Samporna, and participated in the ISVC's invasion of Jaragupta.


  • Guanyu's personal housepet is a German Poodle named Hans. It was a gift from the German Democratic Republic (GDR) awarded to him a few weeks after his election to the position of Secretary-General in 2017.

  • Many members of past administrations recognize his honorary status as a former War-Hero of the Third Pacific War. As former Press Secretary Madison Leonardo describes him, "[he is] the Tagalog poster-boy against Imperialism and Foreign Aggression."

  • Despite being called a "Stalin" on multiple occasions, the Secretary-General tends to align himself with the ideals of Fidel Castro.

  • He and members of his partisan were awarded the Order of the Red Banner by the Soviet Red Army in 1989 for their crucial participation in the Second Philippine Revolution.


"War is merely one method of diplomacy. However, it is the least efficient one. Then again, the world cannot be changed with pretty words alone. Truly, peace is on our bayonet!"
- Speech to Guerilla Militiamen, 1987

"When there is evil in this world that justice cannot defeat, would you taint your hands with evil to defeat evil? Or would you remain steadfast and righteous, even if it means surrendering to evil? In this world, evil can arise from the best of intentions. And there is good which can come from evil intentions. Perhaps we must spill yet more blood, so the blood already spilt will not be in vain. Do we really have the guts to pay the price of our freedom, and the freedom of mankind?"
- Inauguration Speech, 2017

"Christ didn't choose the rich to preach the doctrine; he choose 12 poor ignorant workers - he chose the proletariat of the times."
- Neo-Tokyo University, 2017

"The leadership of these Pan-Asiatic States advises caution against American imperialists, who seek to undermine the common prosperity of Socialist republics all over the world. Our People act as they will to, not as you command them to. Our stance on yielding to the pressure of the Capitalist countries remains as it was 28 years ago: never!"
- 2019, in response to the First American Empire

"In the Pan-Asiatic Army, it takes more courage to retreat than to attack."
- 2018 W.A Summit, New York

"In The Federation of Kendor, you can change parties, but not the policies. In the Pan-Asiatic States, you can change the policies, but not the party."
- Press Conference, Cebu, 2018

"Do you know the truth of the battlefield? Kill a single man, and it’s considered a crime. But kill many on the battlefield, and you become a hero."
- Xavier College, The Social Debates, 2018

Select Public Criticisms on Comrade Abra

Nation of Origin



Valentine Z

De Sierlijke en Vrij Valkyrie General

"Ah, the old and wise General himself, ha hah! In case you didn't catch it, that was sarcasm. Look, I don't like you, & I'll make it clear from this point that I want nothing to do with you or your people."
"There's such a thing as being rational and wanting the best for your people... and there's batshit insanity. I like to think that I am in the middle, with me wanting everyone not to fight, while trying to keep the insanity away from myself... you, on the other hand? I think you are more than bananas and a little crazy with your ideologies."

Demokratische volksstaat deutschland

Chairman Ernst Thälmann

“He may be a comrade of the socialist revolution, Comrade Abra’s politics leaves me with a lot of questions to where his loyalty lies: ‘to serve himself or to the people?’ And this ‘Strasserism’ he speaks [of]...”

Silver Commonwealth

Supercomputer Tom

“Ohh, at last a fellow NazBol. I mean, his struggle is commendable, even if he hates my people, which brings my opinion on him a bit lower.”

Navarran highlands

HRM Carlos I, King of the Navarran Highlands

"We respect the strength of a nation that is able to unify the rebellious and warlike peoples of the Asian countries and not only that, but bring sustained peace, order and progress. Such an undertaking would be impossible for our country as we have no interest to expand beyond our borders and the lands we currently own are more than enough for our people to survive, we look forward for a continued relationship with such an state."

Empire of the united states

Emperor Zachary I

"Leadership that has taken many ideologies and taken them to the extreme, however some parts of the nation seem to prosper under it."

Valentine Z

Valentina “De Sierlijke & Vrij High Valkyrie” Samantha Maxine

"An unfortunate set of circumstances that we have the displeasure of meeting someone like him. I can see that he has the energy and determination, but ultimately... they are all on the wrong path."

Valentine Z

Vice Foresittend Jolyn Ceeta

"A hero of the people, a hero of the state... I am afraid that I have heard of this many, many times, and for the most parts, they did not go too well with us. Well, his choice, but I'm not supporting it."

Valentine Z

Foresittend Marcus Alan Ariel Reynolds

"A young man with such a wasted talent. I am positive for his might and courage, as well as the many other speeches that he has given to rile up support, but at the end of the day..... is it worth it?"

Valentine Z

Premier Ministre Kendrick “Ustoppelig Vilje” Demetri

"A commendable man but only because of his military prowess. I am not a big fan of his politics either but credit where credit is due? I will say that he will last rather long in a war given the matter."

Valentine Z

Head Secretary Jamie “The Elegant Mathematician”

"Oh dear goodness! I suppose that he'll hate us Westerners for just existing and breathing, then? I must say that it's rather irrational, but I don't expect insightful intelligence from someone like him."