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About GenSec

The General Assembly Secretariat, also known as GenSec, is a panel of nations who judge the legality of WA General Assembly proposals.

Discussion is welcomed in the General Assembly forum.


Nations are appointed by GenSec itself, which calls for public nominations when a new member is required. Today GenSec is:


GenSec members vote to indicate whether they believe a proposal is legal (complies with GA rules), illegal (violates one or more GA rules), or should be discarded (blatantly violates one or more rules and is not worthy of the General Assembly's attention).

GenSec members may change their vote at any time. All votes are public.

Proposal Status

As a result of these votes, a proposal's GenSec Status is:

The Path From Proposal To Resolution

  1. A nation submits a proposal to the General Assembly

  2. The proposal receives and retains Legal GenSec status

  3. The proposal attracts a quorum of approvals from WA Delegates

  4. As earlier proposals either are promoted to the voting floor or are dropped for failing the previous two steps, the proposal reaches the top of the proposal queue.

  5. When the voting floor is empty, the proposal is promoted and becomes the General Assembly's At-Vote Resolution. The entire World Assembly is now eligible to vote For or Against. WA Delegates' votes carry extra weight in proportion to their number of endorsements.

  6. The proposal receives at least 50% For votes and is carried, becoming an official GA Resolution.

Proposal Queue

6 General Assembly Proposals


Retired GenSec nations: