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Orumha Cany-Jwchmiqen

Orumha Cany-Jwchmiqen is the 29th government leader of Nhoor and has been in office as such since February 2021. She entered the government on 23 June 2014 and first served as Minister of Justice until October 2016 and thereafter as Minister of Foreign Affairs until February 2021. Born in Chur on 2 June 1966 as Orumha Jwchmiqen, the only daughter of school teacher Sanhad Jwchmiqen and his wife Salvanī Jwchmiqen-Arƨoches, she studied international and business law and worked for private law firms such as Jwn & Cst.; Chasy, Chasy, Oƨɵmar & Chasy; and Vayda Halis loq Cwrdoliq. In 2014 she was invited to join the government, then headed by Sanhad Bōra̦. During her tenure as foreign minister, Nhoor became a founding member of the The Raedlon Organization of States and was admitted as an Observer to the ALDRATO pact.

In February 2021, Prime Minister Huldoro Sā̦ƨws-Patorheqh was dismissed by parliament and the government chose Orumha Cany to suceed her.

Orumha Cany-Jwchmiqen is married to Ƨonad Cany, who is also a lawyer, and Aa̦n Tarhosy, who works as a cricket coach. They have no children.

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