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Military of Nhoor

The Uqarninhast pw Īsanwn li Jorali (UĪJ, 'Armed Forces of the Dominion') is the umbrella organisation consisting of the Army (Astrati), Navy (Sasīnti), and Airforce (Arhadrag) of Nhoor. The King of Nhoor (or his replacement) is the commander-in-chief of the military with the honorary title of Rhwstezar li Jorali ('Marshal of the Dominion'), although in practice it is the government that formulates policy through the Minister of Defence. The UĪJ includes 102,000 active personnel and around 68,000 reserve personnel.

Astrati (Army)
The current commander in chief is Norhindran li Astratili ('General of the Army') Camhod Wrhoje̦qh. He is responsible for the 62,000-person army which is organised in nine divisions, two air brigades, and a Special Forces Command in Sārruc. The Astrati's main headquarters are located in Qhōmh.

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Sasīnti (Navy)

Main article: Navy of Nhoor (Sasīnti)

The 29,000-person Sasīnti is headed by Admīral ('Admiral') Orumha Hwrcech-W̦stws (f). The fleet consists of xx surface vessels, xx of which are major combatant ships. Nhoor's main naval port is the town of Jeva. The Sasīnti operates its own aircraft for transport and patrol, in addition to xx bomber aircraft. Under the responsibility of the Sasīnti are also xx submarines, which are based in the port of Bōrh.

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Arhadrag (Airforce)
The Arhadrag is headed by Norhindran ('General') Sanhad Astwqeqh. It is divided into seven air brigades that have headquarters in Barber, Darh, Ducasty, Salva, Cinharda, Menirach, and Caruqhur.

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Police force
The Police Force of Nhoor used to be part of the Armed Forces as well. When the 1978 constitution was adopted, the Police Force was however placed under the control of the Ministry of Domestic Affairs.

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