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National holidays of Nhoor

The Dominion of Nhoor has several holidays, most of which are based on religious tradition.




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Public holiday

New Year

1 January

1 January 2022

Celebration of the new year.

Yes; everything closed


3rd Saturday of January

15 January 2022

Feast of the Sun and the Light. Restaurants are vandalised as Puqhor should be
cooked and eaten with family, according to traditionalists, and not in restaurants.

Early closing, except restaurants.


1st Full Moon of February

16 February 2022

Commemoration of the occasion when the god Sucan received a spear to vanquish the evil demon Swrpadim.

Early closing; many dance festivals

Horamhar pw Asw̦qɵƨ

First New Moon of March

2 March 2022

Great Night of the god Asw̦, which involves fasting, ritual worship and the offering of oak leaves to Asw̦.

Yes; everything closed

Holī / Holīcatevwqhire

21 March

21 March 2022

Commemoration of the slaying of the demoness Holīca by Asw̦'s devotee Pralad

not public; festivities in the evening


First Full Moon after 21 March

16 April 2022

Celebration of the creation of the world; former New Year's Day

not public; festivities in the evening


Third Friday after Gōjīpad

6 May 2022

Celebration of the birth of Hanhwman, Rām's loyal devotee. People apply red paint on their
foreheads as a ritual for good health and good luck.

Yes; everything is closed


6 May

6 May 2022

Wedding of Asw̦ and Gorī. Carnaval parades throughout Nhoor.

Yes; everything is closed


Second Ful Moon after 21 March

15-23 May 2022

Celebration of the birth of Rām, the 7th incarnation of Asw̦; also celebration of Rām's wedding to Sut.
Throughout the country there are enactments of the wedding between Rām and Sut.
It is officially forbidden for commoners to marry in this period (currently only the King
has that right), so many people tend to choose wedding dates in the weeks before
and after this festival.

Festival of 9 days, the 1st and 9th of which are public holidays

The King's Birthday

19 January

6 June 2022

Observed on the 1st Monday of June with a military parade and many festivities throughout the nation.

Yes; everything closed


2 July

2 July 2022

Devotees offer pwy to their guru.

Not public


31 July

31 July 2022

Married women perform pwy to seek the blessings of the godess Serī of wealth and prosperity.

Semi-public; married women get the day off.


Last Monday of August

29 August 2022

Harvest festival; there are also festivities in the weekend preceding Onam.

Yes; everything closed


First nine nights after the first New Moon in September

26 September - 4 October 2022

Worshipping the forms of Sa̦cut.

The last day is a public holiday

Cosy sɵn Sa̦rrisiresin

23 September

23 September 2022

Unification Day; national holiday.

Yes; everything closed

Du̦la & Mhadw̦y

First New Moon in November (and the day after)

23 and 24 November 2022

Festival of lights to celebrate the return of Rām from a 14 year exile.
This holiday is usually associated with Nhoor arriving from all over Raedlon to their current land.

Yes; everything closed


1 December

1 December 2022

Pilgrimage festival celebrated at temples. Procession of idols.

Yes; everything closed

Non-Nhoor holidays

  • Christmas (Crīsmis): As Christmas is not an official holiday in Nhoor, the 24th, 25th, and 26th of December are normal working days if they fall on weekdays. If such is the case, Christians in Nhoor celebrate Christmas on the first Saturday after the 25th, with the preceding Friday evening serving as 'Christmas Eve'. In the last two decades, the practise of gift giving and eating with family has also been gradually adopted by non-Christian Nhoor.

School holidays
There are six school holidays, applicable to first and secundary education. Some of these depend on the official holidays mentioned above.

  • New Year's Holiday: The week in which the 1st of January falls, or if the 1st of January falls in the weekend, the week after. It is therefore possible that most of this holiday falls in December, if the 1st of January is a Friday.

  • Spring Holiday: The week in which the Horamhar pw Asw̦qɵƨ falls, or if it falls in the weekend, the first week of March.

  • Rānnamhā Holiday: The two weeks around Rānnamhā (flexible, see above).

  • Summer Holiday: The last two weeks of July + August until Onam, which is typically the last day of the Summer holidays.

  • Cetērō̦qɵƨ: Coincides with the festival (see above).

  • Autumn Holiday: The last two weeks of November (incl. the start of December).

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