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The Glorious FactBook of our Glorious People's Republic of Socialist Communist States.

The feds will be screaming, but you'll still be beaming, because you'll never pay taxes again!

Socialist Communist States

From the Glorious State Run Ministry of Truth.

The People's Republic of Socialist Communist States



Location One of these green areas.



Largest City



Depends on Kokichi's mood


See above

Official Language



Socialist Communist Statesian


1 April 2017 from Anime

State Government

Ultimate Supreme Leader

LinkKokichi Oma.

Vice President

LinkAl Gore

Speaker of the House

LinkTrevor Mallard.

Chief Justice

One of the Hiitachins


Upper House

Link"I am the Upper House!"
- Kokichi Oma

Lower House

Supreme Assembly


Land Area


Water Area


Water %



Highes Point: Ultimate Supreme Leader
Lowest Point: Place under Hell



Workers (☭)(WRK)

GDP (nominal)

☭2.4 trillion (69th)

GDP (nominal) per capita

☭50,000 (49th)



(UTC+4 to +9)

Drives on the

Left (get it!)

Calling code


Internet TLD


Political Rights


Socialist Communist States, officially The Great Nation of The People's Republic of Socialist Communist States, is a Nation somewhere in the world. It was founded after the defeat of the vile Bill English, in a battle that has been symbolically memorialised. The vile Bill English oppressed the proletariat with his vile tinned spaghetti and pineapple Linkpizzas. The battle led to the masses to be saved by the Ultimate Supreme Leader: LinkKokichi Oma, who had rallied the people to passively-aggressively rise up in a Re-evolution to help him overthrow the vile Bill English. From the aftermath of this battle, he declared himself LinkUltimate Supreme Leader of all the newly founded Socialist Communist States.

The Great Nation of People's Republic of Socialist Communist States is voted best Senpai by People's REAL News Magazine.
We have the best Healthcare system, with only 0.00200000001% dying in our glorious nation per millisecond.
The glorious people have the best Liberty in the world. The State makes sure that no one is thinking, because if they think, we kill their waifu.

All hail our Ultimate Supreme Leader LinkKokichi Oma. The father of the Re-evolution, the Party, the Army, and the Nation.


The name Socialist Communist States is derived from the Socialist Ideology, a Re-evolutionary state, which is populated mostly by the Workers. The name became more recognisable in its later history, and the Socialist State typically was called by the Proletariat "The worker's Paradise", which can also be called "The Socialist State" or "The Socialist Utopia." To distinguish these states from other non-Socialist states similar to it, it is denoted as Ashhurst Zansu' by modern historiography. The name Socialist Communist States itself comes from the early French Commune people, Proletariat workers, and farmers who relocated from across the Hingitangi and founded the state centred on Ashhurst that later became Ashhurst Zansu.

The old Proletariat saying of the name Socialist State' was Communist, mostly referred by South Islanders of Socialist Communist States' that were close to French 'Rainbow Warrior haters'. The current name of the country: The People's Republic of Socialist Communist States, comes from the farmer's version of the 'Ashhurst Zansu,' Socialist-Communist in Modern Socialism.

The proper way to refer to citizens of Socialist Communist States is "Workers," or "Comrade," and "Socialist Communist Statesians" in Workers. There are socialist terms which are commonly translated into Workers. One is "Statesians," which means "Proletariat Workers." Another one would be "Socialite," which means "citizens of Socialist Communist States," regardless of race.



The battle for the nation.
The vile Bill English vs Kokichi Oma.

Socialist Communist States was founded by a series of events. One of these was when the current Ultimate Supreme Leader (LinkKokichi Oma), overthrew Anime and Manga in year 10 Deutsch. It managed to get 12 signatures, forcing the oppressive Bourgeois anime and manga people to abdicate. Soon LinkKokichi Oma started a civil war to see who was best non-senpai in year 10 Deutsch. Which he obviously won.

The most famous and glorious event that created the glorious nation was when he launched a passive-aggressive Re-evolution to overthrow the vile Bill English. He did this by organising a large group of about 10 over 10,000 people to vandalise the oppressive parliament building (e.g. throwing toilet paper They thought in an epic duel that is considered to be the greatest and most glorious in the nation's history. The vile Bill English tried to defeat Kokichi Oma by putting tinned spaghetti and pineapples on dough and calling it "Pizza." However, not wanting to be outdone and manoeuvred by the vile Bill English, Kokichi Oma gloriously counter-attacked the vile Bill English by saying "This pizza looks terrible." Completely aghast and amazed by what Kokichi Oma had just said, the vile Bill English shouted "NOOOOOOOOO!" and proceeded to weep. Knowing he was defeated, the vile Bill English had resigned on the spot as Prime Minister of New Zealand and gave the reign of powers to Kokichi Oma.

Fun fact: The vile Bill English went into hiding on the South Island for a few months, where it was rumoured he was making more of his tinned spaghetti and pineapple pizzas. It wasn't until later that it was confirmed Linktrue.

New Zealand War

The dividing lines: Kokichi Oma was in charge
of the north, the evil Dr Don Brash in the south.

After the defeat of the vile Bill English and Kokichi Oma's liberation of New Zealand, there were still National Party members and many other reactionary elements who did not agree to this new free and definitely-not-oppressive government. One of these terrible people was the evil Dr Don Brash, a former National Party leader who attempted to set up his own government in the South Island. However, Kokichi Oma could not allow this to happen.

So on the 25 February 2017, the New Zealand war began. The north was controlled by the Supreme Commander Kokichi Oma, who's plan was to liberate the south from their capitalist overlord. The glorious north went and invaded liberated many parts of the South Island. Things were going so great, they managed to capture the capitalists capital of Christchurch (now IwiKiwigrad). Victory was in sight, since they had pushed the evil Dr Brash's forces down to the stretches of Invercargill and Dunedin.

But a slight setback did occur, because it just so happened the ghost of General McArthur, who was on the ghost ship of the USS Mount McKinley, shelled Wellington and begun invading the North Island. There may have been maybe one or two mistakes as the southern devils may have pushed them all the way near the tip of the North Island. But of course, the sheer military and tactical brilliance of the Supreme Commander managed to win the day (not because Kokichi begged Xi Jinping to send large number of troops to help him in exchange for massive trade and land concessions in favour of China, and maybe banning Winnie the Pooh, which may have been the deciding factor for Xi). The evil Dr Don Brash and his capitalist stooges were pushed completely out of both the North and South Island, with the exception of Stewart Island, where the evil Dr Brash has set up his failing puppet State there.

On the 31 March, an armistice was signed. The Supreme Commander Kokichi Oma had gloriously achieved the goal of a united New Zealand under his direct-control. Now he could finally set up his Socialist-Communist States.

Founding of Socialist Communist States

The opening ceremony on the founding of the
new nation.

The People's Republic of Socialist Communist State was established, on the 1 April, 2017. The founding ceremony began in the old capital of Wellington, on the steps of the beehive. A military and people parade was organised to celebrate this momentous occasion. The new leader, Kokichi Oma, had gloriously proclaimed on live TV, Radio, and any other formats:

"I herby proclaim the newly formed Socialist-Communist state: The People's Republic of Socialist Communist States. The Working people have stood up! So on and so forth, yada yada. Can I go inside now? I'm sooooo bored."
-Kokichi Oma 1 April 2017. Reading the proclamation on the founding of the new nation.

Kokichi Oma also proclaimed himself as the 'Ultimate Supreme Leader of the States.' Where he now assumed full and complete control of the nation. Guiding and directing the people to what they should do. This title is considered one of the most sacred and highest position in all of the States.

A large celebration took place all over the country. Everyone was expected to celebrate and rejoice over this news or suffering the consequences of being identified as a traitor. The 1 April is considered a national holiday in Socialist Communist States. Also the Ultimate Supreme Leader goes pranking as many people he can on this day.

The newly self proclaimed Ultimate Supreme Leader, Kokichi Oma, founded the 'Socialist Communist Party.' This party would go on to be the main pillar in running the nation and in instituting Socialist-Communism to the masses.

The year ahead for the Workers was a tough, yet, exciting one. The people of Socialist Communist States were determined to defend the nation from outside oppression. They remembered the days of those imperialist pigs, Team Danganronpa. A group of evil imperialist pigs who use people to kill each other for fun and entertainment. It was here where the Ultimate Supreme Leader: Kokichi Oma, used his great intellectual mind to end the evil, boring, killing game. This was the first step to which Kokichi Oma began developing his idea for the Re-evolution of the people and to the development of the Socialist-Communist ideals. His brilliant and well respected mind ensured that the people would be independent, well respected, and incredibly loyal to their Ultimate Supreme Leader: Kokichi Oma.


Socialist Communist States is located near the centre of the water hemisphere, and is made up of two main islands, and a number of smaller islands. The two main islands (the North Island, or Marx Island, and the South Island, or Engle Island) are separated by the Berlin-Wall Strait, 22 kilometres (14 mi) wide at its narrowest point. Besides the North and South Islands, the five largest inhabited islands are Lenin Island, the Industrial Islands, Great Socialist Island (in the Krieg Gulf), Proletariat Island (in the Unity Sounds) and Workers Island (about 22 km (14 mi) from central StalinBrag). The country's islands lie between latitudes 29ー and 53ーS, and longitudes 165ー and 179ーE.

Socialist Communist States is long and narrow (over 1,600 kilometres (990 mi) along its north-north-east axis with a maximum width of 400 kilometres (250 mi)), with about 15,000 km (9,300 mi) of coastline and a total land area of 268,000 square kilometres (103,500 sq mi). Because of its far-flung outlying islands and long coastline, the country has extensive marine resources. Its exclusive economic zone is one of the largest in the world, covering more than 15 times its land area.

The South Island is the largest landmass of Socialist Communist States and is the 12th largest island in the world. It is divided along its length by the Southern Alps.There are 18 peaks over 3,000 metres (9,800 ft), the highest of which is Trotsky / Mount Lenin at 3,754 metres (12,316 ft). Fiordland's steep mountains and deep fiords record the extensive ice age glaciation of this south-western corner of the South Island. The North Island is the 14th largest island in the world and is less mountainous but is marked by volcanism. The highly active Bread-zhnev Volcanic Zone has formed a large volcanic plateau, punctuated by the North Island's highest mountain, Mount Khrushchev (2,797 metres (9,177 ft)). The plateau also hosts the country's largest lake, Lake Plenty, nestled in the caldera of one of the world's most active supervolcanoes.

The country owes its varied topography, and perhaps even its emergence above the waves, to the dynamic boundary it straddles between the Pacific and Indo-Australian Plates. Socialist Communist States is part of MarxLandia, a microcontinent nearly half the size of Australia that gradually submerged after breaking away from the Gondwanan supercontinent. About 25 million years ago, a shift in plate tectonic movements began to contort and crumple the region. This is now most evident in the Southern Alps, formed by compression of the crust beside the Alpine Fault. Elsewhere the plate boundary involves the subduction of one plate under the other, producing the Puysegur Trench to the south, the Gross Krieg Trench east of the North Island, and the Rosa-Luxembourg and Trotsky Trenches further north.

Socialist Communist States is part of Australasia and Oceania. The term Oceania is often used to denote the region encompassing the Australian continent, Socialist Communist States and various islands in the Pacific Ocean that are not included in the seven-continent model.

The Climate of Socialist Communist States is that of a tropical warm breeze, a fine environment for workers to farm or work in. The citizens of this nation enjoy one of the most average of temperatures, not too hot and not too cold. The climate makes it an ideal place to grow food in abundance.

The environment of Socialist Communist States is that of a greatness. The forest and wildlife have become that of National Parks for the citizens of this Great nation to enjoy. The citizens can be proud of the majestic wildlife they have provided by their Ultimate Supreme Leader: Kokichi Oma. The Great supporter of the environment.


The Population of this Glorious Nation will depend on our Glorious Ultimate Supreme Leader's mood. So our population may be that of 100 million people, or drop slightly to 200,000 people (Depends on Kokichi's mood).

The language of the nation is simply the language of the Workers. The masses talk as if they were one with there own brothers or sisters. They understand clearly what they are saying. But of course, this language was invented by our Ultimate Supreme Leader: Kokichi Oma, who is surely the nations greatest linguists'.

While the Ultimate Supreme Leader is a Roman-Haruhiist, there is no offical State-sanctioned sect of Haruhiism. Everyone in the Glorious People's Republic is allowed to worship their own kind of Haruhiism, making Socialist Communist States one of the most religiously free places in the world for Haruhiists. However, the State does not tolerate the heathenous belief of this so-called Madokaism. Anyone caught preaching, watching, or cosplaying as this false god and Moe-pig will be severely re-educated. Heathens will be sent to the endless-8 re-education camp to cure them of their superstitious witchcraft.

The glorious nation of Socialist Communist States does not need a petty religion to look up to. The Bourgeois used this opium of a propaganda to trick them into slavery, with their churches and worshiping. We do not resort to these thing. We have our Ultimate Supreme Leader, who we pray and worship every day in public locations every day at Prayer hour.

The population of the nation of Socialist Communist States is a diverse one, our people don't judge a person on how they look, unless, if they are a traitor or enemy to the State/ Party. Our grand people are workers, and only that.

Largest Cities
Our largest City of the glorious nation of Socialist Communist States is very industrialist, and has one of the most greatest buildings you will ever see. The population of each of these city is ranked from highest to lowest on our rank of population we have in each city (depends on 'said' mood or 'other').



Metro area population




Depends on Kokichi's mood




Depends on Al Gore's mood




Depends on Jacinda's mood




Depends on John Key's Handshake




Depends if a flames been lit

D Block



Depends on Tony's mood




Depends if Labour wins




Depends if Greens form a coalition with Labour








9 people and a Cow

Ashhurst Zansu







Ultimate Supreme Leader:
LinkKokichi Oma

The Supreme Assembly


Vice President:
Al Gore

The glorious nation of Socialist Communist States is a one-party, authoritarian-dictatorship, led by the Ultimate Supreme Leader: Kokichi Oma, is the nations governing leader. He is the main embodiment of the nation and the State. The Socialist Communist Party of Socialist Communist States, is the nations one and only ruling party, guided by the glorious ideology of Socialist-Communism, which derives directly from the great teachings and thoughts of the Supreme Chairman of the party:Kokichi Oma.

While on that note, Kokichi Oma, being the Ultimate Supreme Leader of the States, is also the Supreme Chairman of the Socialist Communist Party (SCP), the Supreme Commander of the Red Liberation Army of the Worker's, and the Supreme Prankster of DICE, ensures he is the head of all major branches of government. So much so, that he is the government.

The Legislative Branch of the nation consists of the Upper House (which is just the Ultimate Supreme Leader himself), and the Supreme Assembly. The Supreme Assembly consists of 120 members. 119 are from the Socialist Communist Party, and 1 for David Seymour. They are Members of Parliament (MP) for a certain electorate e.g the electorate of Omagrad central. However, these members are not elected by the people, mostly because the Ultimate Supreme Leader finds elections to be "a waste of time" as was seen from the arduous election of 2017. Instead, these Members are hand picked by the Ultimate Supreme Leader himself, using a carefully designed system of Nepotism and favouritism, this ensures that the Ultimate Supreme Leader gets people he knows will gloriously carry out his work and bribery... er, we mean the worker's work and bribery. The Supreme Assembly also debates heavily on bills on a non-bias or rigged way. There's no need to rig the debates; everyone, except David Seymour, is from the same party. The only thing they need to debate on is who is the best at praising the Ultimate Supreme Leader. That's all they need to debate on.

Foreign Relations and Military

The glorious nation of Socialist Communist States has embassies all over the world. It maintains a constant diplomatic contact with every nation it has a Embassy in. This Nation maintains strong influence in Ashhurst (oh and the Pacific too).

The glorious nation of Socialist Communist States has a powerful military. They have a powerful Army and Navy that can repeal any Imperialist Invasion.The glorious army of Socialist Communist States is called:The Socialist Communist States Red Liberation Army of the Workers.
If the Imperialists ever try invading the land of Socialist Communist States, they will be repealed by our strong military, in the name of our Ultimate Supreme Leader.


A grateful Worker praising the leaders of SCS

Economic Indicators

Rank:1st(Thanks Ultimate Supreme Leader)
Currency: Workers(☭)
Fiscal Year: 1 April-30 February

GDP (nominal): 1st
GDP (nominal) per capita:1st
Labour Force: 1st
Unemployment: Does not exist.

The economy of Socialist Communist States is mostly left down to the State. With nearly 50% of everything being run by big businesses the government, and the rest left up to the States.

Chancellor of the Treasury: LinkPaul J. Keating, had introduced to the nation its best ever tax that has generated income for this glorious nation. It's called GST (Goods and Service Tax). Treasurer Keating had famously and heroically put Link"15% on everything." That includes food, water, houses, b̶i̶r̶t̶h̶d̶a̶y̶ ̶c̶a̶k̶e̶s̶, (LinkIDK ask John Hewson) and even running (just so the Workers may not use up any stamina, not because were trying to hunt them down or anything).

A Planned Economy is used to work out everything. 5 week plans are implemented to increase production on many industrial equipments. So every 5 week plan has seem to over achieve its quotas. Surpassing every nation in the world, thanks to the sheer greatness of the Ultimate Supreme Leader. These plans have increased productions of the States main exports: Dairy, flax, and corrugated steel. Dairy products from the States have increased by over 400%, with milk going directly to foreigners and the Ultimate Supreme Leader the Workers. The same can be said to agriculture. With productions of agriculture surpassing 250%, a nice surplus exists for it all to be sold overseas at ridiculously cheap prices stockpiled for the Workers who have toiled hard for their food.

Housing is subsidised by the State. Everyone is given their own housing on arrival, and they don't have to worry about payment as their is absolutely no interest whatsoever! All the workers have to do is pay their meager mortgage, which averages around a minor ☭567,000 to an equally minor ☭7,595,800. These can easily be worked off through down payments or voluntary hard labour. If you don't pay it off, Comrade Nook is going to break some kneecaps. On the subject of housing, each household is furnished with portraits of the Ultimate Supreme Leader, free of charge! (No, really.) It is custom for each worker to give praise to the portraits before they settle in their house. However, it is also mandatory to praise these portraits 3 times a day (along with the state-orientated Haru Haru Yukai). The State knows when you miss a day. For if you miss a day, harsh punishments will be delivered. How does the glorious State know? The State sees everything! through the portrait's eyes as their is hidden cameras in them.


The infrastructure of Socialist Communist States, is one of the best in the world. The trains run on time, the delivery trucks arrive really early to their destination. The great Collectivised Road, masterminded by our Supreme Leader, stretches from Engles Island, all the way to the tip of Marx Island. Showing to the world their well maintained infrastructure.


The energy supply of their glorious nation, surpasses that of every other nation. Their nation have a large amount of Oil, Coal, Charcoal e.t.c. That can last them many centuries.
"This nation has the most renewable clean and energy efficient in the world, we have turned the former Bourgeoise unclean dirty energy into the cleanest energy in our Nations History, thanks to the leadership of our Ultimate Supreme Leader! - Al Gore Vice President of Socialist Communist States.



A statue of Kokichi Oma

The Socialist Communist culture that surrounds the nation has been devoted entirely towards the Ultimate Supreme Leader. The workers, in a collective effort, have developed their own unique and interesting culture, through the teachings of Kokichi Oma, to display comradeship and harmony towards each other, so that the Ultimate Supreme Leader won't have to be bothered by internal strife that occurs within the nation. It annoys him a lot when this happens, but he digresses.

The old culture of New Zealand was systematically destroyed, with the exception with whatever the Ultimate Supreme Leader said was to be preserved. The glorious Cultural Re-evolution, started by Kokichi Oma, had stamped out the old Imperial/Capitalist ways, as they were a symbol of everything that could stand in the way of the Ultimate Supreme Leader and his rule. The entire culture was replaced in his honour, and to that of the working class...But mostly in favour of the Ultimate Supreme Leader.

Every statue, monument, or theme park in honour of the Ultimate Supreme Leader is considered by the State to be a national heritage site. There are more than 10,000 of these sites and they are located in every city, village, commune, caves, sewers, gulags, and toilets in the nation. It is extremely hard to not pass an alleyway or street without stumbling upon a national heritage site with any sort of dedication to Kokichi Oma.

Long live Kokichi Oma, for gloriously giving the nation ist's own, non-oppressive, non-exploitive, unique culture. May those foreign Imperialists be jealous of the gloriousness of his cultural re-evolution.

Glorious Propaganda for
foreign nations

The style of art that is predominant in Socialist Communist States is Socialist Realism. This art form expresses the most realistic life and activity of the workers, and of course the Ultimate Supreme Leader. Artists work painstakingly hard to construct the most accurate and heroic types of the Ultimate Supreme Leader. These art works are considered the 'number one most important works in the whole State.'

The Kokichi Oma Art Studio, opened by the Ultimate Supreme Leader himself, is the nation's State owned art studio, where all major works of art are created. They house many famous works of art like: 'The War Crimes of the Nationalists,' which shows the atrocities the Nationalists committed to the peaceful workers. 'Mount Oma,' a glorious mountain, that was formerly called Mount Cook, named in honour of Kokichi Oma, and 'The Portrait of Chairman Oma.'

All future artists wishing to pursue their careers must sign up and become a member of the Socialist Communist States Artists' Association. The best and brightest of artists have the honour and privilege of drawing murals, frescos, portraits, and even mosaic pieces of the Ultimate Supreme Leader. Though, if there is even one minor facial mistake/error in any of these pieces, there is a chance of being branded an enemy of the State for such defacing.

Truthful propaganda are also created for foreign nations, showcasing the importance and gloriousness of Kokichi Oma. There are great misconceptions pointed towards the Ultimate Supreme Leader, so art is naturally the best way to lie convey the absolute truth about the nation, and Kokichi Oma. The Ultimate Supreme Leader, and the State, are only trying to create peaceful types of art. However, since their is threat of danger, truthful propaganda also portrays the foreign Imperialists' as hook-nosed, war-mongering, and even barbaric invaders, who are ready at any moment to invade the peaceful land of Socialist Communist States. So of course, art is a great way to convey these evil Imperialists.

Finally, the Ultimate Supreme Leader likes using crayons to draw with. His own non-badly, non-child-like, drawings are so great, they get to be hanged on the Party's HQ's Lounge room's fridge. It even get's a sticker that says "Number 1" on it. He feels so proud of it, that every one in the nation must have a copy of his drawings on their own fridges, or else.... well I'm pretty sure you get the idea by now: execution, gulag, torture etc etc.

So buy his works, you greedy capitalist pig!

The music industry of Socialist Communist States is focused primarily on traditional, pop, and Re-evolutionary types of music. These music must meet State regulation if it is to be played across any type of broadcasting station in the nation. The most famous and glorious music pieces, written by the Ultimate Supreme Leader, Kokichi Oma, himself include: 'My Nation Is The Best', 'No Fatherland Without You', 'Song of General Kokichi Oma', 'The Party, Kokichi, Socialist Communist States,'and many more.

The Patea Maori Electronic Ensembles, a Re-evolutionary musical group, is the nation's most popular band... probably because it's one of the few legal musical groups allowed. Anyways, this group was formerly known as the Patea Maori Club, but the Ultimate Supreme Leader 'suggested' that they should change their name in-line with ideological reasons. The group consists of local Maori men and women singing in Maori, and in traditional Maori attire, about the glory of the State and Kokichi Oma. They mix tradition with pop, which has earned them praise. Many of their former music hits like 'Poi E' were reworked entirely to fit with the Re-evolutionary spirit that was required of all music groups. Their works have heavily praised, even the Ultimate Supreme Leader himself considers there work to be one of the best about his glorious regime he's heard so far.

The Omabang Band is an all-female music group that appeals to the younger workers of the State. Unlike the Patea Maori Electronic Ensemble, they are more focused towards pop, rock, trot, or just any type of modern music. This all-female group plays music that is in accordance with the State's ideological message. Songs such as 'We Will Gloriously Support Our Supreme Leader' are rap songs, which is incredibly popular with the young workers (much to the dismay of the older elites).

Famous work
by Kokichi Oma

All literature is handled directly by and for the State, with it being heavily monitored by the censors, ensuring that all literature works are properly to the Party and Ultimate Supreme Leader's standards. Foreign works have been limited greatly due to the outsiders trying to send their fake propaganda works and to wrongly discredit the glorious State. Those works that are allowed have also been checked thoroughly, to ensure that all grammar is of UK origin, because US grammar is evil according to the Ultimate Supreme Leader. "Heresy!" he said.

The most popular of works are those by the Ultimate Supreme Leader himself. They have been described as 'necessary works that need to be owned if you want to live.' These include 'A Journey,' 'Short Run To Oppression,' and 'The Quotations and Thoughts from Supreme Chairman Kokichi Oma.' The latter is a 'need-to-carry-everywhere' work, since if you are caught walking around public, and a officer asks you if you have one, and they find out you don't have one, you will be immediately denounced as a traitor and enemy of the Ultimate Supreme Leader, and be publicly humiliated and jailed/executed. So that's why everyone in the nation must have this if they are to learn about the ideological greatness of Kokichi Oma.

With the exception of works by Kokichi Oma, there are other famous literatures that were created by many individuals. The most famous of these that were not written by the Ultimate Supreme Leader is the 'Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy' series. A series of book that involve a dog The Ultimate Supreme Leader considers these books to be one of his most favourite series of books, and he can quote every single line from the works. It is a great honour that the Ultimate Supreme Leader loves this series, so everyone else must read this pre-school, children's book if they too want to live.

The most banned book/series is Winnie the Pooh. It has been banned due to the Ultimate Supreme Leader saying so, and not because of a deal he made with China's Premier Xi Jinping about sending PLA volunteers to help in a civil war, in return that Winnie the Pooh is banned. This ban has been made by the Supreme Leader himself. There is absolutely no pressure from the PRC whatsoever. None at all.

Oh, and buy his books as well. Imperialist Schweinhunds.



The Glorious State-run news:
Real News Network (RNN)
The media is tightly controlled in the nation. Everything from films, news, and many other stuff are under strict censorship. This is to ensure that no false, lying propaganda against the State or Kokichi Oma is wrongly published for the workers. Most, if not all, films tow the party line and have a predictable theme of praise for the Ultimate Supreme Leader and the State as well. However, because of this, some workers tend not to visit the cinema, since it's considered predictable. But of course, the Ultimate Supreme leader fixed this problem by going out and kidnapping filmmakers personally directing films himself. These have been immediate cult-classics on their own right. The popularity of his films has caused a strong resurgence in workers watching films again. Every cinema stations in the State have reported of having sold-out seats. Surely the Ultimate Supreme Leader's expert movie-making skills have wooed the populace, not because Kokichi forcefully ordered everyone to watch his films or face punishment. Don't be silly.

State news channels and newspapers are one of the most heavily controlled in the world. News presenters are to be members of the Party, and must give their most emotional performances. If the Ultimate Supreme Leader has done something amazing, the presenter must be full of pride and joy. If the news is bad (e.g Kokichi Oma's pet goldfish dies), the presenter must be incredibly sad and weeping, but, they must have enough self-control to be able to announce the news. We don't want to have a very inaudible news we can't hear. Now to many lying Imperialists, this seems like an act. It isn't! These news presenters have the most free reign of their emotions. It's not like they're crying because they have a gun to their head. That's just nonsense.

There are approximately 16 State-owned channels, which is the exact number of channels you'll find in the nation. The State has it's own website, with which you can find by simply clicking on the 'Home' button at the very top of this factbook. The State Party has it's own newspaper called 'Uso Dayo,' a 100%, not fabricated, newspaper that showcases everything the Ultimate Supreme Leader and the Party have been up to.

There is absolutely no bias or intimidation in the State-media. I mean, look at the picture on your right. Does that look like bias reporting to you?

Foreigners enjoying the large
abundance of food at a restaurant

The cuisine of Socialist Communist States is incredibly important part of the nation. It is a main necessity of every worker in the State, and they of course need it to survive. The State is abundant in many types of food. Foreign Imperialists claim, wrongly, that the nation has no food whatsoever. This, obviously being fake propaganda, is used to undermine how much food the State actually has. There is an abundant, and in many different varieties.

An example of food that the hard working people of the State can find in abundance is 'nothing!' Every meal that is served at breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, or dinner table is usually a nice, steamy, mouthwatering, delicious, plate of nothing. After praying to the Ultimate Supreme Leader for "blessing us with this nothing," the workers delicately eat their nothing with care and precision. They savour every single drop or crumb of nothing and can really not taste the delicate flavours.

If Workers are wanting a quick snack to eat before they go and have make themselves '2 minute nothing.' They simply grab a packet with nothing in it and put it in a microwave for 2 minutes. After waiting, they can simply open it and enjoy their quick snack of nothing. While on that note, they can also enjoy 'Nothing in a can.' Simply just open the can and poor out the contents of nothing onto your bowl, then enjoy. For those in a rush, they can enjoy a nice protein bar of nothing. This empty nothingness can fill a person with no protein and energy to get them moving throughout the day. There are many types of different flavoured nothing bars: nothing, nothing, and air flavours. It is quite refreshing to eat air, as it gives you a slight breeze to cool the tip of your nose for a brief second.

For more traditional Maori food, there is the traditional 'hāngi.' This traditional dish making method involves digging up a pit in one of the many State-sanctioned pit holes and inserting heating stones surrounded by fire. Here, you put in nothing and simply bury it again. After a while of waiting, the pit is dug up again, and the delicious and nutritious nothing is ready to eat. This type of method is done for traditional and festive times, and it can be quite an experience eating nothing.

National Anthem of The People's Republic of Socialist Communist States

LinkGlorious Anthem In Song The Words you hear are on this are actually your mind playing tricks. Real words are down here.

United forever in friendship and The Labour Party, our mighty States will ever endure.
The Great Socialist Communist States will live through the ages,
to dream of a Ultimate Supreme Leader, his fortune secured.

SCSArmy War Dance.

Long live our Glorious Motherland built by the peoples mighty hand.
Long Live our Ultimate Supreme Leader the people will weep.
Strong in a leader who thinks for us. Long may our SHEEEEEEEH inspire,
SHEEEEEHING in glory for all men of outstanding character to see!

Through days dark and stormy where Great Oma led us.
Our Ultimate Supreme Leader overthrew those Borgeoise oppressors, for freedom for all.
And Stalin the bragger with no faith in the people,
inspired us to rename his city to Stalinbrag (now Goregrad).

Long live our Glorious Motherland built by the peoples mighty hand.
Long Live our Ultimate Supreme Leader the people will weep.
Strong in a leader who thinks for us. Long may our SHEEEEEEEH inspire,
SHEEEEEHING in glory for all men of outstanding character to see!

We fought for the future, destroyed the invader,
and brought to our homeland the laurels of lame.
Our Ultimate Supreme Leader will live in the memory of nations
and all generations will honour his name.

Long live our Glorious Motherland built by the peoples mighty hand.
Long Live our Ultimate Supreme Leader the people will weep.
Strong in a leader who thinks for us. Long may our SHEEEEEEEH inspire,
SHEEEEEHING in glory for all men of outstanding character to see!