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The Socialist Communist States Red Liberation Army of the Workers.


The Red Liberation Army of the Workers

From the Glorious State Run Ministry of Truth.


The Red Liberation Army of the Workers





Work makes you Arbeit


1 April 2017

Service Branches

Ground forces




Supreme Commander

Kokichi Oma

Minister of Defence


Chief of the General Staff

Kim Fatty III



17 years old

Active Personnel

Depends on Kokichi's mood

Reserve Personnel

Depends on Kokichi's mood



☭20 billion

Percent of GDP

45% (June 2018)

The glorious army of The Socialist Communist States Red Liberation Army of the Workers (RLAW for short), is the glorious nation of The Peoples Republic of Socialist Communist States de facto military force. Founded on the 1st April 2017, by the Ultimate Supreme Leader, who also has the privilege of being the Army's Supreme Commander: Kokichi Oma. The Supreme Commander of the army is also the Supreme Chairman of the Central Military Commission. The RLAW consists of three branches: Ground Forces, Navy, and Airforce.

The RLAW will protect the Supreme Commander of the army, with all it's might, passion and has the determination to make sure that the people will be safe from Imperialist aggression against the State and Ultimate Supreme Leader.

The RLAW is the biggest paramilitary personnel in all of the world (according to our glorious Ultimate Supreme Leader), because what he says the absolute truth, that we shall all believe in. Long live the Red Liberation Army of the Workers, and its Supreme Commander: Kokichi Oma.

The Red Liberation Army of the Workers was originally a Guerrilla army, founded many many years ago (30 February 2017). The army under the Ultimate Supreme Leader, fought a vigorous and difficult battle to overthrow the oppressive Bourgeoise. The result was a decisive victory, and the Guerrilla army under Kokichi Oma, had driven out the oppressors, and proclaimed on the 1 April 2017, the establishment of The People's Republic of Socialist Communist States. On that same day, the Red Liberation Army of the Workers was founded. This would ensure that the Nation would forever be defended against any Imperialist nations, who may want to invade the Nation. But under the glorious Supreme Commander: Kokichi Oma, no invading force would be able to invade even a few metres of Socialist Communist States.

Portrait of the Supreme Commander:
Kokichi Oma

The army began its construction, with the creation of the Workers Arms Department. The department was created to distribute arms and other weaponries to the soldiers. While at the same time the creation of a Command centre was completed, to establish a base of command for the army. It was set up in the capital Omagrad, where the party and the Ultimate Supreme Leader could issue orders and commands more closer to home. Here communications to the officers and soldiers could be clearly sent out, in case of an invasion by Imperialist, or other aggressive forces against the state, or if the commanders feel the need for drills.

About 91% of all officers of the RLAW are members of the Socialist Communist Party. These men are either appointed by the Supreme Chairman of the party (Kokichi Oma), or by the Central Military Committee of the party. These men hold top positions and ranks in the party, and usually follow party lines with regard to the RLAW.

Many former soldiers and officers of the former LinkNew Zealand Defence Force were conscripted into the army, and helped greatly in it's creation of the modern RLAW. Many previous tactics and information were passed down to the RLAW, which gave the RLAW a quick and easy adaption of all the new equipment passed down to them i.e they learned how to tape corrugated steel onto a tank. Which is how the glorious Bob Semple tank was made.

The RLAW is considered the indisputable protectors of the Ultimate Supreme Leader, the party, and the nation. Committed to the powers of peace and Socialist-Communism, it ensures that the RLAW has a purpose and goal, when protecting the nation against Imperialist aggressors. Even the RLAW's motto: "Work makes you Arbeit" is a clear indication to the soldiers what there purpose is.

Although the RLAW hasn't seen proper military combat since after the glorious Re-evolution of 2017. It has no doubt been able to scare any Imperialist force from wanting to attack the nation. They would clearly of been trembling at the sight of many advanced weapons like the Bob Semple and Ross Rifle. So it is no wonder that the nation has been kept safe from aggressors, thanks to the beloved RLAW.

The newly formed RLAW swore its allegiance in these order:

    I. Supreme Commander: Kokichi Oma
    II. The Socialist Communist Party of Socialist Communist States
    III. The People's Republic of Socialist Communist States

The RLAW must ALWAYS abide to the highest authority in these three pillars of authority. If the second in the hierarchy goes against what the first tier of the pillar has allowed, the RLAW WILL not abide to what the second tier has issued. The same goes to the third pillar (who don't issue orders, but are there symbolically). So all powers related to the military, lie heavily with the Supreme Commander. His orders may not be disobeyed by the military at all, and any order that is not carried out or is disobeyed will result in gulag permanent leave.

The nation allows universal conscription, meaning anyone can join the army (so long as their not a traitor or spy). Under supreme law, all workers must serve at least 3 years in the military when you reach the age of 17. Workers are selected based on their health and political ideology. They undergo tests, that determine how fit they are for service, and are tested on their loyalty to the party and to the Ultimate Supreme Leader.

Armour: The Bob Semple

The Bob Semple:
Made from Corrugated Steel & Caterpillar Tractors.
The height of Socialist weaponry.

The RLAW has one of the best armour divisions in the world. The best of all the armour divisions is the Bob Semple Tank. This glorious armoured tank is made from caterpillar tractors and corrugated steel (hence the nickname: The Corrugated Tank).


    I.Made from Corrugated steel and Caterpillar tractor
    II.Halts every time you want to change gear
    III.Max speed of 20km/h
    IV.Average operation range: 100km
    V.Main Armament: 5 Ross Rifles
    VI.Engine: 5 Cylinder Diesel 95kw
    VII.Power/weight 3 hp/t

"We'd like to see someone outdo us in this kind of weaponry" said Kim Fatty III. Who helped Mr Semple design this socialist weapon. Surely this is the height of Socialist engineering. With this, the glorious nation will be able to defend itself from aggression. We'd like to see if any Imperialist force can defeat the mighty Bob Semple.

Weapons: The Ross Rifle

The Ross Rifle:
The fastest firing weapon in the nation.
It has a rate of fire of about ~15 rpm.
No one can outdo us in weapons!

This weapon is considered the fastest firing weapon in this nations history. Created by the renowned Charles Ross, this weapon should have those Imperialist forces running for their lives. If they don't want to be slaughtered by the mighty Ross Rifle!

    I.Cartridge: .303 British (7.7056 mm R)
    II.Action: Straight pull bolt action
    III.Rate of fire: ~15 rpm
    IV.Feed System: 4-round stripper clip/charger
    V.Caliber: .303 in (7.70 mm)
    VI.Type: Bolt action rifle
    VII.Weight: 4.5kg

"Under Socialist advancement, we have managed to make the perfect weapon. It will take many years before someone can outdo us." Kim Fatty III had proclaimed. Who helped mastermind this with Charles Ross. Surely the Imperialist aggressors will weep in terror when faced with the Ross Rifle!

Artillery Only

Artillery Only
With only artillery, the Imperialists
will be blitzed into defeat!

Socialist science in the nation is so advanced that only artillery will defeat them. With the help of glorious ISorrows, who is the greatest artillery commander, convinced the Supreme Leader to use only artillery in major campaign. This towed artillery has the following specs:

    I.Barrel Length: 4 Metres
    II.Length: 8.7 Metres
    III.Rate of fire: ~1 rpm
    IV.Firing range: 8 metres
    V.Weight: 10,000kg

With this weapon, the Bob Semples and Ross Rifles don't even need to be used in combat, with the help of Artillery Only!