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Since the rise of the World Assembly from the ashes of its predecessor, the Bureaucracy That Cannot Be Named, WA member nations have worked tirelessly to improve the standard of the world. That, or tried to force other nations to be more like them. But that's just semantics.

Below is every World Assembly resolution ever passed.

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Repeal "Condemn Thatcherton"

A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.

Category: Repeal

Resolution: SC#68

Proposed by: Mahaj wa seat

Description: WA Security Council Resolution #68: Condemn Thatcherton shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Argument: The Security Council,

RECOGNIZING that the destruction of a region is generally frowned upon, however shunning the use of the Security Council to settle petty squabbles such as the one between two nations of "The Federation of Kievan Rus,"

NOTING that the “peaceful region of The Federation of Kievan Rus,” during Thatcherton’s reign as its World Assembly delegate, was so “peaceful” because its twelve to fifteen member nations, many of which could easily have been puppet states of foreign entities, lacked the motivation to cause anything to occur within their region,

FURTHER NOTING that this region’s members, including its founder, also lacked devotion to The Federation of Kievan Rus and did not seek to preserve the region in which they inhabited and noting that this region’s founding nation (which was ultimately ejected by the delegate and just so happened to be under the control of the nation which authored this condemnation) failed to protect the region from Thatcherton despite having the power to do so,

BELIEVING that this region had already been abandoned “to wither into obscurity” by every involved nation but Thatcherton, and thus believing that there was no active regional community to be destroyed by Thatcherton’s actions and that Thatcherton was committing no great evil by putting this region down before it would have inevitably succumbed to stagnation anyway,

DISGUSTED by the hypocrisy committed by "The Wreaked," the author of this condemnation, and noting that The Wreaked urged nations to leave The Federation of Kievan Rus (after the passage of the condemnation of Thatcherton) during other nations' attempts to set up a government for the region,

THUS DISCERNING that The Wreaked took action to prevent "efforts to restore the region to ... glory," which the nation supposedly supported while the condemnation was being voted on,

DISFAVORING the distasteful choice of this resolution’s author to include regions such as The Commonwealth of Crowns and The Empire of United Nations in this condemnation and portray them in a negative light because they were not willing to comply with the persistent and annoying demands of a nation they had never heard from before,

FEARING that this condemnation may have been a way of exacting petty revenge on Thatcherton and on two regions which were not involved in what occurred in The Federation of Kievan Rus, a publicity stunt deliberately carried out by the region’s former founder, and/or a ridiculously misinformed and only partially factual farce (as only about two or three nations have actually claimed to have witnessed what occurred in The Federation of Kievan Rus and these nations’ claims cannot be confirmed by any solid evidence),

HEREBY REPEALS the Condemnation of Thatcherton.

Co-Authored by A mean old man

Votes For: 7,378 (83%)
Votes Against: 1,480 (17%)



Condemn Milograd

A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region.

Category: Condemnation

Nominee: Milograd

Proposed by: Connopolis

Description: The Security Council,

APPREHENSIVELY disclosing the horrendously macabre and highly classified dossier of Milograd, which includes religious and racial intolerance, unacceptable police policies, obstruction of democratization and many other grevious and unjustifiable acts against its peers in the international theatre,

HORRIFIED by the prohibition of Catholicism within Milograd and the mass eradication of Catholic citizens on multiple occasions,

FURTHER HORRIFIED by Milograd's xenophobic policies which deliberately classify non-whites as non-human and therefore allowing these people to be hunted as if they were animals,

ABHORRING Milograd's use of VX nerve gas against protesters in the Milogradian cities of Argyz, Kremho, and various other locations, which resulted in the death of over 40,000 Milogradian citizens,

NAUSEATED by the unjust abuse of authority and poor conduct of Milograd's Resource Initiative Urban Police (RIUP), the members of which frequently rape and assault innocent civilians in order to maintain order; the RIUP often kidnaps and murders overwhelming numbers of "threats to the state,"

DISGUSTED by the delusional leader of Milograd, Dh'arco Rahavuhra Jukill, primarily for his decisions that resulted in the demise of many of the world's idyllic democracies and has intentionally stymied the progress of many democracy-advocating organizations such as the Polaris Initiative,

REGRETFULLY ACKNOWLEDGING the Milogradian invasion of the Judean lands and the forced migration of millions of native Trescotters, leading thousands to their deaths, and others to their forced displacement,

SHOCKED by the infamous genocide of Argatov, which resulted in the loss of over 80,000 innocent lives,

APPALLED by Milograd's intolerance of all ideologies not authorized by the Milogradian government in the Milogradian "Belief Authorization Act,"

ADAMANT that any nation that has committed such atrocities both domestically and internationally deserves proper punishment,


Votes For: 5,996 (74%)
Votes Against: 2,091 (26%)




Commend Unibot II

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation

Nominee: Unibot ii

Proposed by: Mahaj wa seat

Description: The Security Council,

IDENTIFYING the nation of Unibot II as the successor to the now defunct state of Unibot as well as the nation behind the puppet state of Unibotian WA Mission and a variety of other puppet states, and that Unibot II is frequently referred to simply as 'Unibot',

COGNIZANT that Unibot played a role in the furtherment of the idea, which was eventually implemented, of the two WA chambers operating as they do, with independent voting and separate proposal queues,

RECOGNIZING the vast success of Unibot in both branches of the World Assembly, the General Assembly and the Security Council, including authoring 8 GA resolutions with 1 coauthored and authoring 13 SC resolutions with 4 coauthored,

APPLAUDING Unibot for writing resolutions to address concerns such as care of the mentally ill, nautical pilotage, forced disappearances, and the protection of outer space,

RECOGNIZING Unibot as one of the pioneers of the Security Council, including authoring a commendation of Starblaydia for sporting achievements, a Commendation for The Cat Tribe for general debating, a condemnation for Greater Tezridan for international incidents, a condemnation for Flag Thief, and a Liberation for Greece,

NOTING that Unibot was one of the main proponents of Liberation Resolutions as a method of conflict resolution for defenders and not simply a tool for the worst of the worst situations such as what once was in Belgium, and consequently Unibot has helped restore native communities via a Liberation Resolution six times,

ACKNOWLEDGING Unibot as one of the premier defenders of this modern era in NationStates, in terms of skill, leadership, and strategy,

RECOGNIZING Unibot as the creator of the United Defenders League, a defense organization based on a concept of individual nations as opposed to regions comprising the organization, and an organization which has quickly became one of the premier defending organizations in NationStates,

REALIZING Unibot is the founder of Eastern Islands of Dharma, which has developed into the premier WA-centric region of NationStates and home to numerous resolution authors,

APPLAUDING the many scholarly works emnating from Unibot, including an analysis of NationStates generations, a refurbished document containing advice to budding nation creators regarding achieving a certain World Census category, and a list of common prayers to the almighty god of our humble multiverse, violet,

BELIEVING that with all the accomplishments of Unibot, a commendation is long overdue,

Hereby, with all the accomplishments of Unibot being considered, Commends Unibot II.

Votes For: 7,403 (74%)
Votes Against: 2,534 (26%)




Condemn Anthony Delasanta

A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region.

Category: Condemnation

Nominee: Anthony delasanta

Proposed by: Fischistan

Description: The Security Council,

ABOMINATING Anthony delasanta's extreme loathing of the religion that is Islam and its many members,

UTTERLY ASTOUNDED at the numerous international crimes committed by Anthony Delasanta against Muslims in its own country and in foriegn countries that it has no connections with whatsoever, that violate General Assembly Resolution number 38, Convention Against Genocide, which Anthony Delasanta was at that time legally obliged to obey, such as:

  • Building thousands of death camps in the nation of Hebenia in an attempt to destroy their Muslim population and overthrow their government,

  • Exterminating over a hundred million Muslims, who were from Anthony Delasanta, all in a matter of days,

  • Unjustly declaring war on United arab sultanate, presumably because of their Muslim operated government,

    HORRIFIED by Anthony Delasanta's refusal to trade with the now nonexistent nation of Reardasia, one of its region-mates, then invading it for no apparent reason, then forcefully absorbing Reardasia and taking control of its military,

    APPALLED at Anthony Delasanta's use of its newly acquired state to perform terrorist attacks at a peace conference with New Korongo,

    DETESTING Anthony Delasanta's abuse of power during its delegate reign in its home region of Ganar, citing the following actions as abuses of power:

  • Establishing a communist flag for the region, despite the wishes of the founder,

  • Banning the nations of Schulzeyland and Secretivemilly from Ganar, presumably because they had joined Vaalbara, which at the time was the region's mortal enemy,

  • Suppressing any opinions that would cause a shift in delegate power away from Anthony Delasanta,

ACKNOWLEDGING Anthony Delasanta to be one of the most influential supporters of the coup on Vaalbara led by East weidmanland, which was responsible for the ejection of an astoundingly high percentage of the region's natives,

DISGUSTED by Anthony Delasanta's use of ethnic cleansing as a legitimate political decision to inspire its citizens to work,

OUTRAGED by Anthony Delasanta's openness in the selling of two million of its Jewish population, including the women and children, to other nations as a mean for slave labor, as if they were mere objects or possessions, rather than the real people that they are,

BELIEVING that it be in the World Assembly's best interest to stifle these unbearably appalling, racist actions by condemning them and the nation that carried out such condemnable actions,

HEREBY Condemns Anthony delasanta.

Votes For: 5,470 (57%)
Votes Against: 4,210 (43%)




Liberate Catholic

A resolution to strike down Delegate-imposed barriers to free entry in a region.

Category: Liberation

Nominee (region): Catholic

Proposed by: Mahaj wa seat

Description: The Security Council,

Noting the events that transpired in the recent raid of Catholic by a variety of raiding groups,

Acknowledging that Amen Ra pretended to be a native but was in reality a sleeper agent of the raiding group DEN, and sat in Catholic, gathering influence and native endorsements,

Recognizing that on February 25th, Amen Ra seized the delegacy with help from other invaders,

Aware that over 60 endorsements were counted on the delegate, with the vast majority coming in after the raid transpired,

Cognizant that Catholic was password protected by Amen Ra on February 27th, a mere two days later,

Believing that all native communities have the right to control the freedom of movement across their regional borders and to adminstrate their region; the regional sovereignty of Catholic has been greatly infringed upon via the actions that transpired in this raid,

Understanding that a foreign authority has abused the powers of the World Assembly by imposing a password on the region of Catholic,

Recognizing that said password threatens the existence of the regional community, and thus the World Assembly should remedy this abuse of its adminstrative powers,

Hereby Liberates Catholic.

Co-authored by Unibot ii and Earth

Votes For: 8,399 (80%)
Votes Against: 2,122 (20%)


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by Max Barry

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