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WA Delegate: The Protectorate of Evanicaland WA Mission (elected 14 days ago)

Founder: The Dual Kingdom of Osberg-Thitania

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The CoC is a monarchist region which stands for rule of law, freedom of expression and democracy.

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Secretary-General: The French Kingdom
Chancellor: Evanicaland
Speaker: Ethopolis
Prosecutor-General: Wyethalania
High Commander: The Antarctica Territories

The Executive Cabinet
Minister of the Interior: TBA
Minister of Finance: TBA
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Torvalyn
Minister of Culture: Alpacanzia

The VII High Court
Chief Justice: San Monteriano
Justice: The Two Exalted Kingdoms
Justice: Macawi

Regional Departments
Cartographer: Herzangia

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Regional Power: High

The Commonwealth of Crowns contains 119 nations, the 87th most in the world.


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The Highest Average Tax Rates in The Commonwealth of Crowns

Although some nations have similar tax rates for all citizens and others tax the rich much more heavily than the poor, the following provides a rough guide to the most taxing governments.

As a region, The Commonwealth of Crowns is ranked 3,259th in the world for Highest Average Tax Rates.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Administrative Hierarchy of VetegaFather Knows Best State“War does not determine who is right, only who is left.”
2.The Empire of GuatemalaCityFather Knows Best State“God, Fatherland and Freedom”
3.The Kingdom of NorenglandWA MemberLeft-wing Utopia“Ære, hjemland og folk”
4.The TeoMonarquia Constitucional of Reino da Ilha PatovilWA MemberInoffensive Centrist Democracy“In honorem Dei, Beata Virgo Maria, gloriam et Ecclesiae”
5.The Most Noble Empire of SwandlandWA MemberCorrupt Dictatorship“Katalingkasan, Katotoohan, Katoninongan, Kaboronyogan”
6.The Queendom of PennystanDemocratic Socialists“Death to Beecyland”
7.The Kingdom of BraxtelWA MemberFather Knows Best State“Spero nos familiares mansuros”
8.The Holy Empire of ZononDemocratic Socialists“For the Greater Good of Zonon's Future”
9.The Kingdom of RomejamalLeft-wing Utopia“To change a nation, one must change thoughts.”
10.The Principalty of New RiyakDemocratic Socialists“This is it.The New Order.Death to total Capitalism”
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The Commonwealth of Crowns Regional Message Board


Besate express its neutrality toward this whole situation:

Despite we can label those executions as eccessive, we accept tge fact tgst, anyway, Laws are meant to be respected and to be a foreigner does not allow privileges under the rule of the law.

Antarctican laws states that is illegal and punishable with death: you infringe, your the risk.

As well as We of Besate are sure and We demand and respect a death sentence toward our subject with proper documentation.


<<Besate needs "A spot under the Sun">>

polbearian Forigan affairs office
We wish to express neutrality towards Antarctias most recent execution. While we agree it was harsh to kill someone for speaking up for there rights, we do not wish to condem a county for fallowing its law system.

The Duchy of Besate wrote:After a deep meditation i've reached the truth:

Love is a communist

Is red
Makes you suffer
Achieves nothing
Makes you suffer again
You cannot get rid of it


The Administrative Hierarchy of Vetega wrote:I'm pretty sure my nation shouldn't be on this list. It's not a safe place to live or travel to, or be near. Crimes levels are nonexistent, but war is all around you with the constant threat of Damocles or VEDA....yeah, I'm a third world country now...

Speaking of which, I was meaning to ask... Was 'The Fall' considered canon for you?

Also your population must be filled with the hardiest sonofabitches in history. That or they're very promiscuous between the explosions. ;D

What's the exchange rate for the Crown to the RL dollar?

The Imperial Empire of The Antarctica Territories wrote:News from Antarctica

The Bourbonois national who was captured by the ASF (Antarctican Security Force) after leading an anti-government protest was put to the sword today after being found guilty of breaking the Emperor's Laws as stated in the 'Book of Judgement'. His final words were him constantly slandering the Council of Rothera and the Emperor for their supposed "barbaric" treatments of it's citizens before his head was severed. Antarcticans amongst the crowd could be heard chanting "For the Emperor" as his head fell from his shoulders.

Antarctican Warships have increased patrols on the skirts of Antarctican Waters, possibly causing concern amongst those nations who share a maritime border with the homeland. A fleet of Warships have also made sail for what Antarcticans call "The Continental Gap" a vast body of water between Eastern Alpacanzia and the Eastern Continent with intents unknown for the time being.

News from The Two Exalted Kingdoms

News of a renewed patrol of waters between Antarctica and The Two Exalted Kingdoms by Antarctican ships and possible military conflict between two major nations of the Commonwealth has seen reactions from all sections of Axian Society. Small protests were organised outside the Foreign and Commonwealth Office where discussions regarding removal of certain sanctions were being discussed. As a result, the government has decided to drop the issue.

After the Prime Minister chaired an emergency meeting at Vermillion House, also attended by the Emperor Guillaume, the following statement was released:

Statement from the Office of the Prime Minister

" The Prime Minister stands with the Bourbonois people in condemning this heinous act in the strongest and harshest way possible. It is his firm belief that the death penalty is never justified. While acknowledging that the Bourbonois national broke Antarctican laws, The Prime Minister reaffirmed his commitment to uphold and his belief in the right to peaceful assembly and the right to peaceful protest. The entire council was also in agreement that the human rights situation in Antarctica was extremely concerning and voted to maintain sanctions placed on Antarctica."

Statement from the Leader of the Association for the Rehabilitation of Antarctican Refugees (ARAR)

"What happened in the Antarctican territories is testimony to the fact that the regime ruling over the nation is symbolic of pure evil. I appeal to the Axian Government and governments across the commonwealth to increase funding to organisations such as mine which seek to rehabilitate individuals who have suffered through years of repression. More needs to be done to liberate the citizens from the Tyranny of Emperor Nathaniel"

The Prime Minister was later quoted by many journalists to have said the following "The Emperor and I are in agreement that any credible threat to our territorial integrity is completely unacceptable and will be handled appropriately. Any ships or aircraft entering Axian waters will be immediately neutralised. I shall be speaking with the Minister for Defence later asking him to increase surveillance of the Southern Axian Sea and raise the military preparedness of The Exalted Armed Forces..."

-The Imperial Realms of The Two Exalted Kingdoms

The Administrative Hierarchy of Vetega wrote:I'm pretty sure my nation shouldn't be on this list. It's not a safe place to live or travel to, or be near. Crimes levels are nonexistent, but war is all around you with the constant threat of Damocles or VEDA....yeah, I'm a third world country now...

Some people might be looking for that in a tourist destination :p

Also don't forget! It's Tax Season! Give generously for the funding of your elected government!


The Duke and the Cunsilj have announced an important and "once in a lifetime of a nation" speech from the Duke.

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