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The CoC is a monarchist region which stands for rule of law, freedom of expression and democracy.

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Secretary General:La Libera
Speaker: Ethopolis
Prosecutor General:The Langobardi
High Commander: TBA

The Executive Cabinet
Minister of the Interior: Picts
Minister of Finance: Sudweca
Minister of Foreign Affairs:Ragno
Minister of Culture: Risara

The High Court
Chief Justice: New Saxumus
Justice: Vetega
Justice: TBA

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Embassies: Lazarus, The Allied Republics, Albion, The North Pacific, the West Pacific, Spiritus, One big Island, Africa, India, Eastern Roman Empire, Empire of Oceania, Atlantis, The Commonwealth of Kings, The New Galactic Empire, Arctic, United League, and 20 others.The Versutian Federation, International Commonwealth Of Nations, Genuan Rebirth, The Great American Union, The Crown Federation of Recon, The Arab League, Kingdom of America, Unified Coalition of Nations, Central Pacific Empire, United Regions Alliance, The Allied States, Federation of Free States, Commonwealth of Free Nations, Equinox, Hellenic Civilization, New Republica, Union of Armed Nations, The Union, The Insane Region, and The United World of Battlefronts.

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Regional Power: High

The Commonwealth of Crowns contains 75 nations, the 164th most in the world.

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The Happiest Citizens in The Commonwealth of Crowns

A recent survey attempted to measure the average happiness of citizens in various nations. These results should be treated with caution, however, as results tend to fluctuate from day to day.

As a region, The Commonwealth of Crowns is ranked 15,161st in the world for Happiest Citizens.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Empire Brotherhood of Vox NihiliLeft-Leaning College State“Aequus iuxta solem cadentem aveo libertasatis VoxNihili”
2.The Imperial Pony Empire of Kingdom of the Polar BearWA MemberScandinavian Liberal Paradise“Summum nec metuam diem nec optem”
3.The Federative Monarchy of AstolliaWA MemberDemocratic Socialists“Libertas aer animae est”
4.The Kingdom of New SaxumusCivil Rights Lovefest“Quod forte in terra, ut ferrum certa”
5.The Federal Principality of Ajomcae IslandsDemocratic Socialists“For our people, these islands and the Earth”
6.The Kingdom-Federate of LessingiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Una nota supra La semper est canendum Fa”
7.The Former Empire of Eastland DuchiesLiberal Democratic Socialists“All for Itjo lands, through equality and freedom!”
8.The Empire of NovagoroWA MemberDemocratic Socialists“By the Lords of Old”
9.The Kingdom of RoskoLiberal Democratic Socialists“Free sandwiches for everybody!”
10.The Elite Triumvirate of VetegaFather Knows Best State“War does not determine who is right, only who is left.”
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What is making the finance minister?
I do not see anything working.

The Elite Triumvirate of Vetega wrote:With who?

Any region that is willing and worthy


Today, it is performing a military uprising in The Empire of GuatemalaCity ...

A significant section of the army has revolted against the Emperor on behalf of the Senate.
The 501 Battalion cordoned off the capital and are now marching to face off against the Imperial forces.

For safety reasons, all embassies in GuatemalaCity will be cordoned off by soldiers until further notice.

We will keep you informed.

Osberg-Thitania and Sao Paulo e Prata

Atlantia News Update

Due to the recent uprising in GuatemalaCity, the Supreme Commander has decided to send a portion of the Verdigris Fleet to the nation. Details about the Fleets' coincidental route near GuatemalaCity at the same time as the start of the coup have not been provided. The space station Damocles has also been diverted from its flight path to GuatemalaCity. No more information has been given by the military offices. We must assume that the Supreme Commander plans to intervene in the conflict, but on whose behalf?

In weather news, the Salivium Weather Institute reports that a tropical storm(named Thea) is forming in the Western Seas. The tropical storm is currently gaining strength. Its current path will take it directly along Vetega's shoreline. Both South and East Vetega will be hugely affected by the storm. Meteorologists are tracking Thea to see if the storm will strengthen to hurricane levels.
Upon hearing this, many have been reminded of Hurricane Ryval's intensity and destructive force. Without a government or local mandate, people have started evacuating coastal cities and towns. This is occurring mostly in South Vetega, as Easterners doubt that the storm could possibly be any worse than Ryval. They have chosen to stay in their homes. Many stores in the East are running out of everything, and people are making trips into the North and upper South Vetega to buy much needed supplies.
Ferries and transport ships will be offering transportation away from the danger zones for reduced prices to capitalize on the panic.

The current Ormean constitution prohibits national membership in the World Assembly because several binding resolutions override national law.On the other hand, the Ormean people have begun to move away from our typical isolationist attitudes.

His Imperial Highness, Vilhelmo la Unua, has requested that I, Johano Smeraldadomo, the Ormean Minister of External Affairs, consult with my peers and conduct a study before he designates a special committee to craft a consitutional amendment to repeal the WA membership prohibition clause.

HIH Vilhelmo would like to know if WA membership has severely affected your lawmakers and regulators from enforcing national priorities where they conflict with WA resolutions.

An example of an objectionable WA provision is Resolution 34, Section 7 which:
- PROHIBITS nations from barring WA member state commercial transports in compliance with ITSC regulations from operating in their airspace, territory or territorial waters, or preventing such from docking, landing, or otherwise embarking/disembarking passengers & loading/unloading freight,
- a) Nations are permitted to introduce reasonable requirements of prior notification and authorisation, but such are not to be refused on the grounds of the nation of the transportís origin
- b) Nations may refuse entry &c., if there are necessary practical reasons for doing so, such as limited capacity or quarantine, or in times of war or economic sanctions.

Ormean legal experts have interpreted this clause to mean that Ormea would not be able to prohibit overflights by highly pollutive aircraft (in contravention to Ormean environmental law) and must allow passenger and cargo to disembark at ports with no provision for the regulation of cargo movements, immigration, or quarantine. In other words, this provision appears to require a border completely porous to other WA nations.

Your assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Johano de la Smeraldadomo,
Prince in the Emerald House of Ormea,
7th in line for the Emerald Collars of Ormea,
in my capacity as the High Minister of the Exterior

on behalf of

HIH Vilhelmo la Unua,
Emperor of Ormea,
King of the Several Gemstone Mountain States,
Grand Duke of Cross Island,
Grand Duke of the Ormean Border Regions,
Lord Protector of the Ormean People and Environment,
First Bearer of the Emerald Collar of Ormea,
Custodian in Perpetuity of the Sapphire Collar of Ormea,
Custodian in Perpetuity of the Ruby Collar of Ormea


From: Prince Johano, High Minister of the Exterior, Ormea
To: The Emperor of GuatemalaCity, The Senate of GuatemalaCity

Subj: Communications Lost with Ormean Consulate to GuatemalaCity

We have lost communications with our consulate to GuatemalaCity. The last communication from the Ormean Consul General indicated that there is a conflict taking place in the capital and that troops were putting a cordon in place around our consulate; the communique also indicated that the soldiers establishing the cordon were on one side of the conflict rather than neutral police forces. HIH Vilhelmo la Unua fears that the soldiers in the cordon attracted the attention of the Imperial troops and brought the conflict to the door of our consulate. I urge the Senatorial troops to lift the cordons around the various embassies and consulates to prevent harm to ambassadorial and consular staffs.

Furthermore, we urge the Guatemalan Senate and Emperor to work towards a non-violent solution to prevent injury to the citizens and visitors of GuatemalaCity. HIH Vilhelmo, on behalf of the people Ormea, condemns the use of force to solve political issues.

Concernedly Yours,

Johano de la Smeraldadomo,
Prince in the Emerald House of Ormea,
7th in line for the Emerald Collar of Ormea,
in my capacity as the High Minister of the Exterior

all nations taht wishing to participate in the "Great Purge Imperial".
Follow the link below (not nuclares arms):


Yesterday in the village of Gela a small Jewish majority village in the heavily conservative south east of the country a Rabbi was arrested for blasphemy after he drew a picture of the Prophet Mummed in a public square and then posted it online. He appeared in Court and was charged with blasphemy which if found guilty will be sentenced to three months in prison and 100 lashes.

In Response more than 12,000 conservatives protested in Bali today where violence erupted after more than two dozen people were seen burning a synagogue to the ground, later anther synagogue was also burned to the ground. Police arrested more than 400 people who are charged with arson. In Balis' Jewish sector residents feared for their lives as a group of more than 1,000 people ran down the sectors main street waving the flags of ISA, sadly eight Jews were killed found by National Police with their heads placed on stakes in the sectors center. The Government is declaring this act, and act of terror by ISA inspired youth.

The Trade League of Viljandi..

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Sao Paulo e Prata

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