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Since the rise of the World Assembly from the ashes of its predecessor, the Bureaucracy That Cannot Be Named, WA member nations have worked tirelessly to improve the standard of the world. That, or tried to force other nations to be more like them. But that's just semantics.

Below is every World Assembly resolution ever passed.

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Liberate Eastern Europe

A resolution to strike down Delegate-imposed barriers to free entry in a region.

Category: Liberation

Nominee (region): Eastern Europe

Proposed by: Topid


The World Assembly,

Observing Eastern Europe, a founderless region which has been the victim of numerous raids throughout its history,

Impressed that the natives of Eastern Europe are attempting to secure their region by refounding it,

Upset that the current delegate of Eastern Europe, Czech mate, and the previous delegate, Romani romania, have now taken control of the refounding effort,

Recognizing that both recent delegates Romani romania and Czech mate have ejected natives from behind a hidden password and are working for an unidentified non-native group,

Outraged that numerous nations are known to have been ejected from the region by either Czech Mate or Romani Romania,

Further outraged that the oppressors have severed the connection between the region and the region’s legitimate forums,

Noting that Flobos, a long-time native and former delegate of Eastern Europe, states that Czech Mate is a former member of Eastern Europe from years past attempting to exact revenge upon the region,

Fearing that, without intervention, the region's destruction is imminent because no new nations may enter the region and because almost every nation not aligned with the region's destroyers has been removed,

Affirming that the natives of the region support a liberation,

Asserting that Flobos and other natives deserve a region where they have the ability to control its fate themselves,

Hereby liberates the region of Eastern Europe.

Co-Author: Sedgistan

Votes For: 2,778 (53%)
Votes Against: 2,457 (47%)





A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region.

Category: Condemnation


Proposed by: A mean old man

Description: The World Assembly,

UNDERSTANDING that, during this particular resolution's time at vote, there is already another WASC condemnation of NAZI EUROPE in effect, however recognizing that there has been an ongoing and massive controversy sparked over the other condemnation's denouncement of an ideology and lack of relevance to the region of NE itself and seeking to end said controversy by replacing the other condemnation with a proper piece of WASC legislation,

RECOGNIZING NAZI EUROPE as a region with a history loaded with particularly heinous acts of hostility and intolerance,

NOTING that NAZI EUROPE has initiated the invasion and destruction of numerous regions and tends to target regions with a predominant Communist ideology,

FURTHER NOTING that some of these regions, as a result of NAZI EUROPE's detrimental involvement in their affairs, have been utterly annihilated, and recognizing some of said demolished regions as:
• The "Alliance of bolshevik states," which, according to its world factbook entry after it was invaded, was "taken from the communists by Nazi Europe,"
• "Nazi Rehab," the WFE of which, after a foreign invasion, read similarly to the WFE of the Alliance of bolshevik states: "another Communist hell-hole bites the dust courtesy of Nazi Europe,"
• "Anarchy and Socialist Utopia," which was invaded in late July of 2009 by invaders from Nazi Europe who succeeded in ejecting all the native nations from the region and, despite the revival of the region's founder nation and the dispersal of the NE invaders, evidently succeeded in causing enough lasting damage to the region to bring about its ultimate demise,

DISFAVORING the acts of inhospitality and intolerance made by nations of NAZI EUROPE towards their own subjects and towards other nations in the world, and recognizing some of these acts as:
• The hostility expressed by the representative from Laos refugees when he is communicating with the representatives of other nations in the World Assembly forums,
• The deplorable behavior of the representative from Laos Refugees during multiple international summit meetings which has caused said formerly calm and controlled meetings to crumble into heated, hostile arguments between groups of national representatives,
• The attempted provocation of Communist nations by the government Laos Refugees, which sought war with said Communist nations,
• The attempt of the former delegate of NAZI EUROPE, Oh my days, to liberate the isolationist region "Haven," which resulted in significant, long-term confusion in the WASC and the inspiration of multiple members of Haven to blacken their reputations in a petulant retaliation against the World Assembly and against the allied regions of NAZI EUROPE (in the form of invasions),
• An absurd declaration of war by former nation "The New Aryan People," which stated that all of NAZI EUROPE was to band together against the World Assembly and destroy it,

BELIEVING these actions to be especially abominable and to be in utter opposition of the WASC's goal of spreading interregional peace and goodwill,


Votes For: 4,362 (83%)
Votes Against: 925 (17%)



Repeal "Condemn NAZI EUROPE"

A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.

Category: Repeal

Resolution: SC#3

Proposed by: A mean old man

Description: WA Security Council Resolution #3: Condemn NAZI EUROPE shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Argument: The World Assembly,

NOTING that a second condemnation of NAZI EUROPE, which addresses the region's idiosyncratic faults rather than an only an ideology referenced in the region's name, has been passed by the World Assembly,

FURTHER NOTING that there have already been five previous attempts to repeal the original condemnation of NAZI EUROPE in the past and fearing that, if no compromise is made between the large number of WA members calling for a condemnation of NAZI EUROPE and the members of the SC that are unwilling to allow WASC legislation to condemn a region for its ideology alone, the conflict over SC Resolution #3 could continue indefinitely,

UNDERSTANDING that having two condemnations of the same region is fairly redundant, and that, since the second condemnation is of much higher quality and is much more relevant to the history of the region that it condemns than the first condemnation, it is only practical to nullify the former condemnation,

ITERATING that it recognizes the poor quality of the first condemnation of NAZI EUROPE and further noting that the original condemnation of NAZI EUROPE sets a precedent of condemning ideologies, or processes of thought,

BELIEVING that, while certain ideologies may be frowned upon by the majority of the WA Member nations of the world, it is not the right or the purpose of the World Assembly to infringe upon people's right to think for themselves,

FIRMLY ASSERTING that the World Assembly is a body that normally works for the spread of freedom and therefore must not inhibit the right to freedom of thought,

RECOGNIZING that, even if the members of the World Assembly would like to abuse the institution's powers by using the WASC to condemn a process of thought, the constant repeal attempts of WASC Resolution #3 are an incredible waste of the WA's time and that the World Assembly will have spent over two and a half weeks of voting time on repeals of WASC Resolution #3 by the end of the vote on this repeal,

FURTHER RECOGNIZING that the representatives from many WA nations are getting terribly, terribly sick of all this and would really like for it to end, please, if that isn't too much to ask,


Votes For: 3,295 (58%)
Votes Against: 2,369 (42%)



Commend Bergnovinaia

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation

Nominee: Bergnovinaia

Proposed by: Unibotian wa mission

Description: The WA,

UNDERSTANDING that Bergnovinaia authored GA#65, “Biological Weapons Conference”, which authorized a widespread member nation disarmament of biological weapons to aid in efforts for international peace;

NOTING the sheer number of human casualties that were prevented with the adoption of the aforementioned resolution which is all due to the commitment and determination of the Bergnovinaian delegation;

CELEBRATING their creation and continued funding of the International Bureau of Lawyers (IBL), which united attorneys from twenty-two different countries with a range of specialities including criminal and international as well as corporate and transnational corporate law to represent those -- in domestic and international courts such as the International Criminal Court (ICC) -- who otherwise did not have a decent legal representation at their defense;

FURTHER CELEBRATING the nominee’s creation and leadership of the Nuclear Arms Assembly (NAA), a --now dissolved-- body of member nations committed to:
• The non-proliferation of nuclear weapons;
• Humanitarian support (particularly for radiological and nuclear disasters);
• A reduction of nuclear warfare;
• Peaceful mediation and peacekeeping;
• Replacing outdated nuclear technology;
• The education of nuclear technicians;

ACKNOWLEDGING that the NAA, in its prime contained sixty-two powerful member nations, and was a guiding peacekeeping and humanitarian force in international incidents including:
• The evacuation, and recovery of the Southern Province of Pan-freeland after civil turmoil in the fledgling nation had caused a nuclear war;
• Mediation in a successful peace conference between the following WA member nations... Jlop, Juthra, Kriania and Almaniania, that resulted in a total nuclear disarmament between the involved parties and a peaceful resolution;
• The successful resistance of an Orlkjestadi invasion of Slaytesics, a WA member nation;
• An engagement of heavy economic sanctions and war against Southern united africa, for their barbaric history of chemical warfare;
• The diplomatic arbitration in a conflict between Chezovolvia and Sunkistodia, while aiding in the containment of the disease which instigated the conflict;
• Support for Seculartopia, by constructing temporary barriers around the southern end of the Sagan River Bank -- thus protecting citizens from radiological contamination and flooding;

BELIEVING that while the NAA may have recently dissolved because of inactivity -- the spirit and the contributions of an international actor like the NAA or a state-actor like Bergnovinaia, deserve to be immortalized for future generations to find inspiration from;

With consideration to the renowned contributions of the NAA and Bergnovinaia to world peace and wellbeing in addition to their assitance of those in need,


Votes For: 3,872 (73%)
Votes Against: 1,463 (27%)



Commend Starblaydia

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation

Nominee: Starblaydia

Proposed by: Unibotian wa mission

Description: The Security Council,

Deeply Admiring the healthy competition, spirit, sportspersonship and sense of community that a well-organized sporting event can promote,

Noting with approval Starblaydia's vast sporting successes that — at the time of this writing — includes five World Cups, six Atlantian Oceania Confederation of Association Football (AOCAF) Cups, two U21 World Cups, five Cherry Cups and the first Quidditch World Cup,

Observing the World Cup Committee — a body of nations that manages and organizes the biggest and most prestigious international sporting events in NationStates:
• NationStates World Cup (WC),
• The Baptism of Fire ,
• The Cup of Harmony,

Celebrating the nominee for having — at the time of this writing — presided the World Cup Committee for fifteen world cups (also serving as the acting president during WC52-54) in an elected position that requires dedication and integrity,

Recognizing that Starblaydia drafted the current Constitution of the World Cup Committee which replaced all previous World Cup Committee rules, standardized the KPB Rankings system as the official international ranking system for sporting, in addition to creating a legal foundation for the (1) various branches of the World Cup Committee, (2) sanctioned events hosted by the World Cup Committee, (3) process to which proposals, repeals and amendments are voted on by the World Cup Committee,

Bearing in mind that the Starblaydi Football Association (SFA) has co-hosted two World Cup tournaments (WC20/40), with the latter being held while the SFA also hosted the corresponding Baptism of Fire and the Cup of Harmony,

Expressing its satisfaction with Starblaydia’s reestablishment of an Under-21 World Cup tournament that is now referred to as the “Di Bradini Cup” — named after the Starblaydi former football player, manager and president of the World Cup Committee (during WC25-27),

Approving of the nominee’s demonstrated readiness to share its expertise with fledgling football associations that are considering playing at the international level,

Further Approving of the helpful advice that Starblaydia has provided to competition organizers on how their sports can achieve equivalent success to the World Cup,

Noting that without Starblaydia’s leadership, dedication, integrity and impartiality, the world would not be as united as it is today with the passions, spirit and sportspersonship of international sport,

Further Noting that the World Assembly sympathizes with these ideals and is honored to commemorate any nominee that devotes so much time and effort to them as Starblaydia has,

Hereby Commends Starblaydia.

Votes For: 3,254 (63%)
Votes Against: 1,909 (37%)


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by Max Barry

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