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Eastern Europe is a region with a rich and complex history, and is the birthplace of both polka and the pioneers of international socialism. Our men are acknowledged the world over as superior chess players and our technology is paving the way for an electric car for the people.
From tsars and revolutionaries to modern politics, from monarchies, socialists and the chaos of democracies, Eastern Europe accepts all nations.

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Eastern Europe contains 24 nations, the 557th most in the world.

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The Most Corrupt Governments in Eastern Europe

World Census officials visited a range of government departments and recorded how frequently bribes were required to complete simple administrative requests.

As a region, Eastern Europe is ranked 3,593rd in the world for Most Corrupt Governments.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The People's Republic of Nova RutheniaIron Fist Consumerists“They weren't civilians, they were terrorists!”
2.The Dictatorship of RomakoviaCorporate Police State“Fight everyday win everyday”
3.The People's Republic of Donetsk DPRIron Fist Consumerists“Arise, Donbass!”
4.The Democratic People's State of KraszkhyiaPsychotic Dictatorship“The People of Kraszkhyia, United for a Greater Purpose!”
5.The United Socialist States of SerbovoFather Knows Best State“Unity will guide us”
6.The People's Republic of Transnistria PMRIron Fist Consumerists“We sing the praises of Transnistria”
7.The Dictatorship of United European ReichIron Fist Consumerists“Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer ”
8.The Federation of The Slavic LeagueFather Knows Best State“Vernutsya' k vashemu korni!”
9.The Republic of VhulgariaIron Fist Consumerists“BOH - NAROD - VLAST !”
10.The Dictatorship of The New Supreme Roman EmpireIron Fist Consumerists“We dream of a Roman Italy”

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Post self-deleted by Serbovo.

The People's Republic of East Polska wrote:I would wish to become part of USSR-S but at one exception, that I get a fair amount of land.

(How about the North-eastern quarter of Macedonia.) (As your nation is marked as fledgling still)

(Btw I have updated my factbook with my Battalion positions: nation=the_slavic_league/detail=factbook/id=668461 ))

Romakovia International has officially claimed most of oil fields in the Middle eastern region outside of Eastern Europe as well as many places in Africa and Russia. From now on all oil from these regions goes though Romakovia International or it doesn't go. This means communist nations will have to get their oil from somewhere else if they don't want to go back to the stone age. Monopolizing the worlds oil wells will deal a huge blow to communism.

After the Serbovian tactical retreat from Bulgaria, Rumanian troops marched down the streets of the newly liberated Bulgarian city of Sofia. The local population welcomed the Rumanian troops, as close behind them came convoys carrying humanitarian aid in the form of food, water, medicine and other essentials to aid the people devastated by the war. Many thousands of Bulgarians began signing up for the Anti-Communist Legions. Reports have come in of Rumanian and Bulgarian Orthodox Christians gathering in improvised churches together, praying and worshipping together with both Bulgarian and Rumanian priests giving sermons to the devout in celebration of their liberation from the Communists.

After the capture of Sofia, Rumanian forces, now equipped with modern weapons and vehicles supplied by TSL and manufactured in -Rumania, pushed on to the boarder of Serbovian-controlled Macedonia, forming the new Macedonian Front against the communists.

Furthermore, Rumanian forces pushed the smaller forces of Donetsk from the last pockets of Communist-occupied Bulgaria, with the newly reformed Rumanian fleet, refitted and rebuilt, though still small, worked to prevent either reinforcements from Donetsk or escape for their troops trapped in Bulgaria. Surrender for them will mean sitting out the remainder of the war in Rumanian POW camps, where they will be well treated according to the rules of the Geneva Convention and monitored by Red Cross personnel.

(This basically means that -Rumania is now in control of most of Bulgaria, since Romakovia pulled our and the TSL's forces are sparsely spread across the country, that right?)

In an official broadcast from the Foreign Affairs Department of -Rumania, the minister announced that the war with the communist powers will continue, in order to free the nations and people's that lay under their yoke. The Minister also pointed to Serbovo's claims to democracy as hypocritical, since Serbovo does not practice what it preaches in regard to free and fair elections with choices for their people other than Communism. Rumania encourages the peoples of Albania and Macedonia to rise against their Communist oppressors, and join with their Rumanian friends and allies in the struggle.

In regard to activities by TSL chaplains to convert Bulgarians to their Neo-Paganism, the Minister announced that Rumania is not opposed to willing conversions, and will be tolerant to the beliefs of all peoples, wether Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Neo-Pagan, or otherwise. However, the Minister ensured that Bulgarians who refuse to de-convert from the Christian faith will have their rights safe-guarded by their fellow Orthodox brothers and sisters in Rumania.

In other news, the minister also announced that months of talks between -Rumania and Hungary over a possible union are close to wrapping up, with the prospect of a referendum over a union in the wake of possible Communist threats due to occur in the near future. Most Rumanians polled supported the prospect of union with Hungary. Despite historic rivalry, it seems that the threat of a return to Communism, which both nations once endured, has made the idea of a 'United Kingdom', reminiscent of the old Austro-Hungarian Empire, possible.

The Serbovian Office of Strategic Services has revealed it's caught wind of a assassination plot upon the leadership of Rumania by Stalinist Communist Militiamen. As a gesture of good faith, as Serbovo is not the authoritarian Stalinist Communist other Nations claim it to be. The Politburo has also released the last poll results of the last twelve years of leadership, as it changed to four different people over the past twelve years, none releated. (Via elections)

The SOSS has also released the information to Rumanian officials through classified channels

In preparation for potential offensives by Rumanian forces, Serbovian troops have been stationed all along the new Iron Curtain, the new curtain comprised of massively thick bunkers, artillery pieces, minefields, and SAM installations.

(Note, Serbovo is more Socialist than communist, it has a democratic government (The Politburo acts like Congress, Premier is like the president, and there is a supreme Court), but a Command Economy. There's still variation in products and brands. But state owned with people earning different wages as they proving they're hard workers, to encourage a thriving economy through hard work.)

The President of Donetsk today spoke about the recent defeat of our troops abroad in the now occupied Bulgaria. While the majority have been pulled out back to the safety of The Transnistrian People's Republic he made sure everyon was aware there were still at least 10,000 or so active troops in said area.

"I want all of my troops in occupied territories to take no prisoners. It is time we worked behind the scenes in these areas to destabilse these regimes and bring them then from the inside. You were all equipped with the materials you would need if the time came... go forth and destroy the capitalists to allow communsim to thrive. Terrorise them..."

The speech was broadcast on all stations possible. It had been only a few hours before reports came in of car bombings and mass shootings in occupied Bulgaria. Troops now stranded behind enemy lines were being ordered to commit suicidal acts and take down as many targets as they could with whatever they could make/find. Meanwhile Donetsk moved a large garrison of troops and armor to the North of Transnistria. 2 millions soldiers descended on the location and dug in with the North there.

Near the former "Last Line Of Democracy" where the North had been pushed back, things were being set up. The way things were set up, large red carpets and Donetsk and Transnistrian flags meant a big speech was going to be held here shortly by officials in both goverments... whatever it was the amount of troops in this area was staggering. It seemed like they went on for miles stretching over the horizon. Back in the Donetsk the Chairman of the People's Soviet: Andreyevich Korbut's private aircraft had taken off shadowed by fighter jets. It was en-route to Transnistria.

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