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✵ Welcome to the Free and Independent Principality of Montealba, the Morally Justified! ✵
Proud champions of anarcho-monarchism

Outlaw? Hunted for war crimes? Tried to coup your region, only to fail and be exiled? We don't care--just walk right in! We don't extradite!
Ruled eternally in heaven by Captain Hocherlan (praise Him).
Ruled temporally by Lieutenant Eldurgoth (salute him).
Ruled on paper by Prince Trigori (please petition inside, he is not allowed to leave the palace or he might catch a cold)

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Montealba contains 29 nations, the 565th most in the world.

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The Largest Basket Weaving Sector in Montealba

World Census agents infiltrated a variety of out-of-the-way towns and festivals in order to determine which nations have the most developed Basket Weaving industries.

As a region, Montealba is ranked 4,682nd in the world for Largest Basket Weaving Sector.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Theocracy of Mazda-ottaIron Fist Consumerists“Light and dark grow more profound the farther we go”
2.The Geāned Cynerīce of GaloresaFather Knows Best State“Weorţmynd sy Rihthláfordhyldu”
3.The County of TrigoriDemocratic Socialists“Dvižljem šabljem protje všjem ljažjem”
4.The People's Protectorate Empire of The Pan PacificIron Fist Consumerists“Vexilla regis prodeunt inferni”
5.The Commonwealth of Dranco EureionCapitalist Paradise“Pride and Industry”
6.The Federation of drakeyeInoffensive Centrist Democracy“If you hug me, i get stabby stabby.”
7.The Constitutional Monarchy of VestinneAnarchy“From us, Monarch of Vestinne”
8.The Simulacrum of Seirra MadreDemocratic Socialists“Find, Consume, Destroy, Repeat”
9.The Federation of BalakInoffensive Centrist Democracy“unitum nos stare, quasque minusque articulatas non cadu”
10.The Incorporated States of DishwasheristanNew York Times Democracy“Dishwasheristan! It's okay!”

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The Pan Pacific wrote:Florida should be wiped off the map


SeattleNinja008 wrote:it was never on the map pan.... you have to exist to get on


*smacks both of you hard*

Map updated (already inaccurate)
Airship reforms partially done. New rating system implemented
Norbien is leaving the rp
Horusheim is out of the rp
Messed with map colors to screw over colorblind players
Added new player, Baug and deacons retconned
Remember that most weapons (small arms) in the territory are percussion caps. Repeating weapons (Manual operation) sans bolt actions can be found more commonly in forts. Automatic/Semi-automatic weapons are a rarity.


One by one, the Lavthikan settlers, who only recently came to Piram, would begin packing their belongings. Some stayed, but most of them left. To where? Who knows. Why? Nobody knows for sure. Some say they knew what would happen in Piram. Others say it was a conspiracy perpetrated by the Pasli to drive them out. Eitherway, they had left, leaving for greener pastures, away from the burning of Karlovia. The land would be unoccupied, with hardly anyone staying. Those that were natives to the land would remain, not too sorry, but perhaps a little sad, that the Lavthikans would leave. For them, life went on. Fields needed to be tended to after all.


The road to Horusheim was tough. Over such a long distance, the air fleet was severely hindered, having to keep pace with the much slower ground forces. The motorcycles had the worst of it, breaking down in the flat, desert terrain. Many of the animals suffered from severe heat exhaustion, despite the supplies given. As such, the army would suffer severe attrition marching over a long distance. What should have taken about a month of continuous flight stretched out to an agonizing multi month march through the Parched Sea Basin, with nothing but sand, dust, and rocks. Not all of the troop's mounts made it, and the fuel expenditure from the airships was large.

However, this display of force would cause the swift and prompt handover of Horusheim to Dyxylan. Flags lowered, handshakes given. At the end of the day, Dyxylan won without firing a shot, but the entire journey was troubling for some military commanders, who surmised that they could've probably used air barges, such as the ones civilians use, to move a contingent of soldiers.

The Mayor of Fargo, who's name was Fargo, would sit down for dinner with Bateman. With his incredible foresight, he knew what was coming, and he didn't want to stick around for it. As Fargo picked at his food, disappointed by what was presented to him. It was a far cry from that exquisite sea urchin ceviche he once had at a restaurant in a city far from here. He wondered if that restaurant was still open. Either way, Fargo would agree to Dyxylan's terms. Donning his mayoral sash, he delivered a speech on the steps of the town office. Seconds after, he announced his retirement. Cleaning out his office, Fargo would seek retirement in the city of Whitefields, in dyxy.

The city of Dust was quite happy with this. Not the people, but rather, the Dustkeepers. They would gladly accept the offer of weapons, training, and so on. And of course, they will properly take care of the people of Dust, treating them with due respect. Overall, the Dustkeepers were cooperative with Dyxy authorities. Nothing more needed to be said.

As the Dyxy merchants moved through fort Hozan, there was a minor confrontation. Hozan's guns were trained on the merchants, as the Karlovians were suspicious of what the Dyxys were giving to the Bozhuks. However, the commander of the fort told his troops to stand down, wary of what a confrontation could do. While no bloodshed or shots were had, things were growing tense, as the Dyxy merchants moved with relative impunity.

The commander's decision was on part, due to the red barrels of oil. Of course, this led to numerous jokes being made by the garrison about conveniently placed red explosive barrels scattered throughout the fort, almost as if it was meant for someone to rampage through the fort on a one man shooting spree. That was pretty preposterous though.

Col. Dunbar was well received by the Bozhuks, for the most part. King Hapchik personally welcomed Col. Dunbar, and would allow him to study their way of life and war. It was an interesting one. The Bozhuks had their own airships, and were adept at using them. Most of them came in the form of metal frames attached to balloons, but some larger craft were present. The Bozhuk cavalry were also something to study. Although the land was harsh, they were able to move across the desert, over short distances, relatively easily. Col. Dunbar didn't know how or why, and he would have to study them more to figure it out. He was sure there was some sort of trick though. Although, some elements of Bozhuk society were unwelcoming of Dunbar. Zar'Ah, the king's daughter, scorned him, as well as many of the warriors of the Bozhuks, who objected to Dunbar's presence. It was only by the word of King Hapchik that they stayed their hands. And when King Hapchik was told of fort Hozan's vulnerability, he merely shook his head and sighed, stating that he had no more fight left in him. His daughter, and his generals, had different ideas however, and would approach the colonel about the possibility of organizing something behind the king's back.


Commander of Ft. Hozan, Major Duqes, would personally pay a visit to the Pasli, on a very short trip. There, Major Duqes wished to discuss "long term plans" with the Pasli. Simply put, although the troops of Ft. Hozan had high spirits, the Major and some of his staff members knew, to some extent, that there was a possibility that the Empire may not return. In that case, Duqes wished to ensure the safety of his own men, and prepare for the worse. He wasn't sure what that could mean, but in these uncertain times, the Major was worried. That is not to say he believe the Empire is a lost cause, but that his hope was fading. He cannot show weakness in the face of his men however.

Duqes wishes to discuss the possibility, that the Pasli may make their trading of food stuffs with Ft. Hozan a more regular thing. In return, the Fort can offer local defensive protection to the farmers, and the garrison can perhaps operate their airships to protect merchants. And perhaps in the long term. If all fares poorly. Well. Perhaps the Pasli can be a friendly people to which they can lower the banner to.

The Eris Union would agree to an EEZ, as well as a defensive alliance with the Pasli. In light of recent events.

Gaia Major

In one of the greatest catastrophes the nation has experienced in its short life, its future is up in the air. Despite the best efforts of scientists, their attempts at making oil an edible item would prove fruitless. Meanwhile, the military action taken by Vedria against Eris has proved ultimately indecisive. No gains were made by both sides and as soon as it came, the offer of a status quo peace, a white peace, was made. The new Union Steward, Mr. Pellnic, would agree to a White Peace.

However, in a statement delivered by the Eris Union Representatives, they warned Vedria that any offensive actions will not be taken lightly, and any wars started will be at Vedria's own loss, as demonstrated. And with this recent aggression, and the new developments in regards to Vedria's economic stability, Vedria is guilty of attempted subversion of the union. Despite these actions, out of Eris's good grace, peace will be had. However, trade and travel through Eris to Vedria will be blocked.

The failing economy would lead to no new developments. No plastics or any of those sorts could come to fruition, even in normal circumstances, due to Vedria's underdeveloped industry. No help from the Deaconship would come either, with a recent political development occurring in the area. Indeed, Vedria was in a predicament. Many who have lost faith in the government, fearing it would turn into another warlord run state like most of former Karlovia had devolved into, would begin leaving. Most of them either went to Pasli to take up a new job as farmers, or to Dyxylan, where they would work as ranchers and oil drillers. This was a brain drain in essence.

Advisors would ask their new leader to seek assistance from the Pasli. Although perhaps not the best, they did at least have one bargaining chip. Oil. Trade oil with the Pasli for food. Take any offer really, as this was a most dire situation. Turning oil to food was like turning water into wine, a waste of time to some, who grew mildly disillusioned. Some even accused the scientists of being quacks. One advisor would also suggest growing a closer relationship to Dyxylan, one neighbor who wasn't cold to Vedria. Although it was a tough call, they suggested taking out loans, and going into debt. They needed some money. No nationalization could save the industry, as the government had no money anyways. If the government received some kind of sum to jumpstart their economy, maybe from Dyxylan where they could negotiate a good deal, perhaps something will come of it.

Critics of the new military government argued that instead of sending troops abroad, they should send the troops home to deal with the unrest. As it stands, if some kind of uprising were to occur in the fort city of Vedria, that would mean a whole armory of weapons no longer under government watch. Not only that, crime was on the rise too. Some anti-military commentators also suggest selling the weapons to other nations to make a quick buck, pointing out that the last thing Vedria needs is a war, and these weapons are for the most part, useless.

The Pan Pacific

Glory to the new Kuviran Socialist State. The red banner sweeps across Karlovia. First order of business, the Eris Worker's Union has approached this budding Socialist State, welcoming them. While they themselves are not self declared socialists, their ideologies are similar, and their philosophies complimentary of each other. The Eris Oil Worker's Union (EOWU) hope for fruitful relations between the two similar states.

A New Dawn
With the sudden departure of the Lavthikians from the world stage, Vedria senses an opportunity to reinvent itself. As as result, Vedrians have abandoned their territory in the central regions and are migrating northeast to claim the lush agricultural regions formerly occupied by these peoples. Vedria is therefore out of RP for 4 turns.
In the midst of all the trials and tribulations that have beset Vedria, one man realises that the only place they can turn to help for is to the heavens. He is the Prophet Dippy Dippensteiner, and he is about to change the world. Where once there was only reverence to the materialistic and profane, there is something new: the sparks of religion and faith. This new religion of the god Hyundai Verna is one that emphasises peace, prosperity and goodwill: one that catches on quickly in embattled Vedria. Only time will tell the impact that this faith has upon the world.

Air RP

The incorporation of two more cities to the Confederacy is met with utter jubilation in Dyxy. The whiskey, absinthe, vodka, mead, and ales flow freely and wildly in the speakeasies. The People's Tribune, C.B.T. Chaneteloup is being hailed as a hero and a united of the "Wild West of Piram". In Ft.Dixon, the barracks roar at the broadcast from the telecommunications of the vessels in far off Horusheim, following its swift capitulation.

Within a few months, the entire country has united behind its expansionist successes and the markets are greeted with new traders of the Confederacy. "From Horusheim to Fargo!" the militas and soldiers roar.

In the cities of Horusheim and Fargo, the legal system and governmental bodies of Dyxylan are installed. New telecommunications lines will run from nearby states and local militas and sherriffs will be elevated. The corporations of Dyxy, have already and prepared to begin investing in the newly conquered territories, giving funds to local businesses, traders, and so forth to foster internal trade.

The laurels and glory however has not been truly achieved, as with this hunger comes deeper cravings. The sudden and complete collapse of the Lavthikan state to the North has ushered in a new opportunity and desire. In the People's Assembly, the Assemblymen in their capitalist desire begin speaking to newspapers of a "Northern Destiny". Many of them plantations owner, cattle barons, and corporate kingpins, have given the media outlets further stories to print. The fervor for an further expansion is instilled in Dyxylan. So potent, its like the finest moonshine from the stills of Mason, and the people are drunk with it.

The ranchers of the northern states, Mason, Scalp City, and Sallisaw and their speeches to grazing rights are reinforced and the military brass under pressure decides that the continued military expansion of the Confederacy is required to secure the Northern grainfields at all cost and seize the mines of Maspulnitza. This route of expansion, once thought to be an tertiary plan has been completely refounded with the collapse of the Lavthikan state.

Plan CYMTWN : "Unifer"

The Dyxylan military will mobilize to begin opening up two routes of expansion to swiftly overcome and assimilate the North into Dyxylan.

One taken from Scalp City will be lead by Admiral Douglass comprising

4 Dyxylan Gunslingers
5 Jackdaws
10 Zephyrs
10 Hounds

500 bicycle infantry
200 cavalry
10 gun wagons
10 gun trucks
10 horse artillery

Dubbed Task Force Sparrowhawk

Their objective is the seizure of the city of Vuradars.

The second military group will move from Mason commanded by Admiral Lee

4 Dyxylan Gunslingers
5 Jackdaws
10 Zephyrs
10 Hounds

500 bicycle infantry
200 cavalry
10 gun wagons
10 gun trucks
10 horse artillery

Their objective to taking Zwatruds. Task Force Cossack.

Both military units will have air barges, expressly loaned from coporations on a flat fee. These will be a test run before the military shifts to military production of combat battle barges

Both milotary missions are to be made under a specific banner:



Both military groups once successfully seizing these cities, will proclaim that the entirety of the Northern Fertile Valley, is part of Dyxylan and any action by a foreign entity to appeal otherwise will be met by martial force.

Any and all civilian claims currently held by the citizens of Zwatruds and Vuradars will be approved. All currently standing vacated land of Hrodskians will be seized by cavalry soldiers and approved ranchers/plantations owners and their associates as Dyxylan property.

Following swiftly behind the martial forces to facilitate these land seizures and sales will be 300 armed rancher/planters armed with repeaters.

All civilians of Zwatruds and Vuradars will be recognized as citizens of Dyxylan, swearing off all allegiances to previous states or current nations under the perjury of death or imprisonment, and allegiance to the Minarchist-Libertarian Confederate States of Dyxylan.

Following both of these seizures, the soldiers now garrisomed in these occupied cities will send missives to Maspulnitza, offering peaceful statehood.

In the south, in Horusheim. The Dyxylan naval assets will disembark for reinforcements to the northern campaigns. Splitting up for either expedition.

Meanwhile, the army assets in Horusheim will begin fortifying the city to be a forified military installation, giving the Dyxylan state majority control over the Parched Sea Basin and increase the military prestige of Dyxylan.

To further consolidate this, the oil fields from Horusheim to Hazzard will begin extraction if not already done by a major investment from Duke-Hazzard Energy and Oil.

In the city of Fargo, Ft.Dixon will divert 100 elite Marines to the city to begin training the local militas and sherrif.

Elections of new Assemblymen will be held in Fargo and Horusheim.

In the meantime to help improve the breeding quality and abilities of Dyxylan's horses, a new breeding corral and stables will be erected in Scalp City. This remounting station will buy up this year's best foals and a veriable breeding stock from Dyxylan's ranches to improve the breeding stock and mount storage of Dyxylan.

Plan RYDSKYN "Windcaller"

Col. Dunbar under the court of the Bozhuks will observe and talk to the King Hapchik about remiliarizing his country, asserting that even in a defensive manner, his people are in great danger from the powers at be. To foster some commraderie from the two nations, Dunbar suggests that a small Bozhuks hide in the next shipment of trade to Dyxy, stored away to make it to Ft.Dixon where they can recieve formal military training. It can also serve as a cultural exchange amongst equal peoples.

Col. Dunbar, whilst knowing of his inclinations toward women such as Zar'Ah, having several Scalp City mistresses, will request private meetings with her to speak on the matter. Though will stress that Piram's peaceful coexistence of states in on a needle. However, Ft.Hozun could provide serious help to the Bozhuks, immense enough to become a major player of Piram once more. With or without the grainlands.

The trade route between the two nations will continue, and the red barrels of oil will continue to be delivered on the forward trips. Illegal searches and any firing upon civilian airships will be met by the force of garrisoned Dyxylan marines on ships and the armed citizens on those ships. Any aggression by Ft.Hozun will be seen as an act of war and violation of the non aggression principle. For the commanders swift foresight in understanding this, the Dyxylander offer this gentleman finely crafted Dyxylan cigars and liquor for his gracious foresight and all of his officers aswell. A speaker contingent of traders, two airships will be given priority to sell luxury goods to those in Ft.Hozun for the officer corps.

Major Duqes is of interest to the Dyxylanders, and his interests will be given priority in the trading going to Ft.Hozun.

Gaia Major

As previously stated, as a defensive military ally, Dyxylan is willing to offer military and industrial loans on credit payable by commodities or shares in Vedrian companies. Dyxylan military training will continue to proceed.

However, the Dyxylanders request that Vedria install order and peace to their streets. As such, Dyxylan ranchers are willing to facilitate a cattle drive coming from Horusheim to alleviate some of the tension in Vedria with proper sustainance.

The arrival of a Socialist State The Pan Pacific receives hisses and outright outburst of fury in the presses of Dyxy. How could the filthy red take over Karlovia and beyond in such a way. Regardless, a military diplomat is send to the far east, to serve and understand the intentions and policies of the Kuvirans to see if they are in any way redeemable or understandable to the free and honest folk of Dyxy

Air RP
(Excuse for double post)
Gaia Major

The sudden and abrupt migration of the Vedrians is a sudden shock to Dyxylan, which supposes the Vedrians would have to embark through Dyxylan to reach the Lavthikan lands.

Dyxylan, seeing this request that the fortress city and preceding oil city of former Vedria be gifted to the Dyxylanders for safe and honorable passage through their lands with provisions and civilan airships/barges for their safe conducted transport. The ranchers offer markets to buy cattle as they near their destination.

Given the military intentions of Dyxlan to the northern farmlands of former Lavthika, the Dyxylanders offer that Sjekta-Hrodskut be their new home and a 1/3 of the farmland with become Vedrian soil. Whislt Vedrians may be allowed to sharecrop in the remaining lands of farmland of Dyxyland citizens.

Furthermore the northern cities will also be subject to this new Vedria. Previously remaining treaties once held by Vedria will continue following the relocation of Vedrian peoples.

Negotiations to the northern cities will be discussed.

However until such has been approved, the forces in Horusheim will not be redirected and instead form ranks in preparation for any unsanctioned movement of peoples.

Alternatively, Vedria remains at its current position whislt Dyxylan investment improve the Vedrian economy. Whislt sharecropping will be allowed for Vedrian citizens to take home grain from Dyxlan occupied northern grainlands


Pasli has been abuzz with the news of happenings around Piram. Every house has been busy and the Guards on high alert in case any spillover occurs.

The most surprising, and most opportune is the complete collapse of the Lavthikan state. Paslian assets in the country have been quick to capitalize on the situation and have managed to convince, buyout, or hire old Lavthikan army men to take over a majority of the farmlands. Normally then these companies would just allow themselves to be annexed by the nearest country in return for contracts to continue working the land but the nearest country is Dyxy and many doubt they would allow these companies to work the fields for them. In an effort of goodwill during the Dyxy expansion northward the lower 1/3 of the fields are left unoccupied as sign of trust to the Dyxylanders. Meanwhile, through radio communication, they hear of the Rexum attempting to gather a massive fleet. Possibly one of the largest Pasli has ever mobilized, to make sure the fields do not leave Paslian control once again.

Speaking of the Rexum's fleet, what was he doing to gather these assets? Well, basically it began as him mobilizing, about half the Liuan Navy to send over to oversee the former Lavthikan lands. But once news of that got out, every single House volunteered small squadrons or entire formations of ships in this expedition. This expedition, as many natives would find humorous is one of the few things the Houses can all agree on together.

Overall the mustered ships are predicted to reach almost 40 ships.
The current vessels mobilized:
3 Stormruler class
1 Manticore class
14 Zephyr class
1 Gival class
8 Eta class
11 Auriol class
4 Black Kite
With 1 Aircraft squadron

They will be escorting enough transports to send over 500 Guardsmen, mostly Liuan and Kobeyshay soldiers, although some token squads were received from House Addis and Min. Extra food supplies are provided, along with some crates of money to pay off who they need. Overall the disposition of the fleet is an uncertain one. While their fleet is impressive. No one in the high command, or even Admiral Wa Liu, who is commanding the force, wants to get into a battle. They are mostly choosing to rely on the NAP with Dyxylan to get through safely. Squads of Auriols are sent ahead to scout for the larger fleet.

The attempted migration of the Vedrians is seen as an opportunity. If they decide to head north the blockade may let them through for a fee, same with leaving. Depending on where they decide to go may influence future decisions. If the Vedrians cross into Pasli scouts will watch them the whole time.


Right on the border, the sudden rise of the Kuviran has sparked some interest. While Paslian ideology isn't very compatible with Socialism they do see it still as an opportunity to perhaps stabilize the border. Official diplomats(Real diplomats, not spies) are sent in order to greet the Kurivians and to speak with on intentions in the province and to possibly open up trade between the two nations. House Dylcur sees this as an opportunity to retake old lands and so sends his soldiers, on airships, escorted by some Auriols and a single Zephyr, to retake the farmlands. Considering just payment of the ruined state for the death of his son.
The Pan Pacific


The meeting with Major Dylcur was considered very fruitful. With the collapse of the Karlovians state in Piram the Rexum can clearly see the truth written on the Major's face but is willing to go with the Major's plan. Using a royal "we" he says, "Major, we sympathize with your situation. We understand the responsibilities of a commander and how tough some decisions, or acting, can be. We will gladly make our food shipments more regular. We do not wish to starve our fellow man. The payment being continued protection and for forces to escort our convoys will be excellent, recent events in Lavthika have caused our ships to be stretched rather thin." Pausing for a second he holds up his finger, "While we have you here. May we make out a contract with you for the construction of further military vessels?" A servant hands the Major a paper outlying plans for the construction of 3 Zephyr and 1 Eta class ship. "We believe some fo the workers in the fort may be starved for work. If you could return with that order. Bring it to the necessary individuals to fulfill we would find that very convenient."

Internally the continued development of the new farmlands continues, a great influx of people from the former Lavthika, and stragglers from Vedria have provided a nice base from which to start some small operations already.

Important update Vedria is now moving east not west we will claim the 3 cities that lie between pan and seattle

bad gps to blame

calia, fort sonorn and unnamed oil extraction city



The Airborne troops sent to train the northern guards of Fargo are incredibly awestruck when they sight Palsian vessels on the horizon, scout vessels at first then larger vessels. The Airborne know they can only reach a paltry defense even with their vastly superior training and equipment, they sight ground troops, 500 in total. Their Krag bolt actions could easily suppress their ranks and the local whislt freshly made Dyxylanders would provide a hastily conjured milita if needed. The beating of the officer's heart is throbbing, painful almost as he stares at what could be his last. He sends the reply immediately to the command at Ft. Dixon


In Ft.Dixon, died down celebration explode into a frantic panic as military staff clog through to tell the People's Tribune, C.B.T. Chanteloup. As head of state, his actions must be bold.

He looks at the map of Piram, its looming majesty a curse to behold. The chaos that ensued in last few days was enough to kill most men. Air Marshal Bateman approached the Tribune.

"I've ordered the scrambling of the reservist air squadrons, every ship left not heading on conquest is poise and at your disposal sir. And I've roused the Mason-Dixon militas. We can hit them now, we have course. A military fleet at our door. Surely that is a breach of the treaty! Of the pact!" Bateman spoke, directly and with pride.

"...lemme think" the Tribune sighed, his brow firmly in his hands.

"What cause do they have in this section of the territory!"

"I said lemme think! many of them?" The tribune roared.

"Forty or so vessels, atleast one squadron, less that our conquesting. Our fleet could intercede, combine and route them. We can hold the fort here and-"

"Enough, answers quick and precise!" The Tribune roared, slamming his fist against the table.

"...Yes, excuse me Tribune. Forty vessels. None seem to be all the same. I think they're fractured. The Houses of Pasli are fractured entities unable to field something like this unless they're poise for something. No Imperial vessels sighted"

Soon after another report is scrambled onto the Tribune's desk by a radio operator.

"Both fleets are nearing their targets about to intercept and intercede over the targeted area with force. They claim Paslian individuals are claiming some sovereignty they give us these terms"

A stillness enraptures the room as the Tribune read the missives.

"Its up to you Tribune, I can dash their brains in now and we can push them back. The ground troops will smother the enemy I promise. None will escape. They can claim all they wish but we have the forces to take them by force. "

"And have my people endure a war. Have them fight for the scraps of the wheat fields of the north. We need the grain, I need not the foolishness of you to prompt me to unnecessary conflict. Get me my flagship. We'll parley with their admiral, Admiral Wa Liu."

The following letter is penned and sent to the fleet as it anchors at the border of Fargo's territories. The fleet of the Confederacy has been scrambled from Ft. Dixon with forces emergency marshalling onto the fortress arsenal and military state capital.

"The Minarchist Confederate States of Dyxylan, would request that the fleet under your command immediately halt and do not move any further than the border of Fargo.

The Confederacy, is willing to legitimize and approve of the shared occupation of the northern fertile land of Eastern Piram, in regard to a pending mandate from the military office of Dyxy.

From this direction the following terms have been issued to ensure PEACE and PROSPERITY is legitimized and validated between Dyxy and the Rexum state, to avoid bloodshed.

1. The fleet of Admiral Wa Liu, may cross the border of the Confederacy to gather fleeing Lavthikans and allow passing migrants of the former lands of Lavthika to enter into their lands of Palsi. It must not interfere in the military operations of Dyxy.

2. The fertile lands of northwest Piram are to be annexed in completion by Dyxylan and its military forces.

-However, all lands currently being held by a Palsian coporate entity are to be legimitzed
to function within the borders of the Confederacy.

-2/3 of the fertile farmland will be held by Palsian entities of which each house of Palsi must have legal stock in said corporate entities. These corporate entites must employ Dyxlander farmers as sharecroppers of which 10% of the yield of said fields must be given to the sharecropper for sale in Dyxylan markets or use.

-1/3 of the fertile land will be held by Dyxylan farmers, corporate entities, ranches and plantations. With headquartering in Vuradars.

-These corporate entities are subject to Dyxylan's law and customs, however, as a special provision, neither of the entities living in this fertile area may acquire land without joint-state approval. That being, no further than a 1/3 or 2/3 may be own respectively by either nation at any given time unless give direct signing off by the Office of the People's Tribune. Furthermore, whislt the rights of Dyxylan's citizen must be completely unhindered, any complaints or concerns of the civilians in regard to NAP breachage must have the authorization and consideration of a joint-state approval process and cannot be used to seize assets of either entities.

-All coporate entities of Palsian origin, will be allowed to function within the fertile zone and hold offices of workplace in the city of Zwatruds. No high ranking employee of these entitees are required to be Dyxylander in origin nor hold Dyxylander citizenship.

-Under this provision, approximately 30-40% of the yield of the fertile lands are subject directly to Dyxylan property in a given harvesting season, through means of direct ownership of property or sharecropping practices.

-Trade lanes between the fertile zone and either nation markets must be completely unhindered by state entities whilst in transit.

3. Palsian expansion may not expand further east past Ft.Hozun, except previously aforementioned fertile land properties.

4. The Free Commune of Dust is to remain a neutral buffer border between Dyxylan and Palsi. No coporate entity of either nation may hold stock in above mark of 20% in a Dustian company.

5. The affirmation and recongization that all former lands of Lavthika are fereby subject to Dyxylan's rule.

Both nations are still subject and required by the means of the previously signed Non-Aggression Pact. As such a breach of that compact renders this document null and void, and all rights to the fertile zone will be seized by either mean of either party until the fittest amongst them has acheived preeminence over the other. Any breaking of this compact is comparable to a declaration of war.

-To foster our joint relationship into that of cooperation coexistence, the Confederacy would if in additional to the above treaty, fereby offer the terms of military alliance to solifiy our trading agreements and Non-Aggression Pacts."

The Tribune makes it clear that this is negotiable bill with some provisions however solidified as being non-negotiable

The Tribune makes it very clear that as of holding the air routes going into said properties that Dyxylan has precedent into those lands and will pay for the 1/3 of the fertilze zone by means of financial or commodities (oil, livestock, or guns) equitbale to the value of the lands, that is passed the Mason-Dixon latitudinal line. As further incentive, the reservist air squadrons whom function as cropdusters for the Dyxylan cropland will raise an additional squadron to spray the entirey of the fertile zone of either state's ownership per request or fertilizer, herbicide or pesticide.

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