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KAISERREICH was Liberated by Security Council Resolution # 245

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Founder: The Empire of Scansinia

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Largest Black Market: 2,087th Greatest Rich-Poor Divides: 2,238th Most Corrupt Governments: 2,245th Largest Arms Manufacturing Sector: 2,400th
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Welcome to the Empire of KAISERREICH

Long Live The Kaiser! Glory To Kaiserreich!

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Current Roleplay Date: January-February of 1862

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Regional Power: Moderate

KAISERREICH contains 183 nations, the 74th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Highest Economic Output in KAISERREICH

World Census bean-counters crunched the numbers to calculate national Gross Domestic Product. Older nations, with higher populations, were noted to have a distinct advantage.

As a region, KAISERREICH is ranked 7,303rd in the world for Highest Economic Output.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Grand Empire of Magnum UltraCorporate Police State“Brave men are a city's strongest tower of defense”
2.The Kaiserreich of Bismark von OttoInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Für den Kaiser und für den Staat.”
3.The Iron-Union Republic of New KamerstanMoralistic Democracy“God, Guns and Revolution!”
4.The Blessed Masterdom of ChamplostCorporate Police State“Citizens rejoice! Your Lord and Master stands on high!”
5.The ☢💣☢ of EricktCapitalist Paradise“You can't break whats already broken”
6.The Absolute Monarchy of The Holy Brittannian EmpireFather Knows Best State“Cum Christo, evincemus hostes”
7.The Empire of KomarinCivil Rights Lovefest“Komarin Today, Komarin Tomorrow, Komarin Forever”
8.The Kingdom of Saxony-BrandenburgCivil Rights Lovefest“I tell you tradition can live with liberality.”
9.The Right-Wing Republic of ReikinCorporate Police State“It Is Better to Be Feared Than Loved”
10.The Dominion of Franz FerdinandCorporate Police State“God Save the Emperor”
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KAISERREICH Regional Message Board

Check the news for information from our new war correspondent.

The New Texan Republic Of Dallas wrote:Check the news for information from our new war correspondent.

El link?

Cogaii wrote:He said we should fight a region because they are anti-fascist. And even if he did mean what your saying, we do not fight for ideological reasons, with the exception of against the most extreme ideologies.

We should ban him, he seems to be a fascist.

now lets not be irrational here and create a new crisis

Erickt wrote:El link?

KR Newspaper Issue Hub 2019

April 23 weekly Issue Special
Weekly Issue, 2019

Congratulations to the all victorious soldiers of the Kaiserbund and the Allied Anti-TWC Forces!


The Wolf Clan, which declared war on Kaiserreich on April 18, 2019, is now beginning to show the weakness of its army.

But firstly let's go back in time...
On the territory of our Kaiserreich, some spies-puppets were found, which were hiding behind the right-wing radical German style and which were collecting information about our region.
After disclosure and banjecting by our Imperial Police, these puppets immediately returned to their native Wolf Clan, where they complained to the Apostate about the "tyranny of Scansinia" and "the absence of political change in the Kaiserreich' government".
Causes of this war Clan's representative called the "excessive isolationism and 'apostate-o-phobia'", "aggressiveness" and "right-wing radical behavior" of the Kaiserreich government.
In addition, the creation of military alliance named Kaiserbund, by the Wolf Clan was also regarded as an act of aggression of Reich. Declare of war (in the form of a massive telegram) was sent to the Reich by the infamous Apostate, in which, as always, he urged Kaiserreich' population for a struggle against the nobility.

And now let's go back in the present...
Two hours before the declaration of war, The Wolf Clan managed to provide barbaric attack with their scanty military contingent on the museum region Driselbia (the old homeland of Montealba). As soon as the region was under the control of the interventionists, the proud Drisebian banner was abolished. The gradual destruction of the Driselbian identity began.
But it was only thanks to the on-time reacted combined forces of Kaiserbund in the form of the Reichswehr and the Montealban Hocherlan's Tigers, this terrible process was stopped, and thanks to the timely reinforcements from the Federation of Conservative Nations and other allied regions, the order was preserved. The power over Driselbia was returned to the hands of the rightful governors.
Seeing the clumsy and not organized attempts of the army of the Wolf Clan to counterattack, it becomes obvious that the government of the Clan didn't expect to meet such strong resistance in this war, and were very much discouraged by the appearance of the Anti-TWC Alliance.
But, as you can see, the government of The Wolf Clan right now is trying to hide its embarrassment.
Alpha Wolf, King of Wolfs, in his message once again told an old tale about the "fascist nature" of the Kaiserreich and its allies, despite the fact that his phrases about the "fascism" of Kaiserreich already will not convince anyone because of the irrelevance of this false accusations.
Right now I personally don't undertake to predict the further actions of any of the war sides, but one thing is clear and this is pretty simple: The Wolf Clan is not as simple as it seems, so after seeing the superiority of the Alliance, they will begin to ask their allies for help.

Therefore, unfortunately, our brave warriors have almost no time to relax.

Our enemy is cunning, but our army is on guard! Heil!

Date: 22.04.19 - Monday
Author: War Correspondent Volksleben

You can try PC for better experience!

Weekly Issue, 2019

Congratulations to the all Kaiserbund' soldiers, who won a new victory!

Von Sieg zu Sieg!

This morning, the united forces of the Reichswehr and the Montealban Hocherlans Tigers won another victory! Of course, it's scale is not comparable with the Easter Battle in Driselbia, which turned out to be more devastating for The Wolf Clan... But this event has a certain symbolism!

And now in more detail...
At 4 AM (GMT), a group of our brave soldiers, using puppet nations, made a raid on a region called the "Wolf Clan" (don't confuse this with The Wolf Clan!). Wolf Clan was one of many puppet-storages regions of The Wolf Clan, which in war with us right now. Due to the fact that the founder of this region has ceased to exist at the moment, our troops were able to quickly occupy the region and begin preparing it to secure the capture. The Kaiserreich' colonial flag was established, the text on the WA factbook entry was changed, and embassy with The Wolf Clan is currently being withdrawn.
The only thing our brave soldiers may fear is the refounding of the region's founding nation, which will lead to our retreat from Wolf Clan.
But it still doesn't cancel the fact of seizing the enemy region. Seeing the absence of the slightest reaction from The Wolf Clan, the lack of known attempts of their attacks (while they're declared this war, not us!), it becomes clear that success in this war will be with Kaiserreich and its allies.

Für dem Kaiserreich! Für den Kaiser!

Date: 23.04.19 - Thursday
Author: War Correspondent Volksleben

You can try PC for better experience!

April 7 weekly Issue

Unrelated/Related News

This week has been a much quieter week, we have seen the NS April fools joke, a simple trivia event with the history of the game Spanish 16 odd years, everything from questions and action by smaller nations to cards trading question like who first drew Testlansia, a extremely rare card, or which I was even an answer, with my alt getting the card once. Other showed their own April fools joke and while some we innocent like changing flags to resemble a friendly nation other were more dark and by the laws of NS forum posting shouldn’t be discussed any further.

Regional News

Recommend reform was made with a new legislation banning any and all personnel that has been convicted within a 30 day or 1 month period of any crime from running for any elected office for that said election or until the next election out side the 1 month election blacklist time period.

April 1-2 weekly Issue
Special Thanks to Editor Copernika
Written By Dallas

Regional News

This week has had several explosive events. We have seen the dual arrest of former Minister of the Volk Risen Prussia, and, at the time (de facto due to lack of interest from anyone else) head of RP and LDO for the FA Ministry Estonland LDO for the FA Ministry, with warrants issued by the recently appointed Head Judge Ertzgold. Risen Prussia was arrested on charges relating to access and continued conversing with well known enemy of the state Apostate, both in the past and present, while Estonland was arrested on a similar charge of conversing with the enemy without government knowledge, as well support of extremist ideologies (more on this later).

As the charges were set and the fate of the accused seemed destined, former chancellor East Germanic Countries chose to aid Risen Prussia as her attorney, while Estonland decided to defend himself in the Kaiserreich courts. While most in the region were confused or trying to find meaning, Estonland came forward with the speculation that “this is a politically-charged arrest."

At this point is were things become quite interesting and slightly illogical, when one of the accused chose to debate the legitimacy of the court's ability issue a warrant. The heart of the issue lied with the small detail that, at the time, only the judge had issued the arrest warrants and it was cited that the Kaiserreich law regarding the Volkstribunal notes warrants require not only a judge, but also two jurors, which must be a noble and a citizen, in order to issue a proper warrant. This argument in the technicality of the law continued as such for quite a while, until it was needed for the Kaiser Himself to intervene. It is at this point that Estonland shows that he believes the courts, government, and even the Kaiser himself is scheming to remove him from the region.

In spite of the court drama, the Kaiser did later call for a revision of the laws and codex because of this detail that had caused such a debate. Even with the conclusion of the trial, Estonland would continue to be a source of drama, as in conjunction with Moleman (Also known as Weinland), the Kaiserreich Nativist cause came to forefront, with the goal of expulsing Montealban influence from Kaiserreich. As part of the cause, Estonland declared Kaiserreich independent from the region of Montealba, but with neither government support nor popular support, the declaration was delegitimized and regarded as nothing more than a rebellion. The nativists looked for help from the natives of Kaiserreich trying to convince them of their cause, but they found little to no support.

After only a few months in office, Galrythia has decided to resign as head of the Foreign Affairs Ministry, stating that he has left his mark and has decided to leave the position open. Shortly after the position was filled by Kintada, a Montealban official. Also from the FA Ministry, EGC moved from LDO around the same time as Galrythia’s departure, with LDO position still open. As a small last note, Vergara was once again kicked out by Galrythia due to having no formal nation in Kaiserreich or within NS at all.

Regional Legal News

By the next day, the nativist cause and push for legitimacy had completely collapsed, Estonland was given his court date as well extra charges for his alignment with the nativists and rebellious demands for "independence." His new court date was set for the 26th of March. In what is now the longest court case in all of Kaiserreich history, lasting 3 hours 21 minutes and 48 seconds according to some sources, Estonland's extensive list of charges is as follows:
“The accused, Count Estonland von Letzow-Berenburg has been charged with the following offenses
1. Contact with enemy without informing officials
2. Support of extremist ideologies (communism; refuting the Armenian Genocide) (Civil Code Article III, Ia)
Furthermore, correlating with the arrest due to the previous charges
3. Denouncing basic rights of citizens and nobles as stated in Article V, I of the Civil Code
4. Social crimes against several citizens and nobles, punishable with a jail sentence, service in the Strafbattalion, exile, lowering of status, etc. according to Article VIII, II of the Civil Code
5. Severely disrespecting citizen and nobles (Imperial Codex, Section V Article II)
6. Attempted Rebellion”

Of these charges, Estonland only pleaded guilty to Charge 3 and was later acquitted of all charges except number 6 and breaking the imperial oath, for which we was stripped of his tittles and nobility, and will be barred from attempting to retake the noble exam again for 4 months. However, due to severe lack in RP department manpower, he would be allowed to become head again if he chose to. However, he refused this offer as well.

In the Trial of Risen Prussia, the charges were of treason and repeated communication with the enemy, but the communication was deemed harmless, and no information compromising to the state was shared. Because of this, Risen Prussia was released with formal punishment, but only a pseudo-probation that if she ever does make contact like this again, she will be eligible for a ban. While on the topic, Chancellor Trigori has been pushing for better legislation for the Volkstribunal, with improvements so far being passed with a large majority vote. In other news,

Friendly reminder from the newspaper, all unauthorized communication with a enemy foreign power or member is illegal and no contact with Apostate or TWC as this can lead to charges including but not limited to Treason, contact with enemy, repeated contact with the enemy and smaller but heavier chargesor fines in court.

RP News
In RP news, French and Italian interests boil over in Tunisia, were the local tribesmen have conceded to Italian offers, directly oppose against French interests in the region. With a possible war looming on the horizon, troops already based in Tunis by both sides, there is yet no end in sight to this chilling confrontation.

March 24 weekly Issue

Regional News

In the Reichstag a vote has passed with a resounding majority vote on making attorney ertzgold (nova hrodsk) as the new high judge, though a minor topic still an important subject for the region. This has cement the integration of Montealba region members and leaders into the Kaiserbund and into KR with Trigori who became Reich chancellor only a few weeks ago.

Foreign News

In foreign news, Hegiroth has renounced Communism and with the help of our officials they are working hard to re-integrate, though hegiroth had previously splintered into the current one which is trying to change and on made by former separatist which made a region called The Clover Confederation. We expect great things of this new Hegiroth.

RP News

In RP news, after Baltishe return as head of RP, he found he didn’t have the time for the management, rather passing it down to the current “head” Estonland which has help create the RP we see here today and with several nations joining the new RP. RP is set to start at 5 pm EST with the current base of players mainly based in or around Europe with the exception of the US 13 colonies, VOC and the Netherlands which holds land in Indonesia area and lastly, Denmark-Norway controlling Iceland and Greenland. NPC’s are existent and a new resource points have been added, how this will influence RP is yet to be seen.

March 19 weekly Issue


Crisis in Hegiroth over with the situation ending for both sides with this statement from LDO Estonland:
“Well, after the sudden news of Hegiroth's withdrawal me and Galskia immediately decided to do a diplomatic meeting as to not hamper relations between regions. The negotiations have been conducted successfully, and both sides have parted on friendly terms and in peace. I sincerely hope that our alliance with Hegiroth will continue, which is a common sentiment in the Imperial FA Ministry.”
With a relative sense of peace returned between the two regions. But in unforeseen event, Hegiroth has turned communist which means all diplomatic ties were cut on the grounds of our zero tolerance policy towards communists.

Regional News

The economy has been revived, after FA Minister Galrythia restarted the economy in discord and for the time creating a sustainable system and creating a new Regional economy that has so forth shown promise.

Earlier this month, Reich Chancellor EGC resigned his position and retired, as he felt he had nothing more to contribute, and with Trigori, a Duke and Montealba leader becoming new Chancellor narrowly beating out candidate Estonland by several votes in the Reichstag Vote.

RP News

In RP, after a slow crawl and collapse of the former RP, Baltishe has come in to fill the role of RP minister with plans to restart the RP system and with the 1860-1910 period in the lead by seven votes, followed by Vietnam war time period with four votes.

End of Week Measage

We close off the week with several surprises events that came out of left field, and here is the Newspaper team wishing you a warm week and a happy month.

March 12th Single Article Issue


Breaking News, by 60% majority vote, Hegiroth has decided to pull out of the Kaiserbund and stop the integration process. No statement has been realized by either side on the issue other than initial post and no statement is predicted until diplomatic talks advance of which it has been proposed by our government, more on this as the story develops.

March 7th Issue

Written by The New Texan Republic Of Dallas
Special thanks to Galrythia


We have found an ally in The Region of Faerum, this region has agreed to ally us and shape embassies and from the FA Ministry they say it’s a “medium-sized, RP centered, and centrist” region, we are pleased that we have found a new ally with us in these early months of 2019. In other news, we have statistics that TWC is pacifying as they no longer are a hazard to us nor they see us an competitor to them.

This month brings several contented surprises or changes. With the intensification of the Kaiserbund, we already have encompassed our first region Montealba with several of their prominent elite and high ranking members joining as us nobles and leaders; we still have the other sovereign regions and the other KR controlled regions but we still continue move for a better and united future.

Montealba is listed as “FREISTAATEN” in the Kaiserbund list and we are constantly looking for new allies to join with us and other regions to join the Kaiserbund and help expand the greater empire. As we write this a new region, Hegiroth, is present with its founder Lytchett, joining now as a noble and blessed by the Clergy of KR.

Important announcement from Laurenburg: “Help defend KR from foreign threats, DM me to join the Reichswehr and contribute to your region! Special thanks to our Montealban allies, who have formed a military unit to contribute to our forces!”

And from Culture Minister New Drakia: “Bring glory to the Reich! sign up to produce and write magnificent propaganda, grand stories and superb works of art.
The Kaiserreich 'Imperial Newspaper' is looking for writers and artists and is accepting anyone willing to take up the banner!”

Regional News
Late last month and early this month, the letter of resignation of former Volk Minister Risen Prussia was confirmed, as she stepped down due to Sloth, though she was confirmed during the transitional government after the directorate was toppled, she was except a 4 month work period which didn't last. Though she no longer holds power, she doesn’t compunction it and serenely resigned. In with other news she will still be in the Reichstag as she holds here noble title.

RP News

In RP this month and in the past few weeks, the UAE under Erickt launching an assault on the British Republic under Estonland, France under EGC manages to break the French separatists and unite the nation… so has Galrythia in Sweden. In Ukraine, several wars have raged which has led to the rise of a new nation on the Black Sea, in between Russia and Ukraine towards the east and southeast. Ukraine has also moved in and invaded Moldavia and Romania which were being partitioned between Ukraine, Hungary, and Bulgaria. Ukraine has returned to a more Soviet past and has become a regional power in Eastern Europe. In South-Eastern Asia, the Indochinese Union has advanced rapidly, annexing neighbors Cambodia and Laos and in a separate war, most of Thailand and is currently fighting Myanmar for control of the country. China is in turmoil and Japanese ships have moved towards the sea between China and Taiwan to defend the smaller democratic nation from PRC aggression. I as Colombia will have to leave RP until the Newspaper situation is resolved.

Febuary 18 Issue

Written by The New Texan Republic Of Dallas

February 18,
Inter Regional News
Today we saw several things unfold, New Drakia was confirmed for succession of Archduke, and was Considered for Minister of Culture. In this Month we have seen Montealba join the greater empire and several members earning some noble titles in KR. The economy is still to be considered. A former member has returned, Baltishe.

RP News

RP has seen a new uptick as the current head, Neuva Longhornia started a new RP centered around 2019 as a time period, with some eight or so people joining and playing. Erickt as the UAE has invaded Oman, the US and Colombia preparing Venezuelan intervention and regional conflicts within France and Sweden were nationalist forces and communist rebels respectively have taken to the streets. In the UK a Republic takes over and with British troop withdrawn from around the globe.

Glimpse into the Past
Last month we saw the end of the Junta/directorate and the restoration of the former government, fall of several powers and rise of new stars, we find peace with a long time enemy TWC and we finally see the start of some new projects such as a brighter Newspaper or plans for a new economy, work on the military; rise of a new minister of the volk and a Reich Chancellor. We leave the month off with a bitter sweet note, knowing we shall strive for a better future for all through the highs and through the lows, we are KAISERREICH, we are the People and we will fight for our future, for our rights and for our nation to survive through these troubled times.

It’s been just over a month since the Directorate fell, and we have this from a issue that wasn’t released last month;

“As of Friday January 18th, the Directorate no longer held power as the interim government and main power in KR as they have decided to disband after the Anti-Directorate document was delivered onto them, signed by a large host of some of the more active non-directorate members and mildly supported by the Kaiser.

After the head of the Directorate announced their departure as the KR ruling body and handed power over to EGC, one of the main leaders behind the document which has led to the minor restoration of the former ruling powers and ascension to power of two new powers, that being EGC as Reich Chancellor and Risen Prussia as Minister of the Volk, I am glad to report that transfer of power has been a peaceful transfer and that no conflict has directly arisen due to this commotion.”


Late last month, a status of neutrality of peace was declared when Apostate agreed to peace which he reportedly confirmed with the Reich Chancellor and the Kaiser which was slightly disputed but nothing major ensued. Peace has been restored but all current talks between the region shall be purely diplomatic with a minor incident of the FA Minister being kicked out of one Discord server by Apostate reportedly, due to some unfortunate language.

Last month, the current Reich Chancellor East Germanic Countries or simply EGC, spoke out to the community about his current and future plans during his tenure as chancellor;
uring my term as Chancellor, do hereby declare that I will, to the best of my ability; Plan out the recruitment of new nations into our Reich, and try to carry out the plans:

“Restart/start the political party system”, “should you desire me to(regional poll) bring back what you knew as the GDI or RND, in order to better secure our region” “ improve relations with The Wolf Clan” “help the Reichswehr back on its feet again” and “officially mark dates for elections of several, TBD offices.”

Weekly March and Theme

April 1st
New Weekly Theme and March:

Two Steps From Hell - Moving Mountains

Radetzky Marsch

March 25

New Weekly Theme and March:

Audiomachine - Wars Of Faith

Erzherzog Friedrich Marsch

March 11

New Weekly Theme and March:

Audiomachine - Existence

Der Alsenströmer

March 5th
New Weekly Theme and March:

Audiomachine - Helios

Prinz Karl-Marsch

Febuary 27th

New Weekly Theme and March:

Two Steps from Hell - Black Blade

Mussinan Marsch

Read dispatch

Cartorian Empire wrote:now lets not be irrational here and create a new crisis

Indeed. We cannot begin acting like the media.

We have not even given him a chance to defend himself or rephrase his speech.

Therefore, let rationality and conclusiveness invoke the judgement of the Empire.

In the meantime, I will monitor Osterreichh.

I think Erickt is correct, we should be actively looking for an RP date to replace the current which has seen a steep decline in any noticeable activity, Shane really.
Wether the time period or even the type, Character, Nation or if we ever go sci fi again, I believe we should pick one and hurry to make one should we have the time. We mustn't let time drag us on into future without us making anything of it.

New Weekly Theme and March:

Two Steps From Hell - Protectors of the Earth

Marsch der hannoverschen Garde du Corps

Cogaii wrote:He wanted to fight a region for the specific reason that they are anti-fascist. There is no reason to do that unless you are a fascist.

I mean I don't like Anti-fa either and would love for them to dissapear because they beat people up and call them Nazi's when you don't agree with them.

does that make me a fascist?

New Drakia wrote:I mean I don't like Anti-fa either and would love for them to dissapear because they beat people up and call them Nazi's when you don't agree with them.

does that make me a fascist?

Antifa are just fascists who prefer black over brown.

Westraliane wrote:Antifa are just fascists who prefer black over brown.

Correction: Edgy masks, college debt nihilism, and a profound athletic ability when concerned with running away from confrontations.

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