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Evergreen Conifer is the succesor Region to Conifer with a focus on roleplay, activities, cooperation with like-minded regions, debating and just being social & happy.

We welcome all who support human rights and environmental rights!

Please endorse our current First Minister Central Birdland!

Currently:Upcoming Communication- and Culture Minister Election.

Just starting out? Introduce yourself in the RMB below!

Read our welcome page!

Make sure to join the World Assembly and our LinkDiscord Server :)

Embassies: Please telegram First Minister Central Birdland.

Embassies: Conifer, New West Indies, and Communist Cartel.

Tags: Anti-Fascist, Casual, Democratic, Eco-Friendly, Egalitarian, Feminist, LGBT, Liberal, Minuscule, Offsite Chat, Password, Regional Government, and 3 others.Role Player, Social, and World Assembly.

Evergreen Conifer is home to a single nation.

Today's World Census Report

The Least Corrupt Governments in Evergreen Conifer

World Census agents tempted government officials with financial and other inducements to bend the rules and recorded how often their proposals were declined.

As a region, Evergreen Conifer is ranked 2,021st in the world for Least Corrupt Governments.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Community of Evergreen ConiferLeft-wing Utopia“The wren, the wren, the king of all birds”

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Turbeaux wrote:It sure is! I should probably move another one of my puppets over there and maintain an unofficial diplomatic mission!

yeah, you should
this is definitely an impartial opinion, i'm saying this purely because it would be useful for further diplomacy and not because it's a cool region and the best conifer since conifer

Living cubes

After being dead for around a year, I'm finally back~
doesn't mean I'll be active though, lol

Living cubes wrote:After being dead for around a year, I'm finally back~
doesn't mean I'll be active though, lol

We have merged with the New West Indies, so you might want to consider moving there :)

Our government is back, so it's that time again. This time, y'all get to be preachy instead of me!

I encourage everybody to analyze the environmental impact of the complete life cycle (end-to-end) of any product that you use.

Life cycle analysis is the tool by which a product’s impact on the environment through its lifetime is evaluated. In the context of recycling, it helps to determine if waste reduction, recycle, resource recovery or disposal is the best practicable environmental option. It has been extensively applied in solid waste management (McDougall et al., 2001). The analysis quantifies the energy and raw materials used and solid, liquid and gaseous waste produced at each stage of the process...It can be [e]specially useful in comparing the environmental impact of a product made by recycling and the same made from virgin materials.

(More here:

I suggest beginning with a visual diagram to guide your research. If you wish to include ethical and/or health analysis in this exercise, that would be wonderful! If you do not wish to write anything, please consider running through this mentally!

I will be writing up my analysis before July. If you write anything, please consider TGing it to me (Turbeaux) because I am hoping to assemble a compilation of these.

Thank you and please stay safe!

Here is my analysis: page=dispatch/id=1397917

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what happened while i was gone

*talks into an empty room*

News from Forest: we are having a Crystal Jubilee flag design contest and y'all are invited to participate since Evergreen Conifer is our ally. Details are here:

12 July 2020

Greetings, citizens of Forest, and of our allied regions!

In just a few weeks, Forest will be celebrating its 15th birthday. It was in the first week of August 2005 when our original founder Devdan first established a place for us all amongst the trees. Devdan predates any of our current members, and vanished completely by the end of 2005, but early 2006 saw Errinundera and several other Forest luminaries already present here in the grounds we now call home. Errin would go on to become the region’s first WA delegate, and it wasn’t long until Ransium arrived on the scene. After struggling with identity and defense, common problems for any small founderless region, a re-founding was conducted with Errin as our new Founder, and Ransium soon became our WA delegate – a position continued to this day.

In the time since its founding, a length of time that is truly remarkable by the standards of an internet game or community, Forest has grown from a small region of a couple dozen nations to a widely-recognized and commended region of several hundred players, with a distinctive personality and a respected voice at the table of the gaming community. We are going strong, and together we can make the celebration of this, our Crystal Jubilee, a warming, welcoming, and informative occasion for our citizens and allies.

While the majority of the jubilee commemoration is being developed and will be unveiled as we reach the appropriate time, the first of our Crystal Jubilee events is here – in fact, it is starting today!

Forest’s Crystal Jubilee Flag Contest

To commemorate Forest’s 15th anniversary, we will fly a special jubilee flag on our homepage for the duration of the celebration. In accordance with our tradition, this flag will be designed via a contest, with the winner voted upon by you, our citizens!

Contest rules:

The contest shall run for approximately two weeks, from the time of this announcement until 11:59pm Pacific Time on Sunday, July 26 (0659 GMT, July 27)

2) Submissions may be made either by A) posting in the relevant thread in our offsite forums (, or B) via direct telegram to me, Verdant Haven, and I will post them on your behalf.

3) A vote will be held following to determine winner shortly after the completion of the submission period. Should a design receive a majority of the votes in the first round, it shall be declared the winner. If no flag receives a majority in the first round, a run-off shall be held between the two submissions receiving the most votes.

4) The proportions of the submitted design must be a 3:2 ratio, width to height. Contestants should be aware that the final display image will be no larger than 300x200, and voting will be based off an image no greater than that size.

5) The design contest is open to all residents of Forest and of our Embassy regions

6) Voting will be open to all Native Residents of Forest (those who reside here and have more influence here than in any other region).

7) All designs are subject to approval by the Crystal Jubilee committee prior to inclusion in the vote. Please refrain from anything that might be considered inappropriate or offensive.

I look forward to seeing the designs!

Verdant Haven
Forest Keeper

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If you have any questions, feel free to TG Verdant Haven!

Also, I am extending my product lifecycle analysis until August as no other nations sent me their own despite some initial enthusiasm. You can see mine here:

Purchasing my iPhone was accompanied with trading in my old phone (which was becoming unusable due to neverending battery issues). Apple states that over two thirds of traded in devices end up in the hands of new consumers (presumably after a refurbishment process). The rest are recycled so components and/or materials can be recovered. Recycling is the least preferable of the 3 Rs (In order by footprint reduction: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) due to the energy required to recycle anything. However, Apple claims to use 100% renewable energy to power all of their operations (this is misleading to an extent as I will write about later in this analysis).

Apple touts its progress toward “using clean power sources and driving energy efficiency in [their] operations.” However, at least a third of that 100% is from carbon credit purchases. Passing the buck is not an ideal approach toward “using clean power sources and driving energy efficiency.” So, I consider their 100% claim to be greenwashing. However, my particular iPhone has a lifetime climate change footprint of “only” 96 kg CO2e (Carbon dioxide equivalent. Some gasses have greater impacts on the greenhouse effect than CO2 does.). However, I often use it in place of my PC; it is definitely more of an energy hog than a phone despite my efforts in building it to be as energy efficient as possible. Again, passing the buck is a cop-out but that shift compensates for a portion of that CO2e footprint.

Apple is doing quite a bit to reduce the footprints of the materials that they use in their products. The solder used on the logic board of my phone is 100% recycled tin and over half of the rare earth elements are recycled material rather than virgin material (mining rare earth elements has devastating effects on both the environment and health). The packaging used is made of almost 100% recycled paper. Again, recycling is not great because it uses quite a bit of energy:

“The majority of the energy usage of electronic goods happens during production, and recycling does not recover any of the energy used to make a product or the majority of its raw materials. Furthermore, recycling is not nearly as comprehensive or efficient as the public believes.”

Apple utilizes both good and bad approaches toward product longevity. The bad practices are their efforts to make their products unrepairable by third parties in an effort to compel people to purchase new devices if their existing ones break. A great practice that they have is offering iOS upgrades to all products until at least five years after their release. An Android device typically receives one OS upgrade after the version that it ships with.

In conclusion, do not blindly trust in corporations’ proclamations of “greenness.” Do your own research! Apple certainly bends the truth regarding their environmental impact. Recycling rare earth elements is definitely not as bad as mining them but Apple still depends on virgin material and recycling consumes a great deal of energy. Fortunately, technologies are emerging that will greatly reduce the environmental impact of mining rare earth elements. Until they emerge, using any quantity of newly mined rare earth elements seems very wrong. Please consider purchasing a preowned phone rather than a new one (I should have done this). You will save some money and greatly reduce your environmental footprint.


Apple (2019). Environment. Retrieved June 30, 2020, from

Veksler, D. L. (2017, October 15). Apple Is Not as Green as It Seems. Retrieved June 30, 2020, from

The original dispatch can be found here: page=dispatch/id=1382149

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Oh, I am trying to broker an embassy between Forest and the New West Indies. I hope that suceeds! It would most likely be immediately followed with a closure of this embassy as I have been informed that the intention is to empty out this region.

Barrencol wrote:what happened while i was gone

Evergreen Conifer was absorbed by the New West Indies and you should probably move there.

I know that this is a dead region, but I take my ambassadorial duties seriously. Here is Forest's environmental agenda for August. If you have any questions, please feel free to TG the author of the dispatch (Turbeaux, my main account).

The Problem:


Forty million tons of electronic waste (electronics/electronic accessories that are thrown away) is generated every year and only about twelve and a half percent of it is recycled. It is often full of toxic materials (examples include lead, mercury, dioxins, and cadmium). Much of it ends up in poor regions of Asia and Africa where these toxins inevitably leach into water supplies, killing aquatic life as well as severely impacting the health of land animals (including humans). Additionally, plastics involved are photodegraded into microplastics which proliferate globally at an alarming rate. (Microplastics severely impact animal health. No animal life has evolved any mechanisms to combat them.) Some simple steps can be taken to minimize your E-waste footprint:


1. (Reduce) Do not purchase new electronic devices unless the justification for doing so outweighs the environmental degradation that the e-waste from it will create (Of course, this is ultimately a personal judgement. However, it is easy enough to find the facts that you need to inform it).

2. (Reuse) If you find yourself with unneeded electronic hardware, try to reuse it (I have a single cable that I use to charge my shaver and water flosser.). If you cannot reuse it with other technology that you own, consider using it for other purposes. For example, I am using a broken wireless phone charging stand as a camera mount. If you cannot do any of these things, please consider selling/trading in or donating these items.

3) (Recycle) There is some E-waste that cannot be reused for one reason or another (when a cable is cut, no amount of handiness is going to restore it into a functional and safe one. Such items can be recycled easily enough. In the US, every Best Buy location accepts E-waste for recycling (I will include a link with details in my references). If you are handy and have the necessary equipment, you can recover some metals on your own.

4) (Responsible disposal. That’s right, I added a fourth R!) Unfortunately, some items like damaged batteries cannot be addressed with Rs number two and three. These should be taken to local hazardous waste collection.


Please remember that electronic waste is not just a problem impacting the environment. It is also a problem impacting human rights/health!


LinkBest Buy recycling information

Link E-Waste Facts (There are some alarming counters on this page if you want to cultivate a feeling of urgency!)

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This will be my final post with this seems like the NWI embassy vote is going to pass in a landslide, so I will be moving over there and stationing my lesser puppet here until our embassy with EC is formally closed.
EDIT: I did not realize that EC is passworded. I shall continue to post in the Discord.
Forest has some significant news! Ruinenlust (our long-time foreign minister) has replaced Ransium as our WA delegate. This was planned and voluntary, Ransium decided to step down due to the upcoming birth of a child and Ruinenlust was the logical successor as he is one of the older Foresters and was number two in endorsements. He has my full confidence as a successor and I wish him well!

Regarding the Delegacy

Greetings, Foresters

Today is a momentous day in the history of Forest.

On June 9th 2007, Ransium was elected our WA Delegate. In the 13 years, 75 days that have passed since then, Forest has grown from a tiny corner of NationStates to a large and influential member of the game’s community, commended by the Security Council, and home to hundreds of nations. In that time his service has overlapped with the real-world terms of three US Presidents, five UK Prime Ministers, and seven Australian Prime Ministers (among many others). Technology and the environment have changed dramatically. The first iPhone, for example, wasn’t released to the public until about three weeks after Ransium took up the delegacy – now we’re in the middle of E-Waste Awareness Month largely due to the environmental impact of these devices! Consumer LED light bulbs for your home fixtures, a staple of many of our homes given our eco-minded nature, had not even had a standard written yet. Heck, two entire very real countries have come in to being during Ransium’s time in office – in these nations, their entire government has existed for less time than he has been performing his duties for us as our delegate.

After this remarkable amount of time – time which in addition to serving as our Delegate has seen Ransium write 25 game issues, 5 WA resolutions, 5 SC resolutions, become an Issues Editor, become a Game Moderator, and be personally commended – it is my honor and duty to report that Ransium has chosen to step down from the position of WA Delegate for Forest.

I don’t think there are enough words for me, or any of us, to properly credit Ransium for his efforts on our behalf, so I will simply say this: Thank you. Deeply, and from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for what you have done for us. We look forward to your continued presence in the region, and wish you a peaceful retirement!

What Happens Next?

Per Article 3.4 of our Constitution, the power to appoint the Delegate belongs to the Forest Keeper. This is absolutely not an authority I ever hoped or expected to use, as Ransium is as much a part of Forest as anyone could be, but at his request and with Errinundera’s approval, I initiated the process of identifying a replacement. We have been quietly working on things in the background for some time, and I can now announce that Ruinenlust will be taking over the role of WA Delegate for Forest

Ruinenlust is one of the longest-resident nations in all of Forest, and for the last three years has been in charge of our foreign affairs office. He is a familiar face to both Foresters and our allies, and has repeatedly demonstrated a true commitment to our region. He is a talented and thoughtful writer of NS content, and has provided endless good advice and wise counsel during our time working together. His selection was approved by both Ransium and Errinundera, and I hope you will join me in fully supporting him as he transitions to the delegacy.

Actions to take

1) Any WA nation that has not yet endorsed Ruinenlust, please do so now!

2) You will see the accounts of the officers removing their endorsements from Ransium, in order to reduce his endo-count to a number lower than that of Ruinenlust. We will also be reaching out to some of you personally to request your assistance with this. Ransium is remaining in the WA, and we by no means are trying to remove all his endorsements – just enough to ensure there’s no danger of inadvertent juggling of the post. If you wish to remove yours as well temporarily to aid in this, that is fine, but the long-term goal is just a small reduction, not mass dropping.

3) We will be preparing a formal “public announcement” for our allies and other interested nations in the coming days, once the transfer is secure. It is likely that it will be noticed anyway, which is completely fine, but we’ll make a point of declaring it once things are looking stable.

Ruinenlust has agreed to continue handling the position of Foreign Affairs Branch for the remaining month of our present term in office, but has indicated a desire to step back from that to focus completely on delegate duties thereafter. Middle Barael is continuing as usual in the ambassador management role, and I will be on hand to assist with any diplomatic duties if needed for the remaining duration of my term.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send me a telegram.

I remain your humble servant,
Verdant Haven
Forest Keeper

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It looks like our embassy with EC will be closing up soon--'t worry about the votes against...we always have residents who think that being contrarian for the sake of being contrarian is a good thing) so I would like to say goodbye and thanks for all of the trees!

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