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Modern Gameplay Compact

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Modern Gameplay Compact

We, the signatories, acknowledge both the polarization of the gameplay landscape and the looming changes to gameplay, which will necessitate an increased reliance on defense networks. Our regions have diverse ideological views, whether non-aligned, independent, or otherwise. However, we are each committed to developing robust domestic communities, adaptable militaries, and dynamic foreign policies in our pursuit to reject the traditional gameplay binary. We recognize that gameplay is not a black-and-white dichotomy but rather a multitude of shades of gray. Therefore, we come together to establish the Modern Gameplay Compact to guarantee the security, growth, and development of our regions regardless of what changes come our way. This is a pact both of mutual defense and of friendship which will undoubtedly deepen the ties between its member regions for years to come.

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Section I – Mutual Recognition

  1. The signatories acknowledge the constitutional governments of each signatory at the time of the ratification of this treaty to be legitimate and sovereign governments of their respective NationStates regions.

  2. The signatories furthermore acknowledge the sovereignty and ownership signatories hold over their own founded and established Frontiers. For the purposes of this treaty, founded and established Frontiers will be defined as Frontiers created for the purpose of development and recruitment by the currently established constitutional government.

  3. The signatories will make all reasonable efforts to seek a diplomatic solution before withdrawing from this treaty.

  4. In order for a Frontier to be considered “founded and established” for the purposes of protection under this treaty, it must be submitted to the signatories for consideration. Any member can move that a vote be held on the inclusion of any Frontier in this treaty.

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Section II – Military Policy

  1. The signatories agree that a modern approach to geopolitics requires substantial military flexibility, and thus reserve the right to engage in a variety of offensive and defensive operations in accordance with regional and interregional law.

  2. The signatories also agree to communicate their complete plans to other signatories in any shared joint military operations and to allow other militaries to withdraw in the event of an order which would be illegal or undesirable to follow in their home region.

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Section III – Mutual Defense

  1. The signatories agree not to engage in any military hostilities against each other or each other’s Frontiers. Being on opposite sides of a military operation with a target unrelated to this document’s provisions shall not be considered military hostilities.

  2. The signatories will not attempt to overthrow one another’s legitimate governments or infringe upon the sovereignty of the other signatories or their founded and established Frontiers as defined in the Mutual Recognition section of this document.

  3. The signatories shall provide one another prompt military assistance in case of a military attack targeting a signatory or their founded and established Frontier to the best of their ability at the request of any impacted signatory.

  4. If a signatory receives credible intelligence of an impending attack on their territory, then all other signatories are obligated to provide support prior to the attack if the impacted signatory requests it.

  5. In addition to military assistance in case of military attacks, signatories are strongly encouraged to assist in appropriate retaliation against the hostile party, through the World Assembly, other military actions, diplomatic sanctions, or whatever course of action is agreed upon by the signatories.

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Section IV – Intelligence Sharing

  1. The signatories shall provide information to all other signatories’ heads of government which is pertinent to any signatory’s regional security or the security of their founded and established Frontiers, unless the signatory in possession of such intelligence reasonably believes that doing so would violate applicable laws or contravene the terms of service for NationStates or said signatory's forum provider.

  2. The signatories will keep confidential all intelligence provided to them under this Section, unless the providing signatory consents to the release.

  3. The signatories will not in any way initiate, instigate, or participate in espionage, subterfuge, or other clandestine operations against one another. For this purpose, a "clandestine operation" is one or more persons acting under false pretenses at the direction of any other signatory in order to gain access to regions, forums, discords, or any other property of the signatory so as to collect non-public or sensitive information.

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Section V – General Provisions and Dissolution

  1. This treaty will come into effect upon its ratification by the duly authorized individuals or bodies of the signatories.

  2. Additional members may be added through ratifying the treaty and receiving the unanimous consent of existing members. Only one abstention is permitted in a vote to admit a new signatory and any dissenting vote on a new member’s application constitutes automatic rejection.

  3. All votes will be undertaken over a period of 72 hours on a Discord channel accessible to all signatory regions, and will be undertaken by heads of government, or an official explicitly delegated this responsibility by them.

  4. A signatory may choose to withdraw from the agreement when they deem it to be in their best interest. They must inform the other parties through the relevant diplomatic channels of their intent to withdraw in advance.

  5. If a signatory violates this treaty and works against another signatory or their Frontier willingly and intentionally, said signatory can be removed by a unanimous vote by all other signatories.

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North East Somerset, Delegate and King
Kazaman, Statsminister

Giovanniland, Delegate of the West
Varanius, Minister of Foreign Affairs
The West Pacific

East Durthang, Emperor
Elegarth, The Seeker of Power, Regent
Xoriet, Senator of Diplomatic Affairs
Syberis, Exarch of Diplomatic Affairs
The Pacific

Pallaith, Delegate
Hulldom, Minister of Foreign Affairs
The North Pacific

Writinglegend, President
Sopo, Minister of Foreign Affairs

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