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TWP Regional Dispatch (Map & Roleplay)

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Official Map of The West Pacific
LinkClick here for the full-size version

Welcome to the Map and Roleplay!

I know roleplaying sounds scary, but I promise we're here to help.

The center of RP in TWP is the LinkMap of The West Pacific, and it serves as the basis for canonical regional RP. Whether you're into nation building, international affairs, or rootin' tootin' cowboys, we've got something for you to enjoy! Currently, we're in the process of establishing regional geography, history, and other information, but we welcome absolutely any kind of participation, there's no one to tell you how deep or shallow you have to go in this rabbit hole.

LinkCitizens of The West Pacific can request territory, develop a history, culture, and people for their nation alongside other nations in our fair region. RP relating to the map is very welcoming of whatever things you want to include in your nation, within reason. The current RP year is 1421 AF, or 1,421 years after the founding of the Holy Principality by Saint Mark. This translates to 2021 CE on Earth. Most technologies are equivalent to modern day, but some may be slightly more advanced.

Before we get too into things, if you have any questions, you may address them to someone on the RP team:

  • Bran Astor - Former Delegate, Creator of the Cultural Trust, Lead Worldbuilder, and Original Cartographer

  • Fujai - Former Minister of Cultural Affairs (now Cultural Trust)

  • Nieubasria (Aelitia) - Former Guardian, current RP Discord Co-Admin

Before You Join the Map

There are four continents on this part of our planet: Andolia, Aura, Doll Guldur, and Polaris. The following descriptions are guidelines—no one will force you into anything you don't want for your nation.

  • Andolia is located in the southern hemisphere — a land of plateaus and grasslands in the east and mountainous shores in the west. Some of the major nations in Andolia are Overthinkers, Fhaengshia, and Larxia.

  • Aura is the historical center of the region — much of the continent is tropical, covered in lush rainforests and fertile plains. Its largest nation is the Holy Principality of Saint Mark, which has long been a beacon of culture and power in The West Pacific. Other major nations include Zoran, Fuentana, and Giovanniland.

  • Doll Guldur is a rugged land in the northeast of the region — its terrain is made up broken shorelines and plains between its great mountain ranges. Major nations in Doll Guldur are Einherfell, Marble Mallorca, Novia Xeneia, and Denieria.

  • Polaris is located in the far north — it is a land of great forests and greater mountains in the west, grasslands and hills in the east, and desert in the center and south. Major nations in Polaris are the juggernaut of Cambria, as well as Dalimbar and Nieubasria.

Important Things of Note

We encourage you to join our LinkRP Discord before you submit your territorial request for the map. Ideally, we'd like everyone to have the opportunity to get to know the different regions of the map (geographically and culturally) and see who is active there so you can decide which area is the right fit for you, as opposed to throwing a dart at the map.

How to Join the Map

In order to join the map, you have to do four things:

The map is updated monthly. Staying on the map month to month requires:

  • Maintaining your Hall of Nations membership

  • Residency in the in-game region

  • One RP post per month on the forums

Inactive nations will be cannibalized by active nations over time through war and unlawful seizure of land. Leaving the region or letting your Hall of Nations membership lapse immediately forfeits your land claim unless you first talk with the map moderation team.

What to Include in Your Map Request

When submitting your map request, you must include your nation's name, your Discord name, a short paragraph describing your nation, and an image of the territory you are requesting. In very rare cases, we may add land for nations that have established geographies and histories outside this map.

You may request a premade area or draw your own claim. If you draw your own, please take a screenshot of the map and mark the territory you would like to request in red, like so:

Use the format when submitting your map request:

Nation name:

Discord name:

A short paragraph about your nation: (original content, not NationStates stats)

Map request as an image: (forum embed or Imgur link)

Where can I RP?

TWP's two RP locations are the Linkregional forums and the LinkRP discord. However, these two places have different uses.

TWP Forums

LinkTWP's forums are the official home of TWP's traditional-style RPs. These usually involve continuous stories told collaboratively through forum posts. These don't usually go very quickly, as not everyone can be active all the time, but they tend to produce very immersive stories because of the ability to write longer posts. Sports RPs and international incidents are other types of RP that live on the forums.

There are four RP subforums available for use:

And of course, the RP Archive, which is, as you guessed, where really old clutter goes.

RP Discord

LinkTWP's RP Discord server is the home of our less traditional RP. The server is a welcoming and inclusive place for everyone who is interested TWP's roleplaying community. It is not a gameplay or foreign affairs Discord, nor is it a substitute for the general chat and spam functions of main TWP server. Its activities include nation building, arts and crafts, regional planning, and all sorts of other things. The server has a lot of different channels, but don't be overwhelmed, a rundown of what they all mean can be found in the #welcome channel. If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to ping (@) or direct message (DM) one of the Lorekeepers—they're there to help.

  • A good place to start in the Discord server is the Roleplay Chat. This is the general-use chatroom, where you can introduce yourself and get to know people. The VC Text channel is used in conjunction with voice chats, which usually occur once or twice a week.

  • The Featured Projects section is used for current region-wide events and activities. Be sure to read the channel description and check the pinned messages to see what's going on in the channel before you post.

  • The Book of The West section is mostly used for posting finished products so other people can see and use info about your nation.

  • The Continental Congresses don't currently have meaning beyond out of character (OOC) planning, though there are whispers of the development of international organizations in The West Pacific. You are a member of the Continental Congress channel for whatever continent your nation is located on. The channel is meant to be a place for denizens of each continent to come together to discuss collective histories, geography, and give support as needed. At some times, some Congress channels may be more active than others, but don't let this discourage you. If no one else in your channel is active, then that's a fantastic opportunity to start something completely new to inspire your neighbors! The bottom line here is that activity begets activity.

  • The Workrooms are the heart of nation building on the Discord server. Here you can find resources, ask for help, and post what you've been working on.

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