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TWP Regional Dispatch (New Players)

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Foreign Affairs:

World Assembly and Recruitment:
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Cultural Affairs & Newspaper:


Hello and Welcome to The West Pacific!

Those of you that are passing through, or created another puppet, this document probably isn’t for you, but if you clicked this link you might as well read it through.

TWP Quick Links: The West Pacific - LinkForums - LinkDiscord - Master Dispatch

Let’s start off with a basic question: "What is NationStates?" and “What can I do here?”

NationStates is a nation simulation game where we, the players, run nations and band together in regions to have a good time. First and foremost, we have your own individual nation. This is what you interact with when you login to your page. You have the authority to govern it as you see fit. You can answer issues to change your laws and ordinances. Discover more on the TWP Home Page.

On a wider scale of things that directly impact your nation and it’s stats is the World Assembly. In this body, resolutions and laws are passed that all regions must recognize, but only the nations that are a part of the WA must abide by them. No one forcing you to join the WA, but it you want to vote on Assembly resolutions, you need to be a member.

The WA is international, meaning that anyone from any region can and will vote on issues that come up in its halls. It is not specific to the West Pacific.

Next we look at Regions: Your current region is The West Pacific (But what does this mean?)

A region is a specific section of NationStates where we retain a government made up of multiple people. The in-game section of this is related to the Delegate (whom you can vote for as part of the WA), and the officials that he chooses to put into power in-game. The larger concept of governments, however, isn’t just in-game. Regions can create their own systems of government, with its own elected officials and Delegate. The Delegate is the head of state and protector for the region, and in our case is also the head of government. The Delegate in the West Pacific is currently Bran Astor. He’s a great guy and will kindly answer any questions you may have!

A region is independent of the WA in that it makes its own decisions within its government, while inter-regional issues that affect everybody are handled by said WA. The government here at TWP is designed as a Meritocracy. The more active you are, and the more capable you show yourself to be, the more opportunities you will get to lead.

In our elections we choose individuals via majority voting to an elected position. To vote in our elections, you must become a citizen of TWP. That is more than maintaining a nation here. Similarly to the WA you must Linkregister to do this. Once you do that, Linkgo here to take our oath of citizenship. Please note that you must have a forum account to fill it out. Our Delegate, Bran, will confirm you in roughly 1-5 days. Once you complete these two steps you are done! You're a citizen of TWP officially and you have full voting privileges.

Also please note that you will see the following boxes that ask you to join a group:

  • The West Pacific Armed Forces (TWPAF)

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Corp (MoFA)

  • The West Pacifican Newspaper Staff (TWPNP)

  • Ministry of World Assembly and Recruitment Staff (MoWAR)

  • Ministry of Cultural Affairs Staff (MoCA)

TWP Ministries and other volunteer opportunities

These are the different groups that are accepting volunteers—at the head of each group is an elected (or not) official. Here's a very basic look at what each group does, so you can start figuring out how you want to be involved in our region.

The West Pacific Armed Forces (TWPAF)

  • Current Commander: Overthinkers, Current soldiers: Nrevyw (Sergeant-at-Arms), See Government Directory

  • What they do: Here we at TWP conduct raiding, which is an in game mechanic that involves taking over other regions, whether it be for fun or for other purposes. We use the endorsement system (a system where the most endorsed person becomes the Delegate of a region) to invade and rapidly endorse each other to gain control of a region. It’s a lot of fun, and member can rise in rank to become officers within our military. Yes, TWPAF is what we speak of when we talk about “military.”

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Corp (MoFA)

  • Current Minister: Dilber, Gryphonian Alliance (Deputy Minister)

  • What they do: Ever wanted to become a diplomat? Well now’s your chance! At MoFA we enlist your help and make you a diplomat to foreign regions. They deal with a lot in inter-regional dynamics and are a terrific asset to TWP. It can be a place with a lot going on depending on the time and climate of inter-regional politics.

Ministry of World Assembly and Recruitment (MoWA/R)

  • Current Minister: Sensorland - Current staff: Nieubasria (Deputy Minister), The Unified Missourtama States, Fuentana, Giovanniland

  • What they do: At MoWA/R the the name of the game is activity. We aim to get residents involved in the World Assembly and in the region as a whole. If you love writing resolutions and running recruitment campaigns, then MoWA/R is for you! Contact the Minister for more details.

Ministry of Cultural Affairs (MoCA)

  • Current Minister: Fujai - Current staff: Recuecn (Deputy Minister), Sensorland, Fuentana, Mystic Skies, Nieubasria

  • What they do: Cultural Affairs is all about involvement. Here we have community events such as Holiday observances and Haikuesday, Punday Monday and special events. We love to have fun! If social involvement and community spirit is your thing, then what are you waiting for? MoCA is always looking for new volunteers to help. If you want more details, contact Fujai.

The West Pacifican Newspaper

  • Current Editor: Fujai - Current staff: Recuecn, Sensorland, Mystic Skies, Giovanniland, Dilber

  • What they do: If you are wondering, then yes, TWP has its own newspaper! We write about things going on within the region and feature interviews with prominent residents. It's a lot of fun to read! The newspaper is a division of Cultural Affairs.


You can find our regional hub, the forums, Linkhere. We also have an active discord channel that you can Linkjoin here. This is where, most of the time, you can find the contacts mentioned above in the volunteer group list.

Hope you learned something, and enjoy your stay in The West Pacific!

Layout by Bran Astor & Fujai