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How to Get Involved in The West Pacific: Ministries and Other Opportunities!

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Get Involved!

NationStates presents the player with national issues at its core. The truth is, many players get bored of that and eventually leave without knowing there is a ton of opportunities that await them if they are willing to put effort into the game. You don't want to become one of them, right?

In this dispatch you can learn about the West Pacific's ministries and various other opportunities. We are a meritocracy that rewards initiative and contributions!

Most opportunities require you to be a Citizen of the Hall of Nations, so Linkapply for citizenship here, filling both form and oath.

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Foreign Affairs (FA) is all about developing relations with other regions, especially allied regions, and spreading our culture abroad!

You should join Foreign Affairs if you are talkative, willing to meet new people, and like exploring other places!

After applying, you will first need to read some guides about important game concepts, and then be officially assigned as a TWP diplomat to another region.

You will have some tasks such as delivering important news to and from TWP, but the most important is to be active in the region you are assigned to.

Minister: Varanius
Deputy Minister: Hertfordshire and Jammbo

How to apply: Send a Discord message to the Deputy Minister at @snowsageclarkov!

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The West Pacific Armed Forces

The West Pacific Armed Forces (TWPAF) is a sovereign military that offers raider and defender operations by using endorsements to take over or defend other regions!

Raiding and defending is a feature allowed by the fact that the nation with the most endorsements in a region becomes the regional delegate. Raiding is taking a region's delegacy by bringing in our own endorsements, and defending is protecting the region's existing delegate by endorsing them.

The endorsement count is checked twice per day at 12:00 AM EST (major update) and 12:00 PM EST (minor update), therefore most activity will happen at these times. However, if you aren't available at either of these times, you can still join the Reapers to support occupations and defenses.

Admiral of the Fleet: Teralyon

How to apply: LinkSubmit an application in the forum thread, Linkjoin the TWPAF Discord Server and be ready for training once accepted!

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Office of Recruitment

The Office of Recruitment helps recruit new nations to join the region!

Members of the Office send recruitment telegrams to newly founded nations, who may then move to the West Pacific via their telegram.

Joining the Office is a very simple and effective way to help the region out!

Director of Recruitment: Noton Mast

How to apply: Send a Discord message to the Director of Recruitment at @quadc!

Ministry of World Assembly Recruitment

World Assembly Recruitment (WAR) has the goal of strengthening The West Pacific in the World Assembly and encouraging regional involvement in the WA!

WAR is a great fit for those that like to help strengthen the region, help new nations and support the Delegacy.

There are tasks as diverse as increasing endorsements for the Delegate and Guardians, encouraging WA members of the region to endorse each other, and highlighting outstanding members that are active in the region.

Furthermore, the ministry publishes recommendations about the Delegate's WA votes and seeks members willing to write proposals to advance TWP's interests.

Minister: Occidius
Deputy Minister: Varanius

How to apply: Send a Discord message to the Delegate Overthinkers at @weirdoxvii!

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Hall of Nations

The Hall of Nations (HoN) is the regional body composed by all Citizens of the West Pacific and serves as a gateway to regional opportunities!

Citizenship is not only required to join ministries, but also enables participation in other regional activities, such as the weekly Open Cabinet for citizens to learn about ongoing regional happenings and government updates, and Government AMAs for citizens to ask questions to government members.

The Hall also elects two positions, the Speaker of the Hall that coordinates discussions, and the Hall of Nations Guardian with limited Guardian powers.

Speakers of the Hall of Nations: Dalimbar & Fujai

How to apply: LinkFill both the citizenship form and oath in the forum thread!

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Regional Guides

The Regional Guides are tasked with welcoming new players and getting them comfortable and involved in the regional community!

Tasks range from welcoming and helping new players, to planning Today in the West posts and other events in the Regional Message Board, helping to engage all residents.

Applying to join as a Regional Guide means you should at least have some basic knowledge of NationStates, but don't worry, you can join even if you don't know everything.

Head Regional Guide: Zoran

How to apply: Send a Discord message to the Head Regional Guide at @oblivionwind!

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Cultural Trust

The Cultural Trust is the home of regional culture, composed of several independent cultural communities!

  • Card Club, the center of Trading Cards events and contests of our region, guided by experienced card traders!

  • News Group, the publisher of our monthly newspaper called The Western Post!

  • Roleplay Community, the hub of our regional map and roleplay, for players to work on worldbuilding and developing their nations.

  • West Pacific Gaming, the home of game streams, multiplayer game events, and much more!

  • Fine Arts Society, the place for artists, writers, graphic designers, poets, and musicians within the region!

  • The West on the Waves, the region's official radio broadcaster open to anyone who wants to host shows!

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