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XKI Welcome Guide: Join TITO

What is TITO?

TITO (Ten Thousand Islands Treaty Organization) is 10000 Islands' very own defender army! TITO provides for the defense of our region, as well as going out to help defend other regions in NationStates that are attacked unfairly.

What do we do?

Invaders attempt to capture the WA Delegacy of regions, predominantly founderless regions, and seize control. They then damage the region by frequently ousting democratically elected government officials and regional leaders, ejecting or banning native nations, and often holding the region captive over long periods. To stop this, we work to help counteract their actions and ultimately defeat the invaders.

Sounds easy? Defenders have to follow specific orders, and in perfect coordination. Each mission is unique and with the very future of a whole region on the line, that can be intense!

TITO has helped thousands and thousands of regions in our time and we wish to ensure that all regions can thrive in peace, free from invader harassment.

That is where YOU come in!

TITO is always seeking those who share our values and who want to help other regions in peril. Applicants to TITO will receive patient training by expert defenders, at a pace that is workable for you. And don't worry! Contrary to what you might believe, participating in TITO won't take a lot of your time! There's two "updates" each day where vulnerable regions are at most risk of being invaded, and even then, you can participate in them whenever you want to. What if you can't join us either update? Then don't worry! You can join the TITO Expeditionary Force, which operates outside these updates. Within a few days of joining TITO, you will be learning the skills, and making a very real contribution to the security and stability of the NS community.

Applying to TITO is easy and quick. Just follow this link to our forum and answer a few questions: Link

After a security check, and consideration by TITO Command, you will be informed of your admittance to TITO or rejection of it. If admitted, you will be joining a dynamic and historic community of defenders. We support each other, our region, and the wider NS world.

TITO Mission Statement

TITO, the Ten thousand Islands Treaty Organization, stands to defeat aggression in the NationStates world by defeating groups or regions that attack innocent regions.

Any region that attacks an innocent region is an enemy of TITO and the 10000 Islands. The attacking of innocent regions is a cowardly and dishonorable practice. TITO stands up for the innocent regions of this game and will assist these regions by whatever means necessary, in accordance with NationStates rules.

TITO cannot and will not defend every region in NationStates, but when a region is unjustly invaded, not only will we hold the option of defending that region in whatever manner we see fit, but we also hold the option of attacking the attacking regions homeland itself.

TITO and the 10000 Islands seeks to live in peace with all regions in NationStates, but we will not back down to the those that wish to impose their will on innocent regions.

This is a warning to all regions that engage in the practice of region crashing -- if we haven't heard of you yet, we will. If we haven't stopped you yet, we will, and if you haven't felt our presence in your homeland yet, you will. There are ways to make life difficult for those regions that wish to oppress others. If you attack innocent regions, beware TITO. Long live freedom, long live the 10000 Islands and long live TITO!

Special thanks to Markanite for writing and Porflox for formatting

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