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XKI Welcome Guide: The World Assembly

What is the World Assembly?

The World Assembly, or WA, is one of the most important features of NationStates. The WA consists of the General Assembly (GA) and the Security Council (SC). Every few days a resolution comes to vote. As a WA member you can vote for, against or abstain on the resolution. If it passes it will be implemented into all WA nations. There are minor changes in national statistics involved when GA resolutions pass but nothing will change drastically.

Applying for the World Assembly

Applying for WA can be done in these easy steps:

- Go to the WA page.
- Click on the “Apply to Join” button.
- Open the inbox of the e-mail you applied with.
- Click on the given link that will take you back to NationStates.
- Click the “Confirm: Join World Assembly” button.
- Now you are a part of the WA!

You can resign from the WA at any time. You need to have a registered an e-mail address on your account in order to join the WA, if you have not done this yet, you can change it in your nations settings. Note that NationStates will never share your email address with others or send you emails outside of WA applications.

Note: You may NEVER have more than one nation in the WA at a time! Having more than one may result in a year long ban from the World Assembly the first time. This is also why emails are required for WA nations.

Endorsing and Delegates

What is Endorsing
When you have joined the WA you can endorse nations in your region. This is done by going on the nations page, scrolling down and clicking the “Endorse [nation]” button. The more endorsements a nation has the more influence they gain. The nation with the most endorsements in a region is also the regional Delegate.

The WA Delegate

The WA Delegate of a region is the nation with the most WA endorsements in the region.

What is stopping you from becoming a delegate?

10000 Islands holds a democratic election to determine the delegate. There is also an endorsement cap, which is a limit of how many endorsements you are allowed to have as a non-delegate nation. In 10000 Islands the cap is half of the current delegate’s endorsements. If you surpass this cap on purpose, you risk being temporarily banned from the region.

Delegate’s votes have the weight of the total number of endorsements i.e. if a delegate has 50 endorsements, their vote will count 50+1 (their own vote) instead of one like other nations. This gives a lot of power to the delegates when there is a resolution at vote.

Regional Voting

10000 Islands has a regional voting system. Before a resolution goes to vote, two threads will be posted: one for discussion and one for voting.

In the discussion thread the proposal that is going to vote is shown and anyone can post their opinions and reasoning.

In the voting thread WA Islanders, nations that have a WA nation in 10,000 Islands, can vote for, against or abstain on the resolution with a poll. The outcome of the vote ends up being what the delegate votes.

The polls can be found Linkhere.

WASP Awards

The World Assembly Supremacy Program (WASP) Awards are featured in a monthly dispatch made by the World Assembly Secretariat in the Islands. The dispatch notifies all WA members in 10,000 Islands and give them different badges for their accomplishments.

This helps educate nations about the WA and motivates them to endotart.

WA Proposals

General Assembly

The General Assembly (GA) creates laws for all its nations, and is most similar to the real-life United Nations.

The usual proposals are there to eliminate problems and enact these laws on all WA member states. There are different categories of proposals, such as Civil Rights or Health. These are usually about anything, such as the right to education or the right to free speech. If a proposal is passed, it is referred to as a resolution.

There are also repeals. This means that a previously passed resolution will be canceled out. The reasoning for why a resolution is repealed is explained in the repeal itself.

If the majority of the WA votes against or the vote is tied, the proposal will fail. If the majority votes for, it will be enacted in all WA nations.

Security Council

The Security Council (SC) features proposals about specific nations or regions.

A commendation applauds and recognizes a nation or region for their contributions and efforts in different parts of NS.

A condemnation criticises a nation or region for their actions in NationStates. Condemnations are often commendations in disguise, as they reward a player for playing an evil nation well.

A liberation prevents the use of founder or delegate imposed passwords for a region, usually to save it from raiders, who want to password it, so it can’t be liberated again.

An injunction prevents a region from converting to a Frontier, if a Stronghold, or prevents a region from converting into a Stronghold, if a Frontier.

The SC also has repeals, just like the GA.

Voting on a proposal

Once you have been admitted to the WA, you can vote on any proposal that comes up to vote. This is done by scrolling to the bottom of the proposal and clicking the “Vote For” or “Vote Against” buttons. If you do not vote anything, you will automatically abstain.

Writing your own proposal

Apart from needing 2 endorsements to submit a proposal to the WA, nothing is stopping you from writing your own proposal.

The usual process is to draft a proposal that doesn’t overlap any of the previously, non-repealed resolutions, then post this draft on the NS forum. Experienced authors will give feedback on your resolution.

Once a proposal has been submitted to the WA it will have to reach the necessary approvals. This means 6% of all delegates need to approve the proposal (usually around 65-80). Once it has the needed approvals, it has reached the quorum, where it waits until it goes to vote.

Endotarting is the action of endorsing a long list of regional members in hopes of getting endorsements back. Usually it also includes sending telegrams out, requesting people to endorse them. Endotarting helps the region gain influence.

Special thanks to Eastern New England for writing this dispatch and Porflox for formatting.