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10KI Cards Co-op

Welcome to Cards Trading!

You've probably found this Dispatch because your nation is in 10000 Islands and you recently opened a trading card pack or engaged in the trading card game. This Dispatch is designed to welcome you to the trading cards game and encourage you to join LinkXKI Cards Co-operative.

What are Trading Cards?

Trading cards began as the 2018 April Fool's joke but eventually became a permanent feature of the site. Trading cards are essentially a fun side game within NationStates, with each card reflecting a nation that existed at the time that the seasons were created (Season 1: Apr 1 2018; Season 2: Nov 28 2019; Season 3: Nov 12 2022). There is a chance to earn a "pack" of trading cards each time you answer an issue. You can view your current deck here. Traders like to collect cards to create decks with the highest value, collections of cards with certain flags, collections of members of their region or their friends, or really any attribute. You can learn more in our forum guide or this guide from our friends at The North Pacific's cards guild.

What is Card Farming?

Card farming is a technique where you create puppet "card farm" nations where you randomly answer issues in order to generate packs of trading cards. After you open those packs, you keep some of the cards and gift them to your main nation, while you "junk" others to generate bank to spend on other cards. Most farmers start with a set of 5-10 card farms and slowly scale up as their card ambitions increase.

What is the XKI Cards Co-operative?

The XKI Cards Co-operative is designed to support the card collecting aspirations of its members while also providing cards to be used for regional activities and events. Examples of past times when this occurred include the XKI Summer Olympics and Best Flag Competition.

How does the XKI Cards Co-operative work?

You may designate 10 nations as "cards co-op nations". You may farm those nations normally except that whenever you find a Legendary trading card on one of those nations you can gift it to 10KI Card Center which hosts the regional cards stockpile. Additionally, from time to time other Cards Co-op members will be able to Linkrequest specific non-Legendary cards from your co-op nations to complete and bolster their collections.

What do I get as a member of the XKI Cards Co-operative?

First, members of the XKI Cards Co-operative can request Linkcards mentors to help teach them about the basics of trading cards. If you're a new trader, this is a great option!

Second, members of the XKI Cards Co-op can request Linkcards from other co-op members to help complete their collections.

Third, Co-op members Linkreceive Taco pay at a rate of 10 Tacos per issue answered for farming on their cards co-op nations.

Lastly, Co-op members get access to the Linkshared transfer card system to help with transferring bank from their card farms to their main nations.

How do I sign up!?

Fill out Linkthis Google form and contact Cards Co-op President New Kowloon Bay to get admitted.