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XKI Welcome Guide: Entertainment and Activities


Fiddling around with the NS issues can be fun at first, but it can become stale after a while if that's all you're doing. Fortunately for you we at XKI have a number of places where you can interact with your fellow islander and play games with them. Be sure to join our Linkregional forum and our Linkdiscord so you're able to fully indulge yourself in XKI activities.

Taco Island

LinkTaco Island is where most of the action takes place as it is the most active part of our forum. Over here you can spam to your hearts content, whether it be joining a spam chain, lightheartedly role-playing in wacky scenarios or just chatting with some new found friends about the meanings of life, Taco Island is the place to do it. You can also take a look at some games being hosted on our LinkGames Board, join in on the fun! If you feel a little anxious about posting on the regional forum for the first time, join in on one of the Taco Island threads, it's a great way to get started and involved in the community! Also, check out the Taco Island Section of our Discord if you want to crack jokes or have a nice chat in real time with some XKI Islander friends.


Though Taco Island allows for some aspect of role-play, if you're more a an avid role-player you may be looking for something a bit more robust and serious. In that regard we have three outlets where you can test out your writing prowess! For those who tend to stick onsite on Nationstates we also have a dedicated region A Taco Archipelago, where you and your friends can use the region's RMB for more fast paced improvised role-play. LinkOur discord also has a room where you're able to engage with faster paced role-play with your fellow islander! Finally, we offer a LinkRole-Playing Forum Area suited for more detailed storytelling that can be written over long periods of time. You can learn more about how to participate in our Roleplay Dispatch

Cultural Events

Our LinkCultural Office hosts a number of fun and unique events throughout the year, previous events can be viewed Linkhere. Be on a lookout for event notifications by the Cultural Office either in a telegram, on the forums or on discord.

Card Collecting

If you have a keen interest for the The Card Minigame, then the XKI Cards Co-op (click me) might be for you! The Cards Co-op runs giveaways and other programs to help any nation interested in collecting international artwork. For more info, just click on the Cards Co-op link above.

XKI Casino

LinkXKI Casino, located over on our forums is where you can play games to gamble away your hard earned Tacos, our regional currency. The regular games you can participate in are the weekly LinkCash Lottery or the weekly game of LinkSic Bo. There are also a number of surprise events that pop up, another thing to look out for if you want big taco money.

Debate Hall

LinkThe Grand Debate Hall is where you can take part in or host your own 'Debate Topic'. Need a poll on a question that's been itching your mind or perhaps you just like to argue with other people, The Grand Debate Hall is where you can achieve those desires.

Some other things that may interest you

  • Poet Laureate - We run a Poetry Contest every year on the months of February, June and October. You can see our previous winners Linkhere. Look out for when the next contest will held, maybe you can awaken the poet in yourself?

  • The Marketplace - LinkOur Marketplace is where Islanders can exchange regional currency for services such as art commissioning or image editing. Have a skill you think you can profit off of? You can make you own business following the steps Linkhere.

  • Defending - Want to help stop other vulnerable regions from being invaded, look to our TITO Guide for more info.

  • Giving Back - Interested in doing a job in service to the islands? Our LinkJob Opportunities board is constantly posting new job openings, never know what opportunities you can come across.

  • XKI Houses - Houses are another area of XKI where Islanders can go head to head against each other in a number of games and competition, check out our XKI Houses Guide

Special thanks to The tasmanian islands for writing and Porflox for formatting.