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Introduction to NationStates and the South Pacific (Click here if you are new!)

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Welcome to NationStates and the South Pacific!

Welcome to the South Pacific, or by its formal name, the Coalition of the South Pacific (TSP). Home to over 8000 nations, the South Pacific is one of the oldest, most populous, and influential regions in NationStates with a parliamentary republic government that you and many other citizens can participate in. This guide will get you started on the multidimensional world of NationStates (NS) and this region. If you want a longer introduction, read this guide.

If there are questions you have about the South Pacific or NationStates that were left unanswered by this guide, please reach out by sending a telegram to Delegate Tepertopia or members of the Local Council: Curlyhoward, Trivalve, The free romanians. The yellow texts are links that you can click to open more information.

Get started in NationStates

If you are completely new to NationStates, you should check out the game's Frequently Asked Questions. It will give you everything you need to know to have fun with your nation and the community.

Get started in the South Pacific

First thing first, to help our region more secure and give your nation the rights to vote on international laws and important elections in our region, please join the World Assembly then endorse Delegate Tepertopia and all members of the South Pacific Coral Guard: Amerion, Aidenfieeld, Tepertopia, Concrete Slab, Farengeto, Ebonhand, Land Without Shrimp, 073 039 109 032 080 111 112 112 121, Holy Free, Tsunamy, PenguinPies.

(How to do the above: Open the World Assembly page on the left then click Apply to join and follow the instructions to join the World Assembly. Next, open the page of the nation you want to endorse, scroll down then click Endorse)

The next step is to meet and make friends with member nations of the region by joining these places:

  • Chat on the Regional Message Board (RMB): Chat with other nations on our message board and get to know our community. Make sure you read the Rules and Etiquette first though to make sure moderators don't annoy you.

  • LinkJoin our forum: Most of the more formal activities in our region such as government proceedings and more elaborate roleplay happen on the forum. Joining the forum is a must if you want to get involved further in our community.

  • LinkJoin our Discord server: The majority of chats about daily life subjects and informal discussions about government matters and NationStates happen on our Discord server. This is also the easiest place to look for help and get in touch with government officials. Please join it if you haven't already!

Get involved

How to take yourself further into our region by participating in various activities.

  • Participate in the Southern World Assembly Initiative (SWAN): After you have joined the WA and endorsed the Delegate, you can take a step further by participating in SWAN! This is the best way to have more endorsements and influence on your nation and help our region more secure and powerful.

  • LinkJoin the government:Our government offers a wide variety of activities for anyone (regardless of experience) to participate such as:

    • Drafting and voting on laws and leaders that govern the region by becoming a legislator in our legislature, the Assembly.

    • Directly involve in the day-to-day activities of the region such as foreign affairs, public media, event and festival organization, engagement with new players,... by joining a government ministry or department.

    • Want something more fast-paced and fun? You can join our military the South Pacific Special Forces (SPSF). They defend our region, allies, and other innocent regions from raiders as well as engaging in offensive operations against regions that espouse hateful ideologies.

    Click on the yellow link will take you to the page where you can learn more about how to join the government!

  • Help the region vote on WA resolutions: Help Delegate Tepertopia and regional nations to decide how to vote on WA resolutions that govern the world before they are brought to the floor with the Office of WA Legislation (OWL).

  • LinkRoleplay (RP): You can roleplay about wars, trading, or anything else about your nation with other nations on gameside using Knowhere, on Linkour forum if you want more formality, and on Linkour dedicated roleplay Discord server. Roleplaying is awesome if you like writing, creating stories, and dislike the limits on creativity that issue answering imposes.

  • More!: There is nearly no limit on what you can do in our region. You can create organizations, newspapers, discussion groups, political parties,... in our region on gameside or on the forum to have more fun!

Know what is happening

You can know what is happening in our region by reading one of the following:

  • LinkCabinet Twitter: These are short and concise updates from the Cabinet which show what they have done.

  • LinkThe Southern Journal (TSJ): This is our frequently published newspaper which summarizes everything that happened in the region in the past month. The Southern Journal presents news, interviews, analysis, and commentary about politics, foreign affairs, regional affairs, gameside events,... It is the best place for you to keep up to date about current events in the region.

  • Other media sources: These are independent media organizations run by our citizens. They offer more diverse topics and views on issues.

  • Ask others: You can ask other players via the RMB, telegrams, or Discord to know more about current affairs. It is recommended to ask a senior member of the region or a government official if you want the best answer.

Learn more

You can learn more about everything in our region by reading various dispatches and guides, below are a good few to get started:

  • List of guides: A list of guides about NationStates and our region.

  • Glossary: A list of common terms and abbreviations you may encounter.

  • Politics Guide: A gentle introduction to politics in our region. A must-read if you want to get involved in our politics.

  • World Assembly Guide: An introduction to the World Assembly and the Office of WA Legislation.

  • LinkRoleplay Guide: Where and how to roleplay in our region.

  • LinkTSP Wiki: A wiki about everything related to our region includes roleplays

  • Laws: A list of laws in our region.

  • List of government dispatches: These dispatches will give you official information about our region and the structures, procedures, and staff of our government.

If you notice any issue on this dispatch, please telegram Coalition of the South Pacific or ping @MoE:Dispatch Team on the region's Discord server.