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Introduction to NationStates and the South Pacific (Click here if you are new!)

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Welcome to NationStates and the South Pacific!

Hello there, and congratulations on founding your very own nation! We know you’ve probably got your hands full governing millions of citizens, but we also wanted to introduce you to your region. A region is simply a community of nations, and every new nation like yourself starts out in one. If you’re reading this, that means you’re in the region of the South Pacific (TSP). That’s us — welcome!

But what can you do in a region? We’re glad you asked! Regions are a great way to get to know and play NationStates with other players. Every region has something different to offer, but here in the South Pacific, some of the things we’re known for include…

  • The oldest extant democracy on NationStates, running since 2003, with a stable, democratic, and highly-developed government;

  • A regional military that’s one of the leading forces defending other regions from attack;

  • Vibrant roleplay universes, where players build up the lore of their country; and

  • A friendly and welcoming community of players just like you.

No matter what you’re interested in, we’re sure there’s something for you. The choice is yours!

If you have any questions about NationStates or our region, feel free to join our LinkDiscord server or Linkregional forums to chat with other members of our community. We'd be happy to help you!

What can I do in the South Pacific?

Hang out with everybody

Become a SWAN Knight
Quick and easy but very important!

SWAN Knights are our region's main line of defense against foreign invaders and security issues. It is highly recommended that you become one. It is very easy to do, just follow these steps:

Step 1: To join World Assembly, go to your settings page, set an email address, click World Assembly on the left sidebar, click Apply to Join, then follow the instructions it displays.

Step 2: Endorse the Delegate and member nations of the Coral Guard in the list below. To endorse a nation, click on the nation name to open its page, scroll down, then click the Endorse button.

Endorse the Delegate

Endorse member nations of the Coral Guard






Land Without Shrimp




Okay, but why? Do I get any benefits?

  • You will get the privilege of voting on World Assembly resolutions

  • You will receive endorsements from the nations you just endorsed above

  • You will be honored on this list and you can use the badge in it on your own dispatches

  • Our region, and by extension your nation, will become stronger and more secure against invaders and other security threats

Become a citizen
Make your voice heard

LinkCitizens are nations that enjoy the full rights and privileges that our region offers! As a citizen, you can:

  • Vote in our elections for Delegate and Prime Minister,

  • Run for election as Delegate or Prime Minister yourself,

  • Become a member of our executive branch of government,

  • Unlock access to citizen-only areas on our Discord server and forums,

  • And more!

How do I become a citizen?

Simply Linkmake an account on our regional forum, then head over to the LinkGetting Involved wizard, check the "I want to apply for citizenship" box (as well as any other areas you're interested in), and follow the instructions there.

LinkBecome a citizen ➔

Join the military
Protect innocent regions across NationStates

Our military offers exciting, fast-paced gameplay and the chance to defend innocent regions and communities all across NationStates from unjustified attacks.

NationStates doesn’t have wars between nations (although you can roleplay it, look below for more info), but it does have wars between regions. Our regional military, the LinkSouth Pacific Special Forces (SPSF), is one of NationStates' premier defender militaries, which means we work to protect innocent regions from attack by hostile invaders. It's a great way to get in on some exciting, fast-paced action with (and against) other players while protecting innocent communties across the game!

How do I enlist in the military?

Simply Linkmake an account on our regional forum, then head over to the LinkGetting Involved wizard, check the "I'd like to join the SPSF" box (as well as any other areas you're interested in), and follow the instructions there.

LinkJoin the South Pacific Special Forces ➔

Join our legislature, the Assembly
Shape our regional laws

The Assembly is our regional legislature. It consists of legislators who create, debate, and vote on laws covering the rights of citizens of our region, our foreign policy towards other regions, the way our regional officer powers are allocated, and a lot more.

As a legislator, you can craft, debate, and vote on laws just like in a real government. The Assembly offers rich, lively political debate and is the perfect venue for you to voice your beliefs and shape our region. You can learn a ton about writing laws and dealing with legisative procedures by participating in the Assembly.

How do I join?

LinkBecome a citizen (look above for how), then follow the instructions Linkhere.

LinkJoin the Assembly ➔

Participate in roleplay
Build up your nation's lore and history

Many NationStates players enjoy roleplay (RP), where you get to build up the lore of your country and its people with other players. Whether you’re looking to write stories about your people, report on news from your nation, or simulate trade relations or even war, roleplay is a great choice to get involved.

Our roleplay communities are a perfect outlet to unleash your creativity and formulate your country’s lore and history.

How do I join?

We have a couple of roleplay universes you can join:

  • LinkPacifica is our main modern-tech roleplay universe set in the world known as Pacifica

  • LinkSector A1-0 is a universe for Future Tech sci-fi roleplay.

  • LinkAurora is a medieval-era fantasy roleplay universe.

To participate, just Linkmake an account on our regional forum, then post your roleplay on whatever universe you want. Remember to read the About post (e.g. About: Pacifica canon) of an universe first to make sure you know the world and rules!

Aside from the forum, you can do informal roleplay or ask any question about roleplay on Linkour Discord server.

LinkJoin the forum for forum roleplay ➔

Still not sure?

That’s okay! We think we have a little bit to offer everyone, but if nothing catches your eye right now, no worries! We’d love to just chat with you and get to know you a bit better. Feel free to Linkmake an account on our regional forums or Linkjoin our Discord server.

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