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Introduction to the Government of the South Pacific

The Government
of the Coalition of the South Pacific

Official name:
The Coalition of the South Pacific


Government: Parliamentary republic

Legislature: The Assembly
  • Unicameral

  • Composed of voluntarily registered legislators

Executive: The Cabinet

  • Prime Minister elected by citizens

  • Cabinet appointed by PM and confirmed by Assembly

Judiciary: The High Court

  • Associate Justices with a Chief Justice

  • Appointed by PM and approved by the Assembly

The Government of the Coalition of the South Pacific is the regional government of the South Pacific. Our region is home to one of NationStates' oldest and biggest democracies. Its job is to engage and protect the community of this region, and handle relationships with other regions. It is a parliamentary republic with the Delegate (Incumbent: Ebonhand) as the head of state, the Prime Minister (Incumbent: PenguinPies) as the head of government, and three standard independent branches that check and balance each other: the Assembly (Our legislature), the Cabinet (Our executive), and the High Court (Our judiciary). The Delegate and the Prime Minister are elected by citizens in free and fair elections. Any nation can apply to become a citizen Linkhere.

Does this government have actual powers?

Yes! Members of the government are tasked with jobs such as moderation, community engagement, recruitment, helping new nations, running Linkthe military, conducting foreign affairs, maintaining regional security, and more. Some members have real in-game powers such as creating polls, sending telegrams to the region, changing the World Factbook Entry, etc. Others have the power to vote on, recall those members, and decide how they should do their job by passing laws.

The government operates in a very similar way to real-life governments. If you like to play politics with others in a realistic way or just want to help our region becoming better, you should participate in the government! Check here for ways to get involved.

The overall structure

We have a parliamentary government with the three common branches: Legislature, Executive, and Judiciary which check and balance each other. The Prime Minister is the head of government while the Delegate is the head of state.

Legislature: The Assembly

The Assembly is the unicameral parliament of the region. It consists of legislators who voluntarily join by applying Linkhere. The Assembly can pass laws, pass resolutions, elect/approve/recall members of other branches, and more.

The Chair of the Assembly (Incumbent: Great Lothian) is responsible for maintaining order and decorum, enforcing the legislative procedure, record-keeping the laws and legislative history, and handling legislator membership.

Learn more about the Assembly here.

Executive: The Cabinet

The Executive branch consists of ministries that do work to keep the region safe and active. It is led by the Prime Minister (Incumbent: PenguinPies) and their Cabinet. Which ministries a cabinet has depend on the PM and can change in future terms . As of currently, it consists of:

  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) led by Minister of Foreign Affairs Sporaltryus. It deals with relationships with other regions and organizations, building treaties, conducting diplomacy, and so on.

  • The Ministry of Culture (MoC) led by Minister of Culture Virifortis. It helps organize fun events and festivals in our region.

  • The Ministry of Defence (MoD) led by Minister of Defence (Incumbent: Vrigny). It is our elite military force the LinkSouth Pacific Special Forces which protects our region, our allies, and many regions in NationStates from invaders.

The Executive branch has a lot of people working within the ministries to run the region's day-to-day activities, including event planners, military officials and soldiers, dispatch writers, etc. The Cabinet has the power to issue executive orders and appoint some important positions in other branches of the government.

The Prime Minister is elected every three months (To be more precise, 16 days before the first of every February, May, August, and November) by Linkcitizens (Learn more about elections here). The PM appoints ministers and decides on the structure of the Cabinet with confirmation from the Assembly.

Learn more about the Cabinet here.

Judiciary: The High Court

The High Court is the highest and only court of the region, where all matters related to conflicts and law interpretations are resolved. It consists of Associate Justices led by Chief Justice Kringalia. Justices are appointed by the Cabinet and approved by the Assembly. Aside from Justices, there are also informal roles that the High Court may choose to establish such as legal text analyzers, court-related event organizers, investigators, paperwork managers, etc.

The Delegate

The Delegate (Incumbent: Ebonhand)) is the head of state of the region. They are granted all in-game powers but must follow the laws on how those powers are used. The Delegate and the Regional Officers appointed by them are the primary agents for the government to exercise its power on the in-game region.

The Delegate is responsible for maintaining the security of the region alongside the CRS, moderating the RMB alongside RMB moderators, promoting growth and activity on the gameside, and serving as an advisor to the forum-side government. The Delegate is elected every 6 months (To be more precise, 16 days before the first of every February and August) by citizens and suitable residents in a two-round process. (Learn more about elections here)

Learn more about the Delegate here.

Independent bodies

Aside from the above, there are a few government bodies known as independent bodies that doesn't belong to any branch of the government. These bodies are:

  • The Council on Regional Security (CRS), which is responsible for monitoring and responding to regional security issues such as coup d'etat, infiltrations from adversaries. It also establishes and enforces the endorsement cap alongside conducting intelligence and counter-intelligence operations.

  • The South Pacific Coral Guard (SPCG), which consists of nations that hold a lot of endorsements and influence in the region. They help maintain a strong buffer of endorsements and influence against foreign threats and can help implement security decisions from the CRS in an emergency.

  • The Citizenship Committee (CitComm), which is responsible for is responsible for granting and revoking citizenship.

  • The Election Commissioner, which oversees elections.

  • The Administration Team, which consists of administrators who run the forum, RMB moderators who enforces the etiquette and rules on the Regional Message Board, and Linkoff-site moderators who moderate our forum and Discord server.

You can learn more about the individual independent government bodies here.

Where does the government do its work?

  • Our LinkDiscord server is where most government activities happen. Once you are a citizen or/and legislator, you will see the channels where government members do their jobs.

  • The LinkAssembly Hall subforum is where formal Assembly proceedings happen.

  • The LinkCabinet subforum is where the Cabinet posts its information, updates, and conducts formal discussions about executive matters.

  • The LinkHigh Court subforum is where the High Court conducts its cases.

Check out our other resources about the government here.

If you notice any issue on this dispatch, please telegram Coalition of the South Pacific or ping USoVietnam (@watari5292) on the region's Discord server.