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Dawn Isles wrote:I like that your America desegregated sooner.

I actually didn't know that. I'm still trying to flesh out my country's history so thanks for that fact.

No problem, I am a history nut :P (Or as people like to call me; the local pub's Wikipedia)

any 1 want emu's stealing ur crops again?

Kandorith wrote:No problem, I am a history nut :P (Or as people like to call me; the local pub's Wikipedia)

I'm a history buff too but just assumed France colonised Africa sooner than it did. I want with 1697 in my post because that's when French rule in Haiti was formalised. Totally different parts of the world I know. Silly of me.

That moment you can not decide between the South Korea anthem or the Chinese anthem; they both sound epic in their own way... I just can't decide which one to base Kandorith's anthem on...

Kandorith wrote:That moment you can not decide between the South Korea anthem or the Chinese anthem; they both sound epic in their own way... I just can't decide which one to base Kandorith's anthem on...

Korea. They're nicer to their people lol

Dawn Isles wrote:Korea. They're nicer to their people lol

Is unless we are taking about North Korea.

Maxiumia wrote:Is unless we are taking about North Korea.

Def not lol

Good afternoon, everyone! ^_^

THE RARE EMUS wrote:any 1 want emu's stealing ur crops again?

Yes please

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Bjorkikistan wrote:Yes please

*emus steals ur crops and hides behind Mightyenai after they stole ur crops right away*

After a day's work, the official factbook of New Goldman's Emperor has been released!

Harry Norton II

Painting by Randy Petrenko


In office:
July 20 1974 - Present Day

Preceded by: Michael II

Prince of The House

In office:
May 3 1956 - July 20 1974

Preceded by: Michael II
Succeeded by: Raul Norton

Personal Details


March 2 1951 (age 69)
Varyag, Empire of New Goldman



Political Party:

Non Affiliated (leaning to the Goldman Union of Capitalists)


Mary Norton (since 1958)


Raul, Jake, Toby, Daisy and Nina


University of Varyag
- Degree in Political Science and Business


Cult of Norton


"I shall pledge with my heart, and my soul, to implement and comply with the Constitution of New Goldman as written by the late and great Norton I."
- Norton II reciting the "Nortonian Oath" on his coronation

Emperor Harry Norton II (or commonly called Norton II, Emperor Norton and Harry Jr to his relatives) is a Goldmanian political figure and the current ruling heir of the Empire of New Goldman since 1974. He is also the current head of the House of Norton and the latest ruler of the century old Nortonian Bloodline, which was began by his great great great grandfather and the founder of the Empire, Norton I. He is also the official head of state, both politically and ceremonially, and the highest individual authority within the nation.

Early Life

Norton II was born on March 3 1974 in the capital city of Varyag, to the then ruling Emperor and his father, Michael II, and her spouse Lizzy. He was the only child of the family, meaning that he immediately was bestowed to succeed his father when he moves on from the emperorship. Like all his other relatives and past rulers, Harry had the benefit of receiving the highest education attainable in New Goldman and a very luxurious lifestyle compared to other children. This did not stop him however from making some friends from the peasantry. He went to the Denver National School, the most exclusive elementary and secondary education and teaching center in the country. He was notably an intelligent student, and received the highest honors in class in an unbelievable 10 consecutive times, from 1st to 10th Grade. After finishing 10th Grade, Norton moved to the most prestigious university in the Empire, the University of Varyag, where he took up political science and business, the former later contributing as a key part of his now successful emperorship.

Rise in Politics

From about 8th Grade, Norton II, as according to his father's memoirs and his personal diary, had been wanting to learn about his dad's job and was also deeply fond of politics, being able to memorize all the Prime Ministers that ruled in the era of Norton I and Michael I. Knowing that soon he would be the heir to the throne, Michael II tutored his son on the very hard and responsible needing job of ruling a country as he got older and more eligible for the throne. He especially lectured his son on 3 things: Leadership, Acting with Initiative and Honesty. These 3 virtues would later be described by him as "The Emperor's Pillars", which would help him later in his rule. He would dive more into detail into his bestselling publication, the "Virtues of Leadership".


Upon the death of his father due to lung cancer on July 20 1974, he was immediately sworn in as the heir at only 23 years of age, the youngest Emperor on his coronation night in history. He immediately promised to continue his father's amazing works. He agreed to increase payment of the workers as to avoid communism from spreading. He was the founder of the Alliance of Free States, an international military and economic alliance between New Goldman and a number of small nations in The South Pacific. He is also the only emperor to not merry more than once, staying loyal to Mary and their children.


  • The National Enforcer
    Norton II was a common man who stood for strengthened national security both inside and outside the Empire. One of his first acts as the Emperor is to increase funding of the Police force and the introduction of a conscription act, which bolstered the Armed Forces. He also tightened punishments of the highest order, even introducing the death penalty to the highest of treasoners. But its very notable also that he is a man of peace, and will only use force when provoked.

  • The Abolitionist
    He is also a known man who stood against slavery, which was being practiced since the days of Michael I. Just recently (around a few weeks ago), he finally pushed the Abolitionist Bill of 1920 through the National Assembly, being approved overwhelmingly by the NA. By the decree of the act, state slavery was officially abolished and slaves got their freedom. He is praised by the black population as a hero and savior.

  • The Man Created Equal
    Despite his very high status, he often shared his wealth and rich to the population. He created the "Joy Through Integrity" relief program, which aimed to decrease national poverty. He was also a staunch supporter of the rights for LGBTs and Blacks. For his nice attitude and willingness to help the people, he was given the nickname "The Man Created Equal" by the Black author Tom Brown.

For & Against

  • For: Big Government, Abolition of Slavery, Rights for LGBTs, Right for Women to Vote, Gun Rights, Legal Immigration, Legal Emigration, Strong Army Upkeep, Conservative Monarchy, Patriotism and Equality for All.

  • Against: Communism, Limited Government, Socialism, Racial Division, Sexual Segregation, National Socialism, Communalism, Fascism, Falangism, Army Budget Cuts, Men Voters Only, Promotion of Slavery.

Personal Information

When he was in the University of Varyag, he met his future wife and now Empress of New Goldman, Mary Norton. They spent their years together studying, until they reached senior year. After graduating, they temporarily got separated as Mary went to study in the United States at the University of Harvard. When she came back, Norton was now the Emperor. They were married shortly afterwards and gave birth to the now Prince of The House and planned heir, Raul. They also gave birth to other children: Jake, Toby, Daisy and Nina. There are rumors circulating however that Norton had an earlier girlfriend when he was a 10th Grader, but there is currently no evidence to back this up.

Personal Trivia

  • Norton II is the only Emperor so far to not serve in the Army.

  • He is also the first Emperor to not have more than one wife.

  • Has a pet Siberian Husky named Snow, and a lion cub named Simba.

  • Passed the Abolitionist Bill of 1920 after a century of pending, making it the longest pending bill in the National Assembly.


“The Path Across Darkness is illuminated by Hope, not a flashlight.”

“Fearing the Future is Fearing your Life.”

"The Past is the Past, but it is learned in the Present and remembered in the Future."

"The Real Coward is a man who fears his anger."

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