The Black Riders RMB The Black Riders was Condemned by Security Council Resolution # 127

WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The Grand Army of Black Riders Commander

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Overlord: General Halcones
Chief: Kknight
Marshal: Gest
Marshal: Bob Moran


Move to The Mountains to the East and endorse Sadko

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    Need a Mentor?

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    How to start Raiding?

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    Raiding Guide

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Embassies: Ixnay, The Silver Isles, Islamic Revolution of Iran, Region of Reunited Muslim States, K and J Alliance, Hippiedom, Whitereach, Angola, The United Study Group, Charon, Planet X, Internet, DEN, Sicarius, The Doom Squad, Sanctuary of Syl, and 524 others.Nazi Rehab, The Great Fascist Circle, Khazinnoth, Platonic Confederacy, The Technological Union, Obama, Land of Yetis, The super soviet union, Sotoa, Warszawa, Global Markets, quadland, Moonstar, Seven Kingdoms, Aurentina, Mupomawawoy, Montiac, Schwallenia, The Horde, Realm of the God King Pober, the League for National Socialists, jew, Epicville, Wolfram and Hart, Panopticon, The Eternal Alliance, Terra Luna, The TARDIS, Alpha Site, Heroes Community, Polandia, Atlantic, The Land Of Amani, Realm of Beans, Green Bay, Gates of Azera, Fun Times, Vereinite Emirate, Caisnessia, Devious Tyrant, The Bad Lands, The Capitalist Communists, The Union of High Society, Constanta, The Crystal Throne, The Canigandastani Protectorate, Greater Baconia, Aryan Army, Western Assembly, The agency, SleepingForest, Isaki, Tofulinearity, The Confederacy, The Pacific Army, Gath, The heavenly isles of sidltha houd, Aryan Soviet Brotherhood, Abercrombie, Tiber River SPQR, Central York, Bloc Anti Imperialiste, KOREA, The Order of The Antilles, Cavalcadium, American Barracks, International Center Europe, The National UN of Visnadello, Medwedian Alliance, Tig Pitties, Heaven and Hell, Time, Imperial Great Britain, Democratium, The White Islands, Black Front, Hidden Street, Koeln, Friendship, Whipping, The Suits Community, Live and let live, Tooshie, Innuendo, Warhammer 40000, Community of Independent Nations, Gate class, Byzantiovakia, Lesbia, JAIL, HR Nightmare, The Crimson Dawn Puppet Storage, The Fascist Brotherhood, The Fascist Recreation Region, US Switchers, Nuomician Empire, Prins Aleksander, United Commonwealth, The Land of Swords and Shields, Brisbane Islands, Turkic Union, Hirutail, under a bridge, Muscovy, The Las Vegas Strip, Simolia, Scandinavian Allies, The Communist and Capitalist Continent, Realm of Hope, The Alliance Pocket Universe, Fort America, American Military, TRUE AMERICANS, Postapocalyptia, Black Star, Nations of Friendly Government, Muslamic Ray Guns, Alagaesia, The Swaggy Satanists of Swagville, White Man Land, Leningrad Union, New Calradia, Ideological Testing Ground, Britantion, The Exclusion Zone, United Dictatorships, The Unified Nations of Anarchist Canada, Gordonhurst Alliance, Aeris, Ordarnini Region, HCG Columbus Academy, Iongiafu Island, Capitalist Union of Scandinavia, Armed Forces of All, Lagrangian Point 5, STINGRAYS, Divergent, Sarnia, The Crimson Dawn, Duraron, Imperial military, Holy Order of The Believers, The Politics, Cyrenaici Archipelago, Peoples Assembly, Beit Jala, The Confederacy of life, The Lands of the Southern Cross Alliance, US Base, The Collective States, Catopia, The Olympian Federation, Hallo Island Bay, The Lost Pacific, Viscaelia, The Creepylands of Zalgo, Aeldorin, Hibyra and Austrandona, The Weimar Republic, Greendale, The Tetrominoes of Aquafina, The Second Unified Pacific Alliance, European Union of Fascists, The Monolithic League of Despotism, The Nation of Nations and Friends, NationOutlawz, The Arcadia Isles, The Anglican Commonwealth, Southern Europe, The Red Sun Union, Serendipity, Die bundesrepublik deutschland, Neo Gehenna, Nordrhein westfalen, Rossiyskaya federatsiya, LeeVon, The Shatabdi Buli, The Armada, Unitas, BadBitchez, Alliance of Capitalist Republics, The Democratic Alliance, The Marxist Alliance, UIS, United Utopias, The Conglomerate of Fun, Warzone Vacation Resort, Fascist Safe Haven Realm, Windy Mountain, Alliance of Socialist Nations, America of the United States, World Powers, Jewish Defense League, Anarchists, SCAN dinavia, The Iron Federation, Cardiff Region, Ad Lucem, LV426, Halton Region, The Free Union, Khora, Dawlat filastin, Allied Nations of New Terra, Hansan, The Unreasonably Attractive Region, Southern Africa, Magnatheos, Nova Imperium, The Federated States of Vesuvia, Republica, Ego, The Confederated States of Walrusia, Lawndale Commonwealth Realm, The Greenup alliance, Cornwall, The Grand M8 Pact, Xidoen, Altek Allied Powers, Azeroth, The US, The Galatic Republic, Qwinarisia, The French Kingdom, Blawell, Soviet Union of Lawndale, The Raiders of Milipower, Texasland, Chaos Realm, The New Warsaw Pact, Allied Communist States, Superior Swamps of Shrek, Titanos, The Dalist Realms, Impor, the jihad Allegiance, Artheinia, The Proletarian International, Anti Nazi Alliance, Britannian Empire, The Wirral Commonwealth, The First Coalition, Eran Shahr, Aura Hyperia, Kampuchea, Neo Gear Phoneix Pact, Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi, The Mountains to the East, Union of the Greater Tirin Area, Kingdom of Egypt, The United Damon Region, SparrowClan, Princes of Sacrifice, Freedom Gulf, Fruos, North Atlantic and Arctic Treaty, The Democracies, The Best Soviet Union, Holy Frazier Empire, Hannofopoulous, 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The embassy with Heroes Community is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 18 hours.

The embassy with Constanta is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 18 hours.

The embassy with Aryan Soviet Brotherhood is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 18 hours.

The embassy with Abercrombie is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 18 hours.

The embassy with White Man Land is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 3 days 6 hours.

The embassy with Egelloc Kory is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 18 hours.

The embassy with Neo island is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 2 days 6 hours.

The embassy with Pylos is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 18 hours.

The embassy with Atlantic region is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 2 days 18 hours.

The embassy with The Holy Britannian Empire is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 6 hours.

The embassy with The New Old South is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 6 hours.

The embassy with Delta 12 is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 1 day 6 hours.

The embassy with A Door in the Cosmos is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 1 day 18 hours.

The embassy with The Land of Equestria is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 2 days 18 hours.

The embassy with World Communist States is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 3 days 6 hours.

Tags: Featured, Condemned, Gargantuan, and Invader.

Regional Power: High

The Black Riders contains 586 nations, the 15th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Largest Soda Pop Sector in The Black Riders

As a region, The Black Riders is ranked 10th in the world for Largest Soda Pop Sector.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Juggernaught War State of WarsonCompulsory Consumerist State“Where politics fail, war prevails”
2.The VAST AIRE of CoverdniaWA MemberCorporate Police State“BLACK MAN IS GOD”
3.The Corporate Empire of Ragnarok ArisenCapitalist Paradise“Our Business is Life Itself”
4.The Poor Soul of A Million VoicesInoffensive Centrist Democracy“We will break the silence”
5.The Oppressed Peoples of South PanemCorporate Police State“Oppression is the Answer”
6.The Slippery Floors of Wet When SlipperyCompulsory Consumerist State“Aurum Est Potestas”
7.The First Galactic Empire of UnicornsInVorkutaCorporate Police State“Iron within, iron without.”
8.The Marshal of GestCorporate Police State“Gest is Best”
9.The Gangstas Paradise of LelistaniaCorporate Police State“For the people”
10.The Outskirts of The CorruptInoffensive Centrist Democracy“All Hail the Leader!”
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Once again, please do not respond to trolls of spammers.

The Chief of the General Staff of Kknight wrote:Once again, please do not respond to trolls of spammers.

I already don't talk to you!

PS: If Gest dies, Kknight did it.

Mountains to the East is seeing more of a defender presence. Anybody have any suggestions? If I should delete this please tell me and It'll be gone.

The Communism Incorporated of Lesser Soviet Ukraine wrote:region=claris

Hey, don't suggest targets on the RMB thanks.

When's the next update? I've been busy creating puppets.

At 12Am EDT

I officially declare war on north korea for ruining my Christmas afternoon plans. Also Kim Jong Un eats babies and smells like liquid herpes

The United Mining Federation of McMannia wrote:I officially declare war on north korea for ruining my Christmas afternoon plans. Also Kim Jong Un eats babies and smells like liquid herpes

That is Un acceptable

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