The Black Riders RMB The Black Riders was Condemned by Security Council Resolution # 127

WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The Grand Army of Black Riders Commander

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Welcome to The Black Riders: The Elite Cavalry of NationStates!

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Overlord: General Halcones
Chief: Kknight
Marshal: Gest
Marshal: Feuer Ritter
Marshal: Bob Moran

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Embassies: Ixnay, The Silver Isles, Islamic Revolution of Iran, Region of Reunited Muslim States, K and J Alliance, Hippiedom, Whitereach, Angola, The United Study Group, Charon, Planet X, Internet, DEN, Sicarius, The Doom Squad, Cimmeria, and 797 others.Sanctuary of Syl, Mirabundus, Zen Buddha, Aenia, Phlogiston, Nazi Rehab, Premoirpatrik, Ancient Epic League of Epicness, The Great Fascist Circle, The Aristocracy of Derp, The Alliance for Mystic Drugs, Khazinnoth, Imperial Council, Platonic Confederacy, The Technological Union, Obama, Land of Yetis, The Empire of Corvoxia, Hell Howl, Royal Federation of Free Nations, Counter Defence Initiative, The super soviet union, Sotoa, Warszawa, argus, Global Markets, Rostrata, quadland, The information center, The ElateD Archipelago, A Few Good Men, The Cathedral, Moonstar, Seven Kingdoms, Aurentina, Altons Disciples, Mupomawawoy, Kaserne, Montiac, The Evil European Empire, Schwallenia, The free market iniative, The Horde, The LoKanoa Nations, The United Alliance of the Carl, Realm of the God King Pober, the League for National Socialists, jew, Terrenos longicuos de Akasha, Liberal Matriarchy of Grima, The Ringworld Hegemony, Herbstopia, Epicville, Moorland of Apache, Society of Corporate Business, Wolfram and Hart, Panopticon, Grahams Land, Sanorn, Szuperkontinenst, The Internationale Union, The Eternal Alliance, Terra Luna, WORK, The TARDIS, Bedes the Beautiful, The League of Independent Nations, The United Pacific Nations, Alpha Site, Spartania, Heroes Community, Novean Oceania, The Republic of NationStates, Outcasts and Rejects, Scythia, Howardaria, Vampire and Werewolf, Leviathan, Technocopian Network North, Abertawe, Polandia, The Market, The United Republics of Earth, Angloland, Ye Olde Virgine, The Klein Republic, The Anti Communist State, Kiss My ass, Argentism, Discretetopia, Rouge Uprising, Former United States, James Island Model UN, North East Africa in exile, Separatist Alliance, Atlantic, The Land Of Amani, the region of environmental nations, GraveLord Nitos Hideout, Realm of Beans, Atal Dictator, Humankind Solidarity Assembly, The Inquisition, Green Bay, REGIONS WILL FALL, Region of Vesuvian Understanding, The Wall Federation, Freemason alliance, Butafly Land, The United Nations of Gaither, Region of the free, Academia, HOLDANIA, Area 11, Friendly Union of Nations, The Light Side of the Moon, Anarchic Earth, Isle of Awesome, The League of Empires and other nations, The Socialist Heathen Coalition, Tepeco, The United Countries, panda, the Earlham Confederacy of Crazy, Central Greece, Persis, The land of psychotic happiness, Afroeurasia, Gates of Azera, land of the dead, The Antartic Territories, South Atlantic Liberty Association SALA, The United Lands of Akira, Loudonian Alliance, Fun Times, Slava, Vereinite Emirate, Caisnessia, Devious Tyrant, The Bad Lands, Allied Nations Against The Black Hawks, Greater Sierra Alliance, The lands of ooo, The Capitalist Communists, The Communist Parties, Countries Bound by Common Quests, Esteros, Imperial Germanic Confederation, The Hood, The Imperial Nations of Vanquish, The Union of High Society, Constanta, Warzone Hell, Imperial France, New Israel, Corporate District, The German Reich, Chaldea, Religious Union of Dradogoonism, Universe9, The Allied Realms, The Crystal Throne, The Canigandastani Protectorate, Greater Baconia, Aryan Army, Abyssal Forgetfullness, The Royal Federation, Meepcity, United Socialist States, Rozeria, Talanthia, The Collective, The Lazy Space, Mob Region, United Transatlantic Alliance, Imperialist Union, Extremes For Both Parties, Kiwa Moana, Western Assembly, Kuberinaca, Potato Nation, Da Shizz, The Steel Bulwark, Durkasoft Militia Coalition, The Union of USP, Islamic State, The agency, SleepingForest, Isaki, Libertania, Tofulinearity, United Empires of Aincrad, The Confederacy, The Republic of Kingdoms, The Pacific Army, Filipinas, Wolferia, Region of the Shibes, Pretzels, Zerus, Southern Region of Ontorion, The Creed, Pimp Slap Inc, Those One Nations, Dominion of the Great Empire, The Mafia Commission, The Rogue Nations of Horses, Amoderia, Nesal Suarubia, Rhanbarth, The Mosh Pit, United Districts of Scandinavia, Gath, The Kerknian Sphere of Influence, Ranian Union, The United Coalition of Butlers, North Valhaven, The Malidine Empire, Raven Riders, Anarchist Coalition, The Coalition of Shippai, The United Nations Of Rowania, Rhetorican Region Alliance, New Greece, Australasian Democratic Union, Phantasmagoria, Pen, Rainsaw, Littleland in Svealand, Livramentasia, The heavenly isles of sidltha houd, Nerdvana Death and Rebirth, Opposition Pact, Aryan Soviet Brotherhood, Abercrombie, Innizalhaelkaoh, Kino der Toten, Weltreich der Blut das Deutscher, The Empire Of English Speaking Peoples, World Alliances, Tiber River SPQR, Antropoi, The Islyan Fields, My Test Region, The Anti Defamation League, Fresh Budapest, Battery City, Central York, Sektor Xiuon, The Western Pacific Islands, Christian Socialist Union, braptopia, Bloc Anti Imperialiste, The Fascist Powers of Kubrick, KOREA, The Republic of Texas, Empire of Mankind, The Christian Peacekeepers, United Republic of Betac, Communist Earth, Nevthronia, Western Hemisphere Alliance, The Order of The Antilles, Nations of Writing, Cavalcadium, Alliance of Democracy, Free Beach Lands, The Lands of the Commons, The Greater Donger Region of 420, Trust, Almost Paradise, Viridia, Castle Black, American Barracks, New Region, Lovecraft Country, Mystical Council, Un Mundo Nuevo, United Federation of States, International Center Europe, Tropical Paradise, The Faroe Islands, Westerielos, The Outer Space Collective, The National UN of Visnadello, Medwedian Alliance, Land without Kebabs, CCCP, Coalition of the Willing, Akiviiri, eXtreme Anarchists, Tig Pitties, Heaven and Hell, United Mandalorian Clans, Time, Imperial Great Britain, Ridiculum, Democratium, The White Islands, Antarctic Confederation, Princes Hilltopia, The Risk Takers, Black Front, Hidden Street, Sunkailia, The Persian Empire, Moderate Christian Voices, Stormwing Dominion, Uovervinnelige, Koeln, Friendship, The socialist bloc, Whipping, New Fasces, Shannara, Jelly Fish Fields, Mushroom Kingdom, The Suits Community, Live and let live, Redwall abbey, Tooshie, Vereinigte Emirate, Innuendo, Banana Republics, The Grand Germanian Alliance, Warhammer 40000, The Conglomerate of Sovereign Nations, spamland, The Feudalistic Empire of The Pacific, The Union of Dunk Nations, Community of Independent Nations, Banana, Polar1, THE UNITED STATES OF SATAN, Superior Mooington, The Heleanic Coast, The north of Earth, Survey Corps, Cologne, SlaviaBall, Tyberia, Optimus Locus, Gate class, Vermont, Byzantiovakia, Lesbia, The Beallian Empire, Bellatrixia, Isles of Trinity, Kzinti, JAIL, HR Nightmare, Deutschium, The Gamma World, Valley of Vach de Suum, Templar Order, The Crimson Dawn Puppet Storage, An Uncanny Legion of Abstract Nations, Take Raft On Large Lake, The Unified Nations, The Fascist Brotherhood, Isle de Skenpor, Nexus I, The Fascist Recreation Region, Langtoun, Continent of Islands, The Sovereign Islands, Nightlands, US Switchers, Second Order of The Eternal Knights, Nuomician Empire, Prins Aleksander, United Commonwealth, The Land of Swords and Shields, Brisbane Islands, Turkic Union, Straya, Hirutail, under a bridge, united states of syrclan, Romania childs, Muscovy, The Las Vegas Strip, Simolia, Duck Pond, Scandinavian Allies, Jedi vs Sith, Bijuu hunters united, The Communist and Capitalist Continent, Savigno Axis, Realm of Hope, The Barren Lands of Greenland, Doom Hammer, The Alliance Pocket Universe, United Pacific Powers, Fort America, American Military, TRUE AMERICANS, The Forgotten Isles, Postapocalyptia, Black Star, Scratch Programing, Ozmandopolus, Association of the Countries of the Free, Aellan, Nations of Friendly Government, Felinea, Muslamic Ray Guns, The 5th Internationale, Alagaesia, Thntmydtmyd, Roarea, Autumnland, The Swaggy Satanists of Swagville, New Wisconsin, Alliance of Stalinist States, CFP puppet storage, White Man Land, Leningrad Union, Neveah, New Calradia, Northern Oceania, Forgotten Morality, Ideological Testing Ground, The Continent of Ral Taier, The Democratic Alliance of Free Nations, Internal Drive, Ducks, Britantion, Opus Dei, The Exclusion Zone, Allied States of Yugoslavia, Nation Storage, United Peoples Of Felis Catus, The Space Region, The Sanchlands, Poland Lithuania, Katt Commonwealth, Region of Leftists and Allies, Somewhere In The World, The Plounge, THE COMMONWEALTH REPUBLIC, Aqru and Other Planets, Universal Confederacy, United Dictatorships, North Appalacia, Saint Tifa, The Persian Empire and its Allies, The3rdReich, The Unified Nations of Anarchist Canada, The Great Republic of Dixie, Union of Democratic Nations, South Colorado, Nemia, Independant Nations of Massacre, The Safe Haven of Fascism, United Nations of Cassandrari, Aurignis, Gordonhurst Alliance, The Global Coalition, Tenryu Kantai, True Lithuanian Lands, My Little Pony, Evil Theia, The Arctic Pirates, Britannias motherland, Aeris, Continment of Marlem Joey and Sam, Combined Countries, Ordarnini Region, Domei no Nihon, TyRegion, Alliance of Nations for Economic Growth, United Fictitious Lands of America, atheism, The Republic Union, Sacred Camel, The United Countries of Far Far Away, Kytaria, Evan Sucks, Alexandra the Goat, HCG Columbus Academy, The Dominion of Munster, Old World Republic of the Wasteland, Regio Caesaris, Terra Nostrum, Union of Lendir, Iongiafu Island, The Lunar Rift, The World Owned By Lee, Tamarus, Capitalist Union of Scandinavia, Nevalic Universe, The Sinful Alliance, Rhokhan, Aryan Reich of New Vinland, Phloibia, The M Corp protectorate, Dash Clan, The Fascist Federation, Buenos aires province, Saints Federation, Armed Forces of All, Holl City, The Allied Nations of Jamestopia, United Space Insurgent Union USIU, Emerald Legacy, The Ninth Brigade, qqq, Lagrangian Point 5, Tarnock Galactic Alliance, Schnegerritan, The Gaither Creed, Esperanza, Hellasos, Universe 3701, The Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea, The Free People Of La France, United Protectorate of the Northlands, The United Equestrian Nations, The Nation of Frick Frack, Methylprednisolone, sunnyside, STINGRAYS, Divergent, Centralist Alliance, Sarnia, Hampton, Carpe Diem, Republic of Allied Nations, Ophiuchus, The land of the DuckCrocs, Yhdistyneet Ubervallat, Gliese 581g, Funky Fresh, Calamitys Graveyard, The United States of Greater Austria, The Crimson Dawn, The West Pheetcific, Duraron, Imperial military, Holy Order of The Believers, The Politics, Fodas o nome, Mythos, Cyrenaici Archipelago, The Panau Islands, Peoples Assembly, Eastern Union, North Everfree, Beit Jala, The Confederacy of life, Trixie Supremacy, The Walandian Protectorate, TheConfederate States of America, Qeristanni puppets and future, Palerno Bay, Kalinamor, Baku, Dionalia, The Republic of New Pacific, Military Realism Voting, The Genuan Rebirth, Martera, Confederate States of North America, Viking Flame Union, The Virtus Alliance, The Union of Freemanist States, Aura Borealis, The Lands of the Southern Cross Alliance, US Base, European Coal and Steel Community, Funtown, Black Order of Victory, Pleasant Valley, Prepatoria, A Lone Camp, Lonely Guardbooth, Olkvaar, United Nations of YOLOSwag, Depressive suicidal southern II, The Reign of Zarall, Olympus Rising, The Fallhaven Empire, The Collective States, Arabiax, United Nations of Pearlmans Powers, Marines, Catopia, The Olympian Federation, Illuminated Nations, Doperland and neighbors, Twerkzilla, Economic Union of Peoples States, The New Rift, Fenoscandia, Hardenia and Friends, Hallo Island Bay, United Rebels, Kingdom of Calexum, The Lost Pacific, The United Brotherhood of Arrms, Viscaelia, Powerful Region of United Swagnations, The Pact of Light, Awesome Sauce, The Union of Empires, The Creepylands of Zalgo, Aeldorin, Hibyra and Austrandona, The Real Greater Austrian Reich, The Weimar Republic, The Imperial Roman Knights, Great Turkish Union, The North Pacific Ocean, Greendale, People Who May Like Eachother or Not, Alternate History Roleplay Earth, The Free Lands of Archia, The South Icarian Ocean, The Planitiem, Fantastical Region, Southern Republic, Primus Ultima, Socialist Unity, The African Continent, Kingdom of Amalur, The Tetrominoes of Aquafina, Feline Resistance Alliance, Scientia, Mex, The Second Unified Pacific Alliance, The Alliance of Hobbits, Free Capitalist Alliance, European Union of Fascists, Zarathustrian Taoist Center for Progress, The Monolithic League of Despotism, The Nation of Nations and Friends, NationOutlawz, landland, no no, Pirates, The Peoples Union, The Republic Of The Night Cheese, Volksunion, Athengia, The Arcadia Isles, The Anglican Commonwealth, United Bexonian Kingdom, Yugoslavian Union, Bigopoii, Whereabouts, Southern Europe, The Evil Minecrafting Haven Of The World, The Red Sun Union, Serendipity, Kingdom of Saxony, Region of wealth and power, The Gaping Continent of Goatse, dekhairtor, Revolutionaria, land of free, Universal Union, Die bundesrepublik deutschland, The Region of Mrs Browns Boys Fanatics, Neo Gehenna, New Morthyrian Empire, Nordrhein westfalen, Fascist Britannia, The Kingdom of Germany, Slavic federation, Westros, Rossiyskaya federatsiya, Atomic Utopia, Elizabeth Warren Democrats, Distant Land of Fallen Sarnath, Liberonscien, National Corporations, Indian, LeeVon, the communist commune, The United Nations of Freedom, Gambino, The Shatabdi Buli, Ireland, Pakestan, The White Raiders, The Empire of Chauvin, The Armada, Marchessies of the Astral Plane, Unitas, The United States of Abroham Lincoln, Miranda, BadBitchez, The Collective Assembly of Nations, Alliance of Capitalist Republics, holy solomon, The Free Interstellar Republic, The Democratic Alliance, The Marxist Alliance, Averdon, Zombie Launch Pad, Imperial lands, Potato, UIS, United Utopias, The Conglomerate of Fun, Prince Edward Islands, Bananas of BO2, Spartan Battalion, Dictators Paradise, Warzone Vacation Resort, Fascist Safe Haven Realm, Windy Mountain, new folsom, Alliance of Socialist Nations, White divide, America of the United States, European Nations, World Powers, Jewish Defense League, Confederacy of United Republics, Anarchists, SCAN dinavia, Ukweli Empire, Buddhist Communism, The union of Eastern Lands, Transnational Socialist Federation, The Iron Federation, The Federation States, EA HQ, The Intersolar Force, The Florentine Republic, Cardiff Region, Ninja Pirate awesome town, Ad Lucem, Animation Land, ASOVA ORMIUS, Medieval Fantasy, LV426, Melnibone, European Free Trade Association, Timeline, Halton Region, The Free Union, Bundesrepublik Germany, Mongolian States, Schaffhausen, The Jungle The Desert or The Moon, Fed Con Advertising, Khora, Pantelleria, Anantasian Alliance, Sanctuary, Communist Comrades, Case Law Inc, Folsom, Dawlat filastin, Allied Nations of New Terra, Basque Empire, Great Troy, The Dead City Of Minas Morgul, Union of Fearless Nations, Isle of Ended Torment, Excelsius, Hansan, The Royal Commonwealth, Soviet Union, I Will Not Join Your Region, Fardo, Narfonesia, The Unreasonably Attractive Region, The Autonomous Region of Skrepe, The Burrow, Southern Africa, The Districts of Ubrtyae, The United Latter Day Order, Magnatheos, Nova Imperium, White alliance, Union of Socialistic Midget Clowns, The Federated States of Vesuvia, Alcatraz, National socialist peoples army, The New Pact, Genevo, The unified reich of axis powers, The Nerd Herd, The Nordic Union, Exilus, Disrumpbantur, Skyheld, Republica, The Library, Ego, Counsell, and Eureka.

The embassy with Communist Earth is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 20 hours.

The embassy with Northern Oceania is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 1 day 20 hours.

The embassy with Nation Storage is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 20 hours.

The embassy with Saints Federation is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 20 hours.

The embassy with Esperanza is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 1 day 20 hours.

The embassy with Calamitys Graveyard is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 1 day 20 hours.

The embassy with Eastern Union is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 1 day 8 hours.

The embassy with no no is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 8 hours.

The embassy with Zombie Launch Pad is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 8 hours.

The embassy with Sanctuary is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 1 day 8 hours.

The embassy with Folsom is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 20 hours.

The embassy with The Burrow is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 1 day 20 hours.

The embassy with Union of Socialistic Midget Clowns is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 1 day 8 hours.

The embassy with Skyheld is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 2 days 20 hours.

The embassy with The Library is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 1 day 20 hours.

The embassy with Eureka is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 1 day 20 hours.

Construction of embassies with Warzone Earth has commenced. Completion expected in 20 hours.

Construction of embassies with The Final Frontier has commenced. Completion expected in 20 hours.

Construction of embassies with Republic of the Seven United Netherlands has commenced. Completion expected in 20 hours.

Construction of embassies with Better India has commenced. Completion expected in 20 hours.

Construction of embassies with Lawndale Commonwealth Realm has commenced. Completion expected in 20 hours.

Construction of embassies with Erotic Writers has commenced. Completion expected in 20 hours.

Construction of embassies with Lexicon has commenced. Completion expected in 20 hours.

Construction of embassies with Greater Militant Manchester has commenced. Completion expected in 20 hours.

Construction of embassies with Great Heavenly Cloud Kingdom has commenced. Completion expected in 20 hours.

Construction of embassies with The Confederated States of Walrusia has commenced. Completion expected in 20 hours.

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Tags: Featured, Condemned, Gargantuan, and Invader.

Regional Power: High

The Black Riders contains 570 nations, the 14th most in the world.


Today's World Census Report

The Best Weather in The Black Riders

The following nations were determined to have the best all-round weather.

As a region, The Black Riders is ranked 13,566th in the world for Best Weather.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Republic of DetoxinWA MemberDemocratic Socialists“Man, we throw dark. ”
2.The Democratic Republic of Neo UtopiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Live your life”
3.The Community of Packer FansDemocratic Socialists“Keep Calm And Go Packers!”
4.The United Socialist States of ErotomaniaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Are you in the mood for something erotic?”
5.The Queendom of CaterasiaInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Think Equine Through Rain Or Shine!”
6.The Kingdom of AdalescaeWA MemberCorrupt Dictatorship“Fortuna Fortes Juvat”
7.The Satanic Republic of Estonian SatanistsWA MemberFather Knows Best State“Ave Satanas!”
8.The Rising Freelands of ForsmoLiberal Democratic Socialists“United and Free”
9.The Black Riders of GordonaliaWA MemberCorrupt Dictatorship“Before Peace, Is Bloodshed ”
10.The French Republic of DemokratosCivil Rights Lovefest“Peace, Order, and Good Government”
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Regional Poll • Most Devastating Put-Down?

The Grand Army of Black Riders Commander wrote:Tis a battle of wits

Voting opened 58 minutes ago and will close in 3 days 23 hours. Open to all nations. You cannot vote as you are not logged in.

Recent polls: “America's Funniest NS Content”“Best Telegram Since the Last Poll?”

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The Black Riders Regional Message Board

The Rogue Nation of Spy bot tango Charlie wrote:RAID the Federation of Free States . They only have 13 endorsement on the delegate in office .


if your nation was in the real world, what would you do about isis?

nuke e'm

I don't really mean that.

Israel will mess em up.

The Almighty Federation of Cristos Templars wrote:Somebody's threatening to hack me. What do I do?

File a GHR here: page=help

The Empire of Tusken People wrote:nuke e'm

You rang?

The Sergeant of Lord Nuke Is So Kewl wrote:You rang?

We're gonna use you to nuke some nuke heads.

The Chief of the General Staff of Kknight wrote:File a GHR here: page=help

Anyone that's received hacking threats here should do this, no matter how pathetic they seem.

The Empire of Avron Wolves wrote:We're gonna use you to nuke some nuke heads.

Hell yes!

The Captain of Ridersyl wrote:Anyone that's received hacking threats here should do this, no matter how pathetic they seem.

If you're lucky you'll get them deleted!

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