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Overlord: General Halcones
Chief: Kknight
Marshal: Gest
Marshal: Bob Moran


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Embassies: Atheist Empire, Eastern Europe, Ixnay, The Silver Isles, The Eternal Knights, Islamic Revolution of Iran, Region of Reunited Muslim States, K and J Alliance, Hippiedom, Whitereach, Angola, The United Study Group, Charon, Planet X, Internet, DEN, and 965 others.Sicarius, Sanctuary of Syl, Nazi Rehab, The Great Fascist Circle, Platonic Confederacy, The Technological Union, Land of Yetis, Sotoa, Global Markets, quadland, Seven Kingdoms, Aurentina, Mupomawawoy, Montiac, Schwallenia, The Horde, the League for National Socialists, jew, Epicville, Wolfram and Hart, Panopticon, The Eternal Alliance, Terra Luna, The TARDIS, Alpha Site, Green Bay, Vereinite Emirate, Caisnessia, Western Assembly, The Pacific Army, The heavenly isles of sidltha houd, Black Front, Koeln, Black Star, The Unified Nations of Anarchist Canada, Gordonhurst Alliance, Aeris, Catopia, Hallo Island Bay, The Lost Pacific, The Armada, Alliance of Capitalist Republics, Fascist Safe Haven Realm, The Iron Federation, Cardiff Region, Magnatheos, Cornwall, Xidoen, Artheinia, The Wirral Commonwealth, Aura Hyperia, Neutorica, Ancient Epic League of Epicness, The Shadow Legion, Euroczechistan n00bz, Trainsylvinea, Do Whatever You Want, Weltreich der Blut das Deutscher, Filipinas, Ares, United Earth Sphere Alliance, San Fransokyo City, North Urgojistan Mountains, The League of Extremely Odd Nations, Bellum Malleum, raise your dongers, Nyarah, Melancholia, The States, his magestys relm under god, Rosbiland, The Fascist Republic of America, The Labyrinth, Mocklan, The Coop of the People Yakhaas, Fandominica, Sangreal, United League of Dictators, Premoirpatrik, Orion, Innuendo, Darker Realms, Aryan Soviet Brotherhood, Commonwealth, TPA, Polandia, The Market, grave lord nitos crib, United Democratic States, United Dictatorships, The Holy Dominion, The Islay Coast, Holy Imperium of Nabban, Ordarnini, Allied Communist States, OHGB, Religious Union of Dradogoonism, The ghosts of old nations, The Union of 1995, The Land of Swords and Shields, Chernobyl Explosion Treaty Organization, Miranda, Nerdhaven, East Pacific, DERZLANDIA, The Confederacy, International Kpop Association, The Collective States, The Transistor States, Nakhitchevan Autonomous Republic, Nova Imperium, The Order of Ages, The Trinovantian League, Patchworkia, World Union of Sentient Bears, GCC, New California Republic, The Order of Brophy, Aguaronia, Adyl, Unknown Region, Lone Wolf Union, Myrmidonian Legion, Scythia, The Order of Verden, International Democracy Union, The Sour Patch Region, Coalition of Free Hyperaggresive States, Scifi lovers, Devious Tyrant, The United Coalition of Butlers, Hibyra and Austrandona, Schwveinhaulte, Republica, Dictators United, Volksunion, McFierce Farms, Region of Liberty, New Gondolin, Marvinic Sphere, Constanta, Scandinavium, Midget Jesus Rulez, The United Socialist Union, Fripperland, United Socialist States, Canin, Neo Gehenna, Terra Album, New Apple Island, Kampuchea, Black Sun, Nova Tero, The Soviet Invaders, Imperial Council, Aryan Reich of New Vinland, La La Land, The New Axis Powers, The United People, The Order Of Emerson, Alliance of Technates, The Allied Realms, Mayhend Countries, The Empire of Baguettes, The Great Roman Empire, Lillehammer, The Freedom Isles, The Weimar Republic, Trans Gantian union, Fan tasy, Azeria, Sithaca, Ile de France, Democratic Republic of Donavangea, Far Far Away, JAIL, Brisbane Islands, The shattered realms of Overnia, The Worldwide Scouting Organisation, United Nations of the World, The Impartial Association, Realm of Umbra, The Greens, South Saint Paul, Alliances of Northern Tendencies, United Territories of the North, James Island Model UN, Marijuana, Konfoederation deutschsprachiger Staaten, Nazi Syrup, Eonia, The Region of Shadows, The Northern Highlands, Samton, The Tardigrade Coalition, Warzone North America, NFL Football For Life, The Glorious Tsarolivan Triumvirate, Tiernan2, Moeller Islands, Order of the Temple, The United Swagdom of Ericpickles, Closing the Gap, The Discord Dominion, The Logmenian Isles, The New Septim Empire, The Acolytes, The Continent of New Nordland, Sarnia, TheUnitedWorldofSera, Yessongs, Hidden Street, The Republic of Croatia, 2nd Athens, PPTMP, Center of Now, Ideoliga, Lucerna, Tooshie, Allied Independent Nations, The Valley of Evil, Carina Void, The Enchanted Forest, The Maelstrom, Barry Goddard, Tommanere, Serendipity, Unitas, hu3s, The Imperial Federation, The Place, Solitude, United Islamic Coalition, panda, The World of Ark, erep enclave, The Brotherland Alliance, The Hidden Lands, Former United States, Alliance of Nations, Outer Planets, Celestia, Lordaeron, Enclave Controlled Utah, Coalition of Independent Rouge Nations, Union of Slightly Related Nations, The Lab, DetroitVsEverybody, Disney World, The UR, Divergent, Dyst United, The Iron Fist Region, United Islands, Realm of Beans, Aravada, Smitty Werbenjagermanjensenville, Periphery, The Unanimous Covenant, Esteros, The Creepylands of Zalgo, Nakagasu Islands, Je Suis Charlie, A More Peaceful World, Allied States of Sovereign Nations, Geris, Those One Nations, United Republic of Asnguard, The Infinite Alliance, The Coalition of Psychlo States, OG Trap Lord Region We Out HereTrappin, the great kings, The World Powers, Low Earth Orbit, Foundation of Nations, The Mikunation Empire, Rese Nese Mrmn Srsr, Windy Mountain, The Holy Empire of AarLohn, New Vatican, Western American States Alliance, The Bad Lands, The Sith Order, The Fancy Squad, The German Reich, Draconian League, Fiddle United, AutoBots, Imagience, the Enterprise D, Egaad, Evil lies in scooc, The Collective of the Phoenix, Wharbarrgl, Juggalo Island, True China, My Graveyard, Capitalist Commonwealth, Free Zone, Tempus, Hippy hill, Rainbow Road, the shrine of glory and life, Lavican Corporation of Nations, Kanada, Int, Norsk Tale, The United AITE Liberation Front, jesus christ is actually darth vader, The United Planet of Earth, The Alliance of Totalitarian Nations, Ixnay War Barracks, Eorzea, The Walled Gardens, Espaia, Tenuous Alliance of Nations, Adranus, Alliance of United Fat Narwhals, Mobious, The Sovereign Realms of Earth, The Snowy Peninsula, North Everfree, why, Confederate States of Kelly Walsh, The Rave Alliance, Insula Mortuus Est, Monopolist Alliance, The League 0f Nati0ns, Dragodica, The Land Of Magnificent Mistic Mountains, CreaDream Paradise, The Genius Squad, DeSmetSeniors2015, The INTernational Waters, Empura, Gammahalla, Region of People Who Like Stuff, The Kingdom of Jerusalem, Vastrosta, apaloo, The German Greater alliance, Valyria, Umbria, Babylon the Great, Kyrieurope, The Realm of Ultimate Genetic Alteration, North Atlantic Maritime, The Perfectionists, Philosophical Volition, Scandinavian Allies, The Better European Union, The Collective Empires of Piousness, Mushroom Kingdom, Anarcho Capitalism, The Core Region, Kosovo, The Supreme Court, Anti Communist International, United Antarctic Union, We Will Destroy, The Breadlands, Navia, The Dark Side of The Force, The republic of pineapple, Old Romania, The Yamaii Islands, Democratic Republic of the Natan Region, Shtuki isles, Himalayan Mountains, The Autocratic Imperium of Nations, Immorti Imperium, Ospela, Enoch, The Union of High Society, Castle Black, Anarcho Land, The American Indian Confederacy, Sliver Star, Cahokian Empire, The Holy Roman Catholic Empire, United unions of the unified union, Halloween, The super soviet union, Noir, The Harsh Democracies, Lenovo, Coalition of Leftist Comrades, Nentir Vale, The Capitalist Communists, StarFleet420, Celestial Hunting Grounds, Ixnay Guard, TRUE AMERICANS, Pirates, Conglomerate of Northern Kingdoms, Beleriand and The Lands to The North, The Land of the Most Compitent, Seleucia, Northern unity, The Glorious Path, Confederation of Tasteful Nations, Spiritud, Mozonian Empire, Soul Blade Gaming, Randomnation of discrimination, Yakutsk, The police have you cornered, Gorjland, REGIONS WILL FALL, The great federation of Imperial States, The Fascist Federation, The Academy, The American Wasteland, Equilibrium, Faron, The Combine, Verbandsgemeinde Nieder Olm, Width, The Nations United, the liberators, The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, PUK Union, Qtown Swag, Nerdpole, North Copper Confederation, Cantons Autonomous of Bazio and Dependen, The Collaboraive Ideology Region, Mufasa, Pirate republic of spiced rum, The Anti Anaili Leauge, Green Day, The Conservative Commonwealth, PFF, The S4S survivors republic, The United Nations of Peluarur, Hearthstone, Givelan Crown Colonies, New Federation World, Imperial France, Kings Lands, Protector Military Command, Coldharbour, Dragon Heart, Region of places within the Region, Plasma, Montana Territory, The Armed Army of Nations, Aryan Army, That One Region, Zero Zero Zero, Dragons Talon, Albardaea, AlternateHistory, Anarchist Alliance, United Arabian Nations, The Elmordia Coalition, European Empire, Wonderlandia, Isle of Solstheim, Epsis 789 Galaxy, Oranje Armistice, Polyhymnia, The Germanic Region of Failed Nations, Mathematics Paradise, Union of Armed Nations, Fascism, Europium, United DPRK Territories, The United Empires Of the Raht Sea, QuietPlace, Tartarus Coalition, The Rich States of Corruption, Macho Man Land, The plane of madness, the region of things and people, Greality, Zohria, The Alliance of the Crazy, United Communist States, The Lich Domain, Supreme Puppet States of Verminia, Blackstone, Trans Camelian, International Union of Trade, GSMST NoLives, North Newton, Tomahawk Creek, Psychonauts of the Pacific, World Empires Union, Peach Island, West Ontaric Treaty Alliance, The New Warsaw Pact, The Enforcers, Suck Boiz United, Exodus III, Corporative Bananas of Anarchy, The Holy Empire of Brittania, Kairos, The Unified Empires of Aduvdnav, Urine Trouble, Netheril, Valnia, The Sauite Archipelago, The Dauntless Warriors, The Free Committee of Jasque, Camp Navajo, The combined powers of OH, Australasian Democratic Union, The Authoritarianism freedom Lands, Syndicate of Planets, New Region, Socialist States of the Mediterranean, Almarian Continent, KerJiko Empire, Your World, Ye Olde Virgine, The Zonians, Sturmland, The Darklands of Armchair Activist, National Socialist Republics, The United Empire of All Souls Kingdoms, Central Europe Superpowers, Orthodox, Isolationist, Western Caribbean, The Taft School, The Continent of Broken Chains, All Hail Bible Man, United Militants of WMAA, The Union of Fair States, Confederacy of New Sen, State Empire Union, Naziville, Stoners, Planet of the Apes, Libertarian Utopia, Philippine Empire, Union of the Free Totalitarian States, The Black Raven Empire, The Kingdom of Peppers, Texan Republican bloc, The Isle of The United Nations, The Federation of Anarchic Governments, Hannofopoulous, Union of the North Pacific islands, Callidous States, The Lexis, Social 30 2015, Popular Democratic Ummah, Moderatist Republics Union, The south pacific socialist republic, The Land of Phoenix, Imperial Federation, Universe, Democratic Union Of Socialist Republics, Capitalist Powers, Tsay, The Great Eastwest, Royal States Imperial, Skull and Bones, The Requiem of Azai, Claiborne County, Roimour, Polandball United, Lenzism, World of the Olympians, The West Pacific Defense Alliance, East Mediterranean Treaty Organization, the union of you die, Treylandia, OVIA, The Shadow Riders, The Militia of the world, League of Emperors, Tandahar, Southern Africa, Gate class, Mr Rogers Neighborhood, Confederacy of Free States, The Anarchist Union, The International Federation, Federation of Nations of Wartone, That One Place, CVMS World, New Imperial China, South Park, LRI, Pan Kingdom, Mandala, Neutral Scitech, PIZZA, HOLDANIA, Anteiku, U756, The Atherean Commonwealth, We Remember Tukland, Omega Synopolis Two, The Holy Pacific Lorraine, Taurus, The Muppets, The Imperium of the Fist, Lancer Union, Xerxes, Freedom for the Rulers, Commonwealt, Civilization 117, Kazakhuzbekistan, The Indiana Academy, Utopis, The Aeonian Federation, Mortifera, Guilds of the New People, The lynx enclave, tessssts, The Northern Alliance, Shtepicious, Not Alaska, Usea Continent, CrimsonAlliancePuppetStorage, Hidalgo, Boatgaria, The NeoPagan Empire, Interregional Swiss Confederation, Boxlandia, CSAT, United Study Group, JJ3 Active X Zeta, Newfound Asia, EL Tacos, COMMUNISIM ANC, Capitalist Union of Scandinavia, The Intergalactic Embassy, The Valiant Knights, The Island of Solstheim, PolandBalls United, MasterDebater Land, The Skeleton Kingdom, The Allied Nations of Demophria, Slavery Communism and Corruption, YY7 Active H Kappa, HH1 Active Q Gamma, The Real Plato Academy, Dankistan, Cloudsdale, JJ5 Active K Delta, QQ1 Active F Theta, Testing Testing, The northern wastelands, Army of the Littles, Fruos, Above, The Loving Lands, Kastakn, Communist Krussia, The Empire of The Future, XX6 Active F Kappa, Apink, Alliance of Dictatorships, The Shinobi Operatives, Lone Tigers at Night, Pokemon Universe, western changling empire, KK5 Active K Gamma, dirty mike and the boys, The Rogue Union, The Buluin Allies, The New Old South, Middle Vietnam, The Land Of Freedom, The Disappointment Isles, The Nomic Confederacy, Oef, The Mountains to the East, The League of Epics, A State of Confidentiality, The Communist and Capitalist Continent, The Eye of Sauron, Arth, Socialist Middle East, HH2 Active K Zeta, The Produxian Islands, Coralia, Krystallmacht, The Allied Nations of Jamestopia, Union of Universal Republics, Commonwealth of Sovereign Crowns, zzzzzland, JJ6 Active K Kappa, The Sewer System, Commonwealth of the British, HH6 Active Q Lambda, The Desert, The Battlegrounds of Ukraine, Allied Nations of the People, The Resistance, Socialist Democracy of the Northern Paci, New South Basement, The Retirement Home, Rice 3, Richard Islands, Nwahs with Attitude, Region of the Free, the Whoniverse, The Xelnaga Empire, The New Reality, The Empire Of Clellandia, Kharghar, The Machine, Union of Ornelas, Strangereal, Kashyyyk Heartlands, World alliance of Evil and misery, Amberlin, Socialist United Countries of Kappafrica, The Place of Placeia, Resource Based Economies, land of the dead, spiekysbighouse, TheUnitedCoalitionofOppressors, RPGuilds, QMT, Fiarut, The Order of The Antilles, Union Of Capitalist Republics, The True Sith Order, Sovereign Ensemble of Nations, The Nudist Community, Deseret, Cascadia, Demonology, Umbara, 8TRONTOPIA, The United Socialist States of the World, United Nations of the Celestial Assembly, Megalomania Paradise, Garuda Indonesia, United Nations of YOLOSwag, The Global Syndicate, The Coalition of Free Nations, Zemlje, KK7 Active H Alpha, Sandy Claws of Candy Floss, Aglet, Jedi vs Sith, Federation Of The North Atlantic, ZZ3 Active Y Kappa, Lexiconicans, Salmark Zone, Ifunny politics region, ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha, GoogleLandia, Clayshion, free marches, Koronia, ZZ3 Active K Beta, Comic Books, The Peoples Democratic of Fernland, United Diplomatic Negotiations, VV1 Active F Zeta, The Borderland Constellation, The Grand Aurelia, Duncans Park, Mphela, AP Hacking, judged region, The Monoist Party of NationStates, Orbis terrarum de sanguine, XX3 Plural K Beta, The City of San Fransokyo, The Creed, Australialia, Aesia, The Federal Roman Commonwealth, Zen, Pan Slavic Union, South Atlantic Socialist Alliance, World Socialist Republics Union, Voltarian Empire, Eastern Noselfesteem, Omega Synopolis, Siberian Wilds, Elysium Central Command, The Anti Brunchian Alliance, Yugoslavian region, big new world order, Kepler, The Manifest Destiny, League of Llama lovers, The Tetrominoes of Aquafina, Saneka, Indrex, The Congregation of Dirty Dan, The Final Federation of Humanity, The Great Britain and Eire, The Federal Existence of Countries, Dogeian Kingdom, Allied Resistance, Alfheim The Land of Fairies, Indiana Academy, The Steele, Prussian Kingdom Territorys, Mitch McConnell Above All, Realm of Terraria, The Chanai Alliance, FF9 Active J Zeta, Jericho, United Provinces, Fort Sill, Sansonia, HH1 Active F Alpha, ZZ1 Active Q Theta, Eryn Vorn, The United Oppressives of Damnation, Airala, Solatium, Titans, Green Lantern Corps, League of Islands, YEDI, UNSW, Th Very Dark Grey Riders, Balion, united socialist alliance, The Canademacian Region Of The North Sea, Galactic Federation, Cultists of Sithis, The Battle Ready, Society of Freedumb and Demockrazy, The Holy Lands of Cacti, The rise of rome, Western Damned, Kura Rock, The Shadow of Mordor, Biker Radio Asylum, The Better Empires of the World, HER Temple, The Communist Internationale, The Reddit Alliance, YY9 Active Q Alpha, Chieloka, Isola di Ariano, Pirate warriors, Chikil, The Irish Rover, Towers of the Skyward Eye, The Loominarty, Theens Empire, 400 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 Regions, Zombies, Powers of Blue, Black Sabbath, Free People, United Federations of Roriks, Averdon, Totally Independent Territory States, Art Supplies, Drvenik, Official NCR Region, Kzinti, The Dictatorship of Evil, The Burning Sands of Rutilans Ignis, Warzone Arkansas, A Gentlemens Dictatorship, Great Beringia, Tychrome, Arialis, Violation of the Cause, Monarchist Conservative States, Ellipsis, Spirkin Oseredok Island, The Realm of Westeros, Cherepakha Islet, El Espagnol, LOL DOOMED, Urantia, Arctridus, Conquest of Time, Winterhelm, redneckers, The Kingdom of North America, Tellus, Lastovo, All hail me, Dominion of the Nazi Regime, YY2 Active K Gamma, Santa Cruz, The Drybone Desert, The WWW, Illuminati 2015, El Gran Imperio Mexicano, The Archipelago of Refugees, Little Canada, Union of Aristocratic Empires, The International United States, Chimichangas for All, The North Piedmont, Ada Bojana, International Committee of Prosperity, Orth, Freedom, Svinoy, Islamic Regional Defense Force, The freedom that reins, womenempire, Alliance of Southern American States, Dank Pacific, The UAC, The republic empire of midgets, Alliance of Skepticism, maxtopia, Arapuca do BrasilBall Nation States, FEGIT TOPE E UH, The United Delegation of the World, Classnea, United States of America USA, La Realisme, brother bands, The United New Nations of the World, stor nordiska imperium, The American Alliance, Stars of Thinking Differently, Chistoy Banki, The Colonial Holdings of The Eastlands, GOAT, Daonlathas, Iraq, The Obsidian Order, The last level of the Abyss, Freecomunism, Fallinlovian, The mid America, The Allied Federation of the North, Anthro Union, The Serbian Liberation Army, Mental Patients, Brohalla, The Seven Kingdoms Of Westeros, Westphalia, Flegavia, Arturian Confederation, United Nations Of The United World, dashcon, NeoConfederate States of America, League of Authority, My Little Pony, Rhanbarth, New okatama, International Security Assistance Force, Grand Transgender Kingdom, Kura Island, Legion of Great Nations, Alternative American World, The Divided Conjoined Lands, Gleinor, Qara Su, Ardmaria, Gilligans Island, Shadow Dwellers Code Testing Ground, North American Republic, The 501st Legion, Libertarian Countries United, Itevia, The Furries, Byro, and United Valhaven.

The embassy with Nentir Vale is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 23 hours.

The embassy with The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 2 days 23 hours.

The embassy with PFF is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 23 hours.

The embassy with The Enforcers is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 1 day 23 hours.

The embassy with The Real Plato Academy is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 23 hours.

The embassy with judged region is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 2 days 23 hours.

The embassy with Yugoslavian region is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 1 day 23 hours.

The embassy with united socialist alliance is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 11 hours.

The embassy with The Shadow of Mordor is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 2 days 23 hours.

The embassy with The Realm of Westeros is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 1 day 23 hours.

The embassy with Chimichangas for All is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 11 hours.

The embassy with Stars of Thinking Differently is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 23 hours.

The embassy with Westphalia is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 2 days 23 hours.

The embassy with NeoConfederate States of America is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 1 day 11 hours.

The embassy with My Little Pony is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 1 day 11 hours.

The embassy with Gleinor is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 11 hours.

The embassy with Shadow Dwellers Code Testing Ground is being withdrawn. Closure expected in 23 hours.

Construction of embassies with KK8 Active H Gamma has commenced. Completion expected in 11 hours.

Construction of embassies with New Archolis has commenced. Completion expected in 11 hours.

Construction of embassies with The Southeastern Confederacy has commenced. Completion expected in 11 hours.

Construction of embassies with Cfp puppet storage has commenced. Completion expected in 11 hours.

Construction of embassies with Naravona has commenced. Completion expected in 11 hours.

Construction of embassies with Kaempact Union has commenced. Completion expected in 11 hours.

Construction of embassies with The Union of Nations has commenced. Completion expected in 11 hours.

Construction of embassies with World Union of Nationalist has commenced. Completion expected in 11 hours.

Construction of embassies with Playgirls United has commenced. Completion expected in 11 hours.

Construction of embassies with Isola Pila has commenced. Completion expected in 11 hours.

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Tags: Featured, Condemned, Gargantuan, and Invader.

Regional Power: High

The Black Riders contains 853 nations, the 14th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Largest Retail Industry in The Black Riders

As a region, The Black Riders is ranked 11th in the world for Largest Retail Industry.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Juggernaught War State of WarsonCompulsory Consumerist State“Where politics fail, war prevails”
2.The Corporate Empire of Ragnarok ArisenCapitalist Paradise“Our Business is Life Itself”
3.The Oppressed Peoples of South PanemCorporate Police State“Oppression is the Answer”
4.The Rogue Nation of Paulian ShadowsBenevolent Dictatorship“What do you want?”
5.The VAST AIRE of CoverdniaWA MemberIron Fist Consumerists“BLACK MAN IS GOD”
6.The Slippery Floors of Wet When SlipperyCompulsory Consumerist State“Aurum Est Potestas”
7.The Reformed United States of North America IncCapitalizt“Free Men, Free Will, Free Markets”
8.The Marshal of GestCorporate Police State“Gest is Best”
9.The Gangstas Paradise of LelistaniaCorporate Police State“For the people”
10.The Galactic Empire of FlarbiniaFather Knows Best State“Give Me Glorious Victory or Give Me Honorable Death”
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The Black Riders Regional Message Board

Hey, we should infiltrate the region of Pac Pac! They're all offline, it's the perfect opportunity!!

The Borderlands of Instrumental Charisma wrote:Hey, we should infiltrate the region of Pac Pac! They're all offline, it's the perfect opportunity!!

Uh no and I advise you to leave.

But why? I thought that's what we did here?

The Aяcaиё Sцpґёмacу of Talidania wrote:Uh no and I advise you to leave.

I am in agreement.

The Borderlands of Instrumental Charisma wrote:But why? I thought that's what we did here?

We do not suggest raids on the rmb.

Sovietia, We Are Not the NSA, and Ridersyl

From Xavierland:

The Republic of Auralux wrote:What in the world was your spy doing?

The Democratic Republic of Salimako wrote:What spy?!

The Republic of Auralux wrote:I mean the one that liked every comment on the enemy's RMB.

The Democratic Republic of Salimako wrote:You mean evilelo,he got ejected and banned

The Dominion of Evilelo confirmed infiltrator.

Mhm, nothing feels as good as coming to base. Hi everyone.

Post self-deleted by Talidania.

I'm now level 12

The Republic of Konsair wrote:I'm now level 12

Bested you in one round, death by law enforcement.

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