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Welcome to the New Meritocracy, seat of The Meritocratic Senate. Enjoy your visit and be sure to check our offsite forums.

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Embassies: the West Pacific, Allied States of EuroIslanders, and Communist International.

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Regional Power: Moderate

The New Meritocracy contains 23 nations, the 597th most in the world.

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The Most Rebellious Youth in The New Meritocracy

World Census observers counted the number of times their car stereo was stolen from outside fast food stores to determine which nations have relatively high levels of youth-related crime.

As a region, The New Meritocracy is ranked 2,056th in the world for Most Rebellious Youth.

#NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Radioactive Republic of JasqueWA MemberAnarchy“Make yourselves sheep and the wolves will eat you.”
2.The Liberation Movement of The KeymasterAnarchy“When someone asks you if you are a god, you say YES!”
3.The Invisible Hand of WegasonCorporate Bordello“Save Yourself Some Time; Assume I Know Everything”
4.The Holy Meritocratic Republic of ArgyresAnarchy“Fluctuat nec mergitur!”
5.The Volcanic Republic of ValcomaCompulsory Consumerist State“Is it hot in here or is it just me?”
6.The United Kingdom of Glorious WegasonAnarchy“Fax mentis incendium gloriae”
7.The Corruptocracy of MontserradoCapitalist Paradise“you pay, we pray”
8.The Anarchist Federation of Old LibertariaCapitalizt“To be free is the only way to be”
9.The Marches of Moat CailinAnarchy“Whatever you feel like”
10.The Tulmultuous State of Big D BabyInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Who let the dogs out?”
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Hurray, thank you kind sir.

Kuat shipyards

61 days ago

The Kuat Shipyards have established their intergalactic markets in this region and will being sales shortly after complete instillation of the planetary driveyards.

Kuat shipyards

60 days ago

All sales are being finalized, as the fleet is preparing to enter hyperspace.

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I don't guess anyone here has access to the original charter by chance? I would like a copy if possible.


Winnipeg probably has it, but it might not be saved in a readable format.

I believe this is most of it (from 2003):

There is a lot of other stuff at


The Charter of The Meritocracy
[condensed slightly]

We, the nations of the Meritocracy, set forth these rules and instructions for our self-governance. We do this to preserve order, freedom, and prosperity for our members, mediating between members or by the Senate, free from the hazard and detriment of undue military conflict.
Membership shall be afforded to all nations who swear the oath of allegiance to The Meritocracy as prepared by the Senate body for citizenship applicants, and who are approved by a majority vote of the standing Meritocratic Senate. Applicants may supplement the oath prepared for their use by the Senate in any way they see fit, provided their additions neither contradict nor void any part of the original oath. All membership is voluntary, and may be renounced by the member nation at any time. A requirement of membership is that the regional currency of the New Merit be accepted as equal tender for any and all international exchanges, at the exchange rate set forth by the Praetor.

The oathed members of Meritocracy are to elect a Consul once every twenty timeparts. All eligible members of The New Meritocracy are to be on the ballot, provided that they are nominated and seconded by Senators in good standing, and the member with the most votes at the end of the appointed timepart is elected. Should there be a tie, all tied members shall be placed on a second ballot, and the member with the most votes at the end of the ensuing timepart shall be elected. The Consul is responsible for the leadership of the government, and has the power to settle diplomatic issues and call for votes on the floor of the Senate. No Consul may serve two consecutive terms.

The Cabinet shall consist of the Censor, the Praetor and the Quaestor. The role of the Cabinet is to advise and assist the Consul, to whom it is answerable.

Every member shall volunteer to serve in one of the Senatorial ministries. The Consul will decide the ministry that the member will join after conferring with the Cabinet and the new member in question. However, no members will be placed in the Ministry of Defense against his will. A Senator may withdraw at any time if their Minister or Deputy Minister accepts their Resignation. The ministries will draft legislation, with the head of the ministry calling legislation to a vote within the ministry. Ministries shall never impose their Rule over a Nation\'s Sovereignty without the express permission of said Nationís legitimate governing body.

After a bill has passed its ministry, the Consul will bring the legislation immediately to a vote by the standing Senate. The vote will span a period of no less than one timepart, during which all members of the Meritocracy shall be free to debate the article of legislation in a location accessible to all members of the Meritocracy. If the Tribune feels it necessary, he may call for an extension of the vote by one timepart. During the vote, all members of the Meritocracy may speak, but no amendments may be made to the bill. At any point during the voting period, the Tribune may denounce the legislation as against the spirit of the law. If the Tribune does not do so, a simple majority is required to pass the bill unless the bill is an amendment to this Charter, in which case a 3/5 majority is required to pass the bill. If the Tribune does denounce the bill, a 3/4 majority is required to pass the bill. If the Tribune denounces the bill and it passes anyway, the Consul has the right to call for a vote of no confidence against the Tribune. If the no confidence vote receives a 3/4 majority, the Tribune will be replaced, and the Consul will appoint a replacement to serve until the next election.

The Meritocracy finds aggressive military action to be one of the most solemn and serious events, and treats it as such. Should one member of the region exert force on another member, or threaten such force, that nation will be called before the whole of the Senate to give an account and explanation for its actions. The Senate shall then have a one-timepart period of debate, and the Consul shall call the matter to a vote of acceptance. If military force was used, then the Senate shall makes recommendations to the Tribune for a punishment, and the Tribune shall call down the final sentencing, up to removal of the nation from the Meritocracy.

The Meritocracy shall consist of the capital territory of The New Meritocracy, plus whatever other provinces are confirmed by the Senate with the assent of the residents of those respective regions. The provinces of the Meritocracy are: Meritocratic Isles, New Meritocracy, and Sardaukar Confederacy.

All provinces shall be organized as follows: Each province may have its own legislature which may make such laws as it deems appropriate for the daily maintenance of the province, underneath the ultimate sovereign law of this charter.

If a province leaves the Meritocracy, all Senators from the province in question shall be forced to move to a region within the Meritocracy within two timeparts of the conclusion of such vote to maintain their status, or they shall be forced to surrender their seat in the Senate.

Actually, that version is probably from August 2004, for what it's worth.

Thank you very much.

Do you have a copy of the "Argyres rules" resolution passed in 2005, Jasque?

I declare Ferenghi jubilee in preparation for my statement of "hello." Which shall be followed by a short phrase of "I am new here." And thus entering into a new thought of "how is everybody?"

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