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Since the rise of the World Assembly from the ashes of its predecessor, the Bureaucracy That Cannot Be Named, WA member nations have worked tirelessly to improve the standard of the world. That, or tried to force other nations to be more like them. But that's just semantics.

Below is every World Assembly resolution ever passed.

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Commend Ballotonia

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation

Nominee: Ballotonia

Proposed by: Mahaj wa seat


ACKNOWLEDGING Ballotonia as an ardent champion of the defender cause,

NOTING that Ballotonia is the mastermind behind the liberation approach called the 'PuppetMaster Attack,' which was first used in The North Pacific in the largest successful liberation to date,

AWARE that Ballotonia presided over the Allied Liberation League, or A.L.L., which was connected to the A.D.N. and at its peak included regions such as The West Pacific, The North Pacific, The Rejected Realms, Nasicournia, Equilism, Nederland, Belgium, Utopia, and North America,

ACKNOWLEDGING Ballotonia's leadership role in the close alliance between the regions of Nederland and Belgium which has helped keep the liberated region of Belgium active and secure under its native delegate of West-Flanders for almost two years to date,

RECOGNIZING the existence of the Ballotonian "office of almost-useless stats," which produced an interesting survey entitled "Flag Use Stats" which recorded statistics such as the most used flag in the world,

APPLAUDING the work of Ballotonian number analysts who conducted a population growth investigation with the goal of determining how quickly nations gain population and uncovered results that surprised many and debunked the old myth about population gain, which was that the population growth would be random as opposed to a systematic increase,

ASTONISHED that despite over 85000 nations currently existing, the same issues keep popping up in all of these nations,

COGNIZANT that Ballotonia has, through extensive research, catalogued these issues and the most common responses to them by nations, given the different issues names and numbers, and also listed the options that nations frequently take when addressing these issues,

RECOGNIZING Ballotonia as the author of the Security Council proposal 'Repeal Commend Sedgistan,' the only Security Council proposal yet to pass in the wake of the coup of The South Pacific by Devonitions, a puppet state of Sedgistan,

HEREBY Commends Ballotonia.

Co-Authored by A mean old man

Votes For: 7,438 (73%)
Votes Against: 2,723 (27%)



Repeal "Liberate Eastern Europe"

A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.

Category: Repeal

Resolution: SC#36

Proposed by: Finlandization

Description: WA Security Council Resolution #36: Liberate Eastern Europe shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Argument: The World Assembly Security Council,

RECALLING that the original purpose of Resolution #36 was a dispute over refounding Eastern Europe that has since been resolved with the help of said Resolution,

RECOGNIZING that the WA Delegate it names, Czech mate has served capably and been re-elected twice since, and has overseen the establishment of regional embassies negotiated by Eastern Europe's elected regional diplomat, Flobos, and approved by the natives of Eastern Europe in multiple referenda,

AWARE that the motion to repeal has come from natives of Eastern Europe not involved in the original dispute, with Czech Mate, Flobos, and Romani romania all abstaining in the regional referendum in which the participating parties unanimously supported a repeal by a 10-0 margin, with 5 total abstentions,

UNDERSTANDING that the natives of Eastern Europe feel more secure not having forced liberation status, particularly in light of the recent discovery of a dozen puppets in Eastern Europe and the failure of their master to identify their intent, as well as a separate failed invasion of Eastern Europe approximately one month ago,

RESPECTING that the nations of Eastern Europe believe that repealing Resolution #36 will allow them to finally move on from a tumultuous chapter in their regional history,

CONCLUDING that it is just and proper for the natives of Eastern Europe to decide on and be in control of their own fate,

Hereby repeals Liberate Eastern Europe.

Votes For: 8,869 (90%)
Votes Against: 1,015 (10%)



Condemn Punk Reloaded

A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region.

Category: Condemnation

Nominee: Punk Reloaded

Proposed by: A mean old man

Description: The World Assembly,

ACKNOWLEDGING with regret the chaos which erupted within the Pacifics several months ago as a result of Sedgistan's takeover of The South Pacific and as a result of the ensuing conflict between The West Pacific and The South Pacific,

RECOGNIZING Punk Reloaded as the renegade delegate of The West Pacific,

NOTING that, soon before the takeover in The South Pacific, Punk Reloaded noted the threat of a mutiny by the old guard of The West Pacific, which was angered by Punk Reloaded's inactivity and wished to replace the delegate,

FURTHER NOTING that Punk Reloaded's unnecessary response to this threat was to declare war on The South Pacific rather than to make improvements to conditions within The West Pacific, claiming that the war was part of The West Pacific's crusade on "inactivity" while Punk Reloaded was merely attempting to avoid the consequences of being an inactive delegate within its home region,

ACKNOWLEDGING this war with The South Pacific as a totally unwarranted action against a damaged region and noting that Punk Reloaded's West Pacific has used various duplicitous tactics in its attacks on The South Pacific, including but not limited to:
--- attempts to lobby WA members within The South Pacific to withdraw endorsements from their delegate in order to destabilize the region and incite conflict within it,
--- the failed attempt to use lies and contortions of the truth to condemn the former delegate of The South Pacific, Southern bellz, the rightful and fairly elected delegate of the region,

WITNESSING Punk Reloaded's recent termination of the cease-fire between The West Pacific and The South Pacific and further witnessing the delegate's sudden retraction of its formally announced intentions to resign from its position,

TROUBLED by Punk Reloaded's questionable actions within The West Pacific, such as:
--- the delegate's suppression of the popular vote on the condemnation of Southern Bellz when the majority of the WA voters in The West Pacific's forums maintained a firm position AGAINST the condemnation for over 6 days and during which Punk Reloaded ignored these voters and chose to ABSTAIN (and later chose to manipulate the WA vote with an anonymous poll added long after the TWP voters had responded to the condemnation publicly),
--- the replacement of The West Pacific's Constitution with the delegate's own version, which was riddled with errors and enacted without even a 2/3 majority vote of The West Pacific's Regional Assembly,
--- the delegate's appointment of governmental officers, such as the region's Minister of Defense, without these officers meeting the requirements specified in Punk Reloaded's own Constitution of The West Pacific,
--- the delegate's establishment of The West Pacific's "Republic," a body which is a great affront to Pacific sovereignty and which is comprised of many representatives from foreign regions which maintain great influence over the workings of The West Pacific's government,
--- the delegate's disregard for the election of other governmental officials, such as the New Member Coordinator,

BELIEVING Punk Reloaded to be a dangerous influence in The West Pacific and an enemy of peace and justice within the entire world,


Votes For: 7,356 (78%)
Votes Against: 2,120 (22%)



Repeal "Liberate Wonderful Paradise"

A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.

Category: Repeal

Resolution: SC#48

Proposed by: Goddess Relief Office

Description: WA Security Council Resolution #48: Liberate Wonderful Paradise shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Argument: The Security Council,

RECOGNIZING that Security Council Resolution #48 was intended to prevent Wonderful Paradise from being refounded by invaders from NAZI EUROPE,

NOTING that subsequent events did not turn out as planned, for the appearance of the resolution motivated the invaders to advance their plans to refound the nominee,

DISMAYED that NAZI EUROPE attempted to refound Wonderful Paradise while SC#48 was still being voted upon,

THANKFUL that the worst did not happen, for defenders were able to pre-empt the refounding on March 14, 2011,

NOTING that SC#48 passed on March 17, 2011, three days after the region was already refounded by defenders which returned foundership of Wonderful Paradise to the native community,

RECOGNIZING that while the resolution was noble in intent, the refounding of Wonderful Paradise all but invalidated SC#48,

UNDERSTANDING that natives of Wonderful Paradise, including the founder Capital knockers and the delegate Ovlov united, wish to repeal SC#48 and free the region from the resolution's limitations. For example, the resolution prevents future delegates from password-protecting the region in order to control invaders, and severely limits the community's ability to refound the region in the unlikely event that the founder ceases to exist,

ENDEAVORING to honor the natives' request and restore full sovereignty rights to Wonderful Paradise,

HEREBY RETIRES SC#48 "Liberate Wonderful Paradise".

Co-sponsored by Delegate of Wonderful Paradise, Ovlov united

Votes For: 9,168 (94%)
Votes Against: 611 (6%)



Commend Naivetry

A resolution to recognize outstanding contribution by a nation or region.

Category: Commendation

Nominee: Naivetry

Proposed by: Topid


The Security Council,

Recognizing the long history of good deeds by Naivetry,

Observing Naivetry was an important leader of Equilism and member of the region's military, the E-Army, and held many positions through the region's history including foundership,

Knowing Naivetry led the return of Equilism to democracy by restoring the old constitution,

Further observing Naivetry inherited Kandarin to lead The Rejected Realms in late 2010,

Believing Naivetry led the region effectively into a period of higher activity than The Rejected Realms had experienced in years and contributed heavily toward moving the region toward a constitutional system with elections,

Acknowledging Naivetry's opposition to the destruction of communities by invaders has been constant, and that particularly during the 2009 invasion of Belgium, the campaigning of Naivetry was a major factor in the World Assembly gaining the ability to save Belgium and many other regions since from destruction,

Remembering Naivetry as the author of one Security Council resolution and as an active contributor to the Security Council during the body's beginning, helping improve the quality of resolutions,

Impressed with the efforts of Naivetry to benefit regions, especially developing regions, by distributing useful information such as:
• Educating new nations in the difficult task of building a healthy and large region,
• Teaching the basics of military tactics within NationStates to the unaware,
• Listing the regional forums,

Impressed further by Naivetry's thorough research of the Latin language, and the willingness to share that knowledge with other nations,

Hereby commends Naivetry for effectively leading major regions and for efforts to guide nations with helpful information.

Votes For: 5,962 (61%)
Votes Against: 3,824 (39%)


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by Max Barry

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