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As the WA currently has 1,088 Regional Delegates, a proposal needs 66 approvals to achieve quorum.

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ID: lalaki_1408759049

Ex-Convict Enfranchisment

A resolution to increase democratic freedoms.

Category: Furtherment of Democracy

Strength: Significant

Proposed by: Lalaki

Description: The General Assembly,

RECOGNIZING that those convicted of crimes duly serve the sentences given to them by a court of law.

ACKNOWLEDGING that modern day punishments for criminals are largely sufficient for repaying debts to society and protecting innocents from harm.

DISTURBED by the fact that former convicts are discriminated against in many nations, even if they had shown true reformation with no evidence committing further illegal acts.

AWARE that part of this discrimination may include the denial of participation in public elections.

DEFINING the term "ex-convicts" for the purposes of this resolution to include individuals who have completed the sentences they were given upon conviction, and have also shown no evidence for potential recurrences in crime.

HEREBY requires all member nations that hold elections for public offices and positions to fully enfranchise all adult ex-convicts who have completed serving their sentences/punishments.

PROHIBITS governments from inducing permanent disenfranchisement upon conviction, while also noting that voting rights during elections will only be granted if the offender meets all other necessary criteria that does not unjustly/unfairly discriminate against ex-convicts.

PREVENTS member nations from instituting harsher punishments for the purpose of curtailing the rights granted by this resolution.

EXPANDS the mandate of the Organization for Electoral Assistance (OEA), to ensure the following of the guidelines in this resolution in all applicable member nations. This includes making sure that punishments are not increased or modified to curtail enfranchisement for ex-convicts, and also investigating applicable member nations that are accused of doing so.

NOTING that the rights protected by this resolution will not apply to non-citizens in nations where they are not permitted to vote, nor will they apply to parolees still serving their punishments outside of a detention facility.

CLARIFIES nothing in this resolution shall be interpreted as requiring elections in nations where they are not held.

Approvals: 10 (Matthew Hargreaves, Bosakia, Alruniea, Republic of South Carolina, The Democratic Nation of Unovia, Afghannapolistan, Beldia, Free Lyberta, Hicdarr, The Bulgogian Nation)

Status: Lacking Support (requires 56 more approvals)

Voting Ends: in 2 days 8 hours

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by Max Barry

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