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The following are proposals for WA resolutions. Any WA member nation with at least two endorsements can make a proposal, but it will only become a resolution (to be voted on by the entire WA) if it is approved by at least 6% of WA Regional Delegates.

As the WA currently has 2,047 Regional Delegates, a proposal needs 123 approvals to achieve quorum.

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ID: surica_1464242399

Protect gun rights

A resolution to tighten or relax gun control laws.

Category: Gun Control

Decision: Relax

Proposed by: Surica

Description: Have all the nations in the Wa have the right to bear arms.

Approvals: 13 (The Anarchic fascist republic of an isle, Freedom in Unition, Ocrania, Dicko, Cerbrus87, Vancouvia, The Desperate House Wife, Conservatives of Britain, Ebnious, Kablooei, Canadaclone, Reggina, The Confederacy of the Republic)

Status: Lacking Support (requires 110 more approvals)

Voting Ends:

ID: ronovick_1464297194

Affordable Health Care

A resolution to modify universal standards of healthcare.

Category: Health

Area of Effect: Healthcare

Proposed by: Ronovick

Description: Many people are unable to pay for basic health care, and we should be striving to make these procedures more accessible and affordable to less privileged peoples.

The government of the country in which the unfortunate person resides will pay for 35% of the total cost of there treatment if there yearly income is below or equal to £27,000. This will be put in place if the treatment is needed, for example, surgery to repair a broken bone. It will not, however, be necessary if the treatment is for something such as cosmetic surgery, with examples being liposuction and rhinoplasty.

This will not only greatly improve the lives of millions, but also the government, as more healthy citizens means more jobs being preformed to a high standard, and all round making your nation a better, more prosperous place.

Approvals: 17 (United Prussian Republics, Allinburg, Cerbrus87, Independant Canada, The Lleyn Peninsula, JOWOWWO, Vancouvia, Casubo, Sollantico, Assiniboia and the Antillies, Criliana, Nicer potlimitomaha, Europe and Oceania, Devernia, Kablooei, The Land of Scrubs, Canadaclone)

Status: Lacking Support (requires 106 more approvals)

Voting Ends:

ID: adytus_1464321447

Repeal "Condemn Macedon"

A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.

Category: Repeal

Resolution: SC#1

Proposed by: Adytus

Description: WA Security Council Resolution #1: Condemn Macedon shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Argument: The Security Council,

Recognizing Macedon to be the first region ever condemned by the World Assembly; however, the arguments made by the author no longer qualify Macedon for international recognition.

Noting Resolution #1 describes the coloring of world fact-book entries as distasteful and grotesque, hardly something worthy of note by this council, and an observation to opinionated to force a condemnation.

Believing that such rhetoric does nothing to remove Macedon’s right to support whatever colors chosen for their world fact-book entry, and that such language should be removed from this council’s records in the name of regional expression.

Accepting the fact that Macedon has colonized several regions; however, such practice is common throughout the world, and is no longer something of note, regardless of whatever importance nation’s may invest in region names like Pakistan, Finland, or Belarus.

Further Believing that if Macedon is truly worthy of condemnation by the Security Council, a better argument should be presented to this council than what is stated in Resolution #1.

Acknowledging what little impact Macedon holds in the greater scope of world affairs, and that the region condemned by this council is not even the main region of the condemned party.

Admitting that the condemnation may in fact be responsible for the continuation of Macedonia’s colonies, and that the removal of the condemnation may be more effective in reopening the regions that have been lost.

Hoping that regions still under Macedon's control will be able to develop communities like the region of France. The repeal of Resolution #1 may have more of an effective in changing the status quo rather than years of being condemned.

Hereby Repeals: “Condemn Macedon”

Approvals: 106 (Nicer potlimitomaha, Cormactopia II, Peallytariall, Cecalia, Devernia, Nasuai, Flalistan, Westercourt, Vancouvia, Ransium, Otaku Stratus, The Federal Union of Novorossiya, Pokken-Land, Troaca, Caesarean, Nova Roma et agros captos, MAXALORIANS, Smiley Bob, Parakka, Mallandia, Rutanica, Wingle Dingle, New Aglore, Nantyglo-provence, Vetega, Sollantico, United Nations of the Far Middle East, Athlethos, Naoarn, SMUDZLANDIA, Lacast, Ecch, Arioslavia, UNITED Bosna i Hercegovina, Mikeswill, Singie, SpacePotatoWorld, New Finnish Karelia, AriVale, Wrapper, Zandill, Republic Of Hollinsgurd, United Prussian Republics, DampFlame, The Queendom of Lux, Evolvus, Deathian Empire, Kaiser Adolf, Gbrhixbefjdb, Steve Buscemi Land, AwesomeTecia, The Alleged, Shevakistan, JOWOWWO, Lux Dominion, Aquileon, Edelreich, Free States of Marvin, Whedidntstartheshire, ISSUEland, Ivanusia, Harold I, Papau Papau, Land of Jesus Christ, North Cherokee, Theabia, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, Reggina, Alleines Nationaliste, Sir Charles the 3rd, Genose, Malfasz, Neu Tyrol, East Streitland, The Samlands, Correlia 1, Morientis Wish, Aidiania, TurtleWolf, Vanguard-Concordia, Patvarus, Zombiedolphins, Danny Devito trashman, Froedal, The Union of Mandalorian Erebor, Jaysons Head, POLISOC, Criliana, Muditia, People with Intellect, Vexillography, Cu Mara, Frostiar, Allinburg, Densaner, The new Albania, Ikania, Interplanetary Sector of Zaptron, -Mr Money-, Law Enforcers, Independant Canada, Shansmen, Deropia, The Land of Scrubs, 1-502nd Airborne Inf, The Confederacy of the Republic)

Status: Lacking Support (requires 17 more approvals)

Voting Ends:

ID: sollantico_1464388196

Global Disarmament Act

A resolution to slash worldwide military spending.

Category: Global Disarmament

Strength: Mild

Proposed by: Sollantico

Description: This proposal calls to ban all guns from all WA nations.
RECOGNIZING The likelihood of a psychopath or sociopath using guns for a mass murdering
REALIZING That many deaths could be prevented, as we would not let any random crazy person have a gun to murder many people
NOTING That many people are pro-gun and like their guns,
HEREBY Illegalizes manufacturing, sale, and possession of all lethal firearms, while halving tax on non-lethal firearms, which include Blowdarts, Bows and Arrows, and Tranquilizer Guns and Darts.

Approvals: 4 (Sollantico, Criliana, United Socialist States of Blah Blah, Ecclestia)

Status: Lacking Support (requires 119 more approvals)

Voting Ends:

ID: solarius_great_1464398442

Super soldier resolution

A resolution to improve world security by boosting police and military budgets.

Category: International Security

Strength: Mild

Proposed by: Solarius great

Description: upon acknowledgement of The arrival of Captain America,

the World assembly acts upon the creation of an enhancement serum to be applied to one person;

as a symbol of your great nation and as an armed combatant in time of need. This is to be applied to your factbook,
where you will write the name of your super-soldier, and his weapon.

The Empire of solarius Great Thanks you, along with the World Assembly.

Hail Emperor Bender!

Approvals: 5 (The Desperate House Wife, Independant Canada, Ocrania, Cu Mara, The Union of Mandalorian Erebor)

Status: Lacking Support (requires 118 more approvals)

Voting Ends:


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