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The following are proposals for WA resolutions. Any WA member nation with at least two endorsements can make a proposal, but it will only become a resolution (to be voted on by the entire WA) if it is approved by at least 6% of WA Regional Delegates.

As the WA currently has 1,110 Regional Delegates, a proposal needs 67 approvals to achieve quorum.

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ID: the_dark_star_republic_1405753627

Repeal "National Economic Freedoms"

A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.

Category: Repeal

Resolution: GA#68

Proposed by: The Dark Star Republic

Description: WA General Assembly Resolution #68: National Economic Freedoms (Category: Free Trade; Strength: Strong) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Argument: The World Assembly,

Acting in the course of its duty to continue reviewing its passed Resolutions for areas of conflict and concern,

Wishing to retain only those Resolutions that are necessary and practical for the furtherment of world progress,

Seeking to strike out those Resolutions whose past merits no longer justify their present effects,


Hoping to clarify the burden of compliance of international law and restrictions for prospective sponsors of international law,

does hereby:

  1. Take note of the promise enshrined in WA Resolution #68, "National Economic Freedoms", that national governments be allowed "to regulate commerce within their jurisdiction";

  2. Observe that numerous subsequent Resolutions have ignored or restricted this promise by denying national governments their rights to regulate commerce within their jurisdiction, such as "International Postal Union", "Universal Clinical Trials Act", "Responsible Offshore Drilling", "Clean Water Act", "Nuclear Waste Safety Act", "Reducing Problem Gambling", "Essential Medication Act", "Concerning Financial Fraud", "Freedom to Contract", "Reducing Automobile Emissions", "Stopping Invasive Species", "Uranium Mining Standards Act", and "Cultural Site Preservation";

  3. Consider the requirement of "National Economic Freedoms" that "no commerce be generally restricted by the WA unless ... [t]he enterprise causes an extreme hazard to national populations"

  4. Document that numerous subsequent Resolutions have in fact imposed restrictions on commerce without a justification in terms of extreme hazard to national population, such as "The General Patent Charter", "Medical Research Ethics Act", "The Gem Trading Accord", "Against Conflict Minerals", "On Genetically Modified Foods", "Transboundary Water Use Act", "Ban Profits on Workers' Deaths", "Biological Warfare Convention", "Stopping Suicide Seeds", "Sensible Limits on Hunting", "Protecting Migratory Animals" and "Reducing Spills and Leaks";

  5. Recall numerous other proposals considered by the WA that would have had the effect of regulating or restricting commerce and which were considered to be within the competency of the WA, rather than of individual nations;

  6. Conclude that the guarantees of "National Economic Freedoms" have been rendered utterly worthless by virtue of revisionist reinterpretation of its mandates and that the Resolution in fact does nothing whatsoever to defend national rights to regulate commerce, nor to check the powers of the WA to restrict commerce;

  7. Understand that the WA will undoubtedly continue to legislate on matters of commerce in the name of social justice, environmental protection, and other areas of legislation it deems worthy of consideration, while functionally ignoring the existence of "National Economic Freedoms";

  8. Identify "National Economic Freedoms" as a Resolution whose noble intentions have proved completely ineffective in practice;

  9. Recognise as undesirable the situation of a Resolution remaining on record while no longer having the legal effects intended at time of its passage;

  10. Resolve the situation with this procedural Resolution, repealing WA Resolution #68, "National Economic Freedoms";

  11. Reassure that a motion of repeal will in no way reduce national economic sovereignty, because it is not actually protected by the original Resolution.

Approvals: 81 (Zorbae, Robert Hawkins, Bears Armed Mission, Malizien, West Angola, Ainocra, Crisisies, Zalxus, Apothic Prime, Nawira, Bogans and Boozers, Gold Peteria, The Gregorach, Gibsonville2, Ahntong, Loveridge, XScLs_FreeLand, Imperial Liberation Force, Slushia, Chestation, The Inner Rim, Unibot III, Correctional Facility, Theoniatium, Pyrosky, Czechostan, Otaku Stratus, New Azura, Hallensbane, Sintroa, Shemiki, Araluen and Eyreland, Shahak, Ramaeus, Luovia Ihmisia, Madrocea, Grey Gragas, Illusionist, Felandos, Cosmic Explosion, Russian Fedration, Republic of South Carolina, Ballarswag, Isolaria, Lygonia, The Water Supply, Eisheth Zenunim, Publica Ferrum, Slevvania, Tasty Water, Daerell, Rzeczpospolita Krakowska, The Ancient World, Rhodevus, The Afanisian Isles, Krankor, Vaculatestar4, Le Cruise, Capisaria, TrekWars, Eboestrana, Dheiaslokera, NZ Liberator, Treanemark, Sylven, Demoberia, The Sovietyeto, The Eastern Antarctic State, MirrorGate, Holy Trek, Architeuthis, Ahrana, Googlemania, Ajerrin, Keronika, Freedom Landia, Francastan, Timmy City, The Federal Republic of Provinces, Socialist Federative Republic of Sornia, The Stray Cat)

Status: Quorum Reached: In Queue!

ID: the_dourian_embassy_1405956000

Repeal "Condemn NAZI EUROPE"

A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.

Category: Repeal

Resolution: SC#37

Proposed by: The Dourian Embassy

Description: WA Security Council Resolution #37: Condemn NAZI EUROPE shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Argument: The Security Council,

Acknowledging that the region known as Nazi Europe attempted to destroy many regions throughout its history,

Understanding that Nazi Europe was condemned for those attempts by the Security Council,

Accepting, however, that the nations responsible for most of the condemned actions, such as Laos refugees, oh my days, and "The New Aryan People" have since been conquered and ceased to operate as independent governments,

Knowing that Nazi Europe had its dictatorial regime removed from power by a combined force of regions and organizations including The North Pacific, The United Imperial Armed Forces of The New Inquisition, The Land of Kings and Emperors and Albion and The Imperial Sovereign Realms Army of Osiris and Balder,

Acknowledging the assistance of regions and organizations such as Equilism, Europeia, The East Pacific, Lone Wolves United, The Black Hawks, The Red Fleet, Unknown, The Kingdom of Great Britain, Sicarius, Mazeria, The MT Army, Kantrias and North Korea.

Believing that the conquering of Nazi Europe by the coalition of forces listed above has eliminated it as a threat to the world,

Recognizing that Nazi Europe is no longer deserving of any attention from this esteemed body, even in the form of a condemnation,

Hereby repeals SC#37 "Condemn Nazi Europe."

Co-Authored by Cormac A Stark and North East Somerset.

Approvals: 81 (Patistan, Mikeswill, Aichd14, Daerell, Rzeczpospolita Krakowska, Jappa, Socathei, The Ancient World, Watertopia, Ramaeus, Estlands, Need a name, Zorbae, Crisisies, Community of free peoples, Salah Jadid, Pyrosky, Czechostan, Otaku Stratus, Vaculatestar4, Rigg Sessamin, Sparta12, All Good People, The Democratic Nation of Unovia, West Angola, The Star of Jorj, Kuzbeckistan, North East Somerset, Isolaria, Asquithania, Le Cruise, Sulomin, Wolfhawk, North Campbell Nation, Hawkswind, Acario, Ainocra, Azgul, The Eternal Kawaii, Republic of South Carolina, Luovia Ihmisia, Bad-Assistan, Imperial Liberation Force, Evil Grantica, Dennizona, Marelda, DanTecya, Chestation, The Imperial Spatial Hispanic Federation, Garcinia Mangostana, Tarazed, Pewor, Sylven, Adis Abyssinia, Dheiaslokera, General Hammond, The Eastern Antarctic State, Shahak, MirrorGate, East Klent, Holy Trek, Architeuthis, Amerion, Conoga, Ahrana, Krankor, Detective Figs, Augustus Telcontar, Nagnarok, Pepper Island Democratica Freeland Papri, Extremely Corrupt Communists, Helghast Sovereignty, Great Sun Bear States, Ajerrin, Topid, Keronika, Krawdadsky, Eura, United East Germany, Starvation Is Fun, Free Law)

Status: Quorum Reached: In Queue!

ID: sternberg_1406199843

Submarine Warfare Accord

A resolution to slash worldwide military spending.

Category: Global Disarmament

Strength: Mild

Proposed by: Sternberg

Description: The General Assembly,

RECOGNISES the authority of national military forces to govern and discipline their own personnel in accordance with their own regulations,

UNDERSTANDS the ambiguous nature of submarine warfare and the fact that decisions usually rely on the judgement of commanding officers, whether of a vessel or groups of vessels, or by a nation's political leaders,

CONCERNED that contradictions exist in rules of engagement and that the nature of submarine warfare, as in the case of deliberately sinking civilian vessels, is used to circumvent international law,



  1. “Military submarine” as any submersible ship:
    I. Expressly owned and operated by or on behalf of a nation’s armed forces,
    II. Capable of being armed with anti-ship torpedoes, guided missiles or other weapons for the purpose of attacking, disabling or sinking opposing vessels; and
    III. Utilised in the pursuit of military objectives at sea, primarily the tracking, disabling or sinking of other ships;

  2. “Submarine Warfare” as any form of combative naval operation prosecuted by a military submarine; and

  3. “Unrestricted Submarine Warfare” as standing orders or practice to deliberately target all maritime traffic:
    I. Without respect for nationality,
    II. Regardless as to whether the targets were sank within designated areas of operations, in international waters or heading for specific destinations,
    III. Regardless of purpose, and
    IV. In times of war.

2. DESIGNATES unrestricted submarine warfare as a war crime,

3. FORBIDS the following actions, in conjunction with Article 2, and considers them part of a deliberate, criminal assault to attack:

  1. Any civilian or commercial vessel which can be clearly identified (prior to and during operations):
    I. As not purposed or presently assigned to the trafficking of military assets or cargo; or
    II. Any vessel that is clearly denoted and clarified as originating from a nation not involved with the conflict and does not, in any way, provide assistance to any nation involved.

  2. Any military vessel that has clearly and credibly signaled its intent to surrender;

  3. Any surviving crew members from sunken vessels, unless the submarine's crew are at significant, credible risk of falling under attack by these survivors.

4. MANDATES that:

  1. World Assembly members are to investigate and prosecute any military personnel found to have been complicit or actively participated in unrestricted submarine warfare.

  2. If any investigation cannot be successfully conducted between warring nations or their armed forces' judiciaries due to disagreements or reasonable doubt, the matter is brought to the attention of the W.A.N.C. for arbitration and judgement.

5. TASKS the World Assembly Nautical Commission (W.A.N.C.) to:

  1. Establish a joint military/civilian sub-tribunal to oversee the provisions of this resolution,

  2. Provide legally binding arbitration over any disputes relating to this resolution that national military commands/judiciaries are unable to resolve between themselves; and

  3. Provides it additional authority to prosecute any international naval incident that would be legally classified by the World Assembly as a "war crime".

6. CLARIFIES that incidents involving accidental sinking - where any sunken ships that conform under Article 3, Subsections 1 and 2, were not credibly ordered or intended to be sank by the submarine's commander - must be individually assessed to determine the circumstances and the degree of innocence or guilt of the submarine's crew.

Approvals: 39 (Bears Armed Mission, Dheiaslokera, Patistan, MirrorGate, North Campbell Nation, Eboestrana, Northern Socialist States, Jenesia, Gibsonville2, Hicdarr, Amiria, Sulomin, Manchovia, The Salaxalans, NZ Liberator, Chestation, Smiley Bob, Googlemania, Northern Thermonia, Paledonn, Hericropolis, Ajerrin, Garcinia Mangostana, Maoist People, Great Argonia, Keronika, Ballarswag, Freedom Landia, Isolaria, The United Covenant, Criliana, West Angola, Genesis Fifteen, Palafox, Republic of South Carolina, South Titania, Rzeczpospolita Krakowska, The Stray Cat, Free Law)

Status: Lacking Support (requires 28 more approvals)

Voting Ends: in 22 hours

ID: cronaal_1406291298

Condemn Merconitonitopia

A resolution to express shock and dismay at a nation or region.

Category: Condemnation

Nominee: Merconitonitopia

Proposed by: Cronaal

Description: The Security Council,

NOTING that The People's Democratic Communes of Merconitonitopia takes advantage of the Communism government type to enforce slavery upon the citizens.

VIEWING Merconitionitopia's governing body as a Corrupt, Evil and Oppressive dictatorship with only the government and rich/nobles in mind, a heinous and selfish act.

DENOUNCING and SLAUGHTERING several million non-Merconions, referring to them as impure demon-spawn. This extreme act should not be tolerated within the World Assembly. Even to this day, all non-Merconions are discriminated against, heavily.

REGARDING the fact that all born within the borders of The People's Democratic Communes of Merconitonitopia are born as property owned by state, they are born owned by the government personnel.

FURTHER NOTING that freedom of opinion and expression is controlled and outlawed by government officials. This should not be tolerated, all must be given the right to speak their mind of government and laws passed.

PREVIOUSLY using concentration camps to eliminate/exterminate all who do not follow the faiths forced upon by government officials, this is an act of religious and ethnic intolerance and should also not be tolerated by any World Assembly nations.

Hereby Condemning Merconitionitopia of The North Pacific

Approvals: 5 (Theoniatium, The Gildan Republic, Gramsterdam, New Decatur, Rzeczpospolita Krakowska)

Status: Lacking Support (requires 62 more approvals)

Voting Ends: in 1 day 22 hours

ID: xankou_1406315377

Repeal "Child Pornography Ban"

A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.

Category: Repeal

Resolution: GA#300

Proposed by: Xankou

Description: WA General Assembly Resolution #300: Child Pornography Ban (Category: Moral Decency; Strength: Significant) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Argument: STATING that such a law as this one should be in place, however the current form of the law is not sufficient to ensure the protection of minors as defined as persons below the legal age of consent.

SPECIFICALLY targeting the subclause (4) which allows "The act of transmitting a visual recording of oneself to another person or persons privately but not publicly, nor the receipt or possession of such recordings;"

DECLARING That such a subclause leaves a loophole that would make the possession of a visual recording of a minor that has been transmitted willingly by said same minor that could legally be acquired through the act of "grooming".

DESIRING That should this repeal be passed the resolution in question be amended and resubmitted to exclude subclause (4).

Approvals: 2 (Apothic Prime, Isolaria)

Status: Lacking Support (requires 65 more approvals)

Voting Ends: in 2 days 10 hours

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