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The following are proposals for WA resolutions. Any WA member nation with at least two endorsements can make a proposal, but it will only become a resolution (to be voted on by the entire WA) if it is approved by at least 6% of WA Regional Delegates.

As the WA currently has 1,233 Regional Delegates, a proposal needs 74 approvals to achieve quorum.

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ID: chester_pearson_1421530135

War Crimes Tribunal

A resolution to improve world security by boosting police and military budgets.

Category: International Security

Strength: Significant

Proposed by: Chester Pearson

Description: The World Assembly,

RECOGNIZING that war crimes are crimes against humanity,

DECLARING that war crimes are so heinous that the international community as a whole has the responsibility to bring to justice those who are guilty of such crimes,

CONVINCED about the potential abuses of power associated with granting jurisdiction over war crimes to individual nations,

The General Assembly,

  1. Hereby creates the International War Crimes Tribunal (IWCT) tasks it with the following mandate:

    1. To investigate persons suspected of war crimes,

    2. To issue arrest warrants for persons suspected of war crimes if investigations deem the evidence is compelling enough to warrant indictment,

    3. To work with member nations in the trial of suspected war criminals indicted by the International War Crimes Tribunal within their jurisdiction, according to the principals of fairness and impartiality in trials endorsed by the World Assembly.

  2. Compels members to execute warrants issued by the IWTC,

  3. Mandates that members pursue the extradition of persons wanted for war crimes, not under their jurisdictions by all legal means,

  4. Demands member nations that are incapacitated or otherwise incapable of trying and detaining individuals suspected or convicted of war crimes extradite those individuals to a member state capable of or trying and incarcerating those individuals, according to the principals of fairness and impartiality in trials endorsed by the World Assembly.

Co-Authored by: Separatist Peoples

Approvals: 161 (Brechalht, Alruniea, Rights and Peace, Areluind, Separatist Peoples, Burleson 2, Black Copters, Eastern Equestria, Tinfect, Yorkistan, Imperial Eagle, Recluse, The League of Eastern Orthodox Knights, The Holy Zirid Caliphate, Echotia, East Klent, McMasterdonia, Sellenia, Mikeswill, H-Albu, Maoist People, Ivalicia, Infedelious, Patrimonium Petri, Goji Empire, Baconbacon123, Ravon, HashtagHashswagia, Nava Siam, Swjistan, Republic of Wales and Scotland, Alpacanzia, The Archiepelago, Saint Neutralia, The Democratic Nation of Unovia, Elysians Hope, South Pacific Republic, Sacred Stars, The Rhinelands, Jereathiel of Jedmathia, Northern Thermonia, LegendarY NovA, Sozialistische Unified-Staaten, Faschist Deutsch Reich, Grand Britaria, Plurivictoria, Vunroth, The Derrak Quadrant, Rhonestan, United Peoples Republic of Lewisham, The Astral Eternals, Aluthera, Tomdria, Vashtanaraada, White Noise, United German Regions, Vladovaskia, USSR Lithuania, Swampchickopia, North Campbell Nation, Tridekia, Whestion, Tupiaupaba, The Jaclean empire, Rateria, High Cyrodiil, Fruchtbarland, GIMPISTAN, Frostiar, Alexandria-Prussia, Krankenwagens, Flamels Stone, Principality of Savante, Voga, Absura, Wencee, United Sectors of Earth, Misplaced States, Katorga, Rhodevus, Der WeltMeister, Vandoosa Eins, Republic of Diana, Epicnation000, Guinea-Conakry, StanislavN, Little Egg Harbor, Alagasagia, Crisisies, Negamegedon, Rossiania, The Republic of the US of A, Theoniatium, United Dependencies, Etoile Arcture, United Christian, Gepartia, Optamia, Paulstralia, New Icelandia, Tutukerala, Lackatoo, The Knights of Guacamole, The Lorians, Esperantujo 2, Seekeria, Hawkswind, Obloquya, Third Untergang Republic, Capicalibera, Rzeczpospolita Krakowska, The Tardis In A Tardis In A Tardis, The sovereign state of wheezy, The Latin Commonwealth, South Vada, The Niobian Hegemony, Bobracha, The United Kingdom of the Soviets, Anaaxes, The Treaty of Stockholm, Prostine, Jenesia, JM Mercer, Nakepe, Sasbaaddon, Anarchadom, Falcania, United Nations Of Theia, Turquoise Island, Zolentia, Bavaria-Munich, Ventei, Aurerses, EggJuice, Rumching, JaubLand, Courtian, Regoslavia, The Republic Of Stan Lee, Shahak, The Trade Pact, Lllllkjkjklllll01, New Educandi, Sollis, Dedredle, BearNation, Bogans and Boozers, Pantorrum, Mongolian Liberty States, Earth Empire, Beldia, Vanderhaevan, Natornic Cultures, Yuxia, United Alab Emirates, Lingang, Interstellar Galactic Corporation, Azuke, Alto Mantovano, The Old Sith, Celestine Infinity)

Status: Quorum Reached: In Queue!

ID: railana_1422151263

On Universal Jurisdiction

A resolution to improve world security by boosting police and military budgets.

Category: International Security

Strength: Significant

Proposed by: Railana

Description: Recognizing the moral depravity of war crimes and crimes against humanity,

Believing that such crimes are so heinous that the international community bears a collective responsibility to bring those who are guilty of such crimes to justice,

Concerned, however, about the potential lack of accountability and abuses of power associated with granting criminal jurisdiction to an international court,

Convinced, therefore, that the best means to fulfill this responsibility is to grant individual World Assembly member states the right and obligation to prosecute such individuals,

The General Assembly,

  1. Defines "universal jurisdiction" as the right to claim criminal jurisdiction for a crime allegedly committed by an individual, regardless of where or when the crime was allegedly committed, or the citizenship, nationality, or country of residence of that individual;

  2. Declares that all World Assembly member states have the right to claim universal jurisdiction with respect to any act that constitutes a "crime against humanity" or a "war crime" under World Assembly legislation, or for which universal jurisdiction is implicitly or explicitly recognized under World Assembly legislation;

  3. Requires member states to safely and fairly prosecute individuals suspected of committing an act listed in section 2 in cases where:

    1. the individual is within the territorial jurisdiction of that member state,

    2. the individual has not already been given a fair trial for that crime by another state, and

    3. there is evidence which would lead a reasonably intelligent but cautious person to believe that the individual is guilty of that crime;

  4. Directs member states to ensure that the severity of the sentence assigned to an individual following a conviction of a crime listed in section 2 of this resolution is consistent with the severity of their crime;

  5. Strongly encourages member states to volunteer any evidence relevant to the prosecution of an individual for a crime listed in section 2 of this resolution;

  6. Permits member states to transfer an individual subject to prosecution under section 3 of this resolution to the jurisdiction of another member state that is able and willing to safely and fairly prosecute that individual for the same alleged crime or crimes;

  7. Forbids the World Assembly from preempting a member state's claim to universal jurisdiction under this resolution, including but not limited to through an international criminal court or a substantially similar institution, to the extent permitted by this and previous World Assembly resolutions;

  8. Clarifies that nothing in this resolution grants member states the right to claim universal jurisdiction over individuals that are not currently within the member state's territorial jurisdiction;

  9. Further clarifies that nothing in this resolution precludes the World Assembly from passing further legislation on criminal jurisdiction, international police or judicial cooperation, or extradition.

Approvals: 103 (HashtagHashswagia, Vancouvia, Bogans and Boozers, Cleopatra Selene, Burleson 2, The Rhinelands, Vanderhaevan, William Empire, Alagasagia, USSR Lithuania, Theoniatium, Bongokarkovia, Cedoria, Third Untergang Republic, Whestion, Natornic Cultures, Kolkatta, Great Lexer, United Dependencies, The Archiepelago, Unbesiegbar Prussian Reich, South Pacific Republic, Federation of Galice, Bopyland, Ravon, The Holy Zirid Caliphate, Baconbacon123, Faschist Deutsch Reich, Sovereign Georgia, Yuxia, The Great Nation of Bacor, The Democratic Nation of Unovia, Patrimonium Petri, United Alab Emirates, Sellenia, Principality of Savante, Swjistan, Lackatoo, Regoslavia, Zorbae, Novum Alexandria, Christian Democrats, The Niobian Hegemony, Acario, Republic of Wales and Scotland, Palidrade, Courtian, Abmesh, Sacred Stars, Imperial Eagle, Grand Britaria, Somethingumbia, Northern Thermonia, H-Albu, GIMPISTAN, Rhonestan, Etoile Arcture, Vashtanaraada, Rights and Peace, Little Egg Harbor, Charlotte Ryberg, Interstellar Galactic Corporation, Fruchtbarland, United Christian, Duwhelia, Sasbaaddon, Znatsnaz, Plurivictoria, Mongolian Liberty States, Tim Stark, The Almighty Cowlord, New Educandi, Floydian Britannia, Educated Idlers, The Derrak Quadrant, Saint Neutralia, Unibot III, Neo-Russian Empire, United Celtic Regions, The Brown Dynasty, Guinea-Conakry, United Sectors of Earth, Achidyemay, The Trade Pact, Alabamian Liberty, JaubLand, The Titan Order, Enjelland, Azuke, Eastern Equestria, The Treaty of Stockholm, Alto Mantovano, The League of Eastern Orthodox Knights, Skrepetopia, Dedredle, Normlpeople, Yodobashi, Turquoise Island, Rossiania, VolcanoClan, The Old Sith, Celestine Infinity, Church Hills)

Status: Quorum Reached: In Queue!

ID: luke_the_drifter_1422155965

Repeal "Liberate The Mountains to the East"

A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.

Category: Repeal

Resolution: SC#164

Proposed by: Luke the Drifter

Description: WA Security Council Resolution #164: Liberate The Mountains to the East shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Argument: The Security Council,

Recognizing The Mountains to The East as a peaceful non-hostile community,

Angered The Mountains to The East was invaded by an aggressive multiregional force which assumed the delegacy, and placed a secret password in place, whilst simultaneously beginning to suppress native dissidence,

Shocked that the nation of The Zombie Apocalypse of Sadko, was able to hold the delegacy for over two months, and was able to accumulate sufficient influence to completely empty the region of nations,

Commending the efforts by Spiritus, The United Defenders League and others in liberating the region from The Black Riders, this returning some semblance of normalcy to the region so ravaged by invading forces,

Noting the regional natives desire to secure the region under their own control,

Aware that Security Council Resolution #164, "Liberate the Mountains to the East." while removing the secret password put in place by Sadko, also restricts the natives ability to secure the region under their own control,

Believing Security Council Resolution #164, "Liberate the Mountains to the East." has served it's ultimate goal of allowing the natives to return to their homeland,

Hereby repeals Security Council Resolution #164, "Liberate the Mountains to the East."

Approvals: 55 (Vanderhaevan, Sellenia, Crystal Spires, Godless Monkey, Jnania, Kraytonia, Lingang, Mythradore, Anarchadom, Aluthera, Rights and Peace, Little Egg Harbor, Fruchtbarland, Polloxune, Tsunamy, Malkir, Znatsnaz, Unbesiegbar Prussian Reich, Mongolian Liberty States, South Pacific Republic, Maltropia, Maoist People, The Holy Zirid Caliphate, Vladovaskia, The Pacifican Islands, Bodegraven, Seekeria, The Latin Commonwealth, Guinea-Conakry, The Great Nation of Bacor, Magikarp Kingdom, Hawkswind, Theoniatium, The Niobian Hegemony, The Democratic Nation of Unovia, North Campbell Nation, Imperial Defender IV, The Forestavian Islands, William Empire, Commodity42, The Treaty of Stockholm, Chycotia, Alto Mantovano, Gamilas, Third Untergang Republic, Regoslavia, The Union of the Peoples Freedom, Swjistan, VolcanoClan, The Old Sith, Celestine Infinity, Skrepetopia, The League of Eastern Orthodox Knights, Patrimonium Petri, South Vada)

Status: Lacking Support (requires 19 more approvals)

Voting Ends: in 2 days

ID: union_of_the_kyrinian_red_star_states_1422204522

Repeal "Nuclear Arms Protocol"

A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.

Category: Repeal

Resolution: GA#308

Proposed by: Union of the Kyrinian Red Star States

Description: WA General Assembly Resolution #308: Nuclear Arms Protocol (Category: Global Disarmament; Strength: Mild) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Argument: The World Assembly,

APPLAUDING the efforts of the resolution to protect civilians from the threat of nuclear weapons,

AFFIRMING that there is a need for an international law to protect civilians from such a threat,

REGRETTING, however, that the aforementioned resolution does not provide such protection from civilians,

ARGUING that nothing in the resolution actually disallows a nation from targeting nuclear weapons at a civilian population,

NOTING that any possible hybrid weapons, particularly explosive weapons powered by multiple sources including nuclear, is not covered under this law as it is fails the requirements of a nuclear weapon as defined by the resolution,

FURTHER NOTING that the resolution fails to account for attacks on military targets residing within civilian populations

ASSERTING that civilian populations should not be deliberately targeted, even when shielding military assets, and that the resolution does not attempt to protect civilians in such a case,

CONCERNED that while a member nation may take precautions to not deliberately attack civilian populations, it does not prevent them from actually using nuclear weapons against civilian populations,

CONFUSED that the resolution permits the case that a nation's nuclear retaliation as a response to attacks on civilian populations may deliberately target an opposing civilian population,

SUGGESTING that future resolutions concerning the issue would focus on evacuation efforts and civilian bunker constructions in addition to preventive measures

CONCLUDING that the resolution, although written with the best interest of the people, fails to provide protection to the civilians of member nations,

Hereby Repeals General Assembly Resolution #308, "Nuclear Arms Protocol".

Approvals: 5 (JaubLand, The Forestavian Islands, Black Rain, Dedredle, Lucecittia)

Status: Lacking Support (requires 69 more approvals)

Voting Ends: in 2 days 12 hours

ID: kaizerslauten_1422221745

Stem Cell Advancement Act

A resolution to modify universal standards of healthcare.

Category: Health

Area of Effect: Research

Proposed by: Kaizerslauten

Description: Understanding that there is controversy in the world in regards to the issue of Stem Cell Research
Affirming that a great deal of medical breakthroughs have come as a result of Stem Cell Research already
Noting that not all stems cells used in research are embryotic stem cells, but stem cells gained by other methods
Hereby States:
1. No scientists engaging in stem cell research will have any legal action taken against them, as long as their work is done within the confines of official procedures
2. Nations, under this legislation, will not be forced to finance any stem cell research if they do not choose to do so.
3. Officially legalizes all types of stem cell research
4. Stem cell research will from now on be considered an official type of medical research
5. The World Assembly will have the authority to enforce this legislation to all member nations.

Approvals: 4 (Dedredle, Swjistan, Camel land, Courtian)

Status: Lacking Support (requires 70 more approvals)

Voting Ends: in 3 days

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