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The following are proposals for WA resolutions. Any WA member nation with at least two endorsements can make a proposal, but it will only become a resolution (to be voted on by the entire WA) if it is approved by at least 6% of WA Regional Delegates.

As the WA currently has 1,210 Regional Delegates, a proposal needs 73 approvals to achieve quorum.

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ID: germantica_1440938807

Unrestricted Sub Warfare Act

A resolution to improve worldwide human and civil rights.

Category: Human Rights

Strength: Significant

Proposed by: Germantica

Description: Description: The World Assembly,

To protect Neutral Ships from being sunk by Unrestricted Submarine Warfare,

NOTING that in times of war a nation is able to sink enemy merchant shipping as long as those ships bear the colors of an enemy nation.

CONCERNED while a nation may sink enemy merchant vessels, a neutral vessel may be sunk either by poor identification, or deliberately.

BELIEVING that innocent lives may be lost due to submarine warfare

INSISTING that neutral ships on voyages that do not interfere with war (i.e. having no participation in the war, neutral, impartial) may be given immunity and passage through a hostile nation's Submarine Interception Zone or SIN.

ACKNOWLEDGING in rare cases a ship may be miss identified as a vessel carrying war supplies and might be sunk.

NEVERTHELESS the nation responsible shall pay restitution for the neutral ship sunk.

ENACTING WA Sub engagement policy
1) Aggressor Nation
i) Has the right to engage in "Unrestricted Submarine Warfare" with and only with Nations it is at war with as recognized by the WA.
ii) As listed above, if engages in "Unrestricted Submarine Warfare" the Nation responsible will be liable and may face prosecution for the War Crime that has been committed.
iii) In the case of if a neutral ship is "accidentally" or if a neutral ship is sunk for any reason, the aggressor must present evidence freeing itself of wrong doing to the WA or this action will result in punishment (i.e. Sanctions, Additional War Crimes, Blockade, Revoke of Trade deals, or Condemnation)
iv) As stated above, aggressor has right to produce evidence to prove innocents, this must be done no less than 7 days after the incident, after the expiration date the above punishments will be given out.
2) Neutral Nation
i) Has the right to sail into a warzone, but must adhere to strict warning not to.
ii) Neutral Nation is to strictly stay on plotted course and to stay within the limits of their sailing documents.

iii) If ship deviates from course without this change being authorized by WA sailing officials then the ship is rendered void from USW Act.
iv) Like above, if ship is in Submarine Interception Zone or SIN without proper sailing documents or has deviated from assigned course, then they are rendered void of the protections of the USW Act.

HOPEING that the WA Submarine Engagement Policy will help countless lives from being lost.

HEREBY Protect Neutral Ships from being sunk by Unrestricted Submarine Warfare.

Approvals: 16 (Tribes Republic, Vancouvia, Khanatah, The Freehold of Caelton, Organization of the Zodiac Federation, Allinburg, Baccalieu, Brazistan and Irestani, Nuevo Sealandia, Snowy Peninsula Minister, Lubti Islands, San Lumen, The Peoples Union of Sacco and Vanzetti, Esperantujo 2, Lesser Whiteside, Aurorae Sinus)

Status: Lacking Support (requires 57 more approvals)

Voting Ends:

ID: game_losing_1440958836


A resolution to increase the quality of the world's environment, at the expense of industry.

Category: Environmental

Industry Affected: All Businesses

Proposed by: Game Losing

Description: A resolution to cut down, on a large scale, the greenhouse gas emissions of the world.

The World Assembly,

UNDERSTANDING industrialization is a key component of what has brought technology and society to where it is now,

ACKNOWLEDGING that industrialization has many benefits, and should not be removed entirely from the world,

HOWEVER NOTING that the air and water pollution caused by over-industrialization has put many living things in danger,

CONCERNED that, if large-scale pollution continues, the environment will be all but destroyed, leading to massive shortages of resources like food or clean water,

REMINDING YOU that developing environmentally-friendly technology may in fact IMPROVE future industries,

REQUIRES that all member nations be obliged to follow the following regulations, until further notice:

1. Factories processing and/or preparing basic needs, such as food and/or water, will have production slowed to the bare minimum of feeding everyone in the nation they are in.

2. All non-electric cars are banned. This includes gasoline, diesel, natural gas, etc.

3. Each nation must have enough trees and other CO2 absorbers to account for a total of ten tons of CO2 absorbed per person, per year. This should counteract, for now, the average amount of CO2 and other greenhouse gases an average person produces.

4. All factories NOT producing basic needs like food or water must be slowed down by AT LEAST 20%.

Approvals: 9 (Vancouvia, The Brave Barili Cebu, Saq, Organization of the Zodiac Federation, Baccalieu, Aramythia, The Peoples Union of Sacco and Vanzetti, Kobomania, Lowell Indiana)

Status: Lacking Support (requires 64 more approvals)

Voting Ends:

ID: frustrated_franciscans_1441123971

Repeal "Reproductive Freedoms"

A resolution to repeal previously passed legislation.

Category: Repeal

Resolution: GA#286

Proposed by: Frustrated Franciscans

Description: WA General Assembly Resolution #286: Reproductive Freedoms (Category: Human Rights; Strength: Significant) shall be struck out and rendered null and void.

Argument: The World Assembly

Recognizing that the issue of human life and the conflicting rights of individuals is complex and does not always have simple answers,

Lamenting the fact that the use of the term “termination of pregnancy” allows some nations to avoid the issue by concentrating on the ends and not the means,

Appreciating the declaration that the “termination of pregnancy” is a medical procedure but noting that the rights to any medical procedure is already supported by previous WA resolutions (#128 On Abortion / #29 Patient’s Right Act) and does not need this resolution in order to uphold them.

Concerned that the mandates of previous WA resolutions on the medical standards required of such medical procedures might easily be ignored or overlooked because of this resolution which, as a result of the previous resolution can only legislate abortion for purposes not covered under the previous resolution.

Assured that an existing WA resolution (#128 On Abortion) not only provides a basic right to the procedure under specific circumstances but also gives nations the right to expand that right as they see fit, so repealing this resolution would continue to keep existing laws in place unless member nations later decide to change them as per previous resolutions.

Hereby Repeals General Assembly Resolution #246 Reproductive Freedoms.

Approvals: 4 (The Fatheland, Confederal American Republic, Christian Democrats, The Arkam Asylum)

Status: Lacking Support (requires 69 more approvals)

Voting Ends:

ID: the_party_for_money_1441144951

Relax gun control laws

A resolution to tighten or relax gun control laws.

Category: Gun Control

Decision: Relax

Proposed by: The party for money

Description: Gun Control Equals Absolute Despotism
Of all arguments against controlling guns, this one crystallizes everything the ravenous pro-gun crowd has had to say over the years. Most Americans do not trust their government, or more properly, the people who hold the highest positions in it. This was the feeling long before Edward Snowden leaked proof of the government spying illegally on its own citizens and nations around the world. Snowden deemed this too similar to “Big Brother,” as Orwell calls it, but the US government not only disagreed with him, it even defended what it was doing as not in any way criminal, though its own law books clearly differ. Snowden is not without supporters. Twitter has erected security firewalls to guard against NSA spying, and Google, Facebook, and Tumblr have followed suit.Pro-gun citizens consider their guns the same protection. They arm themselves for the possibility of government agents taking away their rights one by one until they live in a police state in which the government is able to do anything it wants because the civilian populace is unarmed and cannot resist. In these terms, any gun control is viewed as a threat to liberty, and though the Constitution guarantees rights, it does not enforce anything. Guns do.The Snowden fiasco in particular brought the rampant and frighteningly amoral dishonesty of the federal government back once again to the front of global debate, since America had been spying on China, France, Germany, and even Great Britain against their wishes. The pro-gun American citizens have seized on this embarrassment as yet more proof that the government is out to take away its citizens’ rights, as many as possible until democracy is gone and tyranny is in place. Tthe only truly effective protection of American citizens’ rights to freedom of speech, press, religion, and others are their guns.

Approvals: 0

Status: Lacking Support (requires 73 more approvals)

Voting Ends:

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