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The following are proposals for WA resolutions. Any WA member nation with at least two endorsements can make a proposal, but it will only become a resolution (to be voted on by the entire WA) if it is approved by at least 6% of WA Regional Delegates.

As the WA currently has 1,489 Regional Delegates, a proposal needs 90 approvals to achieve quorum.

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ID: neapolitium_1475153935

Liberate Pyoko

A resolution to strike down Delegate-imposed barriers to free entry in a region.

Category: Liberation

Nominee (region): Pyoko

Proposed by: Neapolitium

Description: Recognising that the region of Pyoko is essentially abandoned;
Understanding that Pyoko only consists of one nation without a delegate;
Realising the region is unable to grow or be represented in the WA by a delegate;
Acknowledging that we must advocate for the region to be given the same opportunities as any other;
Also perceiving that the last resident nation of Pyoko may not be aware of the regional password, as it has been changed;

The Security Council hereby liberates the region of Pyoko.

Approvals: 34 (Neapolitium, Free Wasord Islands, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, Lacedaemonic Apocalyptium, Opyros, Nova Roma et agros captos, Cagestan, Exotic Lemon, Expanded Wisconsin, Srigonia, The North American Contident, Wesstmoorland, MSState, The Union of Mandalorian Erebor, Lemur Isles, Potere di Lucius, Shirogane, Kaslain, The Holy Empire of San Marino, Stone Harbour, Vancouvia, Allingtopia, Sweillia, Portugal and Brazil and Algarves, Ffrreeeeddoomm, Kinkerland, Greater Staptop Blary, Plutoniacht, New Orleans II, State Republic, Misandrilandia, Antartica55, Lorlock, Kweden)

Status: Lacking Support (requires 56 more approvals)

Voting Ends:

ID: xents_saxizek_1475294820

Universal Language

A resolution to reduce barriers to free trade and commerce.

Category: Free Trade

Strength: Mild

Proposed by: Xents Saxizek

Description: Proposal:
In order to promote international understanding, diplomacy, and trade throughout the world and to bring our disparate peoples closer together. I propose that the World Assembly as a united force adopt a universal language.

English was historically regarded as the language of science and is today the predominate language of business. French is accepted as the language of love. And in this age why cannot the world have a single language in order to ease communication and increase our level of understanding.

This universal language would bring our scientists, businessmen, religious leaders, politicians, and citizens together and able to cooperate on levels unimaginable before.

It's understandable that this may be a very difficult task and an uphill battle but we propose this legislation take place in four incremental steps.

1. The greatest linguists from our collective nations come together to create a blend of languages that best represents our planet.

2. After two years of development we introduce the finished language to political and scientific populations first as an introductory foothold in each country.

3. Six months after step two our religious leaders adopt the universal language into their teachings/sermons.

4. One year after step two our schools begin teaching the language to our youth.

Our experts estimate within two generations this universal language would be the common tongue spoken throughout the world.

Approvals: 4 (NewYorkState, State Republic, Kinkerland, Salty Rossikaya)

Status: Lacking Support (requires 86 more approvals)

Voting Ends:

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by Max Barry

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