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Vote Jay — A new era for MoRA (TSP MoRA, February 2020)


Hey, I'm Jay and I am campaigning to become the South Pacific's next Minister of Regional Affairs. I believe that this ministry is an important part of the culture of the South Pacific and I have put together an agenda that renews the Ministry's commitment to promoting regional activity, integration, and showing the rest of NationStates what this region has to offer. What I am asking for is a chance—an opportunity—to show you what I have to offer to the Ministry of Regional Affairs.

So, why don't we begin with the centerpiece of my agenda...

---— We will establish TSP Encyclopedia as the source of all knowledge of the South Pacific
---— We will organize edit-a-thons that help in expanding TSP Encyclopedia's size and content

Last December, I started a project that began with an idea and that was to put together an encyclopedia documenting everything there is about the South Pacific. This is a project that I have undertaken because I want to build something that gameplayers and roleplayers alike could both use to refresh their knowledge of the region, but mostly to help newcomers understand the ins and outs of the South Pacific. I call this ambitious little project TSP Encyclopedia.

I envision TSP Encyclopedia as being the source of all content gameplay and roleplay related. The wiki will house information on gameside politics pertaining to government and roleplay such as Pacifica, Knowhere, Sector A1-0, and Aurora. As Minister of Regional Affairs, I will organize edit-a-thons for TSP Encyclopedia so that the many nations of the South Pacific can help in expanding the wiki's size and content.

---— We will implement a program that allows for easy communication with cultural attachés
---— We will use this program to help plan and handle inter-regional events

For easier organization of inter-regional events, I will implement a cultural attaché program with the South Pacific's allies. The aim will be to have simple and direct communication with the Minister of Regional Affairs' counterparts or other appointed cultural attachés in one place, preferably Discord, where we can discuss the planning and handling of inter-regional events.

---— We will work toward organizing roleplay events and cultural exchanges
---— We will recruit roleplayers to the South Pacific

Aside from being simply Jay, there are those of you who know me as the Valkyrian Republic and the Union of Hystaiga in roleplay. I have grand plans for roleplay if I become the Minister of Regional Affairs. Last year, I had the opportunity to attend a roleplay symposium and I found myself caught up in the grandeur of it all. If elected minister, I will aim to organize roleplay events with smaller regions (and eventually feeders) and facilitate a cultural exchange in which we share great ideas with each other.

It is very much my interest to recruit people interested in roleplay, so here is my plan: I want to help welcome roleplayers to the South Pacific and this can be accomplished by continuing our commitment to publish the Treasure Island Report in a dispatch. I want to give citizens a taste of what roleplay is like in our region and let them know that they themselves could become part of our community if they so wished.

---— We will provide the news of the region in various forms of media
---— We will make sure that voices are heard from the RMB, Discord, and forum

Yes, you read that correctly! I want to make new media new if elected Minister of Regional Affairs. We have seen so many publications that have all but died in the South Pacific. Our region used to put together new editions of various media. For a while, our lone surviving publication was Coconut Press. It was only last month that The Southern Journal was revived and before that was Treasure Island Report, which I helped in accomplishing. I believe that it's time to give the South Pacific the press that it deserves.

The media department of the Ministry of Regional Affairs will need to do full outreach to provide coverage of the region and giving the full news to the people. The Ministry's publications, such as The Southern Journal, Mangozine, Real Time, and Treasure Island Report should be made available and regularly updated in dispatches, on Discord, and on the forum. I want to give the South Pacific a new new media!

---— We will celebrate various cultural observances in the next term
---— We will host fun games and coups for the region

Did you think I forgot the fun events? Not a chance! If given the chance to serve as Minister of Regional Affairs, I will work with the Local Council and Delegate to organize activities that bring together the three platforms the South Pacific uses. The months of March through June have various dates of cultural value: Women's History Month, Saint Patrick's Day, Passover, Easter, Ramadan, and Pride Month among several other significant observances. Let's celebrate the great multinational and multicultural community that we have in this region.

Aside from the cultural observances, we will also be hosting fun games on the RMB, Discord, and forum. We will have spam (yes, a lot of SPAM); storytelling by the campfire; and coups by pandas, sharks, and raccoons (OH MY!). Have you ever thought, "Hey, what if we superimposed Mao Zedong's face on our regional flag?" Well, me too! We will have a week of that and we will also be getting our eternal shark king to finally accept His throne, which He rightfully deserves. Blessed be the shark king, may His reign be eternal.


I want to take this moment to thank Agalaesia for his service as the Minister of Regional Affairs in the outgoing term. It was under his leadership of the Ministry that I became greatly involved in its activities in the South Pacific. That's why I want to pick up where Agalaesia left off and put together a Ministry of Regional Affairs that can successfully promote inter-regional and intra-regional activity and welcome the newest of residents. All I'm asking for is a chance to do great things. Please vote Jay for Minister of Regional Affairs.


  • Regional membership

  • Regional positions

    • Senior Fellow for Roleplay in the South Pacific Ministry of Regional Affairs (18 December 2019 – present)

    • Fellow of the South Pacific Ministry of Regional Affairs (23 July 2019 – present)

    • Legislator of the South Pacific (2014 – present)

  • Other positions

    • Writer, NationStates Today (29 December 2019 – present)

    • Roleplayer, The North Pacific (24 September 2019 – 14 January 2020)

  • Political parties

  • Previous campaigns: LinkDelegate (July 2019)

  • Discord handle: JayCoop#5045

  • Nations

Cake or pie?

Well, duh-doy! It's pie! Anyone who says otherwise is guilty of treason and shall be subjected to Auphelia's torture and inevitably fed to the Seraphian shark god.

Would you support a split of the Ministry of Regional Affairs?

If you read the discussion on whether to expand the Cabinet by splitting the Ministry of Regional Affairs, you would know that I was in the camp in favor of splitting. Had there been a split in the Ministry of Regional Affairs, I would have campaigned to become the Minister of Cultural Affairs, because that ministry's portfolio would have been more reflective of my interests. However, as long as the Ministry of Regional Affairs exists in its current form, I will do all that is required of me by the Charter.

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