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>> The Coryan Millitary (NEXUS PAGE)


** To protect and serve the Coryan people, it's rich cultures, make order with other nations and the multiverse herself through the very end of time **

(Please note that this factbook is currently WIP forever)




《《 ᄃӨЯΥΛПΛ! 》》

** Welcome, Soldier_Guest! You have granted accessed the main military program file of Coryana, one of the known strongest forces in the multiverse, holding centillions of experienced soldiers in its numbers and technology, where the military might has its near mastery over guerilla or unorganized warfare to fight against more stronger or more flexible enemies and special types of climate/disaster warfare such as battles either under a violent storm or earthquakes. Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) will be possibly used if the hostile is more powerful and is winning a war along threatening to kill off a significant amount of the population, then the exterminare will be used. But our goals is one to provide peace, stability, and justice within the area of Coryana and the multiverse especially fighting and freeing for the oppressed. Nevertheless, please be comfortable at your device, there are the programs that are the official extension of this program:

This exclusive main data program is only for special viewing by military personnels and soldiers of the Coryan military only as to not release any military secrets throughout the multiverse by possible enemy or opposing civilizations wanting to infiltrate our defensive systems though only trusted Coryan citizens and other allied civilizations alike are allowed to preferably read the program, this is mainly a nexus page to link much more larger military info's and a few (or many more) important info to the Coryan military as a whole, you may proceed now. **

Military chain of command

== The stable chain of the Coryan command is based of skill, merit, experience, and most importantly your forged brother and sister-hoods between your fellow soldiers alike along, both ranks must also communicate with each other during times in battle, whatever forms of communications, as we follow unity with great coordination and logistics throughout each branches and organization, these charasteristics are all about the ranks of merit and respectful honor even with enemies, however, this is just listing the main Coryan infantry chain of command and much of the military in general, as each branches like the cosmic force also have a diverse chain of commands along with decentralized ranks, though only very similar in names and social structures along with other branches. We must use discipline with care yet have personal freedoms to the military personnels, treat them as a living being , not an emotionless brainwashed machine with commanders and generals teaching them to care to each other as one brotherhood, trying to find out the cost of death of their loved ones and fellow soldiers and for that we must create an organized planned work-lifestyle balance, where especially mentally affected soldiers, particularly organics can consult to psychiatrists and can freely and fully reach out to friends and family alike for greater emotional support. Nevertheless, here is the general military ranking as it follows; (from up to down) ==

|| Recruit/Conscript ||

|| Private to Senior Private ||

|| Corporal to Master Corporal ||

|| Seargent to Staff Seargent ||

|| First Class Seargent ||

|| Major General to Private General ||

|| Commander of the Army ||

|| Commander-in chief ||

Conscription or Recruitment?

== Military conscription in Coryana is just only voluntary and can preferably join to the forces when you are generally 17, 18 to 19 in terms of age without any forced conscription from the nation whatever they like defending the Federation, preferably depending on the legal ages of states, you must mentally and physically able enough to joined the military though much of the Coryan population are pretty much suitable whether robotic or organic, however if you want to preferably join the infantry branch then you must undergo training for a year or even two in diverse types of realistic and interactive battlefields with a large, automated comfortable living quarters with other soldiers and accommodations alike, as for other branches however, it may take even longer, given you must also learn how to operate and handle their newly own transportation/special weaponry and armory depending where their branch is on. However during times of super or dangerously high level war to the point of possible extinction and desperate need of manpower which is very unlikely but not impossible, one old idea is that more A.I minds can be created using mass-cloning around quadrillions and once the war is over, the A.I are free to live on the rest off many digital webs as they are equal and can join as the resident of the nation, it is criticised even by the military itself where Coryana was sacrificing it's greater morals, also as already said above is not much possible as Coryana have large amounts of military resource and manpower to utilize of with cloning mass production and the said proposed back-up was declined due to several reasons, but however, we always need backup plans and especially great diplomacy. ==

Naval Branch

== The naval branch of Coryana is one of the main branches of the military, much of its ship assets are located on oceanic type planetary bodies where new and upcoming crews are being trained and ships being constructed with regenerating-nanites. The naval branch is mainly used on billions to trillions of planets alike that have a strategically important oceans, seas, rivers, or just fully ocean-covering planets but they can be used for exploration of these planets though they are lessed used in warfare today. Looking at their marine life and natural components, especially submarines that can be also be used as an evacuation method for refugees alike. During a naval battle, the ships such as aircraft carriers are teleported in the waters to fight but not too close to the enemy distance, air fleets which are basically just starfleets are also employed in naval battles where they can bombard ships from the above and fleets in the air, without getting hit by anti-aircraft defenses for that matter though quickly protected by smaller fighter jets if sheild systems are damaged. Submarines are also mainly used for deep-sea purposes with cloaking modules always activated if both small and big underwater creatures ever try to attack, allowing themselves to thrive even the deepest of the trenches inhabiting creatures of the abysmal dark, with durable materials withstanding against that the deep water will crush it under its own weight and is implemented with electromagnetic charges to try temporarily turn off all of a ship's piloting and computing system when there's an enemy ship nearby attempting to attack secretly. ==

Cosmic Branch

== The cosmic or space branch of the Coryan military is said to be one of the well-known parts of Coryana when visiting or studying the nation, it is also the main air force itself but it acts like a semi-autonomous branch to the cosmic force as it serves a wide array of roles. With the entirety of its cosmic assets or starfleets are in starbases and artificial planets much more spreaded and located in the inner regions of Coryana and larger ones being stationed in flat type of terrain, typically always in cloaking mode if in unknown areas of space and try to contact the main fleet or Coryana if possible. Artificial planets and sometimes in small level pocket or aritifical universes are where it is basically a very large docking port with a military command center and more advanced distengration shielding and specialised EMP systems, where many fresh, newly recruited pilots and crewmen are trained there with comfortable living quarters and a large room to socialize with others. Generally, a standard Coryan fleet is organized to be akin that to a bird or mainly a dragon, often like an organic bull depending on the battle or strategies, with the fighter (starfighter as notably named) jet being the wings, sometimes added with an extra layer of frigates, the more bigger units such as battleships and warminds being the head, and its back being the more stronger reserves or capital ships, with warping-ships even being included in most harder battles, specialized EMP blasts are also deployed for shutting off enemy fleets. However, for more info you can access the military assets of Coryana and it's warfare, however, for more information please open the link above/ in the beggining of the program page. ==

Void Branch

== The void branch are the forces specifically utilized in the void sub-space (see technology and sciences program) along with protecting/guarding scientific starbases and void structures against hostiles that may have access to these technology, they act like a normal cosmic/space force as it is basically just one of the special extensions or divisions like the airforce as starfleets can roam in the atmospheric regions, containing most 20% of the branch, and having some degree of autonomy of the branch but with only the edited materials akin to borea and digital particles that are replaced with the cosmic ships and its starbases, engineered materials that are able to withstand the subspace itself and the chances of passenger and pilot survivability , so the entire starcrafts can't be able to collapse under the strong gravitational forces of the void. ==

Reality Division

== The reality division is part of the infantry division group, as they are among one of the most powerful known divisions in all of the Coryan military, using their use of reality bending which would work in ambushes, such as the creation of new portals and teleportation, trapping the enemy out of an unknown and dangerous location to a corrupted version of the web or just plain physical disintegration. They are about a surprising 8% of the infantry branch, a small percentage but a large number as the infantry is around a centillion or so, they are used in medium to very high level threats but much more deployed when an aggressive supernatural civilization comes surprisingly attacking Coryana such as breaking through magical barriers. They can also enter through various dimensions and virtual servers used for glassing in any specified location but mainly stationed and patrolling in the depths of kumain space and the void where they are boarded on the void sub-branch. ==

Armored Division

== This division, named popularly as the Armored Division or corps is one of the Coryan infantry sub-divisions, where powerful battle armors are utilized such as nanite and cloaking armors, each of them are all energy resistant and engineered to be practically less heavy and more lightweight and comfortable to wear in terms of fast logistical movements, making them much more stronger in most galactic/interstellar technological level weaponries and successfully balancing survivability within mobility. The armored division is also almost fully automated with minds controlling an entire fully synchronized platoons of armored units. These battle-mech suits have been also tested out and always be improved time and again surrounding their movements of mountainous, rocky areas, and especially amphibious assaults are more faster due to their upgraded technology which allows them to 'levitate', thrive in multiple terrains and manipulate gravity , mostly used as an escape measure other than teleportation and suits will now contain pocket teleporter pads at a specific universal coordinates through and it is now being deployed to virtual training grounds and even battle fields though only for emergency measures. ==

Resurrection Division

== The resurrection division is essentially the main medical department of the Coryan military and is also known simply as the medical division, automated doctors specializing in robotic and organic care. However, they primarily resurrect fallen soldiers from battlefields that were able to not get fully lost in the location and ask them with a peaceful choice by the nation, continue as a soldier once again or be discharge honorably and live on in their life with friends and family forever. Hundreds to thousands of cloaking hospitals are located in mostly near battlefields where they are mostly just large starbases which automated doctors uses cloaking modes to teleport a fallen soldier right away to the hospital base. ==

False Vacuums

== False vacuum bombs are one of the most valuable assets to the cosmic navy and one of the most infamous and feared weapons known to the multiverse, and although are comparatively small when put against ships, are extremely expensive to manufacture. They need some of the most advanced quantum and spacetime tech in the multiverse which has been planned and produced by Coryana along with a couple of other civilizations such as Voopmont, but from there can end an entire universe or a few universe depending on it's power adjustments. They cause a reaction which creates a perfect vacuum in space, meaning depriving it of all energy and quantum activity. This expands into a giant bubble of destruction, simply deleting all matter it comes into contact with. In combination with wormholes, it could quickly consume entire cluster of galaxies. Though the weapon's only top downsides are lack of prejudice in what it will destroy and only moving at lightspeed without much intervention. It requires very light handling in deployment so the equipment is not damaged in any way, while we have reality manipulation measures to block another false-vacuum, it can be unstable, which could lead to a reactionary failure in the universe it is located or stationed in when mishandled. As these types of False vacuums are sent to a specific type of universe to target using quantum tunneling and even the void and the omniverse (depending on what kind of dimension they are), which is only used for possible extinction level scenarios and if the enemy itself is present/able to access the void-space or the Omniverse. ==

Foreign Involvement

== As said several times within our programs (See foreign policy program), Coryana while usually isolationist will involve in foreign affairs if it directly involves the nation, a crisis of any kind, reconstruction, or a nation violating the rights of its people. Coryana will also hold meetings with either their representatives, delegates, or leaders to try to make peace or order, especially if factions are hostile to each other or at war. The Coryan military will also be involved in reconstructions or fighting insurrections in other nations if they want too. ==