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>> The Individual profiles of Coryana


W E L C O M E !

《《《 You have now accessed the profiles of Coryana which will list notable historical peoples and characters from the past to the present millennium of politics, scientists, epics of the Kor'yan Kingdom, and the greatest beyonds.

Note that this is part of the historical program section and most of it would have a relatively brief information about the character, and as of today, it is still under maintenance by the program creators and would be work in progress until the end of time when more individuals are added to this dossier. Nevertheless, you may enter the program now.. 》》》


Rex'Ælia Nolyab

Age; 34
Gender; Male
Species; Half-humanoid hypersentient android
Occupation; Emperor of Coryana
Weight; 82.5 Kg
Height; 2.8 meters



Rex was born on the Titanuma Genetic Hospital as a single child with the former Emperor Marcus and Empress Allisa where the news of his birth has became one of the largest live events in Coryana seen at the time, in his childhood years, he became as a young but shy prince, Rex studied most of the time in his palace with neural physics as his main course where Rex became easily intrigued with the quantum mechanics of the multiverse due to the modern renaissance of Coryan science.

Teenage Years

By the time he became a teenager (Typically 13-19 on his species), he has been more open and socializing to others, his friends introduced him to the idea of an Omniverse, where he obviously got interested in it as well. Rex later joined to multiple government scientific projects regarding interstellar transporation, he later cooperated on with ideas and designs such as a first omniversal drive with other great Coryans who helped pioneered the age of Omniversal exploration. This was also the time, where he developed a full political view of Coryana from his maturity. While Rex was enjoying the ideas of travel, he planned to actually experience it, so he started a merchantile business with a couple of old friends where Rex learned major languages of the multiverse and economics. Young Rex thought he was ready to go on the challenge and so he did. However, his business had a couple of failures such as getting nearly no buyers at the start, getting attacked by raiders, and the most major one of all, he had a temporary trauma after almost getting sucked off a black hole in an expedition trip, prompting him to go back home, this event has left a mental mark on him even today.

Political Career

But as soon Rex arrived, he then got back to Titanuma where for another year studying law, he got invited by a group of Green Party senators who invited him to run against the popular Johnny Jeans on his home region, Rex considered for a while until he joined in, Rex has now entered the world of politics on age 22, ready to take place as leader after his father. Nolyab easily won the senatorial election, showing himself to the public as a young, charming man but many still had questions if he was experienced or not, so, he worked on to proved them.

Now serving as a senator under Green Coryan Party, he and others in the party pushes for more factories being replaced with modern, green ones along many other agendas such as terraforming, after his mother and father retired as leader, he ran for the position of Emperor but faced a number of a few challengers in the primaries but still won in a close election, after weeks of campaigning to the people and a great performance during the debates, he won by a majority (which his well-known reputation to the public before also helped him) and was inaugrated soon after.


He has done many progressions to Coryana such as continuing it's exploration to the multiverse, opening up to many more civilizations, and discovering more dimensions, though at his first months as emperor, he feel into stress when administrating a civilization like this but is much more used to it now. Today, the emperor of Coryana has been busy stablizing relations to the nations of the multiverse as to prevent on a possible multiversal war on what he has always feared throughout his life.

While Rex is known for clear, charasmatic, public speeches, but in behind the scenes, he waits for one of his friends to start a conversation as he is sometimes socially awkward from one of his last interviews. Rex'Ælia Nolyab also currently has no significant other('s) and children.