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>> Technological weaponry, armory, warfare, and more!

《《 ☆ W E L C O M E ☆ 》》




|| >> .. You have successfully logged in, Guest_user! Your digital system is now entering the confidential archive files of the Coryan millitary, which our goals is to establish peace in the multiverse with defense against threats... Containing technologies used on any kind of warfares, produced on one of the many billions military planets around the borders such as the Creek, one of the military exclusive programs, only millitary personnel and generals can view this program, though generally Coryan citizens can read it but must not spread information across the outside multiverse, specifically hostile civilizations. << ||

== Proceed? ==

== Military Strategies/Doctrines ==

** There are a wider range strategies that is used around Coryana with attrition using advanced technologies such as reality engineering or sometimes mixed in with sheer numbers by a stronger enemy or mainly defensive ones, where we try to lessen the casualties more, it only depends on how much powerful and structured the enemy is, gathering military and societal informations via the Coryan espionage control . Due to Coryana rarely starting wars due to its peaceful nature (except for liberations and needed military interventions, typically allied coalitions against conquering nations) and the fact we have a far more stronger defense line both within the void and in our universal borders means that we have a very prominent advantage over our defensive front while we start to drain the enemy's will to fight by destorying each of their needed resources using either espionage attacks, unconventional guerilla warfare, or sometimes just war of attrition but the military mostly specializes in making casualties much more lower while trying to not affect the enemy civilization's citizens that much as we can to achieve a quick, non-deadly war or battle, targeting mainly its government and military structures. Another one of Coryan doctrines is to have the most quiet battle as possible, especially in ambushes and skirmishes, so Coryan weapons have a special suppressor mode from machine guns, pistols to sniper rifles. **

== Specialized EMPs ==

** These are selected advanced electromagnetic pulses that can fry or shut-down only specialized or specified electronics or devices such as a specific server/fleet of computers or ships such as warships and fighters (although the latter is much more harder to shut down), which sometimes can be temporarily unable to control or reboot, but it's mostly to destroy computer data from enemies whether for their own espionage use, though it is also used too in espionage missions needing to destroy such enemy databases, more likely to use it in against planetary civilizations that uses some form of guerilla warfare if we have a total justification which is unlikely due to our peaceful to sometimes neutral leaning foriegn policies, though much more used in more advanced forms of computing and cybertracking technology. **

== Disintegration Sheilds ==

** Purely only for medium to high-level defensive methods, it is a specialized force field where the shields make up of digital particles when any individual or group touches the shield, he/she/they will be teleported or glassed into a corrupted version of the Cyberweb, trapping them and erasing their physical individual existence or just pure distengration. Used in emergency sieges. Large level disintegration shields are also used in many of many Coryan planetary barriers which are only active when there's no way to fight off invading enemy forces and try to hold off against them until defending forces arrive. **

== Fission Beam ==

** A very high heat direct ION beam with additional FTL laser side weapons, currently implemented on XYZ orbital cannons around the military borders of Coryana, currently on cloaking mode since as it is only active in times of extinction-level wars. The beam can also travel instantly by the extensive use of warp gates, and quantum tunneling via reality manipulation making the beam much more unexpected to enemies. **

== Pushing Railgun ==

** An advanced railgun that fires with a thousand kilotons of force pushing like a storm and destroying anything in its direct path in almost a lightspeed around the planet using tachyon particles depending on its versions, though supersonic modules are always used to not cause anymore outside or unnecessary casualties , which it's powerful boson particle firepower that made it's dangerous acceleration and velocity capabilities can blow through many enemy fortifications and large, regional level cities but mostly the latter as targeting unnecessary locations would only cause damage and prolong a war. It is used in all large Coryan warships depending of the storage size of the weaponries. **

== Hologram Military ==

** The realistic hologram army or starfleet (mainly drones) is made to trick or lure invading enemy forces where they think it's the real defending force as the actual fleet is nearby the battlefields, ready in cloaking module and waiting to ambush the enemy from within, can be used in any types of terrain, also used to break enemy morale by acting as a much larger and powerful force, and try to force them to surrender with a dose of physiological warfare without too much many casualties and damage which could affect more people and the economy. **

== Reverse Bomb ==

** The infamous universe destroying superweapon capable of emptying every matter of a universe itself, one of the weapons that can match against the false-vacuum, where it's creators even regretted their creation, its name came from how it destroys a universe is like a reversed big bang, hence the name "reverse bomb". When a reverse bomb is activated in a universe, it pulls in every place from the universe (galaxies, nebulas, etc..) then when the entire universe is pulled, it releases a faint that will destroy the pulled objects and completely emptying the universe itself, one of the most feared weapons known to the multiverse though rarely used as it is only deployed for only specific measures, as it is similar to a black hole but more destructive and powerful one that is transported via warping or quantum tunnelling. It is equipped with a strong magnetic force and a bomb that detonates a brutal explosion when the magnet is done pulling together around the universe, over an estimated 7 to 5 bombs or more (depending on the production cost each month) are being produced every month from facilities similar to the {YAMAGI FACILITY} . New testings are now being made, the reverse bomb can now consume more than 2 to 3 universes, though always with primary caution and must be maintained accordingly and depending on it's power levels, but together with the void that holds the universes altogether, this will be more dangerous. This must be only used in dire emergencies only such as the exterminare codes in near extinction events and sometimes possible multiversal-wide parasitic invasions, though a cure has been released and ready to distribute all through the known multiverse which all large doses of antidote will be created and mass-produced which would kill off the parasite infecting the body and bring back the host but they would sometimes suffer several skin injuries. **

== Flamegunner ==

** The Flamegunner is an upgraded form of traditional flamethrowers, putting a small matter/particle creator which is specified to be in the inside of the weapon to create a highly flammable gas which is contained through a strong metal or material for that matter. It is expelled at the end of the gunner with a very hot celsius of 5500 or even more, depending on the latest, advanced versions of the matter creator that has been now implemented and engineered, enough to burn a building or an entire forest down. It's a very uncommon weapon used in the military as it is only used in medium to high-level threats which are still non-existent due to using our more peaceful and defensive methods, for now as war would be a second choice when possible international aggression happens. **

== Assault Nanite Amory ==

** Main assault armories that are nanites; self-regenerating suit and high-heat/explosive energy blast-resistant to an extent. It is used by most of the Coryan land infantry branch and especially battle-mech units which is part of the mech division though it can be used for any infantry units, very effective when soldiers are fighting against explosive type units and bombardments especially artillery,. The nanites have also the ability to protect and defend platoons of soldiers by sending down one of the reproducing nanites to them, creating a new nanite armor copy to the group of soldiers instantly, they can also be retractable at an entire body at the wearer's will. **

== Military Discipline and Ressurection? ==

** Almost all Coryan troops or infantry units are sentient robots themselves that has joined the military with the organics being only a 15% to 20% of the branch though they are one of the strongest in their general training and most mechs platoons are controlled by a sentient AI mind, discrimination of a technologically inferior species has been not allowed since the great discovery of other races, when they 'die' in the battlefield, their mental consciousness gets transported back into a new physical body in military planets or fortifications near the battle via mini stellar matrixes, however, the consciousness can choose whether they continue to fight back in the battle or choose not to be immortal but die happily. Soldiers who are in the cyber web are equipped with advanced anti-virus weapons to attack against viruses and malware who also uploaded to the web by the enemy, where they are met with much of the cyber-forces in the central hub of the web, where it is the most prevalent area for cyber-invasions by enemy hackers.

With centillions of Coryan soldiers are trained with discipline and simulating them with hyper-realistic virtual battles to test how psychologically ready you are and how would you plan strategies with their fellow brothers and sisters alike, by also teaching and getting used to kinds of planetary terrains, weather, and planetary disasters throughout the multiverse, even the weakest of the disasters are used into training, from surpising quicksands, drowning flash floods to highly stormy hurricanes for we must be prepared at all times in every weather, no-one is considered a soldier until they have truly experienced all of the simulations. Soldiers are also must be experienced to use in all advanced and primitive weapons (and armor) to test their mental/physical resourcefulness and intelligence during a battle or any type of situations. Coryan infantry battle-armors are hardened with an extra anti-electromagnetic (where different specialized-counter versions also exists) blasts or energy attacks on its computer helmets. Note that a planetary level bullet (that are especially made out of lead-antimony alloy or plain copper) itself would be impossible to pierce the material-engineered armor, note that they are not to be confused with the more larger battle-armor from the mech division. Which many artificial minds has controlled almost half of the infantry and mech units, which also have above titanium strong exoskeletons and each synchronized groupings and battle plans, equipped also with internal ones for backups against enemy units with high-explosive firepower, sometimes equipped with more powerful weaponries if dealing against more stronger hostiles using such as stasis weaponry. **

== Military numbers ==

(Please see this for more info about population and military numbers)

** As almost 70% of the Coryan military and it's weapons, armory, and other assets are located and stationed in the border planetary systems of Coryana and extra storages in the cyberweb and in the void-space, by an official Coryan concensus stats (who are known to also calculate most of the entire population of Coryana back in the archives program) , it is an estimated of a whooping 4.8 centillion troops from almost all divisions of the military that are ready to protect Coryana with high salaries, combat deployed from veterans to the newly joined, trained and currently stationed in the fortified border regions and the void space border, it is enough to pull a major inter-universal campaign, though it is now for defensive purposes nowadays, with the majority being cyborgs or androids, along around 30% of them are Coryan citizens that has completed their voluntary training and is not technically part of the military itself. The android and cyborg physical features acts like an organic but it's capability are now more than that as the total technological singularity has been achieved, advanced sentient A.I minds from the cyberweb have also joined the military. It is not including military space crafts which are also fully A.I controlled similar to Coryan warmind battleships that can able to plan or calculate every type of battle strategy when confronted or surrounded by the enemy forces, they are sometimes used as main security or patrol/escort type of ships in the borders though they are used sometimes in foriegn diplomatic nations whom that we still have newly been contacted yet though these ships are not much needed if the civilization is relatively safe and friendly to the nation or to show goodwill to others and us showing a sign of non-hostility to them. **

== Sub-atomic soldiers ==

(See the archives for more information)

** These type of special
infantry soldiers are utilized in many ambushes and espionage, sometimes using guerilla warfare if the enemy is more stronger and technologically advanced, using the colored vials of the atomic re-sizers. They are only deployed on guerilla type of ambushes, knocking enemy groups off-guard with high-heat bombardments or plain stealth attacks, making the soldiers must escape through quantum teleportation to the right time before the bomb detonates in its area of explosion. **

== Military Destruction Drones ==

** Coryan utilizes destruction drones or the MDD, another types of military drones, which are always controlled or piloted by A.I minds, as each minds, leads over a million of drones within their networking power of interconnected drones, they are made for sucidial bombardment, levelling many strong enemy fortresses within its overwhelming destructive firepower, from a dynamite to often an atomic bomb levels of destruction which is a sub-variants of the drones (see military assets for more info). The MDD itself are equipped with particle-engineered force fields enough to protect itself against electro-magnetic attacks and especially magical abilities just before within landing into its designated target which the speed varies from supersonic to near the speed of light, destorying much of a planet in one blow when in lightspeed, as they are only used when all firepower against the enemy fails as peace negotiations begin to both possibly decline or fail. **

== The Fortress Line ==

** The fortress line or as many others call; the mystery line (though it is mainly called the fortress line since the last choice was regarded as silly) is one of the parts of the Coryan border, both in many universes and in the void space where it is fortified and regularly stationed by the military, it's various system planets and galaxies, and many factory starbases, it is regarded as the first and primary line of defense with the void also being in stationed to much more cloaking cannons and cosmic artillery defense platforms. **

== Particle Cannons ==

** Artificially engineered particle cannons are basically a more explosive version of the star path which small doses of particles are released with speed through a cannon and when it hits the target, it will immediately explode once touched, due to its large radiation, it can be scanned exclusively only for Coryan computing technology due to how it was engineered. It is placed on unsuspecting enemy ships passing by, , implemented on many types of starfighters and battleships, which makes it technically a 'spacemine' but not more removable. **

== Quantum Tunneling ==

** Quantum tunneling has been discovered ever since the dawn of reality engineering by the help of teleportation and with that brought many changes in the world of Coryana logistics, but in the Coryan military, quantum tunneling can be used for large-scale missile bombardments, especially reverse bombs and false-vacuums to get across the multiverse in tactical bombardment missions or destruction of an entire universe itself , though much more used in extreme exterminare scenarios and with caution as non-aligned civilians from around planets and civilizations will must be always accounted for, if indirectly affected, international aid and reconstruction will be issued . **

== Shockwave Gun ==

** The Shockwave guns (or gunners) are very akin and works like that of pushing railguns but much more stronger in terms of its power, where it's dangerous shockwaves plow through like a storm, it's radius depends on how strong of the gun firepower but the most powerful ones being a hundred kilometers wide, pushing away entire forests. However, due to it's dangerous weaponry, this is only useful in more harder planetary to star system sieges, destorying much of important and strategic fortifications. When ready for fire, the people only manually operating it must teleport to a safe distance just outside the radius if able to, they can also use forcefields for their own protections against the stronger wind. **

== Frost Weaponry ==

** Used mostly in planetary warfare, it is weaponry using matter manipulation to turn objects into ice or at absolute zero itself making the designated target motionless and trapped in a sort of an ice wall or brick, this weapon can be more larger and would freeze almost or all an entire planet's surface, probably turning it into a huge ice. It is generally only for more harder planetary sieges with more powerful hostiles or fighting against possible planetary-sized warships, it is built using a FTL raygun (see technology program) as a similar design. Soldiers who are equipped in these kinds of weaponries are called as the 'elemental' corps using popularly known elements such as mainly ice/water, fire, and metal (which the Mech corps are technically part of the elementals as they are typically called as 'metal'), useful in either natural accidents or infiltration such as burning of a military base, though it is only a small but very significant part of the Coryan infantry division but much more larger and powerful than the warping division in comparsion, which their main weaponries are included in this program above such as the flamegunners. **

>> Special thanks for Voopmont for helping me create these assets ;) <<



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