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Election 2020: Kuriko 26.3%, Trans Anarcho-Communist Lesbian Catgirls 17.1%, McMasterdonia 9.2%, Caelapes 9.1%, Jocospor 6.5%, Valentine Z 6.1%, The Bigtopia 5.9%, Auralia 4.9%, Giovanniland 1.9%, Pencil Sharpeners 2 1.6%, Dekks 1.5%
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Solemn Utopia....?


Death is at the whims of immortality for millions of years.

Mercy dominates above violence.

Hope wins against despair

And 'sins' are kneeling in the foot of morals.

But how... how did the conquer?

How did these abstract things made from the product of a conscious sapient mind become... physical?

Perhaps we can look upon the further depth of history and the future of Coryana, what lies beneath our golden times?

True Salvation?
Or Neither..?

Then what is life?

These questions will all be explained and answered more thoroughly.

Road to Salvation or Path to Destruction

The Theory of Utopia

Coryan Utopia was put in theory in the early days of its golden antiquity where scholars meet and discuss the philosophical future of the Korya'n Kingdom, however, it didn't form much until at the foundation of new Coryana where the surviving people envisioned a new future, a new paradise.

But as all utopias do, boredom is their supreme and omnipresent nemesis, however, boredom in Coryana is often forgotten by being a crew in UCEC expeditions, mercantile markets.

A New World

As the settlement of new Coryana grows so is the changing world of Titanuma with more and more settlement turning into great revived cities.

It was a birth of a new world..

A new future.

A new life.