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>> Military Units and Assets

《 || W E L C O M E ! || 》

《《 || Greetings, Guest_User. You have successfully accessed the military asset program, here, this will list notably utilized, both commonly and uncommonly deployed infantry, tanks, naval ships, starcrafts, and other special military technologies, they are currrently mainly stationed in the fortified Coryan cosmic borders with a few percentage being in the void space and large outposts across the multiverse. As such, they are always being upgraded and daily maintained on its defensive and offensive systems with newer technology produced on automated factories around the fortified borders to fit in protecting Coryana against far more superior dimensional or magical enemies and creating much more unconventional military strategies against flexible hostiles using mostly guerilla warfare and using the environment as advantage such as dense areas in forests and jungles. || 》》

《《 || To go back to the military nexus page, please click here; || 》》

《《 || You may proceed now, please note that Coryana only use these cosmic assets for defense, liberation wars, specifically with allied coalitions against oppressive civilizations can take into consideration, though we still use diplomacy (See foreign program). Nevertheless, you may proceed now.. || 》》

The Cosmic Navy

== Drones ==

(See logistical program for more info)

>> Drones are by one of the most cheapest cosmic units that has been currently most produced out of all in the cosmic force but are very effective when it comes to fear or physiological tactics and quick yet low casualty battles, they come in different varieties; explosive drones, espionage drones, or drones that are mainly used as shock attacks which forces the enemy to think that there are a never-ending wave of these units which are clearly designed like fighters or battleships on a far away distance but more smaller for psychological warfare, they are all automated that are equipped with cloaking modules and different energy cannons with more uncommon ones being FTL energy/laser doses or generally called as rayguns (see technology program). <<

== Patrol Ship ==

>> || Patrol class are cheap, maneuverable, fast but low endurance ship, not be meant for direct warfare but only for patrolling important strategic areas, escorting cruisers and battleships or borders like the name suggests, it could be also used for ambush missions against larger ships, though the latter is much more used for the ship's roles. || <<

== Fighters ==

>> || Fighters (or Starfighters) are one of the main fighting forces of the cosmic branch, using their strength in numbers and it's powerful cannons and other dual weaponries that can be setted up by the pilot or the aritifical intelliegence in it, measuring up to ten to five meters in fully maximum length, their main organizational groups are called as the fighter wings as they are positioned in the sides or the wings of a typical cosmic fleet notably shaped like that akin to that of a common dragon itself, but sometimes they are position in the head but it all depends on the climate of the battle, both literally and figuratively. It acts as a primary surprise/shock force with the last remaining starfleet forces being more bigger and stronger ships if a hypothetical cosmic battle is lost. || <<

== Frigates ==

>> || Frigates (or namely called Stellarcrafts) are a more larger but powerful versions of starfighters which features much more cannon weaponries that focuses on targeting against more larger enemy ships with cloaking systems and specialized electromagnetic pulses, having also multi-role military forces, though the significantly bigger ship's manueavble ability is generally harder to move but resolved over time with newer, lighter upgraded materials though digital particles are said to be the most strongest of all. || <<

== Battleships ==

>> || Coryan battleships is generally around the size of 1,900 kilometers to 2,000, bigger than a typical planetary city in fact. Where they are built and specialized as the 'face' and the typical commanding ship with cruisers in second of a normal Coryan fleet. Typically having around a hundred or more weaponry cannons and two types of sheilds, either a large deflection sheild or a distengration shield when a battle loses in the Coryan favor, which can be used when small fighter jets are trying to storm and attack around the warship. Compromising of around a crew of typically about 400 or just under implemented with fully automated ship systems (they are also known as warminds), though currently most the battleships are fully automated, the numbers could be significantly bigger without the quantum computer databases and artificial piloting being built as important and secured rooms for the ships, most battleship are made out of a material like Borea where it deflects energy attacks. Due to its more larger size, much of the battleship uses warping technology or warpdrives engines to move around between the multiverse apart from the engineered materials. || <<

== Warping-Ships ==

>> || Warping ships (not to be confused with warships for the similar name) are mainly frigates or fighters implemented with reality warping from wormhole disablement to digital glassing (see technology program), they look like typical battleships but they are much more powerful in terms of ship weaponry and armory like digital particles, they are always in cloaking mode in the fortified line, specifically in the void space parts where void energy is regularly collected or harnessed, a large warping pad is located in their station center, though a bit uncommon to see warpships, but they always patrolling when there's an high level invasion and the enemy's possible use of reality bending and psionic abilities. || <<

== Cruisers ==

>> || Star-cruisers are generally the main 'bodies' of the Coryan starfleet, as it is shaped like a bird or dragons for that matter , much more bigger than frigates but significantly smaller than the battleships, though having similar weapons, much of the military officers are stationed in these ships, they generally command fighter jets/ frigates and calculate strategies via the automated systems in the ship during battle and a main landing or parking/docking area for smaller ones like starfighters inside the cruiser itself, used as a surprise counter-attacks and ambushes when fighting against similar enemy cruisers with few to zero smaller ships to store inside. || <<

== Solar-Arrays ==

>> || Solar-Arrays or 'starforges' are one of the special assets in the cosmic navy though not exactly part of the branch though it is now used as the wings for starfleets nowadays, the array is where it is similar to the renowned XYZ blaster but more movable, smaller and has typically faster charging rates , making it very flexible when moving to the right target, it's automated weaponry are harvested by the power of stars or preferably krystal energies, enough to destory an entire fleet in pinpoint accuracy but larger planets or groups of them take around depending 5 to 3 solar arrays to get done depending on its numbers, it has a few different module one acts just like a giant particle accelerator as it targets groups of soldiers by creating large doses of radiation, killing them in a few minutes to seconds if they are organics. All of them are currently in cloaking module and mainly used as a group of cosmic defense platforms in galaxies and planets in case of invasion with some outpost that are very far way than in Coryana universal regions utilizing the Array though only one to two are mainly used. It can be also used as a energy source for a significant amount of mega-cities in an entire galaxy, kind-of an advanced solar panel that is enough to generate infinite amounts of energy like that of hundreds thousands of stars. || <<

== Stealth Crafts ==

>> || Aside from the more bigger stellarships though they are used as motherships for these ships (see the archives program), these stealth crafts are used by the espionage division of the Coryan military, typically small, equipped with advanced cloaking modules, live reconnaissance with photos that can be filtered in any use and warping technology when caught. They are especially produced as automatic drones and used in spying against possible civilizations that may cause possible wars for us to know about their military might/history, manpower, and it's technology that can be weaponized in a war. || <<

== Bombers ==

>> || They are basically modified fighter jets, which is specifically used for bombardment missions or orbital bombings from a planet, typically has an external, distengration sheild for defense which the hostiles anti-aircraft weaponry are intercepted and many missles to choose from, which are mainly atomic, hydrogen, to sometimes anti-matter suited for heavy orbital bombings and normal explosives made out of krystal for standard ones though modified to be less more explosive even though a million bombers would equal to a planet destroying superweapon. These bombers like almost all modified fighter jets do, regularly do bombing missions with cloaking mode as to obviously not be noticed by hostiles and be hitted by their possible AA guns. << ||