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>> Military Units and Assets

|| Welcome! ||

《《 || You have successfully accessed the military asset program, here, this will list notable utilized and commonly and uncommonly deployed infantry, tanks, and ships, they are currrently mainly stationed in the fortified Coryan borders . || 》》

《《 || To go back to the nexus page, please click here; || 》》

《《 || You may proceed now, note that Coryana only use these cosmic assets for defense, liberation wars may take into consideration. || 》》

Cosmic Navy


>> || Fighters are one of the main fighting forces of the cosmic branch, using their strength in numbers and it's powerful cannons, measuring up to ten to five meters in length, their organizational groups are called as the fighter wings as they are positioned in the sides or the wings of a typical cosmic fleet notably shaped like that akin to that of a dragon. || <<


>> || Frigates are a more larger versions of starfighters which features much more cannon weaponries that focuses on targeting against more larger enemy ships with cloaking systems and specialized electromagnetic pulses, though the ship's manueavble ability is generally harder. || <<


>> || Coryan battleships is generally around the size of 1,900 kilometers to 2,000. Where they are built and specialized as the 'face' of a normal Coryan fleet. Typically having around a hundred or more weaponry cannons and two types of sheilds, either a large deflection sheild or a distengration shield, which can be used when small fighter jets are trying to storm the warship. Compromising of around a crew of about 400 or under, the numbers could be significantly bigger without the quantum computer databases and artificial piloting being built as important and secured rooms for the ships, most battleship are made out of a material like Borea where it deflects energy attacks. || <<


>> || Warping Ships are mainly implemented with reality warping from wormhole disablement to digital glassing (see technology program), they look like typical battleships but they are much more powerful in terms of ship weaponry like , they are always in cloaking mode in the fortified line, specifically in the void space parts where void energy is regularly collected, a large warp pad is located in their station center, though a bit uncommon to see warpships, but they always patrolling when there's an high level invasion and the enemy's use of reality bending. || <<


>> || Cruisers are generally the main 'body's of the Coryan starfleet, much more bigger than frigates but smaller than battleships, though having similar weapons, they generally command fighter jets in battle and a landing or parking area for smaller ones inside the cruiser, used as a surprise attack when fighting against similar enemy cruisers with no smaller ships to store. || <<