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Verpersoonlijking van Valentine Z / Personification and Mascots of Valentine Z - Klarissa "Mother Nature" Ashe, Anna "The Eternal Joy", Cyan "The Big and Adorable Cat".

Name: Klarissa Citron Ashe Tiara Hope Ann “Moeder Natuur” Summer, De Eerste Verpersoonlijking van De Sierlijke und Verwonderlijk Feline Utopia ov Valentine Z (The First Personification of The Graceful and Wonderful Feline Utopia of Valentine Z)
Age: n.v.t.
Personality: Cheerful and Happy, a little too kind at times to people around her. Loves nature a lot.
Height: 4000 cm (131 ft 2.8 in)
Weight: 250 kg

Portrait of Klarissa. Source: Unknown at this point. It was from a website of anime-based wallpapers.

Description: A personification of what The Space and Time Masters of Valentine Z as a nation stands for, Klarissa is the very first personification of Valentine Z, formerly known as the Mother Nature of the world around her. She is usually seen as happy and cheerful just like the rest of the Valentians, though she is much more reserved, and mostly shows her kind attitude towards her actions.

She was commonly known as the Mother Nature from the old world, though the existence of her were a matter of myths and since no one has seen her in real life at those moments. There were a few people who might have seen her, but they either cited amnesia, or that they were uncertain on whether she was Mother Nature herself. When the Cold War happened as usual, she was assumed dead, just like the rest of the unfortunate people and animals that were unable to be saved by the Valentians.

However, when the terraforming efforts come into play and natural sceneries were put back in place, Klarissa came out of her hiding and announced herself as the one from the many myths and legends - Mother Nature. Valentijn then made her to be the very first personification of Valentine Z; Klarissa represents Nature, Anna represents Joy and Happiness, and Cyan would represent the Love for Cats.



Magazine Size

Damage Per Hit (DPH)

Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per second

Damage Per Second (DPS)







Primary Attack: A beam of light that affects multiple enemies in a line. Effective range is 40 meters, and is perfectly accurate. Base DPH is 20, with rate of fire being 4 ticks / second.
Force of Nature (Passive): Damage, HP, and abilities scales up (or down) with Environmental Beauty (EB, NS Stats). Damage at 20 base + (0.75 * EB)%, HP at 10000 base + (2 * EB)%.
Environmental Beauty (Passive): Determines how strong, or how weak, Klarissa will be in relative to her surroundings. This is taken from Valentine Z's NS Stats. Currently 9,690.47%.
Root: Unleashes a burst of thorn-like plants from the ground, binding up to 4 enemies to the ground in a 5 m radius. The roots damage is at 100 + (0.10 * EB) % DPS for 3.5 seconds.
Tranquil Resolve: When activated, allies around Klarissa heals at 500% of their normal healing rates. Ability lasts for 4 + (EB / 1000) secs, and takes 0.2 secs to channel. Interruptible.
Nature's Wrath: Summon 4 Ents to fight for Klarissa. The Ents have (500 + 0.5 * EB%) HP, attacks at 1.5 ticks per second, and DPS of (400 + 0.01 * EB%). The ents last for 30 seconds.
Thorns Aura: When activated, attacking Klarissa with a melee attack will reflect back (10 + 0.1 * EB%) % of the damage back to her attacker. Ability lasts for 20 sec, non-interruptible.
Protective Gaia (Ultimate): When activated, Klarissa gives the allies around her in a 8-meter AoE a 20,000 HP shield that blocks all attacks. Decays at 4000 HP / sec, 1 sec channeling.

Name: Anna “De Eeuwige Vreugde” Caitlin Madeline Brigitte Priscilla Teresa Mavis Thanda Pwint Thinzar Nwe, Tweede Verpersoonlijking van De Sierlijke und Verwonderlijk Feline Utopia ov Valentine Z (The Second Personification of The Graceful and Wonderful Feline Utopia of Valentine Z)
Age: n.v.t.
Personality: Cheerful, Happy, A little too carefree. Not happy all the time, mind you.
Height: 5555.55 cm (182 ft 3.22 in)
Weight: 200 kg

Description: A personification of what The Space and Time Masters of Valentine Z as a nation emotes for, Anna “Joy” Star is a self-proclaimed entity of the nation itself. According to her, she was a result of a nuclear attack in [DATA REDACTED], USA, having an energetic focus, similar to the one that produced The Heldere n Betoverde Dimensie of Garden at 6th Mile Road, but on a smaller scale. Preliminary tests suggest that she is entirely made out of light, but unlike Holly, she is neither cold nor warm to the human touch and maintains a 25 ± 3 deg. Celsius feel to her body. She initially roamed the destroyed Earth for a couple of days, while somehow evading the detection from the Valentians’ radars and watchful eyes. At those days, she was rather mournful and lamenting about the state that humanity is in, even going as far as to state that, “Perhaps… perhaps we need a new beginning.”

While she spent her time wandering around, the terraforming has begun. She was more or less unaffected by it, and by this time, she realised that it is time for humanity to be cheerful and happy of the life ahead of them instead of sorrowful over the deaths of the past. After all, while tragic as it is, it simply could not be avoided.

She made her way to Aoutpine Yangon and after many convincing, announced that she be made the mascot and representative for Valentine Z and its the bright and solarpunk-themed future. It was also revealed to be her that she sent a “saboteur” to adjust the emotions on Clarissa while she was on her sleep mode, making her into the cheery robot that she is today.

Personality-wise, she suffers from fear of heights, as well as on deep pools of water (oceans, for example). Currently not in relationship with anyone, and not intend to be; Joy prefers to stay single for the rest of her life, if anything. Also has an instinctive fear of internal conflicts – whereby she hates to see her friends and family (back on Earth) physically fighting each other; verbal bickering doesn’t seem to affect her that much. With all that said, she has quite a dislike for downers or people that tends to think negatively, though she is indeed aware that other kinds of emotions can take over a person or a being at any one time.



Magazine Size

Damage Per Hit (DPH)

Rate of Fire (ROF) / Hits per second

Damage Per Second (DPS)


5 555 555





Primary Attack: A beam of sunlight that blinds enemies for 1 sec. Takes 2 seconds to charge and is 100% accurate. Has a range of 40 meters, does not pierce.
Prism (Passive): Attacks bounce to a nearby enemy, up to 5 jumps. Each jump deals 1/5th of the original damage, and seeks the nearest enemy at 8 m radius.
Beacon of Hope (Passive): Valentine Z’s Niceness, Compassion, and Cheerfulness statistics has positive effects on the health, stats, and the abilities of Anna.
Happiness and Determination (Passive): Damage Reduction effect to Anna & her allies at 4 m AoE. The effect is (Cheerfulness / 2)% reduction. Currently 47%.
Revitalization: Anna restores (13 * log(Compassion)) % worth of HP to herself, as well as to the allies around her at 4 m AoE. Currently at 72.40% of Max. HP.
Softened Resolve: Anna reduces 0.1 * e^(0.33 * log(Niceness)) % of base damage of the enemies around her at 6 m AoE. Currently at 55.75% of base damage.
Fade: Teleports 3 m in any given direction. Location and Trail are not given away to the enemies, but allies can still see it. Anna has free pathing during Fading.
Light Frenzy: +150% attack speed for the Primary Attack, at the expense of taking 10% extra damage from all the attacks. Lasts for 6 seconds, uninterruptible.
Sunburst (Ultimate): 1000 damage per sec for a total duration of 8 seconds in a line, while healing Anna at a rate of 1.5% HP per sec. Interruptible as normal.

Name: Cyan “Le Gros et Adorable Chat” Otis Jean-Joël Noel Clérisseau Sylvain Marian Rene Jedrissa Xi. Lecerf, Derde Verpersoonlijking van De Sierlijke und Verwonderlijk Feline Utopia ov Valentine Z (The Third Personification of The Graceful and Wonderful Feline Utopia of Valentine Z)
Age: Chronologically: 91 (b. 1997); Physical: 6
Personality: Cheerful, Happy, A little lazy. Your typical cat, but blue, and understands humans.
Height: 152.40 cm (5 feet) (Pre-Valentian Era); 304.80 cm (10 feet) (Valentian Era)
Weight: 100 kg

A cat with the behaviours of a human – knows human languages, eats human food, and most importantly, all adorable with his little meows and overall relaxed nature. Cyan Otis Lecerf, or just Cyan before the Valentian name convention takes place, is a normal cat living in [data missing] during the pre-Valentian Era. His claim to fame, eventually ending up in the good hands of the Valentians, have a rather complicated one.

When Cyan was first born in the suburbs area, he did not seem to remember who exactly his mother or his father was. With the war going on, most of the people did not exactly care for keeping track of stray animals. Cyan had an amnesiac moment of who he was, or what he was supposed to be, considering his fur color, as well as being too big for a cat. For everyone else, they passed off Cyan simply as an anomaly – extraordinarily big for a cat with a height of 5 feet when he stands on two feet, as he usually does. Other than occasionally feeding him, no one else took note of him and let him be as a stray, given the war.

It would once again be the correct and exact timing of Fate that would save him. One night, a particular now-Valentian by the name of Jolyn Helen Ceeta was doing her mission in the country Cyan was in – tasked with catching the counterintelligence who was sabotaging the employer that she was working for at that moment. The perpetrators high-tailed away from the area of incident, and Jolyn was too late to catch them. Nearly, at least. At that moment, Cyan happened to be in the area of an incident and decided to explain to Jolyn on what he knows. What followed was perhaps a tedious 60 seconds whereby there was a form of mutual unintelligibility happening – Cyan understood what exactly Jolyn was saying, in English and in French, while Jolyn had to contend with a series of “Meow”s that she had no idea to translate. Running out of options, Jolyn took Cyan to one of her many safe houses and handed him a pen and paper. It was at that moment that Jolyn managed to find out what exactly was missing from her missions, and the fact that these perpetrators that Jolyn has been looking for was in plain sight of Cyan all these time. “Talk about Chekov’s Gun!” she remarked to herself, thanking Cyan and given the dangerous nature of her mission, told him to stay in that spot he has always been in. “I promise I will come back for you soon,” Jolyn said, leaving him in his own streets.

A few more months have passed, and Cyan waited. And waited, and perhaps waited even more. He lived, he ate, he slept, just like any cat would. Sometimes he would tear a little, scared by the constant barrages of gun sounds and screams in the distance. He went back to Jolyn’s safehouse every night, expecting her. No one, he thought to himself. He was getting increasingly hopeless. As promised, however, someone was coming in from the front door, and it was none other than Jolyn. The two let out a hug and high-tailed out of the house, with Jolyn explaining that things are going to get a lot more hectic.

The war and the nukes happened anyway, with Jolyn and Cyan safely behind the Valentian lines. They poured one out for the lost ones, Cyan eternally thankful towards Jolyn and with the latter adopting him as a pet cat. They then made their way back and joined the rest of the Valentians, eventually with Valentijn taking an interest in the blue cat.

As it turns out, Cyan seems to be an experiment from the CIA-equivalent of the world before it got lost in a hellfire. I don’t seem to know exactly why they picked Cyan, but it would seem that they are working on a spy animal – a sapient animal that can act as any other household pet and simply to go around and live their life as one while feeding and reading useful information as an inconspicuous being. However, Cyan was the first prototype that they have unfortunately did not work too well towards, resulting in him still getting the sapience, BUT with the inability to talk in anything else other than a rapid string of meows, on top of growing in size and having blue fur. It is so weird, but you know, people have tried various things in war times before. Gwen out!

Image of Cyan. Credit: Xilam Animations.