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[WiP] The Realm of Yggdrasil and Valhalla

THIS DOCUMENT IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION. This factbook was created and is continually updated to relay information about the Realm of Yggdrasil and Valhalla. This document will take time to complete as events from the past begin to unfold from the pages of history. Please keep in mind that this factbook will never be truly finished; for as long as time progresses, new pages will be added to the already massive story that is of the Realm.

The Realm

Peace, Equality, and Justice

Founder of the Realm:
Goddess Relief Office

Government of Yggdrasil

Chancellor / Delegate:
Thembria SSR

YDS Officer:

Interior Minister:

Foreign Minister:
Allemeine II

Immigration Minister:
Goddess Relief Office

Senator (Aesir):

Senator (Vanir):

Anon Zytose

Government of Valhalla


Delegate (Office of Xe-bec):

Immigration Minister:

Development Minister:

Puppaffnia II



Regional Administrator:
Goddess Relief Office

The LinkRealm of Yggdrasil and Valhalla is a beautiful tree that lives in its dream for a utopian existence. The trees two largest branches, which are its two regions, are the focal points to the smaller branches' communities, which are the nations of said regions. Their unique sovereignty is held above all else, yet a pact of mutual defense and co-prosperity is eternally preserved. The branches of the tree grow of their own accord, but they all receive nourishment from the same roots.

The Realm's role in the world is homologous to that of Switzerland. It remains neutral to world affairs. Exceptions, albeit rare, occur when sovereignty's are provoked. The willingness to lend aid to both its friends and military allies have given the Realm a name which NationStates has come to cherish throughout history.


Yggdrasil was first founded sometime in December of 2002 or January of 2003 by what is believed to be LinkThe Commonwealth of Mercadia. Some of its first inhabitants were Baronica, Qogu, New Lahan, Eternal Xmas, Nevia, and Mercadia. Sometime in December of 2005, Yggdrasil entered a period now known as the Dark Ages. Beginning due to external threats from a lack of internal activity, either Delegate Sijil or Renopia locked the region away for its own well-being from the rest of the Universe. This period of time lasted for nine months ending in August of 2006 with the entirety of the region being left to the confines of history.

In October of 2006, Goddess Relief Office restored the region of Yggdrasil and brought life back to the grand tree. Since the re-founding, Goddess Relief Office, known to many as GRO, has declared their eternal devotion to the protection of the Realm.

Notable Nations / Inhabitants

Chancellor / Delegates:

LinkThe Most Serene Republic of SusanneMariaPulaBaur - Served the historical first term as Delegate from May 2003 to June 2003; served prior to regions having LinkRegional Founders

LinkThe Commonwealth of Mercadia - Served as the second Delegate from June 2003 through July 2003; records prove Mercadia to be the first founder of Yggdrasil

LinkThe Most Serene Republic of SusanneMariaPulaBaur - Served as the third Delegate on their second term from August 2003 through September 2003

LinkThe Principality of Aloysius - Served as the fourth Delegate during October 2003

LinkThe Empire of The Hiigarans - Served as the fifth Delegate from November 2003 through December 2003

LinkThe Extra Evil Dictatorship of Opposite - Served as the sixth Delegate during January 2004

LinkThe Realm of Scylding - Served as the seventh Delegate from February 2004 through January 2005; an historical eleven month reign

LinkThe Queendom of Sijil - Served as the eighth Delegate from February 2005 through August 2005

LinkThe Commonwealth of Mercadia - Served as the ninth Delegate on their second term from September 2005 through November 2005

LinkThe Free Land of Skyworld - Served as the tenth Delegate through the month of December 2005

The Most Serene Republic of Renopia - Served as the final eleventh Delegate from January 2006 until their national collapse on June 11th of 2006; there is unfortunately no recorded national history of Renopia other than their honorable term as our Delegate

Yggdrasil ceased to exist at some point in time in August of 2006 and wasn't re-founded until October of 2006

The United States of Meatpi - Served the first historic term as Delegate of Yggdrasil after its re-founding since late 2006; served from December 2006 through January 2007 and is ultimately regarded as the twelfth Delegate; similar to Renopia, there is unfortunately no recorded history of Meatpi other than their honorable term as our Delegate

LinkThe Realm of RedIron - Served as the thirteenth Delegate from February 2008 until August 2008

LinkThe Emirate of King Lionheart IV - Served as the fourteenth Delegate from August 2008 through February of 2009; served during the expansion of the Realm; under their term as Delegate of Yggdrasil, Valhalla was formed by GRO

LinkThe Liberal-Anarchist Playground of Veilyonia - Served as the fifteenth Delegate from March 2009 until September 2009

LinkThe Emirate of King Lionheart IV - Served as the sixteenth Delegate on their second term from September 2009 until April 2010; their nation collapsed once, but was restored at a later date; it collapsed again on July 3rd of 2015 due to the passing of his father, thank you King Lionheart IV for two honorable terms as Delegate for the region we call home, we shall never forget you

LinkThe Realm of RedIron - Served as the seventeenth Delegate on their second term from April 2010 until July 2010; a short term due to life-threatening injuries he sustained from an automobile accident as Linkreported by his daughter on the Yggdrasil Forums, shortly thereafter his nation collapsed - I at this point can only assume the worst and as a loving gesture bid you farewell and for you to rest in eternal peace; thank you for the honorable undertaking of such a task to serve as our representative not once but twice for the region we call home, we shall never forget you

The Shining Cartel of South titania - Served as the eighteenth Delegate in an impressive consecutive term lasting just over a year; served from July 28th 2010 until August 14th 2011

LinkThe Wet 'n Wild Wonderland of Wooookiees - Served an exceptionally difficult term as the nineteenth Delegate from August 15th 2011 until May 21st 2012; during their term, GRO was suffering from an illness and later CTE'd for a time, Wooookiees having been elected as the regional delegate now assumed control of the region during GRO's absence, an honorable and highly notable action of resolve and self-sacrifice for the region and its overall survival during this period in time, thank you for your unbreakable determination in keeping the region alive during this difficult time, we shall never forget you

The Progressive Republic of Canadian Davsland - Served as the twentieth Delegate from May 22nd 2012 until March 5th 2013

The Enlightened Isles of The phoenix flame - Served as the twenty-first Delegate from March 6th 2013 until January 1st 2014 and is notable for fending off an invasion by the Skeleton Army, we thank you for your leadership and resolve at keeping the region unified

LinkThe Olden Pact of Alyekra - Served as the twenty-second Delegate from January 2nd 2014 until March 1st 2014

The Pip's Great Expectations of Elke and elba - Served as the twenty-third Delegate from May 18th 2014 until July 23rd 2014

The Shining Cartel of South titania - Served as the twenty-fourth Delegate on their second term from July 24th 2014 until February 12th 2015

LinkThe Commune of Chevaux de Frise - Served as the twenty-fifth Delegate from February 13th 2015 until September 11th 2015

The Little Cute Planet of South titania - Served as the twenty-sixth Delegate on an historical third term from September 12th 2015 until March 23rd 2016

The Eco-Socialist Winterlands of Skothafjordur - Served as the twenty-seventh Delegate from March 24th 2016 until October 6th 2016

The Delegate in Training of Thembria SSR - Served as the twenty-eighth Delegate from October 6th 2016 until April 9th 2017

The Pink Doge Republic of Ramsea - Served as the twenty-ninth Delegate from April 9th 2017 until October 21st 2017

The Geniocracy of Tiku - Served as the thirtieth Delegate from October 21st 2017 to June 11th 2018

The Raging Storm of Thembria SSR - Served as the thirty-first Delegate from June 11th 2018 to present


Foreign Minister Gahiland - Served until February 27th, 2017; term ended abruptly due to retirement notice

Foreign Minister Zybodia - Served from November 3rd 2008 until sometime in 2014, they served fully committed to addressing foreign needs of Yggdrasil for years without relent, for that, we thank you for your honorable service

Notable Members of the Yggdrasil Defense Service:

Zybodia - Who earned the "46 Battle Star Ribbon" Award

The Hidden Mind - Who earned the "34 Battle Star Ribbon" Award (Served in 35 battles)

Illumina Dei - Who earned the "30 Battle Star Ribbon" Award (Served in 31 battles)

Silvadus 31 - Who earned the "30 Battle Star Ribbon" Award (Served in 31 battles)

Vrolondia - Who earned the "30 Battle Star Ribbon" Award

RedIron - Who earned the "26 Battle Star Ribbon" Award

Honorable Mentions:

Newsletter Editor Dardona - Took up writing The Observer after the series took a long hiatus with great expertise and showed exemplary interest in taking feedback from the regions populace to better the newsletter for all readers


The Realm of Yggdrasil and Valhalla are both governed similarly with each appointed / elected seat representing similar goals under different names. Each region has its own respective constitution but each are united under one goal.

Foreign Relations & Military

Yggdrasil has relations with a total of twenty-three regions. Its first recorded embassy was known as the Treaty of Idavoll, an agreement between Yggdrasil and Ravenrock first written on June 9th, 2005.

Regional Tags
Yggdrasil has thirteen public tags, they are: Enormous, Offsite Forums, Anime, Social, Casual, Neutral, Map, Featured, Eco-friendly, Role Player, Multi-Species, Regional Government, and World Assembly. One of the most recently added tags is the Multi-Species tag. Another tag for "Anime" is often Yggdrasil's defining descriptor, the majority of the region contains individual nations who are fans of the Japanese hand-drawn or computer animation phenomenon known as "Anime."

International Perception
Many regions, including Yggdrasil itself, perceive Yggdrasil as the "Switzerland of NationStates." Mainly due to the regions devotion to international neutrality. Regardless, Yggdrasil unabatingly retains its own standing army known as the Yggdrasil Defense Service (YDS). The YDS was established with the purpose of defending the region itself and to aid regions it holds an alliance with due to treaty-bound requisites.

On May 7th, 2017, Yggdrasil officially received a commendation from the Security Council of the World Assembly under Security Council Resolution #221 with 11,629 members of the World Assembly voting FOR.

International Intervention & Politics
In recent history, California became founderless and needed to be re-founded to ensure its future security and survival. 10000 Islands (10KI) responded to the call, but not before the invader armies of DEN came. TITO, the name of the 10KI army, asked for support and in response the YDS was dispatched. In an attempt to smear the name of TITO and the YDS (which was dubbed "miniTITO") General Knot of the invading DEN army claimed that the defender armies of TITO and YDS were attempting to take-over the region of California and that TITO was doing this to claim a "trophy." Fortunately, the Security Council saw past the malign attempts to smear and defame defenders, who have time and time again defeated the evil forces of invaders. Today, DEN is nothing more than a shadow of its past. Filled with failure after being banned by the NationStates administrators for its top ranking members having used password decrypters.

Yggdrasil Defense Service

The Yggdrasil Defense Service is the standing army of the Realm. The YDS, classified as a defender army, can only be dispatched when a majority agreement in the Council of Elders is reached. The aim of the YDS, like many other defender armies, is to safeguard native delegates of regions so they aren't surpassed in World Assembly Endorsements by a raiding army.

Yggdrasil Defense Service Mission Statement:

The Blessed Realm of Yggdrasil is one that stands for Peace, Equality, and Justice. While our arms are always extended to regions in goodwill, we will not hesitate to act upon those who threaten our security. The Yggdrasil Defense Service (YDS) forms the defense force of the Realm. It's first and foremost mission is to protect our shores, our values, our honor, and our laws.

When not defending ourselves or our allies, Yggdrasil reserves the right to defend other like-minded regions. As a region for peace, we view any region that invade others with contempt. The act of invading founderless regions "for fun" is a dishonorable and cowardly practice. Yggdrasil will stand up to the bullies of this game to protect the weak and the defenseless.

The motto of the YDS is "Pax Per Vires" (Peace through Strength) and the logo is called the Righteous Wing.

Righteous Wing
Logo of the YDS

Regional Holidays

April 22nd - Yggdrasil Day
November 15th - Founding Day Celebration