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Greater Cosmicium Economy Hub (WIP)

Current date: 6 May 1072918

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Welcome to the Greater Cosmicium Economy Hub,
your comprehensive source about the Cosmician economy and everything within it.

Economic News Feed:

The Economic News Feed is inactive until further notice.

20/11/1072917: CSX plunges 7.3% as Jaclyn Merrex takes Haerthal

19/11/1072917: Current economic damage of Jaclyn Merrex's uprising at
730 quintillion IC

19/11/1072917: Nyr-Khol Stock Exchange bombed by pro-Merrex terrorists

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Current available entries:

Primary Industry (Resources)

The Core-Iron Mines

Extraction of the Hydrogens

The Cosmician Food Machine

Rare Metals Mines

Secondary Industry (Manufacturing)

Cosmician Spaceship Manufacturing

Cosmician Automotive Industry

Weapons, Big and Small (Cosmician Weapons Manufacturing)

The Computer Industry, from the Microscopic to the Gigantic

Tertiary Industry (Services)

Retail in Greater Cosmicium

The Cosmician Tourism Agencies

The Cosmician Financial Sector