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Greater Cosmicium Politics Hub

Current date: 31 January 1072918

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Welcome to the Greater Cosmicium Politics Hub,
the hub for all things related to Greater Cosmician politics, leaders and other stuff related to those two.

(oh god why isn't this updated pls help me)

Political News Feed:


04/10/1072917: 10th Fleet confirmed to have defected to Merrex's side

03/10/1072917: Kasren Vereyn awarded with Hero of Cosmicium award for
handling of the current political situation

01/10/1072917: Eight of Merrex's officials arrested, awaiting trial

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Current available entries:

Greater Cosmicium related entries:

The Emperor of Cosmicium:
(the two pages below are the same person)
Kasren Vereyn, Emperor of Greater Cosmicium
Corinne Vereyn, Emperor of Greater Cosmicium

Jaclyn Merrex, Emperor of Greater Cosmicium

Mortheus Valixor, Former Emperor of Greater Cosmicium

Naevora Xelden, Head Senator of the Imperial Senate

State of Human Rights in Greater Cosmicium

The Imperial Senate

Factions of the Post-Valixor Greater Cosmicium

Main Military Leaders of Cosmicium

Main Advisors of the Emperor

Internal & Foreign Relations

Cosmician Empire related entries:

The Four Emperors of the Cosmician Empire

Nasvarel, Last Emperor of the Cosmician Empire

Ralsaar, Heir to the Sapphire Throne

Jennifer Naarven, Empress-Regent of the Cosmician Empire

The Cosmician Galactic Parliament

State of Human Rights in the Cosmician Empire

Khaazai Federation related entries:

Gwella Fennisdoter, High Queen of the Khaazai

The Khaazai Great Council

State of Human Rights in the Khaazai Federation

Scorpion Republic related entries:

The Scorpion Senate

Harznrrmok, Leader of the Scorpions

State of Human Rights in the Scorpion Republic

More entries to be added soon.