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WA Delegate: None.

Founder: The GeneralProtectorateMinistry of Vapula Prolex

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Most Nations: 1,514th Most Cheerful Citizens: 2,416th
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This region is made up of protectorates and select territorial allies for The Princess of Demonos, Vera Fallenangel: sovereign of The Principality of Demonos. It also serves as a signature for all of Lady Vera's proclamations, dispatches, and telegrams.

Lady Vera is a staunch opponent against any regime that oppresses its people. She is an ally in the fight for equality. However, her rule is not democratic because she is an absolute monarch. As one who knows great power, she strives to be the "philosopher king" the ancients once surmised could rule benevolently and give the maximum happiness and comfort to the maximum amount of people.

Embassies: Fredonia, Cao Wei, Panellinion, Lady Rose, The Cretanja Queendom, RAMS, THE NEWS, The Glorious Nations of Iwaku, 1st Epitome United, Save Our Planet, Traveling Wilburys, The Wooloo Pact, The Bar on the corner of every region, South Indian Ocean Region, The Transgender Region, Gay Equality, and 25 others.Pecan Sandies, The Rose Garden, The Illuminati, The Cult of PCHS, The Great Monarchical Nations, Free Thought, The Royal Kingdoms of Quirkiness, The Steakhouse in Nationstates, Codex Ylvus, Amalgamated Federation, Lyrali, Atlantis Diplomatic Lounge, Aurrelius, Alnobia, Chicken overlords, Anime Girls, Hollow Point, Golden Eco Friendly, Ancient Lands, United Britain and Nicholas Empire, Planet Balls, The Sea Of Love, Hell, Nova Lisseum, and NationStatesHolics Anonymous.

Tags: Anti-Fascist, Defender, Eco-Friendly, LGBT, Magical, Medium, Monarchist, Outer Space, Password, Puppet Storage, and Socialist.

Lady Vera contains 11 nations, the 1,514th most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Most Valuable International Artwork in Lady Vera

Some nations attempt to collect signature artworks of other nations, developing collections known as "decks." The World Census has estimated their value.

As a region, Lady Vera is ranked 12,361st in the world for Most Valuable International Artwork.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Protectorate of UnequalusualMother Knows Best State“From the depths below their ground.”
2.The Empire of Lys NoirDemocratic Socialists“The mind once enlightened cannot again become dark”
3.The Dominion of The Collective of MajorityLiberal Democratic Socialists“We say what will be”
4.The Protectorate of Saints PassMother Knows Best State“Morbid as it should be.”
5.The GeneralProtectorateMinistry of Vapula ProlexCorrupt Dictatorship“For the glory of the principality of Demonos.”
6.The Protectorate of Demonos OutlandsBenevolent Dictatorship“The desert cleanses living, for dead.”
7.The Protectorate of Demonos Ministry of Foreign AffairsCorrupt Dictatorship“On behalf of Lady Vera.”
8.The Protectorate of Saint SatanisCorrupt Dictatorship“So it goes.”
9.The Protectorate of RaumiCorrupt Dictatorship“The conjurer's crow”
10.The Protectorate of The DIME ProjectCorrupt Dictatorship“Interstellar Navigation”

Regional Happenings


Lady Vera Regional Message Board

The concept of a sovereign dependent protectorate is uniquely fit for Lys Noir and The Principality of Demonos. It is a state of affairs that relies on the protection of another nation that is based on a special relationship. The privilege of such a status quo is based on a delicate balance of sovereignty and dependency. Lady Vera is not our recognized ruler but she protects our people from foriegn aggression. The Demons of her nation who have been born in Lys Noir often seek employment in Vapula Prolex or another Demonosian protectorate. They transfer wealth to Lys Noir in the form of the Crux (the currency of Demonos). Crux that are exchanged for Rauchbergs are used by Lys Noir to purchase Demonosian goods and the wealth of both nations increases by the enrichment of both currencies with the mechanism of trade and exchange. It benefits a dependent thus to maintain its currency and act as a broker between Demonos, other dependent nations, and alien nations in seperate regions. This creates a market and jobs for all participants in Lady Vera's domain of leadership.

Lys Noir believes Lady Vera to be an unquestionable ally. She commands us not but offers her hand to help us rise above our own poverty, chaos, destitution, and war. Lys Noir requests a policy be formalized to make sovereign dependent protectorates a recognized status of nations in Lady Vera's domain.

Glad to have embassies with you!


It is with Pride that Vera Fallenangel, The Princess of Demonos has announced that she has been named Antichrist in Hell.

Hail The Mad King of Hell, The Stalker! HAIL LUCIFER! Long live our Lady Vera.

The Descent into Hell
The Stalker's Inferno

LinkThrough me Linkyou go into a Linkcity of weeping,
LinkThrough me Linkyou go into Linketernal pain,
LinkThrough me Linkyou go amongst Linkthe lost people.
Justice inspired my exalted Creator,
I am a creature of the Holiest Power,
Of Wisdom in the Highest and of Primal Love.
Before me things create were none,
Save things Eternal,
And eternally I shall endure.
Ye who enter, abandon all hope...

The First Circle Limbo
All non-World Assembly residents within the territories of Hell. Forever Wandering the fiery shores. The shores of Hell are presided over by the ferryman Charon.

Territories of Hell
New York
The Satanic Cathedral
The Red Empire of the Toad
Icecrown Citadel

The Second Circle Lust
All World Assembly residents within the territories of Hell seeking to enter Hell.

The Third Circle Gluttony
All non-World Assembly residents within Hell, the faceless masses of the inferno. The three headed hellhound Cerberus guards the gluttons.

The Fourth Circle Greed
All non-World Assembly residents within Hell who have claimed their demonic title. To join the Fourth Circle choose an unclaimed name from among the fallen angels or Archdemons of Hell.

LinkClassification of Demons - LinkDemons of the Ars Goetia - LinkFallen Angels - LinkDemons - LinkMore Demons - LinkDemoness

LinkXaphan: Japeen
Yog-Sothoth: Devils advocate liberonscien AKA Satanic liberonscien
LinkThe Whore of Babylon: Impending Damnation
LinkLord Voldemort: Eta Carinae
LinkNergal: Zen beatitudes
Barbatos: Dm puppet AKA Drugged Monkeys

The Fifth Circle Anger
New World Assembly residents within Hell and senior non-WA nations. In the swampy waters of the river Styx, the wrathful fight each other on the surface, and the sullen lie gurgling beneath the water.

LinkPaimon: Ioniac
Lilim: Darkdestruction
LinkDolor: Babylopia
LinkLucifuge Rofacole: Bloodthirsty freedomists
LinkAmon: Asterodea caelestia
Ronobe: Pufflesomoneintinopo
LinkArdat Lili: Monionia dray
LinkSamael: Bloodmoses
Guison: Max the angel
Zavid: Lords word
Echidna: Samsara-nirnan
Ipos: Gavaniia
LinkAntichrist: Eothania
LinkBehemoth: Irishplace
Marchosias: Mauritius island
Dark One: Cloud Commune
Pytho: Turizion
Mephisto: Draconic Aiur
Antichrist: Demonos
Azazel: Premedite

The Sixth Circle Heresy
The World Assembly residents of Hell. Here are the arch-heretics, with their followers, of every sect.

Keron-Kenken: Galactic russian empire
Vassago: Austin setzer
LinkAshtaroth: Sasbaaddon
LinkChernobog: Laveyan inferno
LinkChoronzon: The greater american empire AKA Theistic luciferia
LinkGabriel: Cantiliahantan
Pruflas: Gunzloth
LinkFlereous: Communal earth
Asmodeus: The satanic nation of asmodeus
LinkBaphomet: -anton szandor lavey-
LinkCaim: Vogel Tori
LinkAbigor: The Iron Helm AKA Crown Sudetenlands
Ronove: Warchief Mordok

The Seventh Circle Violence
The most senior and prominent World Assembly residents within Hell. The seventh circle houses the violent. Its entry is guarded by the Minotaur, and it is divided into three rings.

Outer ring
LinkMephisto: Evil minion
Hecate: Vampiremountain
LinkThe Grim Reaper: Ingskalla
LinkOrobas: New paristan

Middle ring
LinkLilith: Sehrschwarzland
Rosier: Domination republic

Inner ring
Buer: Buer the demon

The Eighth Circle Fraud
Within the deepest parts of Hell reside the most ancient, evil, and powerful souls. The Hell Elders.

LinkAmduscias: Mc johnny
LinkApollyon: B e e k e r
LinkLilith: Yodoshi AKA Daisy Johnson
LinkAstaroth: Altmoras
LinkEligor: Kyraina
Abaddon: Donkervader
LinkBaal: War-salvaged soldiers
LinkRatsmodee: Sabana santa
LinkBelphegor: Sathan
LinkMalingee: Boolaroo

The Ninth Circle Treachery
In the last circle and deepest section of the pit, resides the four rulers of Hell.

And I heard as it were the noise of thunder, one of the four beasts saying come and see and I saw, and behold...

LinkBeelzebub: Cynical Alcoholics The Ruler of the Void, Magister of Hell.

The Dragon stood on the shore of the sea. And I saw a beast coming out of the sea. It had ten horns and seven heads, with ten crowns on its horns, and on each head a blasphemous name.

LinkLeviathan: Freddland The Beast of the Sea, Gatekeeper of Hell.

On the other side rose up Belial, in act more graceful and humane, A fairer person lost not Heaven; he seemed. For dignity composed and high exploit: But all was false and hollow; though his Tongue.

LinkBelial: Big Jim P The Master of Earth, Lord of Hell.

How you are fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning...For you have said in your heart: 'I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God; I will also sit on the mount of the congregation on the farthest sides of the north; I will ascend above the heights of the clouds, I will be like the Most High.

LinkLucifer: The Stalker The Morning Star, King of Hell.

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6/8/20- BLM is founded in the name of Nationstatesgirl

6/12/20- BLM opens it's first embassy with Ecolyspal

9/24/20- BLM's great founder Nationstatesgirl ceased to exist

10/23/20- The Black Hawks raided our region, deleting everyone as an regional officer, changing the world factbook entry, aand ordering the closure of all embassies

10/25/20- The Order Of The Grey Wardens detags our region and we thank the for it

10/26/20- 3XH181T A becomes delegate

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11th February 2021


(photo:Lady Vera shortly after being told the news that
Cornelius Salazar Ortworthy disregarded her warning)

SAINT SATANIS- On Thursday during a meeting of the Magi at the Castle of Saint Satanis, Lady Vera was told that Cornelius Salazar Ortworthy of Franschuundenia had disregarded her warnings and began to march an army 2 million strong across the Northern Westwald border in Lazarus in attempt to expand and conquer.

The invading force is an existential threat to Northern Westwald that challenges the sovereignty of a Board of Alliances, Freedoms, and International Accommodations (BAFIA) ally. The Princess of Demonos was stunned at the news as seen from a picture taken by one of the Magister's staff during the briefing.

Looking out of a window behind her throne dais she declared that she would not allow her threats to go undelivered and ordered the Magi to call a special session at the GeneralProtectorateMinistry for the 12th where she will deliver her address to the whole of the Demonosian state government and international community.

"Franschuundenia has violated the peace of our allies", she said calmly, "I grow tired of having the BAFIA treaty disregarded and abandoned. We stand firmly with Northern Westwald. Offer them assistance at once", she ordered General Patton Scott, Magister of Defense and head of the Demonos Defense Agency.

Lady Vera is scheduled to deliver a public speech tomorrow to outline how Demonos will respond to the persona non grata that is Mr. Ortworthy.

Meanwhile, there has been a ramp up of demon hordes on the border of the land bellow Lazarus and The Principality's assets are burrowing their way to the surface of Lazarus to make Hellsgates appear and tear open the entrances where demons shall land upon Franschuundenia's forces from bellow.

Rumors are that Lady Vera has ordered The Shadows, wraiths of her personal guard and intelligence services, to gather information on Franschuundenia forces in Northern Westwald. The Magistry of Defense is expected to field their elite troops of demons. It is also said that Lady Vera is watching closely to the reactions of other BAFIA members and has ordered that Gen. Scott reach out to her allies offering aide.

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Greetings Lady Vera! Please vote in our weekly poll!

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