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Region: The Social Liberal Union

The following notice was transmitted to Free of Russia two (2) days ago via telegram and is being reposted here, with very slight edits and time updates, to further urge them to respond to their indictment.


TAKE NOTICE that you {hereafter referring to Free of Russia} have been charged on multiple counts of violation of the Speech Protection and Inappropriate Content Prevention Act in the case Social Liberal Union v. Free of Russia (September 2022) and are required to respond to your indictment within three (3) days of this notice. You must respond with a pleading (Guilty, Not Guilty, formerly acquitted or formerly convicted) within three (3) days from this notice. You must also declare your legal representation. Only a member of the Bar of the Court of Justice can represent you, and they must agree to do so. (You may choose to represent yourself or ask the Court to appoint counsel for you.) If you do not respond within three (3) days, a plea of Not Guilty will be entered for you and counsel will be appointed to represent you, and the case will proceed regardless of your participation.

The following is the forum thread where your case is proceeding, where you may find the details of the case against you. You must post your response there. Let a member of government know if you have any problems accessing the forum.

The following is a list of current members of the Bar of the Court of Justice. With the exception of myself as Registrar, Courelli as Chancellor, and Anaaxes as prosecutor, active states on this list may represent you in this case.

Registrar of the Court of Justice