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Region: The Hole To Hide In

22nd of May, 2135

Battle of castle Rompedor de Sol
In the aftermath of longstanding tension between nationals and anti-nationals, the capital city Koayotl finds itself in an all-out conflict. High sovereign Gerardo had declared martial law only to be met with a mutiny not only amongst dissenting ethnicities but his own flesh and blood. The fragrant spring air is tinged with not just the scent of grass, but also blood. Several bodies lie on the walls and in the streets of the city, which wraps around mountains with an artificial lake at its outskirts. The west is particularly intense, clashes around his palace taking place with unearthly howls coming from the royal quartering area. Bursting out the side of the quarters through an escape door, a red-brown haired youth named Tano, the runt of Gerardo's kin.

His left eye appears freshly burnt off, the area around it pale and tinged red. Drawing his sword he charges forth along the city wall, belting out a roar heard all across the western side of the city. Tano jumps off the city wall unto a building's roof, then to its balcony, descends the balcony's ladder with posthaste. Finding himself behind enemy lines he breaks the ladder and bashes open the door to the building, standing at the doorway with his sword still drawn. A mild panic begins amongst the nationalists defending the castle's main entrance as a few break line to attempt to dispatch of him.

On the front line, the antinationalist forces are emboldened by his roar and the unease breaking out, moving forth with prejudice. The brick-laden pavement of the roads becomes near invisible as men pack together on the defending side, starting to collapse on the main road with people starting to trip and fall. This adds yet more momentum to the attackers until the northwest flank breaks, prompting the southwestern flank to pull back in fear as the attackers start to flood through the northwest and trample the center. Warcries rise and the battle enters a closing phase, defenders beginning to route to the castle.

At Tano's doorway, 18 dead men lie. Seeing the enemy scatter to reenter the castle he dashes forth and joins the group in the confusion, running with the pack and looking around, upon noticing impromptu fortifications running through them. Before him lies the throne room, which has been crudely converted to a base camp for the battle and in it, surely enough, the tent of his father, commander of the nationalist force.

"Father!" he cries out, "As your mature offspring and thus a rightful claimant to the throne I challenge you to mortal combat! You've disgraced your position!"

The camp is dumbstruck. In the aftermath of a route not only has a mutineer reached the main camp but is none other than Tano, now compelling the commander by custom he is bound to respect as high sovereign. After a long silence, a tallish figure emerges from the tent, Gerardo, father to Tano. The resemblance between the two is striking, they seem to only differ in age, Gerardo's larger frame, and Gerardo's lighter colored hair. He has a pained and sour look on his face, stepping forward to the center of the room at the same time as Tano. He draws his own sword, facing down his son and clenching his teeth in a display of contempt.

"Alright, traitorous whelp. I'll hold no bar to my force, the sake of an embryo of a united people is behind each of my blows."

Tano eyes his father, taking up stance as he retorts "Nor shall I. For any cruelty I commit, history will absolve my action. The judgment of divine favors me. I see not only what lies before me, but what has and will, for the dignity of the righteous and the fate of the masses I stand indomitable."

Springing forth Tano first strikes, fluid in form to follow with five more. Gerardo rushes to retaliate but realizes his riposte is ruinous, making reach forfeit. Tano's ploy had provided him plenty closeness, proving simply pushing Gerardo past his point of pbalance a possibility.

"In your advanced age you've grown weak and corrupt." Tano scolds his father, knocking him to the floor and putting his blade to his neck "I've won so easily. How anticlimactic. How shameful. How embarrassing. Not pitiful though, you've shown yourself undeserving of that. As my first act the new high sovereign I sentence you to death for your attempted crime of ethnocide against your own people. You have no right to plea innocent."

With that Tano beheads his father.
23rd of May, 2135

The coronation of Tano

The day after the battle the city has been hastily cleaned up and around the temple which forms the centerpiece, an impromptu coronation has been arranged. While he kneels in the direction of the temple a priestess places a headband made of gold around his head, pulling his hair over it and delivering a sermon to the people of Koayotl:

"In the year 2135, we come to recognize the transfer of power through combat from Gerardo to Tano, both of house Rompedor de Sol. 46 people were witness to it, in the throne room of their house's castle. Tano, what say you to begin your rule?"

"I am the indomitable leader who will lead this nation through turbulent times. I am ordained by the heavens to rule, above but nonetheless bound by the law. Do not question my rule without fire and sword. Otherwise, you will surely perish. Why, ask you, do I command such grandiosity? Because I will open this country to the world."

"Very well. The divine have heard you. So have the masses. Our country has seen a conclusion to the national war, and in accordance with the will of Tano nationalist movements shall be banned from operation. Blessed we are that different colors and languages of this land shalt be forced into assimilation and coercive disintegration of identity. Now, depart all you merely interested in news, we shall now move on to the divine ethic and etiquette of sacrifice."

And with that Tano rises and joins the audience for the sermon.

Windardia wrote:RP: A New Neighbor

With a country by the name of Asukiro popping up directly west of Windardia, authorities of the latter have extended an offer to open diplomatic relations.

8th of June, 2135

Windardian diplomacy

Asukiro agrees to open up relations and upon noticing they are landlocked grants Windardia the privilege to send traders through its lands and use the port in the city of Tlexalli and access the sea, but on the condition that they will close immediately if a Nationalist party comes to power. Construction of a small border town to facilitate interaction across the border commences, as well as a 200m wide gap in the border mounds by this town. The process is expected to take about 2 weeks with intensive labor. Beyond these simple formalities, an invitation is extended for a party to visit the capital city Koayotl.