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~Welcome to the Hole To Hide In! ~
Founded September 4th, 2017 | Featured October 13th, 2021

Whether you're a role player looking for a trustworthy and active community, or just wanting a place to chill, THTHI is the place for you! A region of modern tech, THTHI is full of tanks and graphic artists to make your dreams come true. Once you join, you'll never leave after coming to love our little nutcracker community!

All embassy requests will be rejected unless you review the Embassy Policy and fill out an Embassy Request Application.

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    The Hole To Hide In Overview

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    Official RP Alliances [THTHI]

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    Requesting a Map Spot and Role Play Maps

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    Roleplay & Technology Rules

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Embassies: The East Pacific, 10000 Islands, The Bar on the corner of every region, The Union of Democratic States, Rogue CONclave, the Rejected Realms, Singapore, Greater Dienstad, Philippines, A Hole To Hide In, and The Galactic Union of Nations.

Construction of embassies with Luminosity has commenced. Completion expected .

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The Hole To Hide In contains 367 nations, the 54th most in the world.

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As a region, The Hole To Hide In is ranked 5,547th in the world for Greatest Rich-Poor Divides.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Dainheim of CandainCapitalist Paradise“Scientific perfection”
2.The Operating System of The XeniguardCompulsory Consumerist State“So Insignificant...”
3.The United States of UshiwakaRight-wing Utopia“Dream High, Fly Higher”
4.The Social Experiment Theme Park of AnarchofunlandAnarchy“We spit on your motto!”
5.The Federation of Russian FederauiaAnarchy“We raise the banner of Russia, the banner of Russia! Ru”
6.The Free Land of Viking IcelandiaCapitalizt“Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death!”
7.The People's Republic of Cenis PighartorCorporate Police State“Justice, Piety, Loyalty”
8.The Nomadic Peoples of ZolowstanIron Fist Consumerists“What's that Over There?”
9.The Jingoistic States of Susuwu BakaCapitalizt“Unity, Discipline, Work”
10.The Jingoistic States of Greater Jang CampicCorporate Police State“Mission Accomplished”
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over 2 decades since the arrival of the Archian Exodus group, the ways of Numotu were changed forever. Since those years, aggressive and rapid reconstruction turned a once desolate Island into the greatest power in the Far East. The Marshal, which is considered the father of the modern Numotu, had produced three descendants to the Milosevic name. For now, the Northern New Solingarch were getting their finalized payments, but their work for reconstruction was over. The Archian Government invited the heads of all seven houses to come and celebrate within the Citadel of Numotu.

For over 5 years, the Archian economy was placed within Partial mobilization. Miroslav had no intention of removing this, but furthering it to build up Archrons presence within the Letanrican. For the most part, Icewindia would no longer have its eyes set out on control over the north. Within the public eye, Marshal Miroslav announced the "Letanrican Doctrine". In this doctrine, its entire purpose was exposed for Archron to protect the nations that bordered and lied within the Letanricans precious waters. Icewindia, was not exception, but even proposed to aid in the protection of the Letanrican. In addition to this announcement, so too came the reveal of Archrons latest military project. The "Naval Rearmament and Reconstruction Initiative." This initiative served as a way for the Archian military to push itself into full swing, and the Navy itself to be the first to refit and modernize itself. All 235 Vessels were pulled from the shores and placed all around the Continent. Their Hulls were evaluated, screened and their weapons checked. A majority of the naval vessels were from 2080 and 2120. This, was a disaster. Miroslav granted a seemingly blank check to the Admiralty and to the Naval Contractors to get new 2200 vessels rolling, and out on the waters. Archron possessed 4 carriers within its navy, but thankfully they were 2180 models, allowing them to pass on without much issue. But the Destroyers and Cruisers, along with the submarines were not so fortunate. Northern New Solingarch was requested to come back to the east and establish a naval doctrine that would best suit the protection of the Letanrica.

Within the Northern Realms, Woleve Atraland lied alone and the silence from Icewindia, did not aid. The Archian Government proposed an opportunity for a greater Archro-Imperium relations. While the Sol Invictus had married an Archian, the Royal family for Archron was... Essentially powerless at this point. However, the government did agree to the project of synthetic Archinite, transferring over 500 Scientists for such a cause. Regardless, Archron wanted more favor from its northern kin. Documents containing information of joint projects to create Archinite Weapons was only the first step. Long ago, the Woleves and Archron conducted such research, and it was time to restart that again.

In these documents contained proposals for turning Archinite into a gas like state. Archron had tried for decades, but due to the liquid state only being able to boil enough to turn itself into different forms, the production of a gaseous state had never been achieved. Attached to these documents came a head scientists, chosen by the military itself. This Scientist was Hover Tuma, a renowned militarist and by all accounts, a psychopath. But, his work furthered the development in Archian technologies of war. His job for the Woleves, was to aid in the creation of an Archinite Gas that could be used for warfare. As well, he brought over schematics for Archinite Missile designs, which were exclusively brought to the Woleves for cooperation purposes, to further their military and intellectual might over the East.

RP: Conglomerian Defectors

Bulletin from the Conglomerian Minister of Virtue, Mr. Phil Lander:

After the passing of Pub L. 1-7, some Conglomerian delinquents have been outsourcing their illegal business to nations that prioritize personal "freedoms" over the wellbeing of one's country and seeking asylum in said nations. We urge you to please deny entry to these defectors, as they are property of the benevolent Conglomerian government. On behalf of all decent citizens of Congolemeria, please return these rogue defectors to the appropriate authorities and do not aid in their corruption by allowing any Conglomerians to participate in illegal activity within your nations. This includes the smuggling of illicit substances such as alcohol, drugs, and contraband such as personal weaponry, which is banned by Conglomerian law. Our government is willing to forge a treaty with any nation that is willing to extradite criminals back to Conglomeria, for a monetary reward. All who are interested in a political alliance may do so by contacting the Conglomerian Ministry of International Affairs. I'm sure we can come to an agreement that will work for everyone.

It is best to be our ally as opposed to our enemy.

Aut Opus Aut Mori

RP: Relation growth
Averius - A meeting with an Etrian ambassador has yielded plans with Averius to agree to exchange of embassies, a mutual non-aggression pact, and annual trades of Averius raw metals in exchange for Etrian manufacture home appliances and electronics

Etrius wrote:RP: Relation growth
Averius - A meeting with an Etrian ambassador has yielded plans with Averius to agree to exchange of embassies, a mutual non-aggression pact, and annual trades of Averius raw metals in exchange for Etrian manufacture home appliances and electronics

RP: Relations Growth
The government of Averius anounced the conclusion of a successful meeting including an embassy exchange, a new annual trade deal, and a non-aggression pact. As part of the trade deal, Averius shall import home appliances, cleaning supplies, cooking supplies, and kitchen supplies, while exports shall include uranium, paladium, steel, diamonds, commercial jets, cars, toys, machine parts, and heavy farm equipment. The trade deal, and the other agreements are expected to be an immense economic and diplomatic benefit to Averius.

OOC: Who wants to roleplay?

The Orwell Society wrote:OOC: Who wants to roleplay?

Rp what?

Icewindia wrote:

RP: The Gatekeepers of the West

Marinian Empire
Rhine-Icewindian Diplomat requests communications to be opened. Furthermore an embassy and trade to begin. The diplomat offers to have Princess visit New Rhine the capital of Imperial Republic of the Rhine. Allowing her to bring as many guards within reason to come over.

Queendom of Ruvenian

The Diplomat is a tad confused but optimistic. He is confused on the Demirir but opts to open a legation with them. As for the Ruvenians its not only asked for communications to be opened but for Trade and an Embassy. Furthermore its asked if a possible Alliance could be forged. With Rhine having keen interest in the lands west of them. With rumors of military support floating around.

RP: Tensions Rising

Marinian Empire
As requested by the Rhine-Icewindian diplomat communications would be established along with the opening of trade and formation of embassies. Encouraged by Fiona, Princess Venla would take up the visit request to New Rhine. She would inform the Rhiners that she would take with her a single bodyguard, a Kamarajan known as "Stoneface Bob".

Queendom of Ruvenia
The Ruvenians would be delighted to hear of the socio-economic deals offered by the Rhiners accepting them gladly. Regarding the talks about an alliance against supposedly the Marinians, the Ruvenians would request a permission for a military inspection/tour of the Rhine army. This would mean sending a military-diplomatic attache to inspect the quality, training and level of equipment of the Rhine army would the Rhiners accept of course.

The Demiri Queendom
The Demiri would be delighted by the Rhiners allowing them to begin discussing diplomacy. To start off with the Demiri diplomats would, representing their Queen, formally request the opening of diplomatic channels and the formation of embassies between the countries, inviting the Rhiner diplomats to join the Demiri on a dinner at Musta Lilja one of the better restaurants in the St. Verimaa area.

Nonadia wrote:

RP: International Gridiron League

The independent company IGL (International Gridiron League) has proposed the revival of the KFL via a new league. This new league would have virtually the same rules as the KFL, including a playoff format, with 2 teams being eligible for playoffs from each conference (4 in total). The league starts out by sending invitation for the 8 founding nations join, but any nation can join if they respond to this:

Eastern Conference

Archron Empire
Woleve Atraland

Western Conference

Dwarf Land4
Northern New Solingarch

RP: Unable

Not able to organize a team for the event due to the high tensions between the Demiran countries, there would not be a Demiran team attending the event.
OOC note: Demira is still not an unified country, stop treating it as one and at least try to take a look at the overview or map factbooks

RP: Assassinations and disappearances

Yet another wave of assassinations would sweep across the Demiran nations as local leaders and infamous military generals would be assassinated. Although the victims would not have any unifying connections, once more the victims would be found with deep slashmarks all over their bodies. Rumors of the return of the infamous assassin "the Cleaver" would begin circulating in public soon after the latest assassination wave leaving the Rekkenian and Ruvenian leaders to nearly double their bodyguard counts.
Meanwhile the Demiri diplomatic core would see itself one lady short for some time as Mrs. Molotow would call for a salary-free month off. She would disappear without a trace for now. The only two to know anything about this would be Eerika Molotow and her sister Rose von Braun who would be left with a curious note:

Hello little ones!

If you are reading this it means I have finally found a way to see the world my alter ego has been pestering me about.
I might not return as soon as you might hope but trust me, I am in good hands during this experiment.
I will certainly be back with some interesting stories in some time!


Ps. Please feed Fluffball XVIII and take her to the park often enough. I don't want a repeat of Fluffball IX when I return. Looking at you Eerika.
Pps. Tell Karz not to worry

RP: What a beautiful gala
Hearing that the gala now opened its doors, the Milenciano prime minister Aria Tulipano traveled to the far away nation. She hoped to have a nice visit at the gala and maybe meet up with a few known figures which also visit the gala.

Complete catastrophe and crisis in the federation of soverzia. Because of the laws passed on marriage, where divorce was subsequently prohibited, what followed was a decline in the civil rights of our country to below average. In addition, soverzia flew out of the top three in trout fishing in The Hole To Hide In.

Soverzia Critin...

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