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Welcome to The Hole To Hide In. After being previously buried, left to die, and being sucked into an ever-expanding black hole, we have dug an entirely new Hole to Hide In! Join our wonderful role-play community!

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The Hole To Hide In contains 114 nations, the 112th most in the world.

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NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Empire of LenlyvitLeft-wing Utopia“Not by strength, but by guile”
2.The Kaikan Federation of AntekunaLeft-Leaning College State“Eternal Ascendance”
3.The Colony of EmunagarDemocratic Socialists“Yeh emu emu kya hai”
4.The Republic of New ParalDemocratic Socialists“Against tyrrany, oppresstion; life, liberty!”
5.The United Socialist States of JiqirenScandinavian Liberal Paradise“We Do Not Bow”
6.The Democratic Republic of Upper Elipy ReinishaScandinavian Liberal Paradise“By The People For The People”
7.The Cynical Nation of Bloody mongsInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Work, Order, Humanity”
8.The Republic of Unia BlonordiaDemocratic Socialists“Justice, Piety, Loyalty”
9.The Democratic Confederation of The MargaritasNew York Times Democracy“For the People, For the Country”
10.The Holy Empire of What The HeckoslovakiaDemocratic Socialists“Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus”
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The Hole To Hide In Regional Message Board

Kaisar Federalist wrote:Civilized Land:
As the Industrial Revolution slowly enters the land the Army moves to destroy what left of the Natives as to secure Kaiser Federalist to a more modern standard.... however the technology is still in the 1890's to 1914 at most.

Much work is needed but there is no time to research only to build.

RP: Oh shoot...uhhh we forgot we had a Colony there uhhh

Seeing the rise of an increasingly stronger union of Natives near the Wolf Florida Colony, the Commonwealth sent a diplomat to the Kaisar Federalist to discuss a deal they had in mind

Werewolf Islands wrote:RP: Oh right, these guys

As the Commonwealth stayed quiet, it built up, it now was ready. It sent 50 of the 150 of its fleet to the Whic fleet to meet it and are told to engage soon as they get there, soon enough, the 50 ships arrive readying to start the Battle and end the Phony War

Werewolf Islands wrote:RP: Oh shoot...uhhh we forgot we had a Colony there uhhh

Seeing the rise of an increasingly stronger union of Natives near the Wolf Florida Colony, the Commonwealth sent a diplomat to the Kaisar Federalist to discuss a deal they had in mind

OORP: Remember, please do not double post. You can always edit a new RP message onto the end of a previous one.

Business is Booming

Following Cenagrad's decision to join the Empire of Akistia and Evve Terre business has been booming in Oured. The city has no natural recourses of its own and previously had to import nearly everything at a high price. Since joining the empire those costs have been slashed. The market has never looked brighter for Oured City.

Archron empire wrote:RP:A lending hand
Archron has been observing the events occuring in Rumanian States and has discussed this issue with them. Archron has decided to become involved and send man power to assist. Hopefully, this issue will be resolved with the help of Archian strength.

RP: A Lending Hand
The Rumanian Monarchy graciously accepts the offer of volunteers from Archron, they prepare for the arrival of the Archon Volunteers.

A conflict has tore through the USRD’s chain of command, militia leaders who opposed the attacks and killing in Teleroman are threatening to withdrawl their support from the USRD. This would effectively lead to a civil war within a rebellion. Another group that is reeling from the massacre at Teleorman are the “Royalists”, who are still loyal to the crown. Many of the Royalists in Teleroman were the ones to be killed, causing crown supporters and bi-partisans to even act out. In some places, particularly the USRD’s capital, violence between the Royalists and Communists has worsened. Royalists have broken into police stations and killed police, taking their guns to use against the USRD. At the same time USRD aligned police and militia are hunting down and killing royalists and their families. These actions have diverted precious frontline troops to other tasks weakening the USRD’s defenses.

RP: Push On!
After a major breakthrough in the east Rumanian forces continue inwards, following directly on the heels of the retreating communists. Rumanian forces hope to cutoff groups of northern communist forces. Meanwhile in thw west and north Rumanian forces begin a new offensive, excited after the push in the east.

2nd Battle for Teleorman
(attacking) Rumanians 7,500 vs 3,500 rebels (defending)

Battle of Neajlov
(attacking) Rumanians 2,500 vs 750 rebels (defending)

2nd Battle of Craiova
(attacking) Rumanians 15,000 vs 9,000 rebels (defending)

Battle of Clavacioc
(attacking) Rumanians 7,500 vs 2,500 rebels (defending)

Antekuna roll please.

RP: King Mihai’s Navy
Contracts for construction of several of King Mihai’s “showboats” have been sent out to Rumanian shipyards, such as the ones in Constanta and Galati. However, King Mihai is ready to let foreign shipyards build them if they want, he won’t limit construction just strictly to Rumanian shipyards.

The large Archipalago paradiso of Constellus * aka the blonde republic * is here to say hello! The large 6 1/2 to 7 foot average Constellussian * con-stel-luss-ian * can often be seen peeking from the large beaches at ships on the horizon and wondering what the heck they are doing so close to their home.

RP: A new specimen The news of a new nation of elves(Loziura) has come to Platinium many biologists and doctors of Platinium are excited by this new race and ask them if they can go a group to study this new species[/quote]

RP: Experimentation?

Queen Lili'ulani has come forward and has thanked the country for wanting to learn more about the elves, the Loziurians are quite alright and do not wish for this.

Antekuna wrote:RP: Why not Both

With the two leads established, the Antekunan researchers reach a decision.

The researchers more specialized in seafaring and navigation will go to the museum to search for clues, studying the vessels and their navigation methods and pairing it with ocean currents and trade winds in order to discover how large the maritime range of the elves could have been.

Meanwhile, those more studied in history and linguistics will consult the royal storyteller, believing that while the stories may have diverged from reality a bit throughout the centuries, the core information behind it will still prove invaluable.

With their goals in mind, the two groups set off. The group that heads to the museum finds the section of the ancient sea voyage. Inside are paintings and statues, but the one thing that stands out among all others is the group of ancient boats in the middle of the room. Tall and proud, the ships are still in pristine condition. "The Queen gave us permission to study and examine the ships, but she warns us that any damage will come out of our paychecks. And these ships are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars." One scientist says.

The other group arrives in the palace and finds Tuala, who's telling a story to the princess and her twin brothers. Once she sees the research group, she quickly shoos the children out of the room. After explaining why they're there, she chuckles. "Your mothers never taught you the story of Kiri and Rangi? For shame." She says.

Tuala begins the story, "It's quite simple really. One day, the elves landed on the island of Loziura but were disappointed the find a group of humans living on the island. Wary of other groups, the elves and humans live separated from each other by the mountains as a barrier. One of the elves was a young boy named Rangi, he went out venturing into the woods to find an injured human girl named Kiri. Rangi patched her up, and as a sign of gratitude she gave him a conch shell, so whenever he wanted to see her again she will show up. He did so, and soon the children grew into best friends. But trouble soon came in, the evil god Motesis was growing bored of the human women he would steal. So one day he decided to try and steal some elven women instead. But the elves knew his tricks and pushed him back. Furious because of this, Motesis but a curse on the elves, soon all their crops died, and then the fish stopped swimming to their side of the ocean, and even the wild pigs and chickens were gone. Kiri soon learned of this from Rangi, and so she started to bring a basket of food to Rangi. The elves found out about this and pleaded with her for more food. The humans, having heard of the curse, brought in baskets of food like coconuts and pineapples to the elves. The elves were able to live, and all was well.

But Motesis was furious, his revenge has failed. So he soon sent a curse to the humans, this one in the form of a large wave. The water struck the human side of the island, and soon their villages were submerged. Rangi saw this and immediately begged his people to give the same compassion back to the humans. The elves, remembering how the humans saved them, returned the favor and fished many humans out of the waters. The humans, having nowhere else to go, moved into the elven villages. When both Kiri and Rangi died, they were reborn as the gods of compassion and tolerance."

Hello. It's me, Ouistreham. Puppet of Sycamore Island.

Evve Terre hiiiii uwu

As the dawn sun rises, a tropical island appears out of the morning mists in the warm subtropical waters. Alarms flash upon Seismic and hydrological and atmospheric equipment as they take notice of an entirely new geographical formation in the western ocean that has seemingly appeared overnight in the middle of the green blue oceans. The island is a hodgepodge of items, and the people appear to be tall lanky blondes holding spears and other early era equipment. Yet there is a large rotted wooden ship of the line lying upon the beach alongside a very rusted ancient looking submarine drifting softly in the deep surf. Scientific equipment has also detected an incredible spike in energy around midnight upon the area and the dawn has revealed the mysterious island in all its glory. Oddly, the tropical trees are lined with the drippings of dying frost and a few of the villagers are wearing pieces of ancient iron armor. To the southeast, an ancient gothic looking castle with the rotted frame of a biplane hanging crookedly in a shattered painted glass window, much like a insect that had the misfortune of hitting a car window. A soft low humming noise can be heard that drones softly among the branches The people appear to be foggy and confused, as if awaking from a long slumber.

Werewolf Islands wrote:RP: Oh right, these guys

As the Commonwealth stayed quiet, it built up, it now was ready. It sent 50 of the 150 of its fleet to the Whic fleet to meet it and are told to engage soon as they get there, soon enough, the 50 ships arrive readying to start the Battle and end the Phony War


Seeing these naval troops the small fleet retreats while firing back to Whicistaion

Antekuna wrote:

RP: A New People

Hearing of the emergence of a new nation, Antekunan diplomats have been sent to establish contact with Da Huaxia. The mission is a routine one regarding emerging powers, with the primary goals being to learn about their land, customs, culture and history.

RP: Journey to the East

Upon arrival at the capital, Mingjing, the Antekuna diplomats find themselves in a city surrounding itself in a blend of tradition and modern architecture. Large banners waves in the calm coastal winds, garnishing the large buildings of great concrete pillars and steel beams down major roads, yet across corners the diplomats find old, warm streets dominated by red terracotta and hard brick buildings that stretch no higher than two stories. Indeed, much like these warm buildings, the people here show no malign intentions towards these foreign elements, instead going about their days as merchants compete with their voices and prices. In fact, even the soldiers marching through the streets give a warm salutation to these unknown dignitaries. Though communication is still rather difficult between the diplomats and their guide, it doesn't take much knowledge in the native language to understand that the guide wants to make haste towards the presidential building.

The presidential building is among one of the largest buildings in the capital—and no doubt modern in design. Out of countries at the crossroads of modernization, it seems that Da Huaxia has taken a peculiar interest in its urban planning first.
The diplomats, after their long journey, were finally granted an audience with President Sun. A peculiar man, the president seems to be a genteel man—too genteel. Every word of utterance he speaks in a broken version of the Antekunan language is filled with long honorifics and formalities that even the most patient man would be off-putted by.

After the long-winded greeting that hops between a minute of a diplomat's utterance followed by ten minutes of President Sun's formulaic speaking, the dignitaries were finally seated and asked their purpose of visiting this federation.

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