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~Welcome to the Hole To Hide In! ~
Founded September 6th, 2017

Here in The Hole To Hide In we have a great RPing community that is active and constantly growing. However, our former region, A Hole To Hide In, was really a gigantic black hole, and it's really not happy over it's abandonment. As a result, it has begun expanding and soon our entire RP will be engulfed and all will be destroyed. Talk about taking hiding in a hole to a extreme new level, eh? Join us in our imminent destruction! (And our Role Play :3)

All embassy requests will be rejected unless you review the Embassy Policy and fill out an Embassy Request Application.

Join our LinkDiscord! l Check out our regional Maps l Please Endorse Candensia l Click here for the LinkRP Time and Date.

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    Season 2 Roleplay Preview

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    Requesting a Map Spot and Role Play Maps

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    Roleplay & Technology Rules

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    Roleplay Post Guide & RP Mentors

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    Guide to The League of Nations

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    Official RP Alliances

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    THTHI Embassy Policy

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    Getting Involved

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Regional Power: High

The Hole To Hide In contains 133 nations, the 141st most in the world.

Today's World Census Report

The Highest Economic Output in The Hole To Hide In

World Census bean-counters crunched the numbers to calculate national Gross Domestic Product. Older nations, with higher populations, were noted to have a distinct advantage.

As a region, The Hole To Hide In is ranked 8,173rd in the world for Highest Economic Output.

NationWA CategoryMotto
1.The Federation of BasaranCorporate Bordello“Unity”
2.The Socialist Federation of MalvakiaLeft-wing Utopia“Ek'levos Croso Malvakia!”
3.The Unified People of ExbreniaPsychotic Dictatorship“Pax Per Bellum”
4.The Second Wolfinite Republic of Werewolf IslandsScandinavian Liberal Paradise“We must be stronger united”
5.The New Republic of Diche ChoklateCivil Rights Lovefest“Our Union Forever”
6.The City State of CenagradInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Free and united, on land in the air and into space.”
7.The Socialist Monarchy of Evve TerreInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Fluctuat Nec Mergitur”
8.The Royal Dominion of CandensiaLeft-Leaning College State“Everything for the people.”
9.The Isolationist Realm of AntekunaNew York Times Democracy“Rise Again”
10.The Secular Reich of ArdivedsInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Der Mensch soll siegen”
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Regional Happenings


The Hole To Hide In Regional Message Board

RP: Peace talks

The Government of Luwuia is proposing peace talks with Dushkaria and a temporary ceasefire

Luwuia wrote:RP: Peace talks

The Government of Luwuia is proposing peace talks with Dushkaria and a temporary ceasefire

RP: Agreed

The Dushkaria government has accepted their request for a ceasefire and an envoy is sent to Luwuia.

Artaecus wrote:RP || Reinforcements

After further consideration, the Artaecusian Government has permitted further reinforcement to the fleet currently within the Bay of Ponticianre with more naval forces. While the Nidhogg task force is still currently enroute, a medium-sized fleet will follow after being organized.


8th Marine Corps ['Seal Clubbers']

  • (16,000~) Infantry

  • (250) M7A4 | 'Slinger' Main Battle Tank

  • (125) M108 | 'Judicator' Artillery System

  • (125) M208A | 'Blackhound' APC/IFV

  • (75) F/A-23 | 'Black Eagle' Multi-purpose fighter

  • (30) V-76 | 'Harvester' Transport VTOL

  • (20) Various support aircraft

  • (5) TC9-class Troop Transports / Cargo ships

  • (12) Liberty-class Frigate

  • (8) Slaughter-class Destroyer

  • (4) Endurance-class Missile Cruiser

  • (1) Nemesis-class Escort Carrier | 'AMS Gough'

  • (1) Rhinehardt-class Aircraft Carrier | 'AMS Sulyvahn'

8th Flotilla Corps ['War Whales']

  • (20) Hunter-Class Attack Submarines

  • (12) Liberty-class Frigate

  • (8) Slaughter-class Destroyer

  • (4) Endurance-class Missile Cruiser


RP || Point of interest

The fleet sent to the Borealin Ocean has taken point near the land mass of The Order Of The Fallen. Following several air excercises, the islands off the coast have taken the interest of the Artaecusian commanders. Several hovercraft have been prepared and with the intention of landing on them.

OORP - Post may seem random to anyone who isn't aware of a certain country's actions.

RP - Idyllic Harmony

The only thing that can be seen is immense forestry and a number of statues and religious monuments, dedicated to God who all see the island as a paradise because of it's perceived beauty. The island seems quiet with the inhabitants seeming to want it to be maintained that way. Life is simple as the people help one another to survive; conducting frequent pilgrimages as a show of faith. Most seem content with living on the island and seek to live by the Three Principles advocated for by the Sons Of Avallon, Family, Community and Faith with the people living the most contented life that they can. Despite the chaos that has existed for so long across Avallon, the Isle of The Blessed remains both a peaceful and a model that should be aimed to be replicated throughout the rest of the country.

The ideal society. What could disturb it?

RP - An Annoying Crew - Dushkaria

Seven Infantry soldiers were killed a few days ago as a crew of thirty from an unknown location shot an Ascoiyan Speaker after reacting violently to a request for them to peacefully exit. Furthermore the Captain, Robert Weymouth was severely wounded, handing the chain of command down Major Wright, who seems hellbent on capturing the crew alive as the Prophet Jonas requested. Unfortunately, this may prove difficult due to there now being no way of communicating between both parties now that the speaker has tragically died.

RP: Containment of the Buyonese Fires
Though it has taken much longer than anticipated and put much strain on the state's resources, the fire departments for the two Buyon provinces have declared that the fire has been sufficiently contained and has predicted it will be extinguished by the end of the week. President Cazal has lauded the accomplishments and heroism of the firefighters and the military personnel for their valiant work and plans to hold a ceremony giving medals to those who demonstrated heroism in fighting the fires and preventing food insecurity.

RP || A request

    The Artaecusian Government requests if the Dushkarian Government is able to bring back damaged M8's to Artaecus. They intend on buying the damaged vehicles for research.

RP || A change of plans

    The decision for an island landing had been called off due to the sudden change in weather. Storms brewed on the cold horizon promising nothing but winds to level even the mightiest of trees to the soil. Complicating even the most trivial of landings to the experienced Artaecusians, it was decided that to risk the lives of servicemen for an excercise was not worth the trouble.

    While the men waited for the storms to pass, an idea came to the Artaecusian commander. "Ready one of our Black Eagles, we'll test how the GBU-90 Theta holds up in these weathers." His voice echoed through the intercom systems, everyone scrambled to their post onboard the aircraft carrier.

    A jet black F/A-23 took off the carrier deck with the GBU-90 under its belly, ['Obomba'] was crudely written on the fuselage of the bomb. It climbed to 35,000 feet within minutes, with full afterburners engaged in a near vertical climb. The pilot was eager to drop his payload, as it would be the first official usage of the bomb outside of tests back home.

    "In position, Overlord." The pilot said as he lined himself up for the perfect drop. "On the way." The bomb was dropped, nothing could be done now. The aircraft flew back to the carrier, his mission was complete.

RP - Oh Lord...

A group of children are playing near the beach in the Isle Of The Blessed, near their small home where the family live a perfect life. Suddenly, an immense flame appears nearby along with an almost blinding green light, "Mum? What is that?" She walks out of their cottage, "Get inside children. Oh Lord Save u-".

After the horrific explosion, a raging inferno spreads throughout the island, engulfing the entire landmass. The Isle Of The Blessed has fallen. Satan has won. The people along with the native wildlife and animals are consumed in the blaze and the beautiful villages and woodland are no more. The last words of the men and women in the villages would live on throughout history. ( The Second Coming has begun.

-|ROLEPLAY: Striking the Enemy: Operation 'Strike Gold'|-

With another nation's ultimatum of war, this time from the Democratic States of Artaecus, against the Second Imperium of Arkosta being announced shortly after the outbreak of the Arkostan-Lirana War, which had started when the Lirana assassinated Arkostan diplomat Wilbert Alazstein Von Braun onboard the LSC 'Venom' Destroyer, the Imperium of Arkosta has no choice but to continue its engagement with the so-called 'Artaecusian threat'. Now under a multiple nation war, Arkosta must ensure that it can eliminate Artaecusian forces from the Bay of Pontricaire before a build-up of their forces can occur, while systematically handling the Lirana threat in the Akschoss as well. To help with this, a slight change of doctrine has been made to help pilots and naval vessels to fight against enemy ones, seeing as a possibility of both nations signing a temporary coalition to capitulate Arkosta is very likely. The change will mainly come in air formations, tactics, and identification protocols. Reports from the original night raid, which caused the declaration of war, have indicated and identified that severe damage has been done to the major warships, including on of their aircraft carriers, vessels part of the Artaecusian naval fleet present in the Bay of Pontricare. The report has also confirmed that the launching capabilities of the Artaecusian carrier vessel have been damaged, resulting in the inability of aircraft launch. This can add to the advantages of a full-scale assault, mainly with a few naval vessels and large amounts of airpower, on the Artaecusian forces, where Arkosta has a good chance of further reducing the amounts of vessels in the Artaecusian invasion force. This plan has been presented to the Arkostan general staff, who have accepted the operation's motion and are directing assets and equipment for the assault, and a battleplan has been created for the operation. The plan will see the use of torpedos and bouncing bombs, which will be launched from low and medium altitude levels, while heavier munitions from dive bombers will be dropped in swift dives and lifts. Multiple dummy unmanned parasite glide fighters, which do not carry munitions, will be launched prior to the attack, to confuse enemy radar system to reduce the severity of life lost on the Arkostan side. Three air wings of bombers, mainly dive and medium bombers will be launched at night-fall, followed by a single air wing of fighter aircraft as an escort. They are to focus all efforts on the central ships, with outlier ships being attacked less frequently.

-|ROLEPLAY: Ramping up Production|-

With the nation now in a state of war, Arkosta has begun doubling its efforts to support the war effort, especially in the production of war equipment and supplies, to ensure that Arkosta can hold off the enemy's strikes against the homeland. As such, the nation will begin the process of switching or converting its civilian factories for military purposes, while also preparing their resilience against enemy attacks. This will include the development of lightly armored defense and anti-air positions alongside the major industrial sector and the establishment of safe supply storages for keeping volatile resources such as fuel and explosives. Resource extraction will also be doubled to fuel these armament industries.

RP: Assuming Control
Gavril Cristea, a somewhat eccentric billionaire who previously bought the island of Socotra (Quick OOC Dwarf: Anyone who can DM/TG me where the island or its' capital city is is without googling it will win... Something? Something region related) has officially declared independence. The nation formed is now named the 'Second Lirana Imperial Republic', and offers have been made to buy small islands off the coasts of Northern New Solingarch, Archron Empire and Basaran. The capital and only populated area, Djougo, with a population of about 17000, is beginning construction of a new single runway international airport and districts of the city, and requests diplomatic recognition from all nations. The state has also recieved immigration with 3,000 Lirana citizens moving to the nation

RP: The End Approaches

There Heydrich stands; in the dark, damp bunker beneath his Imperial residence in Pforzheim. He looks at the strategic map of Evacasia, watching his generals frantically attempting to make sense of the torrent of incoming calls from the frontline. Operation Ember had failed, a catastrophic defeat resulting in the loss of thousands of lives. Now firmly on the defensive, he still believed there was chance. The mighty Kirenga River divided his units from the enemy, perhaps he could make a stand on the banks? Perhaps he could hold on long enough to replace his losses, mounting a glorious offensive into rebel territory?

"Understood", one of the Generals said, putting down a phone. "Sir, a call from the front". "Go ahead", Heydrich replies. "Its from one of our divisions along the Kirenga, around 100 kilometres out". "Have they..", Heydrich says with a sigh. "They have, sir. Multiple regiments overrun. They've crossed the Kirenga, and they're likely on their way here right now." "Stop them, General. You have to stop them. Anything, set the outskirts alight for all I care. They can't get here, not here. This is the capital, for Christ sake! My capital! I won't have it fall to these traitors. Stop them, General. Whatever it takes". "Heydrich, with all due respect, I don't see how it could be possible to stop them reaching here. We could try and hold them in the city, maybe? Their tactics won't work in the tight streets, we could use our tanks as..." "Enough of this, General! I won't have this insubordination. Either stop them, or face the consequences. Those rebels will not reach Pforzheim. And you will make sure of that". "Yes, sir".

Heydrich turns back to the map, watching as one of his secretaries moves the rebel unit markers across the river. "We can hold", he says under his breath. "The war is not lost".

RP: The Beginning Nears

There Gerissen stands; in the bright, open tent, a few miles away from his units on the frontline. He looks at the strategic map of Evacasia, surrounded by around a dozen commanders. A light breeze blows through the small command centre, with the setting sun glowing over the large field.

"Gerissen, sir", one of his officers said. "Yes, Colonel?" "New reports from the north. Von Fenchel's men have done it, they've crossed the Kirenga". Gerissen looked up, not quite raising his head fully. "Have they established a beachhead?" "Yes, sir. Von Fenchel's said he's going straight for Pforzheim". "Bold, but it could work. Just, tell him to be careful. We can't risk stalling now. I'll try to coincide with an attack from the west; if we can get them from 3 sides, we're sure to win". "Affirmative".

Gerissen turns back to the map, moving the marker for his allied units across the river. "We can win", he says under his breath. "The war is almost over".

Luwuia wrote:RP: Luwuia Shall remain free or die trying!

As holding the seat of President of the Council in the Kalranian Federation Prime Minister Hoffins is ordering all member nations to come to the aid of Luwuia. Luwuia is accepting all troops sent by Icewindia and will allow them to operate in the interest of both Icewindia and Luwuia.

RP: Exterminate the invaders

200k National Guard troops are on their way to the beachhead and will arrive in 3 hours with Airborne troops paradropping in within the next 30 minutes. All airforce assets are being scrambled and the Navy is running a blockade around the entire coast of Luwuia intercepting and sinking any and all hostile ships.

Luwuia wrote:RP: Peace talks

The Government of Luwuia is proposing peace talks with Dushkaria and a temporary ceasefire

Dushkaria wrote:RP: Agreed

The Dushkaria government has accepted their request for a ceasefire and an envoy is sent to Luwuia.

RP: Icewindia to the Rescue

Icewindian Fleet already heading to Luwuia arrives and drops of 100,000 Troops quickly moving in to stay just behind the Front lines. Icewindia then tells Luwuia that should peace negotiations falter it will defend country inside its sphere of Influence.

A Warning is sent to Dushkaria that Icewindian Army, Navy and airforce stand with Luwuia. That its advised to Emperor of Dushkaria should consider pulling its forces out of Luwuia. That Initial Deployment of Forces is to Ensure Ceasefire stays Enforced. Increasing level of troops however being ferried over in the West is rumored to eventually Reinforce Luwuia Positions. It seems Icewindia stands with Luwuia and against Dushkaria at the moment.

Esolda herself suggests to both sides that a White Peace would be favorable. Icewindia sends an Nervous Ambassader to Dushkaria. Ambassador is a glorified Message deliverer sending Ultimatum. "You Play nice and we will play nice. Continue the War and Divine Wind will stand with Luwuia." (Basically You attack Luwuia, we Attack you)

RP: Security Forces shifting.

Of the 2 million troops keeping peace, order and stability in the Region. 1 Million Shift to the coastline and slowly Troop Transports begin to shift Forces from Comaraka to West side of Luwuia Island. Its expected to get 500,000 every 3 months on shore. Icewindia requests Luwuia to Nationalize Civilian Boats and send them westward to Comaraka to help ferry over Icewindian Soldiers Faster.

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