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Region: Council of Constructed Languages

Auruna wrote:It's alright, you can take my concepts without permission just like languages IRL. XD

Duly noted. XD

Auruna wrote: Yep, it surely fell apart before Aruzhin with a new "modernised" system but the suffixes remained which is then inherited by Aruzhin.

Aurun has a similar one in the form of -des which is a shortened form of the suffix -desiri which came from the Aruzhin word for ordinal, kiidesiri which came from the Aruz word for number, kuidesiriini.

And then Aurun has a word for ordinal that is derived from the Aruzhin kiidesiri which is kiitesi.

Layer upon layer upon layer.. very nice! :D

Auruna wrote:217,518 - Tiinoniri'kontiinoniminvaikoniriviinaalonimi'to'kuulonimi'kontiinoniminvaikoniriviinaaloniri

Or as the Kowani speakers would say:
Q'ai'lé m'des

..AmIright? ;) XD