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Hey Guys,
some news from France: I won't be going at the pharmacy for now, university classes ar bound to continue, but online. And also, since the mortality and contaminiation peak is about to be reached, I'd rather be at home and not outside, exposed to the virus.
Two, I would like to ask your opinion on this: Didier Raoult, the infectiologist in chief at the Marseille Hospital has discovered that apparently, chloroquin and azythromycin are working well against the COVID19, and is currently using them en masse in Marseille to treat his patients. However, the Ministry of Health and others don't see this with a good eye, and would rather wait for the conclusions of a vast clonical test that would take some time before starting to use those two molecules.
So what do you think shall be done? Wait for the results of the test, that could take months to arrive, or start using this treatment now?

Personally, I'd go with Professor Raoult. Off with the restrictions!