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Persia News Agency - Kabul

Major General Suleimani: Saudi Arabia behind unrest in Afghanistan

Following clashes between Turkmen militias and Persian-led Afghan troops in Islamic State of Afghanistan and the departure of Turkish troops from the nation, Major General Qassem Suleimani called for a press conference in Kabul in which he blamed Arab saudia for the current unrest in the nation.

"After initial campaigns against Wahhabist Turkmen rebels in Afghanistan, we have come across evidence that clearly proves that Saudi Arabia is behind the Turkmen insurgency. This is no 'uprising of a minority group against oppression' as many have tried to make it seem. These are extremist Wahhabist groups inspired by Saudi ideology and funded by Saudi money to spread their cancerous ideology. Upon capturing some prisoners, we found them to be armed with weaponry originating from Saudi Military Industries Corporation. We are almost certain that the leader of this uprising is receiving funding and aid and perhaps even direct orders from the Saudi government. Do you see? This is how the poisonous Al-Saud dynasty spits their venom. The custodians of the House of God have done nothing but spread discourse amongst the Ummah of Islam! The Turkmen uprising is nothing but a Saudi ploy in cooperation with their Zionist partners in Great israel to cause a deep rift between the nations of Afsharid Persia, The Turkish-State, and Islamic State of Afghanistan, in which they have been partially successful. Using the Turkmen as bait, they attempted to get a reaction out of Ankara, and when that didn't work, they deceived the Turks using the Zionists, who have managed to seduce the Turks and drive a deep wedge between them and their Muslim brethren. These two nations of Saudi Arabia and Israel are a stain on our region, and for as long as the nations of the Middle East are deceived by these two nations, there will never be stability in our region."

The Major General further went on to praise The maghreb union of tunisia and algeria for their continued support of Palestine.

"It warms my heart to see that not all Muslims have forgotten the plight of the Palestinian people. While the custodians of Mecca work with the Zionists to divide the Ummah, the majority of Muslims are still behind them. It is truly a shame that the two holiest sites in Islam are under the control of these dogs."

The use of such harsh rhetoric by the Major General comes days after the Saudi government referred to the Persian Monarchy as "sheitans from over the [Persian] Gulf". His Imperial Majesty, the King of Kings, Ardeshir Shah Afshar has yet to give any comments on the recent events.

In other news, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif announced via Twitter that the Persian Foreign Ministry will be the US-Arab summit very closely.

"I'm interested to see what comes of this summit in These states of the american union with the Arabs. We will be observing closely." tweeted the Foreign Minister.

Many analysts claim that the Tweet by the Persian Foreign Minister may have hidden messages aimed at the United States.

"With this Tweet, Zarif is trying to indirectly tell the new Biden administration to change its pro-Saudi stance that was upheld by the now impeached Trump administration. He wants to see how the new administration will react to the news of supposed Saudi intervention in Afghanistan and what will come of talks with the Arab leaders in regards to Saudi Arabia. Will the Biden administration cozy up with the Saudis like Trump? Or will they ditch them for closer relations with the government in Tehran?" said one political analyst.

Friday, May 31st, 2019 - Kabul