by Max Barry

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Region: Commonwealth of Liberty

Classified: Argentinian Secundo Escuadron on the move!
September 1992, ­Nevbrejnovitz

With he recent tensions in the Caribbeans and the growing danger for the Primer Escuadron navigating these waters, a second squadron was mounted to join the first one and form a bigger fleet for more serious operations in the region:

  • 2 Maestrale-Class Anti-submarine frigate

  • 1 Almirante-Brown Class Destroyer

  • 2 Salta-Class submarine

    Once integrated, the Primer Escuadron will be as the following:

    2 Drummond-Class corvette
    2 Espora-Class corvette
    1 Hercules-Class Destroyer
    3 Almirante Brown-Class Destroyer
    1 Cabo San Antonio Class Utility Ship
    1 San Giorgio Class amphibious transport
    1 Panarea-Class tanker
    2 Maestrale-Class Anti-submarine Frigate

    2 Santa Cruz Class submarines
    2 Salta-Class submarine

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