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I finally completed my first RP post yay!



While Spain has turned its back on the Idea it itself sponsored, Italy shall and must venture forth on this new challenging route that lays ahead of it. The Italian Government, not wishing to overly damage the Economies of its Allies and naturally unnecessarily do the same to itself, has requested to the German Government to assist it in putting to the floor of the EU a motion to extend the Italian withdrawal period so that a comprehensive trade deal may be negotiated. The Government has underlined that if said request for a trade deal is not accepted, then the original exit date for December of 2027 will continue as planned. As a Result unlike its Spanish counterpart, Italy has reaffirmed its statements and motions rather than swiftly removing and backtracking on them and thus has calmed the thoughts of many Italians who feared that their own Government would also shakily step back on its commitments to them.

As for the Journey that lies ahead, Spain has merely changed the destination as Italy has held emergency meetings with the representatives of the Provincial Parliaments (Croatia + Slovenia + Albania) to discuss and comprehensively agree on a new course. It was in these meetings that it was agreed that the Organizations that Italy is creating (Latin Union + Med. Bloc) shall merely change in name but not in function. The Latin Union shall be renamed to the Adriatic Community, specifically existing for Italy and its Provinces as all border the Adriatic Sea and thus it was considered a common reference. The name change also importantly changed the implications from a Italian centric one to a general geographic marker, thus making it more accessible and agreeable to those in the Provinces.

If no Trade Agreement is reached with the EU it would have wider implications for both blocs, as in trade terms around 380 Billion USD is exported to the EU every year as a whole from all Adriatic Community Members, and a slightly smaller (365 Billion) number for imports. However even this is not the most important change that would occur, it is logistical in nature. Currently Italy receives around 2/5ths of its Sea-borne import goods from northern Europe (specifically the Netherlands and German Atlantic Ports) which then transit to Italy through transport links in Austria. After the departure of Italy in a no-deal scenario, the Italian Government has been quite optimistic about the implications of increased shipping that this brings with it. After all in total net terms, more of Italy's trade passes through other members of the EU to reach Italy rather than vice versa, and the only solution to this would be increasing the size and investments in Italian ports. This would reverse the half-century long trend of Italian ports decreasing in size in order to relocate entry-points to northern and western Europe which was considered cheaper at the time (however currently is more so due to their already huge capacities, it being cheaper to expand those already large ports than the smaller Italian ones).

It would also greatly help Italy's Fishing situation. Over 70% of the Fishing being conducted within Italian waters is done by non-Italian Vessels, mainly French and Spanish. In a no deal Scenario Italy would take full ownership of its EEZ once again, and the Fishing capacity in the region would be returned to its rightful owner. This would be a great benefit to the Country with the largest Mediterranean EEZ. But that is not all in Agricultural terms : Farming in Italy in general is considered more expensive than many other European Nations, mainly France (who benefited greatly from the EU being able to export its agricultural goods more easily, and making advantage of its influential farming sector which gave French farmers a monopolistic reputation in Europe). With a no-deal scenario Italy would have to revert to a tariff situation with said Countries and thus it would make Agricultural production in Italy and its Provinces more profitable and sustainable.

For those optimistic reasons the Brothers of Italy have brought a message of hope towards a new future or "new deal" of sorts. Italy would certainly suffer short term, however long term in the words of the Prime Minister it would be "reborn like a Phoenix" alongside its Balkan Provinces who have struggled in the past decade to find profitability and economic expansion as part of a larger EU. Increased investment and sales numbers are attractive to all of the Provincial Parliaments, especially with many of their elections betting on support from the farmer or industrial vote.

Largest of all however is the purely ecstatic reaction of the Shipping sector. Prior to the entry of Countries like Greece and Cyprus into the European Union, Italy had one of the largest European Trading Fleets due to its large coastline. But the shared Economic Deals and Rights then led to a vast decrease which has caused Italy to have less Merchant Vessels Registered within it than Cyprus, Malta, Greece, the UK and even Spain. From being the second largest Merchant Fleet in Europe to the 6th puts perspective on why the Shipping Sector in Italy opposed more integration into the EU consistently over the years (including irl). Now however, with Italy being forced to consider increasing its Sea-borne imports threefold and decrease the usage of non-Italian Trade Vessels the Shipping Sector is being handed a potentially lucrative multi decade and billion dollar deal that would see hundreds if not thousands of Vessels constructed over that time. The threat does exist that the Government would opt to promote importing second hand Trade vessels, however the Industry is fiercely fighting in Parliament to have it accepted as policy to instead increase the construction of Trade Vessels.

Sincere congratulations to you. :)

    December 2026
    Japan; An Asian Ermanist Nation


𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐅𝐞𝐝𝐞𝐫𝐚𝐥 𝐑𝐞𝐩𝐮𝐛𝐥𝐢𝐜 𝐨𝐟 𝐆𝐞𝐫𝐦𝐚𝐧𝐲 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐄𝐦𝐩𝐢𝐫𝐞 𝐨𝐟 𝐉𝐚𝐩𝐚𝐧.

Direct to The Asahi Shimbun.

In the 1980s and 1990s, during the Cold War period and the fall of the Berlin Wall under the Chanceller of Germany Bayern Kahla, Katherina Sophia Erman, a new ideology was founded in Europe, with principles to protect world peace and end the will that the human being has always had for decades — which is to Dominate, Destroy & Conquer Territories. The world was really at a level where only two countries, the United States and the Soviet Union, competed to see who had more strength and the Ermanism that was created by Katy to show humanity about the principles of Suppression of Imperialism, Protection of Human Rights & End of Land Rights in an era of high tensions between Capitalism & Socialism — An incredible legacy that has gone down in history.

After Katherina Erman’s death in mid-2005, her legacy has spread around the world. German Ermanism in the Empire of Japan began to become popular in mid-2012 by the Ermanist youth who admired Former Chancellor Katherina Erman. Only during Shinjiro Administration (2017 — 2021), where the PMOJ began to implement some things considered “Ermanist” in his policy — but nothing official was declared. Although Abe never implemented any ideals of Ermanism during his Administrations — the Suga Administration officially adopted the Ermanism and adapted it to Japanese ideals aimed at moderate liberalism. Fumio Kishida, Key Contender to Lead Japan, has previously stated that the “new Japan” will show the world the strength of ‘Japanese Ermanism’ and even show that Katherina Erman’s legacy is alive!
Read dispatch

    Copyright 2026, 
    by The Asahi Shimbun Company

Canovia wrote:RISHI SUNAK, Prime Minister: "Well… I’m sure some industries it wants to improve or requires investments. Forgive me, but since we haven’t had any major relations since perhaps Sudanese independence — it’s quite difficult to understand what to exactly invest in or how to help Sudan for the benefit of both of us.”

    PM Mohamed Naji :| "there is quite a lot of course. We have resources of gold and petroleum within our country. But of course the most important is our very own soil. Sudanese soil has gave is the cotton that we export on mass scale as well as use for the production of clothes and textile. The Arabic gum trees that are used for very medicinal purposes. And then the grazing grasslands the western part of our country uses to raise healthy strong livestock. And of course we have mass food production. As it is well known that Sudan makes up for more than 20% of the arable land in the Arab world alone. However there is more that Sudan can benefit from other than natural resources. We are looking to improve the automobile industry we had inherited from Uganda. We are looking to building massive industrial cities that will produce tech and everyday needs of the Sudanese people. Maybe let's start with investing in a new tech sector?"

I claimed Quebec weeks ago :/

Nationale Quebecoise wrote:I claimed Quebec weeks ago :/

I’m pretty sure Quebec is taken



    | MADRID - In what is now being widely called the "Backstab of the Century", four out of five parties in the Espana Unida legislative coalition formally issued a memorandum, sanctioned by pro-EU politicians and Spaniards alike, as well as democracy and censorship advocates, calling for the right-wing Government under Santiago Abascal to hold a legitimate snap election in order to 'restore the democratic processes of the previous Administration and ensure that the Government of Spain is elected in a legitimate and timely manner'. The move by the Opposition Four, composed of the heads of the centrist Ciudadanos, the conservative People's Party, the social democratic PSOE, and the moderate-right Podemos, was motivated mainly by calls from the retired independent Pedro Sanchez, who continued to and was still gathering a strong following among left-wing and centrist Spaniards. Five days before the Espana Unida agreed by majority vote to pressure the right-wing government into holding snap elections, Pedro Sanchez went public with his idea of forming a centre-left Socialist Party of Spain (Socialista Partido Espana, or SPE), which according to him would be 'extremely similar to the PSOE in policy but would be composed of an entirely new generation of Spaniards, which would be led by economy-minded individuals and politicians'. Although the international community continues to recklessly hate on Sanchez for his involvement in the Western Mediterranean Crisis, Sanchez's popularity locally has remained substantial, albeit less than prior to the Crisis. Sanchez's podering of establishing a party threatened the political hegemony of the Espana Unida coalition, leading to the Opposition Four pressuring Prime Minister Abascal's government into holding snap elections five days later. Prime Minister Santiago Abascal, recognizing the threat to his hold on power, acquicised and set a snap election for 'as soon as possible'. The election was finally locked in for December 11, 2026 and the government launched polls to decide who was leading among the population: |

    Ciudadanos: 35.5%

    People's Party: 34.5%

    Spanish Socialist Workers Party: 19%

    Possible Sanchez-led Socialist Party - 11%


Saldat wrote:| The Minister strokes his beard for a few seconds before giving his anwser |

    {𝐌𝐢𝐧𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐀𝐦𝐢𝐫 𝐊𝐡𝐚𝐧 𝐌𝐮𝐭𝐭𝐚𝐪𝐢}: "I would need to go through the proper authorities to allow for such a thing, but I assure you Prime Minister, it can be done, Allah willing."

| Giving a slight smile, she would nod. |

    [ Prime Minister Hesiana Leira ]: "Should it be done, Mr Muttaqi, I can guarantee you that Iran will protect Afghanistan from foreign threats. We won't allow your country to be overthrown again. We will offer you a trade deal, a deal that will help the Afghani economy and citizens. Your government makes sure that women and minorities are treated accordingly, with respect and freedoms, that is freedoms and rights in education, workforce, travel, marriage and we will be to say guard."



    | MADRID - After barely a year of being out of power, Spain's leading centrist progressive party, Ciudadanos or Citizens (Cs), has secured its president, Augustina Torres, the prime ministership once more. Ciudadanos won the prime ministership by a mere 58,277 votes, barely defeating the conservative People's Party (PP) candidate Pablo Casado. Torres's running mate and now Deputy Prime Minister-elect, Nadia Calvino, is an independent and a feverent pro-EU economist who has pledged to bring the nation closer to the European Union, 'Spain's vital lifeline'. Torres previously won the prime ministership in the 2024 national elections before resigning in 2026 due to international pressure. Her resignation wasn't received well by the Spanish public, who believed that she had done no wrong as she had been hospitalized during the unfolding of the Western Mediterranean Crisis. After her resignation, she continued to lead the Citizens (Cs), before securing a landslide victory for the party nomination for prime ministerial candidate in the December 2026 snap election. However, the Citizens Party failed to secure a Cortes Generales majority, winning only one-third of the Senate and 31% of the Congress of Deputies, giving no party a clear majority. Prime Minister-elect Torres has stated that she plans to solve the deadlock by establishing a coalition with the conservative PP named, surprisingly enough, Espana Unida. Santiago Abascal protested the election results and pushed for a recount, but a weary Spanish public, finally on the verge of being led by a stable leader, ignored his pleas. |

    December 2026 national snap election results for PM

      Ciudadanos (Cs) - Augustina Torres - 47%
      People's Party (PP) - Pablo Casado - 46%
      Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE) - Meritxell Batet - 5%
      Independent candidate - Pedro Sanchez - 2%

    December 2026 national snap election results for the Cortes Generales

      Ciudadanos (Cs) - 34%
      People's Party (PP) - 36%
      Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE) - 19%
      Podemos - 11%


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