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    שלום, MERHABA, 你好, مرحبا, 여보세요, CZEŚĆ, नमस्ते, & こんにちは


       𝘾 𝙊 𝙈 𝙈 𝙊 𝙉 𝙒 𝙀 𝘼 𝙇 𝙏 𝙃   𝙊 𝙁   𝙇 𝙄 𝘽 𝙀 𝙍 𝙏 𝙔  

        FEBRUARY 2023


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3.The Commonwealth of BausclandLeft-Leaning College State“Stand Fast”
4.The Singapore Oriented Republic of Free BearsLeft-Leaning College State“Bear says: 'Peace, bro!'”
5.The Queendom of CeldonieNew York Times Democracy“United in Diversity”
6.The Transvaal Empire of The Confederate Prussian EmpireDemocratic Socialists“Für Südafrika, für den Kaiser”
7.The Central American Federation of Jersey RepublicCivil Rights Lovefest“La unidad es fuerza”
8.The Nomadic Confederation of NarulthitCivil Rights Lovefest“By the Wagon Wheel”
9.The Duchy of AlbynauNew York Times Democracy“Semper humilitas”
10.The United Confederacy of Sleet ClansInoffensive Centrist Democracy“Adapt and Overcome”
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      MONACO | MONTE CARLO, 2023

    | PRINCE'S PALACE, MINISTÈRE L'ÉTAT - | With the arrival of French President Emmanuel Macron at the Prince's Palace in Monaco-Ville, the Crown Council would convene behind closed doors with Minister of State Pierre Dartout leading the discussion. The Crown Council was tasked with the ultimate decision of choosing the next monarch of the principality. With virtually no viable heirs in sight, the Council would begin taking nominations for those most suited and morally sufficient to hold the title of Prince of Monaco...|

    | Minister Dartout | "Bonjour ladies and gentlemen. We gather here in remembrance of those members of the royal family we have lost this past year and perform our duty of selecting a deserving and adequate person to wear the crown of this great principality. In observance we have President Emmanuel Macron. We will begin our debate by accepting nominations and explanations regarding each nominee. Mr. Michel Boeri, we will begin with you and work around the table."

    | Mr. Michel Boeri | "Merci Mr. Dartout. I would like to cast a nomination for the Duke of Anjou Louis Alphonse de Bourbon as he is the legitimist pretender to the French throne and thereby carries royal blood in his veins as well as close inherent ties to France and relations to other royal families in Europe."

    | Mr. André Garino | "I cast my nomination for Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy for many of the same reasons as my counterpart however my nominee has closer ties to Italy and the royal family of the House of Savoy."

    | Ms. Guy Magnan | "I nominate the President of the French Republic on the basis of having an elected monarch with ties to the French government. A system similar to that of Andorra. It only makes sense with the amount of political influence and military protection afforded to us by France."

    | Mr. Henri Rey | "I would like to second Ms. Magnan's nomination on the same grounds."

    | Mr. Alain Sangiorgio | "I would like to nominate Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy as well based on the same points made by Mr. Garino and Monaco's cultural ties with Italy."

    | Ms. Patricia Husson | "I also nominate the President of the French Republic on the basis of having an elected monarch and heavily encourage my counterparts here to consider the idea of it."

    | Mr. Claude Cellario | "I believe it is in the best interests of the Principality of Monaco, the Monégasque people, and our own government that we maintain and aim to strengthen our ties with France and the government of the Vth Republic. Our cultural, historical, economic, and military ties are stronger with no one else other than France. Therefor I nominate the President of the French Republic!"

    | Minister Dartout | "Very well ladies and gentlemen. I count one nomination for Louis Alphonse de Bourbon. Three nominations for the President of the French Republic on ground of establishing an elective monarchy. And two nominations for Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy. These nominations will be presented to the National Council for further consideration and brought to a vote within the hour, thank you."

    | The nominations would be brought forth to the National Council, a 24 member legislature representing the people of Monaco. They would bring the nominees to a vote an hour later with Council President Stéphane Valeri calling the tally...|

    | Council President Stéphane Valeri | "Here! Here! I present the vote tally to select the next Prince of Monaco as follows....5 votes for Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy, 8 votes for Louis Alphonse de Bourbon, and 11 votes for the President of the French Republic! With the National Council having spoken on behalf of it's constituents, we hereby establish a new precedent of adopting the President of the French Republic as our elected monarch on a similar basis to that of Andorra. The current and incumbent office holder of the Presidency of the French Republic Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron is officially appointed to the offices and position of the Sovereign Prince of Monaco and will be afforded those titles, compensation, and luxuries given to His Serene Highness until his tenure has concluded, upon which he will continue to receive monetary compensation and the honorific title of Prince Emeritus until death. All future French Presidents will be granted the same titles, honours, and compensation."


        DEO JUVANTE!

January 2023

    Since the return of Mandrake to power, many nefarious forces assembled to prepare his demise, once and for all. It started with corrupting officials, gathering intel, causing dismay in the medias. Their support was very popular among young people who desire change and it helped the conspirators to integrate the paramilitary forces and some military branches, which lead to their biggest action: the large scale hoax in Paraguay and the convincing of some foreign reporters to report on so-called mass scale war crimes happening here. But, the reality was different: the village had many supporters of the Conspiracy, especially against Mandrake who they view as the one who partitioned Paraguay. The truth about the war crimes and mutilations were different: most of the disabled were consequences of the 2012 war against the invading Brazil or work accidents. This giant hoax was meant to put strike down Mandrake with a crisis about war crimes happening in his occupation of Paraguay. Moreover, the foreign scrutiny would add to the local outrage when the situation would be known. Even the final pursuit was a big hoax to convince even more the Bangladeshi reporters they had escaped from a hair, adding authenticity to the story. After this extraordinary hoax, the leadership of the Conspiracy were meeting, preparing their next action to finish off the rule of Lionel Mandrake.


In a dark alleyway of Asuncion in the poor neighborhood, a hooded figure enters the backdoor of an abandoned building. Once inside, he sees other members of the Conspiracy. He recognizes each one of them and unhoods himself. He is the leader of this Conspiracy, but also a high ranking official in the government of Mandrake. He was Secretary Director Parrilli, the leader of the SIDE, the intelligence service of La Plata.

    |Secretary Director Parrilli (Leader of the SIDE/intelligence service)| "Good night my friends. Please have a seat everyone, because tonight we will decide what final action we will take to strike down the Eagle."

Everyone took a seat. There was Oviedo Britez, the leader of the fallen Paraguayan People’s Army (EPP). There was also Camara Saltuz, a young female, officer among in the Mandrakist Youths. There was also Enrique Venturino, the heir of the fallen Triumph Party of Alejandro Biondini. Finally, Martin Sorbolov, a Russian-descent man who was adept to Russia’s current form of conservatism: national-conservatism. They were accompanied with liaison officers with local cells of the resistance around La Plata. Everyone present had their reasons to strike down Mandrake and his Party.

    |Secretary Director Parrilli| "Before we start, I’d like my closest partners to tell us, around this table, why they are part of this project to free our nations from the dictator. I’ll start myself: I am in this project because I fear the path Mandrake is taking with our ever growing presence around the world, opening our borders to foreign threats, antagonizing Russia, going too deep with the partnership with the sneaky China and his constant militarization of our society."

    |Oviedo Britez, leader of the EPP| "I want Mandrake either dismissed or dead. Free Paraguay once and for all! Alternatively, he did try to kill me with his suppression of our fight for freedom and I thank our leader, Mr Parrilli, who saved me from being a POW."

    |Camara Saltuz (Mandrakist Youth Officer)| "Mandrake has to leave. We need new blood at the head of our government. My generation, through his policies, will have to sacrifice our lives in the military if we want a real future and a good job later. His Mandrakist Youth are just indoctrinating personal militias. It has to end!"

    |Enrique Venturino (Heir of the Triumph Party)| "Mandrake and his utopia have to both end. Our nations were never meant to be united and that is proven through our independence movements against Spain and the Viceroyalty. His collusion with the British, ceding them the Islas Malvinas, his constant pollution of our society with massive immigration and deviant laws on abortion and transgenderism… truly disgusting! He jailed my long term friend, Alejandro Biondini, breaking his own democratic laws… His corruption has to end."

    |Martin Sorbolov (National-Conservatism adept)| "Mandrake is a traitor to us. His flawed ideology is just breaking the social order. He sides with the US, knowing they did help with the Fascist dictatorships that tortured him personally. He is a fascist himself and he is not one of us. We have to be more neutral and take example on the SGRI, which thrives under the good leadership of Putin, defying the US and NATO everyday without real consequences. We have to come back to our more conservative roots and restore social order by siding with the new powers of the world."

Parrilli looked satisfied after the last intervention

    |Secretary Director Parrilli| "See, my friends, we have achieved what Mandrake boasts he did every day: we are united despite our differences under one common goal: destroying the rule of Mandrake. We come from such different horizons, yet we are all here, united against the same threat."

He took a moment, looking dead in the eyes of each of his co-conspirators, then continued.

    |Secretary Director Parrilli| "Now, the foundations of his rule are shaken and shattered. What should we do to cut the head of the snake?"

    |Martin Sorbolov (National-Conservatism adept) | "I thought about it for a long time and spoke with other members here and we all agreed on what I’m going to propose. I know it won’t please you because you have certain morals and you want to follow the system and strike down Mandrake legally. But, you are the only one here who didn’t suffer the failure of his so-called democracy. You didn’t suffer your nation annexed, your party banned, your youth stolen, your kin demonized. This is why we… we want Mandrake DEAD."

Parrilli failed for a moment to hide his surprise but rapidly took control of his emotions. For the first time, he felt he was losing control on his project.

    |Secretary Director Parrilli| "I… I guess you are right. I didn’t suffer the same failures of the system when I’m myself part of this system. I wanted to win both hearts of the population and have Mandrake fall without honor left for him to return of for any successor to return at least… I never thought much about more brutal ways to reach our goal because I fear it might make Mandrake a martyr and if we miss our shot…"

Parrilli stopped for a moment. Everyone knew what they risked if they went with the more radical way and especially if they fail. But, the risk was worth it for every members as they had nothing much to lose at this point. They were all too deep in the plot against Mandrake and the previous schemes to fear anything worst than what awaits them if they fail.

    |Secretary Director Parrilli| "Then be it. We will execute Mandrake. Once dead, he will be no more threat to the future of our nation. To our future. But, I want to make sure he will be the only casualty in all this. Never forget he’s the main target and the leader of all that movement."

Everyone agreed and the group put the foundations of their plan to kill Lionel Mandrake in the following months and how to act following the consequences of the fall of Mandrake. At the end, Parrilli thanked everybody, gave a toast for their success and left to return to Buenos Aires quickly. The rest of the group waited before parting their ways.

    |Camara Saltuz (Mandrakist Youth Officer)| "I know we said we wouldn’t touch anyone else, but this whole system has to fall and everyone representing it has to fall too. My implication in the Mandrakist Youths allow me to approach nearly everybody in the high sphere of the power. I’m just letting you know, what should we do?"

    |Martin Sorbolov (National-Conservatism adept)| "Well, that bitch of his, Michelle Mandrake, she has to go. Her depraved ways have to stop. I want her dead so she can’t continue spewing her social-justice bullsh*t."

    |Enrique Venturino (Heir of the Triumph Party)| "His one-armed little dog, Daniel Scioli, his so-called Minister of Corporations… He has to die too, he’s next in the line of succession and is the ultimate representation of his ideology."

    |Oviedo Britez, leader of the EPP| "More than anything after killing Mandrake, I want that son of a bitch General Starris to die! He found us on the terrain and he’s the main reason my wife was killed in one of his attacks. I want to kill him from my bare hands!."

They all agreed to this plan. They were parting ways when Camara told them their last target: Parrilli.

    |Camara Saltuz (Mandrakist Youth Officer)| "Parrilli has to die too. He represents that system and he’s not one of us. He wants power and he represent the old guard that has to fall. Let’s clean fully the government from such scum, especially his coward a** of his."

Everyone left, knowing what they had to do. The end of Mandrake was close. A new era was coming.



Spanish Parliament today signed into law an initiative by Prime Minister Ortega to grow the Nations Financial Reserves in the long term, taking inspiration from the Australian Future Fund which had grown 50 Billion into 168 Billion from 2008 to 2020. Though the Future Fund is not the only successful example of a Sovereign Wealth fund, while it may be one of the largest there are many that are much bigger in size. The Qatar Investment Authority manages just over 340 Billion, and the China Investment Corporation over 1 Trillion in total assets. The precise Investment Fund approved by the Parliament was 220 Billion USD in size, to be funded by a combination of Government Bonds and borrowing from the Spanish Central Bank against the Gold Reserves of the Country (of which it possesses 14.5 Billion USD in value).

Regulations were part of the Bill to ensure long-term stability and profitability. These regulations dictate that the fund cannot have withdrawals occur which would put it at less than 20% of the national GDP (291 Billion), and that until it reaches that amount all proceeds shall be compounded on top of the fund. Once the threshold is reached, 40% of the proceeds shall be transferred to the National Government as discretionary and temporary funding, the remaining 60% shall be reinvested (to allow for potential withdrawals later on). The fund shall be independently run to prevent corruption from government officials, and regulations dictate that the fund may not invest more than 10% of its value in any given country, Spain included. This is to spread out risk and prevent large scale downturns due to national troubles.

Based on calculations and forecasts by the Spanish Ministry of Finance, if the National Wealth Fund can achieve 6% of growth per annum (which is realistic for an investment fund) it would be able to grow to just over 700 Billion by 2043 with the given 60% of compounding interest. This is assuming however that the Government does not pay into the fund, which it has however stated it shall do with a 1.5 Billion annual injection of funds mainly sourced from the oil sector of Spanish Guinea. This would raise the estimated sum in 2043 at 760 Billion USD in accumulated Assets.

The following Graph details projected growth of the National Wealth Fund, with Dark blue indicating the initial investment amount, Navy blue the annual injections, and light blue the accumulated winnings/interest :


                المملكة العربية السعودية

                FEBRUARY 2023


              | ULITMATE VICTORY |

      Rebel forces are neutralized, peace continues in Jeddah
      Saleh bin Abdul-Aziz Al ash-Sheikh, commander of the rebel forces still missing question rises

      The Rebels were encircled at the north of Al-Manar, then after a harsh battle the remaining rebel forces surrendered
      with peace once again in Jeddah. The National Guard will still be remained as stationed in Jeddah incase another
      insurgency happens in the area, the conflict areas were heavily damaged especially the center of Al-Manar, where
      most of the fighting and conflict was active. 94 Rebels were left after the surrender, with 54 of them injured the
      rest of the men are classified as dead or missing.

      Now with the current Ulema gone a new one will be formed with new officials. The Prince is planning to reform
      the goverment the next month, also there is also said reports of the king now able to stand up on his feet.

      A funeral was immediately put into session after the conflict ended, the funeral was put on for all person on
      the side on the conflict. A total of more than 1,000 have died in this conflict so far most being civilans. The
      red crecent is now looking for any survivors under the rubble of damaged buildings with the fire department
      still fighting raging fires in the area with about in a 1 Billion in damages made, reconstruction of the once
      conflict areas are planned to start next month.

    New Factbook

      I swear by Almighty God to uphold the Constitution and the law and to fulfil the duties of my throne to the best of my abilities.
      I solemnly promise to uphold the Constitution and the law and to fulfil the duties of my throne to the best of my abilities.

      — King Alexander III
      (2012 - Current)


    King of Switzerland


    20 January 2012 – Present


    20 January 2012


    King Alexander II (1999-2012)

    Heir Presumptive

    Crown Prince William Knecht Alexander

    Prime Minister

    Alain Berset (2017-2021)
    Simonetta Sommaruga (2022-)(Present)

    Personal Details


    Alexander III (Alexander Frido Alexander)
    March 19, 1960 (age 63)
    Royal Household Agency Hospital,
    Ticino Royal Imperial Palace; Ticino, Switzerland
    -The Alpine Confederation-




    Amélie Kellersberger(m. 1990)


    Crown Prince William Knecht Alexander,
    Princess Camilla Balzli Alexander,
    Princess Emila Walder Alexander.


    Roman Catholic




    Una Herzog


    Alexander II

    The Schwyz Household (Royal house of Switzerland)


    His Royal Majesty, His Majesty, Schweizer Reichsherrscher.

    Heir Presumptive

    Crown Prince William Knecht Alexander

    First Monarch

    William II


    1 August 1291

    Official Residence

    Bern Federal Palace, Ticino Royal Palace, Jegenstorf Castle

    The King of Switzerland was the official title of the head of state and hereditary ruler of the United Cantons of Switzerland. The use of the term Herrscher des Schweizer Reichsherrscher (Swiss Realm ruler) for the King is common, but is considered obsolete by some people. But the Term is still used today officially anyway.

    The monarch and their immediate family undertake various official, ceremonial, diplomatic and representational duties. As the monarchy is constitutional the monarch is limited to functions such as bestowing honours and appointing the prime minister, which are performed in a non-partisan manner. The monarch is also Head of the Swiss Defence Forces. Though the ultimate executive authority over the government is still formally by and through the monarch's royal prerogative, these powers may only be used according to laws enacted in Parliament and, in practice, within the constraints of convention and precedent.

    In the uncodified Constitution of the United Cantons, the monarch (otherwise referred to as the sovereign or "Reichsherrscher", abbreviated R.R.) is the head of state. The King's image is used to signify Swiss sovereignty and government authority—her profile, for instance, appearing on currency, and her portrait in government buildings. The sovereign is further both mentioned in and the subject of songs, loyal toasts, and salutes.


    Before the time of Christ, a Celtic tribe known as the Helvetians inhabited the area now known as Switzerland. It was conquered by the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar. It became a Roman Province known as Helvetia. After the fall of Rome Switzerland was inhabited by the Burgundians and another Germanic tribe known as Alemmannians. Then the Franks led by Charlemagne conquered all of modern day Switzerland. After the death of Charlamenge his empire broke in two, the western portion called France and the Eastern portion called the Holy Roman Empire. Switzerland was included in the latter. By the 1200's the Habsburg family controlled Austria and most of modern day Switzerland. Two cantons (states) of Switzerland feared Habsburg rule and formed an alliance against it. They invited another cantons to join their cause. Eventually they drove the Austrian Habsburgs out of modern Switzerland. There are many famous Swiss tales about this war on which includes a story about a group of peasents defeating an Austrian Army 10 times their own size. This alliance of cantons became known as Switzerland after the canton called Schwyz, soon reformed to the Kingdom of Switzerland and Later the United Cantons of Switzerland. Switzerland became a strong military power in the 1400's. The Swiss entered many wars and gained much land from them. In 1515, however, the Swiss were defeated by the French at the battle Maringo. The Swiss began to question their expansionistic policies and then adopted a policy of neutrality.

    On 1 August 1291, the cantons of Uri, Schwyz, and Unterwalden united to defend the peace upon the death of Emperor Rudolf I of Habsburg, forming the nucleus of the Kingdom of The Switzerland with the canton of Schwyz under command. This was Within the Holy Roman Empire, while fighting against the Austrians.

    There had been ansesteral Connections at the Schwyz Family with the Nobels and Kings of the Kyburg Family (1180-1264) As a noble family of grafen (counts) in the Duchy of Swabia, cadet line of the counts of Dillingen, who in the late 12th and early 13th century ruled the County of Kyburg, corresponding to much of what is now Northeastern Switzerland.


    Alexander was educated at the University of Zurich after Graduation from the Royal grade school made for the the nobels, and royal familes of Switzerland, located at Geneva, and another one in Bern.

    The University of Zurich (UZH, German: Universität Zürich), located in the city of Zürich, is the largest university in Switzerland, with its 28,000 enrolled students. It was founded in 1833. from the existing colleges of theology, law, medicine which go back to 1525, and a new faculty of philosophy. Currently, the university has seven faculties: Philosophy, Human Medicine, Economic Sciences, Law, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Engineering, Computer Sciences and Robotics, Theology and Veterinary Medicine. The university offers the widest range of subjects and courses of any Swiss higher education institution. The university is scattered all over the city of Zürich.

    Members of the university can use several libraries, including the ETH-library, and the Zurich Central Library, with over 5 million volumes. In 1962, the faculty of science proposed to establish the Irchelpark campus on the Strickhofareal. The first stage the construction of the university buildings was begun in 1973, and the campus was inaugurated in 1979.The construction of the second stage lasted from 1978 to 1983.


    The Kingdom was officially defined as a Confederation of the member Cantons under presidency of the canton of Schwyz. The presidency of the Confederation (Bundespräsidium) was a hereditary office of the King of Schwyz. From 1 January 1871 onward, he was granted the additional title of Schweizer Reichsherrscher (Swiss Realm ruler). Thus, the Royal crown was tied to the office of the King of Schwyz.

    Article 11 stated that the King had the power to declare war (and make peace), represent the Kingdom abroad, conclude treaties and alliances, and accredit and receive ambassadors. In the case of a non-defensive war being declared, consent of the National Council was required. Both chambers of parliament had to approve a treaty and also had to approve laws for it to be ratified.

      He had other powers too:

      1. To convene the National Council and the Grand Diet (Article 12)

      2. The convocation of the National Council was required to take place as soon as demanded by one-third of its members (Article 14).

      3. To execute and publish Federal laws (Article 17).

      4. To appoint and dismiss Federal officials (Article 18).

    The day after a general election the King invites the leader of the party that won the most seats in the House of Commons to become Prime Minister and to form a government.

    Is the President of the Grand Diet, the Grand Diet's powers are able to amend bills. Also veto a Bill if passed by the lower house, if there is a majority vote.

    The King is able to dispose the current chancellor but with reason towards the Grand Diet.

    The King may resighn whenever he wants, he can also appoint any crown prince within the royal family, but with a parliament vote majority from both upper and lower houses.

    The Monarchal way of passing one king to another is in the hereditary system, it is a form of government and succession of power in which the throne passes from one member of a ruling family to another member of the same family. A series of rulers from the same family would constitute a dynasty.

    The king is more a head of state than a purely ceremonial leader. The constitution allocates the rest of the government's power to the parliament.


    Regal Name







    King William II

    April 7 1680

    August 25 1738 – August 18 1746

    August 18 1746

    Meghan Wildrage

    King David I

    Royal house of Switzerland

    King David I

    August 10 1691

    August 18 1746 – 17 January 1765

    17 January 1765

    Milla Nüssli

    King David II

    Royal house of Switzerland

    King David II

    December 5 1703

    17 January 1765 – 17 January 1791

    17 January 1796

    Vreni Anderegg

    Queen Maddison I

    Royal house of Switzerland

    Queen Maddison I

    July 13 1750

    17 January 1791 – 25 May 1832

    25 May 1832

    Luis Naegele

    King Wolfe I

    Royal house of Switzerland

    King Wolfe I

    July 6 1801

    25 May 1832 – 10 June 1923

    11 June 1923

    Wilma Rösch

    King Alexander I

    Royal house of Switzerland

    King Alexander I

    January 15 1865

    10 June 1923 – 22 August 1950

    22 August 1950

    Fiona Birchmeier

    King William III

    Royal house of Switzerland

    King William III

    October 12 1931

    22 August 1950 – 22 November 1999


    Bella Kofel

    King Alexander II

    Royal house of Switzerland

    King Alexander II

    October 12 1935

    22 November 1999 – 20 January 2012


    Una Herzog

    King Alexander III

    Royal house of Switzerland

    King Alexander III

    March 19, 1960

    20 January 2012 – Present


    Amélie Kellersberger

    Crown Prince William Knecht Alexander

    Royal house of Switzerland

    · · · · ·

    All Rights Reserved © Government | United Cantons of Switzerland

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    Feb 2023 Business Openings

    United States Paramountica
    Turkish Airlines Branch Office - Los Angeles, CA
    DonKeb fast food - Paterson, NJ

    La Plata Nevbrejnovitz
    Turkish Airlines Branch Office - Buenos Aires, DF
    Beko Televisores - Santiago, RMS

    Iberian Federal Kingdom Ranponian
    Efendi International Travel - Palma de Mallorca, BI
    Ziraat Porto - Porto, PO

    France Metropolitan Francais
    Smyrna Wine Storage - Marseilles, CA
    TEMSA Strasbourg - Strasbourg, GE

    Iran Paseo
    Efendi International Travel - Isfahan, IF
    Divan Tochal Luxury Resort - Tochal, TN

    South Africa The Confederate Prussian Empire
    Oras Southern Ocean - Cape Town, WC



        VTH REPUBLIC | PARIS, 2023

      | HELM OF DIPLOMACY, MINISTÈRE DES AFFAIRES ÉTRANGÈRES - | The French cinema industry has been eyeing Ukraine for a long time to make potential investments as it is a perfect filming location for movies genres depicting NATO-SGRI conflict and tensions. As Ukraine aims to grow it's own filming industry and accommodate Western European film watchers, the French film industry will begin making these desired investments and hopefully film some action packed anti-SGRI award winners in Ukraine as well. An initial investment of €500 million euros has been concluded for Ukraine's overall film industry. |



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